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Littérature égyptienne francophone : vision du monde d'Andrée Chedid à travers les structures mythiques de son oeuvre romanesque.

Isis. Khalil
Abstract Not Available.

Effects of dietary sodium on cardiac responses to adrenergic stimulation in vitro.

Batool Jaffer. Suleiman
Objective. To evaluate the role of $\alpha\sb1$- or $\beta$-adrenoceptors in dietary sodium-induced cardiac hypertrophy, we assessed (1) the effects of high sodium diet (8% NaCl) on the responses of hearts isolated from young WKY rats to $\alpha\sb1$- or $\beta$-adrenergic stimulation after 1, 2, or 6 weeks of high sodium intake and (2) the effects of high sodium diet on responses of hearts isolated from young WKY rats after 2 weeks of high sodium intake to...

Matching remote sensing images.

Sherif H. Kamal. Abdelsaid
Image analysis plays a crucial role in many computer vision applications in which images of the same scene with different geometrical orientations need to be compared for further processing. This thesis describes the design and implementation of a model-based vision system for the recognition of aerial images. The main objective is to register two remote sensing images taken at different times. First, some distinctive features are extracted and matched then, these matched features are used...

Effects of brief anoxia on the electrophysiology of neocortical neurons in vitro.

Andrei S. Rosen
Although the function of all mammalian central neurons is destroyed by prolonged lack of O$\sb2$, during briefer exposures neurons from different regions show differential vulnerability. Pyramidal neurons from the neocortex are reported as some of the most sensitive to anoxia. Using intracellular recording techniques in current clamp mode, the effects of brief anoxia (4-6 min replacement of O$\sb2$ by N$\sb2$) were studied in pyramidal neurons of layers II-III from adult rat neocortical slices. Changes of...

North-South equity in the Montreal Protocol: Lessons from a feminist legal analysis.

Susan. Tanner
This paper is an analysis of North-South equity in an international environmental agreement, The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, in force Sept. 16, 1987 (26 I.L.M. 1541). The author creates a model which applies selected feminist equality principles to evaluate North-South relations in the Montreal Protocol. The model applies the principles to four key aspects of international environmental agreements and thereby draws out lessons for North-South relations in future multilateral agreements....

Stanley Fish on Augustine: Reader-response theory as rhetorical faith.

Phillip Johnathan. Donnelly
This thesis examines how Stanley Fish presents an apologia for his theory of reader-response by privileging the notion of "faith." Although Fish ultimately rejects the interpretive approaches of Saint Augustine and John Milton, his own conception of "faith" is itself drawn from a conflation of Augustinian and Miltonic theological discourse. Fish argues that because all readers (as members of interpretive communities) must always employ some kind of interpretive strategy which actually constitutes their perceptions, the...

The rhetoric of visual forms: A viewer-oriented analysis of selected biblical prints of women from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Janet. Tulloch
Abstract Not Available.

The Canadian automation controversy, 1955-1969.

Pamela. Roper
"The Canadian Automation Controversy 1955-1969", examines the era in which Canadians confronted the prospect of "thinking machines" replacing human labour. The automation controversy arose because workers, threatened by the thought of computer-controlled machines replacing people, and business owners, excited by the prospects of lower production costs and increased productivity, sought in each their own way to control the pace and impact of technological change. The issues generating the controversy--how to and who should direct society's...

Psychrophilic anaerobic digestion of swine manure slurry in intermittently fed sequencing batch reactor.

Daniel I. Masse
Animal manure management practices, principally in regions where there is a surplus of manure are often detrimental to the environment and also represent a potential hazard to human and animal health. The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of psychrophilic anaerobic digestion (PAD) in sequencing batch reactors (SBR) as a low cost and easy to operate process to: (a) reduce the pollution potential of swine manure slurry; (b) recover energy; and...

The glucoregulatory action of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1).

