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Event-related potentials and behavioural responses associated with a loss of consciousness at sleep onset.

Duncan R. De Lugt
This thesis examined changes in the brain's responses ("evoked potentials") during the transition from consciousness to unconsciousness. A negative wave, "N1", peaking at about 100 ms is affected by the subject's extent of attention/consciousness. Unfortunately, this same peak is also affected by manipulation of the physical parameters of the stimulus. The extent to which a component is affected by a physical or psychological parameter is often difficult to determine in the awake and alert subject....

Resource allocation and student achievement: A microlevel impact study of differential resource inputs on student achievement outcomes.

Noel P. Hurley
This study examined the relationships between resource allocation and student achievement using a modified version of a conceptual model designed by Bulcock (1989) within a general model proposed by Guthrie (1988). Five research questions were developed from a review of literature to investigate the relationship between microlevel student input variables and student output variables--both cognitive and affective. The mediating effects of the student perceptions of the quality of school life on student achievement outcomes were...

Formation professionnelle et emploi : une étude comparative des filières d'éducation formelle et non formelle au Cameroun.

Ida. Ngo Yamb
Deux filieres d'education fonctionnent parallelement dans tout systeme educatif. La filiere formelle ou l'education dispensee dans les institutions scolaires publiques et privees et la filiere non formelle qui est l'education dispensee hors des institutions scolaires. Pour connai tre ce que chacune des deux filieres offre, une etude a ete menee aupres de 47 travailleurs et 43 chomeurs ayant suivi une formation technique professionnelle en filieres formelle et/ou non formelle d'education a l'aide d'un questionnaire ecrit...

Mental strategies of football quarterbacks for training and competition.

Duncan. Anderson
Orlick (1992) proposed a "Model of Human Excellence," which was comprised of seven mental skills, including commitment, belief, full focus, positive imagery, mental readiness, distraction control, and constructive evaluation. Twelve individuals who had played the quarterback position at a high caliber of competition participated in a standardized interview to determine if this model accounted for their mental strategies for training and competition. The sample was divided into university (n = 9) and professional (n =...

The effects of pine phenolics on gypsy moth and a pathogenic nuclear polyhedrosis virus.

Clifford W. Beninger
Over 400 tree species are primary or secondary hosts of gypsy moth. Interactions between host plant compounds and a viral pathogen such as nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) in vivo may explain gypsy moth host preference in later instars. Phenolic extracts from pines negatively affected growth of 2nd and 3rd but not 4th instars when incorporated into artificial diet at low concentrations. The aglycone quercetin, and two of its glycosides found in pines, rutin and quercetin-3-O-glucoside,...

Physical, chemical and geochemical factors influencing mercury accumulation in freshwater fish and humans in Ontario, Canada.

G. Mark. Richardson
An empirical approach was taken to examine and test a variety of hypotheses that had been presented or postulated in the literature concerning mercury biogeochemistry in lakes. These hypotheses included: (1) mercury contamination in fish increases with increasing sulphate deposition; (2) mercury exposure in persons eating fish increases with increasing sulphate deposition; (3) mercury contamination in fish is unrelated to natural (non-anthropogenic) Hg sources. These hypotheses were all shown to be false for Ontario lakes,...

Mixing and temporal variation in the groundwater flow system at the Con Mine, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada: An analogue for a radioactive waste repository.

Malcolm Charles. Douglas
The spatial and temporal variations in geochemistry and isotopes of groundwaters at the Con Mine in Yellowknife, N.W.T., Canada, have provided insights to the impact of mining on the local hydrogeological environment. The study explores the use of mine hydrology in an analogous setting to assess the impact of a radioactive waste repository on groundwater flow, and surface to depth pathways in the Canadian Shield. The 50 years of mining activity at the Con mine...

The origins of magnetic anomaly lows associated with three impact structures.

Ronald Glenn. Scott
Drill cores from three Canadian impact structures were analysed for rock magnetic properties and mineralogy, in order to explain the reduced magnetizations associated with these structures. Samples from the drill cores were cut and measured for AMS and NRM parameters. Drill cores from the twin impact craters of the Clearwater structure exhibited different natural remanent magnetization (NRM) characteristics and samples from their respective drill cores were subject to demagnetization by alternating field and thermal techniques....

Culture, religion and transition: The experience of Hindu women in Canada.

Vasanthi. Srinivasan
Abstract Not Available.

Comparative study of methods of aeration for composting manure slurries.

Majid. Sartaj
Composting is a simple and economically attractive method to treat and stabilize animal waste slurries. However, a comparison of different methods of aeration for composting under high moisture content (MC) and the influence zones of the aeration pipes have not been reported in the literature. Therefore, a large scale study was conducted to investigate and compare the performance of three modes of aeration, namely natural, passive and forced aeration. A total of 9 piles, 3...

A cooling system using two-phase closed thermosyphon for telecommunication MCM: Experiment and simulation.

Seok-Ho. Rhi
The present study is concerned with a cooling system for multichip modules (MCM) in telecommunication systems. Due to the higher device operation speed and higher packaging density, the resulting heat flux is known to be 1 to 2 W/cm$\sp2$, which is one or two orders of magnitude higher than those of conventional systems, and beyond the capacity of high performance air cooling systems. A cooling system which can deal with a high heat flux of...

Function and regulation of distal-less-related homeobox genes during visceral arch development in zebrafish.

