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Reduction of cyclic anhydrides factors affecting regioselectivity of attack on the carbonyl group by metal hydrides.

Margaret. Kayser

La conception de la connaissance et ses rapports avec la conscience de classe du prolétariat chez Lenine : une critique.

Michèle. Lamont

An empirical study of the theoretical constructs in Shostrom's Personal Orientation Inventory.

Jerzy Wladyslaw. Jarmasz

Lecture de Rivages de l'homme d'Alain Grandbois.

Yves. Bolduc

Organizing urban space a framework for analyzing the neighbourhood studies program in Ottawa.

Thomas Patrick. Flynn

An edition of the New Testament of the Cursor Mundi 17289-21346 from MS College of Arms, Arundel LVII.

Peter H. J. Mous

Development and change in teacher education in Bendel State, Nigeria, 1963-1976.

Samuel S. Obidi

The origins of written provincial examinations in Ontario an historical study.

Mary Elisabeth. Mainwaring

Detection of N. M. R. using a superconducting quantum interferometric device.

G. R. Goodchild

Des conditions de la déclaration de dividendes en droit des compagnies.

Louis. Hargreaves

Therapist-client relationship and group discussion as enhancers of assertion training.

David I. Chiappone

Study of microstrip triangular resonators.

Misel. Cuhaci

Nuclear emulsion processing on a semi-industrial scale.

B. M. McLeod

Les caractéristiques originales de la coopération en droit québécois.

Emile. Colas

An analysis of rewetting phenomena in vertical channels.

A. K. Kim

John Henry Newman, Discourses on the scope and nature of university education, 1852 introduction and annotation.

Patricia Anne. Toal

The Ontario Waffle and the struggle for an independent socialist Canada: A study in radical nationalism.

John. Bullen

A comparison of learning hierarchy validation techniques using simulated data.

Ronald Davis. Owston

Neuromuscular function in genetically dystrophic mice (C57B1/6J dy(2j)).

Michael. Curran

The functional role of red and white muscle in the eel, Anguilla rostrata : an ultrastructural and enzyme study.

William C. Hulbert

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