Malgorzata. Adamczyk
Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) has been shown to improve tolerance to glucose. It has been suggested that this could be mediated by an incretin effect--the enhancement of insulin secretion in response to glucose, as well as by alterations in the sensitivity of the body to insulin. In order to evaluate the effect of GLP-1 on the improvement of glucose tolerance, the systemic as well as tissue-specific (the liver, intestine and muscle) effects of this hormone have...

The episode at Lystra (Acts 14,7-20a): A rhetorical and semiotic analysis.

Marianne. Fournier
The episode at Lystra (Acts of the Apostles 14,7-20a) forms part of Paul's first missionary journey in Asia Minor. In this text, Luke relates the story of Paul's first evangelization of the pagans. The vivid description of this short episode offers an example of methods in words and deeds used to preach the Gospel in the pagan world. Mostly historical and redactional studies have been done on this text. The aim of this thesis is...

The response of biota in experimental stream channels to a 24-hour exposure to the herbicide, Velpar L.

Judith. Schneider
Ten experimental stream channels, fed from a Laurentian steam were used to examine the short-term impact of a pulse of Velpar L on stream periphyton and invertebrates. Velpar L was added to five alternating channels for 24 hours with the other five channels serving as controls. The mean concentration of hexazinone in the treatment channels varied over time from 145 $\mu$g L$\sp{-1}$ to 432 $\mu$g L$\sp{-1}$. Periphyton chlorophyll a-specific productivity was significantly reduced during the...

Studies on the development of synthetic routes to enediynes.

Bogdan Mihai. Comanita
The thesis investigates synthetic routes to enediynes, a class of compounds of widespread interest due to their unusual molecular structure, potent antitumor activity and interesting mode of action. The preparation of eleven and twelve membered ring enediynes bearing oxy substituents in both propargylic positions is described via a novel intramolecular samarium diiodide coupling reaction of $\alpha,\beta$-unsaturated acetylenic aldehydes.* Other synthetic strategies based on various cyclization reactions (crossed aldol condensation, acetylide electrophile reaction, silicon directed electrophilic...

La relation entre la personnalité de la femme cadre et de la stagiaire en gestion et le choix des fonctions remplies par le mentor.

Suzanne C. Faure
La presente recherche avait pour but d'explorer la relation entre les preferences typologiques des individus et les fonctions vocationnelles et psychosociales du mentor et ce, pour le groupe de repondantes en general puis pour la categorie de femmes cadres d'une part, d'autre part pour celle des stagiaires en gestion, enfin pour le groupe anglophone et le groupe francophone. De cette recherche se degagent deux elements probants: d'une part que le lien significatif qui emerge s'effectue...

Study of dynamic headway control bus dispatching rules.

Ji. Xu
The critical criterion for evaluating a bus control strategy is how well it can improve the reliability of bus service. For high-frequency urban bus service, the service reliability is more a function of bus regularity than schedule adherence. Previous research has shown that headway control strategy is more appropriate for improving bus service with high service frequencies than the traditional schedule control strategy. A customer survey has been undertaken to determine what is the largest...

Advanced Tongue Root harmony in Setswana.

Seipati Bernice. Dichabe
This thesis addresses certain issues in the analysis of Advanced Tongue Root (ATR) vowel harmony in Setswana, a language spoken in South Africa and Botswana. Setswana presents a particularly interesting problem as regards the analysis of harmonic patterns since there exists in the language evidence on the one hand that: (a) all vowels in a stem are preferentially either (+ATR) or $\rm\lbrack{-}ATR\rbrack,$ but (b) in some cases the requirements of harmony seem to require the...

A token ring protocol for integrated services.

Jian. Song
In this thesis we present a new token-ring protocol, called the rotation counter protocol (RCP), for integrated services. The main feature of this protocol is that the token contains a special field called the rotation counter. This counter can be examined by every station and is used to count down the number of packets transmitted in one cycle. In each cycle, voice packets are collected first, and data packets could be transmitted only if the...

Le déterminisme et les fondements de la responsabilité morale : perspectives ouvertes par Peter F. Strawson.

Brian. Monast
Le mecanisme qu'implique le determinisme suggere que nos decisions ne nous appartiennent pas. Strawson repond que nous sentons qu'elles sont les notres parce qu'elles sont ce que nous sommes, comme nos attitudes reactives expriment ce que nous sommes. Cet argument suffisant ne suscite pourtant pas une adhesion generale, et ce, en raison de prejuges quant au dualisme esprit-matiere. Or, le "physique" n'est que l'image mediatisee et externe, necessairement superficielle, de l'etre que nous sommes, alors...

La participation communautaire et le discours sur le développement durable : l'étude de Revelstoke en Colombie-Britannique.

Sophie Dupuis Graves
L'environnement naturel fut avant les annees 1980, la victime des consequences du developpement economique qui n'a pas considere, ou tres peu, son impact ecologique. La relation alienante qu'entretient l'etre humain avec son environnement a occasionne sa domination sur la nature. L'integrite des espaces naturels sera maintenue seulement lorsque nous reussirons a etablir un equilibre entre les activites de developpement et leur viabilite environnementale. La notion de viabilite s'applique dans des conditions ou les capacites de...

An empirical investigation of group treatment for a clinical population of adult female incest survivors.

Brenda. Saxe
Because of the high prevalence of childhood incest in therapy-seeking populations of women, it is important to determine the treatment approaches that are most effective in resolving the negative consequences of this traumatic event. Although there is a general consensus in the clinical literature that a group treatment approach offers unique therapeutic benefits for this population that are not available in individual therapy, there is little empirical evidence to support this contention. The purpose of...

A photoluminescence study of intermixed III/V semiconductor quantum well structures.

Paul Garrett. Piva
Vacancy enhanced compositional mixing of quantum well (QW) structures induced by ion beam implantation has shown itself to be a useful technique for achieving spatially selective tuning of the QW bandgap. As QWs form the active region of most optoelectronic devices, this method is being actively pursued as a means of monolithically integrating many such components onto a single substrate. This work presents a novel variation on this technique allowing one to deliver several times...

Variations of A* for searching in abstraction hierarchies.

Maria Beatriz. Perez
The aim of this work is to show the usefulness of abstraction in heuristic search. We use the abstract spaces created by applying abstraction techniques to the original problem. These abstract spaces are then used to generate all the heuristic information necessary in order to find an optimal or near optimal solution to the original problem. One of our objectives is to preserve optimal paths while speeding up search. We have developed new approaches to...

Search for hidden objects by pigeons: Place learning vs \"object permanence\".

Sheri Lynn. Reid
Mental representation of hidden objects by pigeons was tested for. Experiment 1 used a series of Piagetian tests of "object permanence" to measure pigeons' capacity to find a stationary food target behind a screen. Performance on these tests did not differ significantly from chance in spite of manipulations designed to enhance the motivational value of the hidden object. Experiment 2 used operant contingencies to test whether pigeons could mentally represent a moving dot on a...

La inmunidad del sagrado : estudio, edición y anotación de un auto sacramental de Calderón de la Barca.

Rafael. Martín
This M.A. thesis offers for the first time a edition with a critical study and a annotation of Calderon's auto sacramental La inmunidad del sagrado. The thesis consists of: (A) an Introductory study, composed of the following sections: (1) general survey of the dramatic genre known as the auto sacramental play, mystery plays in honour of the Holy Eucharist; (2) critical analysis of the auto, with special emphasis on its allegorical nature, its metrical structure...

Work, wages and welfare in aboriginal-non-aboriginal relations, British Columbia, 1849-1970.

John S. Lutz
This dissertation focuses on the work-for-pay exchange between aboriginal people and immigrants of European stock--the two most prominent cultural groups in the early history of British Columbia--and follows the patterns of this exchange from its origins through to the 1970s. It examines both the material and the rhetorical construction of the "Indian" as a part of British Columbia's labour force, a process described as racialization, and emphasizes, as well, the transformation of meaning inherent in...

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