Debra L. Ellies
Vertebrate distal-less homeobox genes are known to play a role in embryonic pattern formation. Six zebrafish distal-less homeobox genes have been isolated; dlx1, dlx2, dlx3, dlx4, dlx6, and dlx7. Their combinatorial embryonic expression patterns seen in the forebrain, visceral arches, and fins are suggestive of a new "homeobox code". Various doses of all-trans retinoic acid were used to disrupt distal-less expression during different visceral arch developmental time points. The abnormal visceral arch distal-less expression was...

Formal and non-formal homogeneous spaces of small rank.

Paul-Eugène. Parent
The aim of this thesis is to determine which 2-tori T makes $G/T$ formal for a compact connected Lie group G of rank 3. We show that the only time there is a possibility of a non-formal homogeneous space $G/T$ is when the Lie algebra E of G is semisimple and contains three simple ideals. In such a case, the Koszul complex is given by$$ (\Lambda(y\sb2,z\sb2,x\sb3,x\sbsp{3}{\prime}, x\sbsp{3}{\prime\prime}),d)$$and$$dx\sb3 = -y\sbsp{2}{2},\ dx\sbsp{3}{\prime} = -z\sbsp{2}{2},\ {\rm and}\ dx\sbsp{3}{\prime\prime}...

Predicting negative partner attitudes toward depressed persons: An empirical evaluation of three theories.

Nili. Benazon
Interpersonal theories of depression have been proposed to explain the negativity that characterizes the relationships of depressed persons. However, past tests of these theories have been limited by their focus on brief contacts between strangers, and the operationalization of negativity on the part of others in terms of interpersonal rejection. The present study examined Coyne's (1976a) interactional model and that of Swann and his colleagues (Swann, Wenzlaff, Krull, & Pelham, 1992). Whereas Coyne postulates that...

Mercury in Ontario wetlands: Concentrations in water, sediments, and a common aquatic plant in relation to geochemical variables.

Elizabeth. Thompson
The factors that regulate bioaccumulation of mercury in wetland systems and aquatic plants in particular have yet to be identified. Concentrations of total mercury were determined in water, sediments, and the yellow pond lily (Nuphar variegatum L.) for 22 wetlands from South-Central Ontario (Lat. 45$\sp\circ\ 11\sp\prime,$ Long. 78$\sp\circ\ 50\sp\prime$; Lat 46$\sp\circ\ 19\sp\prime$, Long. 80$\sp\circ\ 47\sp\prime)$ and for 23 wetlands from the St. Lawrence River (Lat. 45$\sp\circ\ 02\sp\prime,$ Long. 74$\sp\circ\ 44\sp\prime).$ The South-Central wetlands are remote...

Characteristics, knowledge, and strategies of expert team sport coaches.

Gordon. Bloom
In-depth, open-ended interviews were conducted with 16 expert Canadian coaches from the team sports of basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and ice hockey. The purpose of the interviews was to better understand the perceptions of expert team sport coaches regarding the characteristics, knowledge, and strategies that operate within their profession, and then to conceptualize the relationships between these various elements. Interviews were transcribed verbatim, and the unstructured qualitative data were analyzed inductively following the procedures and...

VLSI architecture for Discrete Wavelet Transform.

Aleksander. Grzeszczak
In this thesis, we present a new simple and efficient VLSI architecture (DWT-SA) for computing the Discrete Wavelet Transform. The proposed architecture is systolic in nature, modular and extendible to 1-D or 2-D DWT transform of any size. The DWT-SA has been designed, simulated and implemented in silicon. The following are the features of the DWT-SA architecture: (1) It has an efficient (close to 100%) hardware utilization. (2) It works with data streams of arbitrary...

The local scouring phenomenon at bridge abutments terminating in the floodplain zone.

Salah. Kouchakzadeh
This study examines the local scouring phenomenon associated with bridge abutments exposed to combined main-channel (MC) and floodplain (FP) flows. The principal goal of the study was to develop and validate, based on a comprehensive physical-model testing programme that considered different abutment shapes, an improved relationship for predicting maximum scour depth. A relationship was established among sediment size, flow depth and longitudinal channel slope for initiating the threshold condition of bed material movement. This relationship...

A polyhedral approach to designing communication networks.

Xiaolin. Wu
Polytopes $Q\sbsp{2E}{n}$ and $Q\sbsp{2N}{n}$, which are associated with the minimum cost 2-edge-connected subgraph problem and the minimum cost 2-node-connected subgraph problem, respectively, are studied in this thesis, and some new classes of facet-inducing inequalities are introduced for these polytopes. These classes of inequalities are related to the so-called clique tree inequalities for the travelling salesman polytope ($Q\sbsp{T}{n}$), and the relationships between $Q\sbsp{T}{n}$ and $Q\sbsp{2E}{n}, Q\sbsp{2N}{n}$ are exploited in obtaining these new classes of facets. Due...

Role of cytokines in alveolar macrophage differentiation.

Huixin. Yang
The effects of macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) on rat alveolar macrophage (AM) differentiation in vitro were investigated in this study. Both M-CSF and GM-CSF triggered AM differentiation and multinucleated giant cell (MGC) formation. Morphological analysis further demonstrated that there were two distinct variants of MGC. Type 1 MGC normally contained 3 to 8 nuclei and appeared as a large round cell and type 2 MGC contained a higher number of...

Tectonic evolution of the Late Archean Pontiac Subprovince, Superior Province, Canada: Structural, metamorphic, and geochronological studies.

Mohammad Reza. Ghassemi
The Pontiac Subprovince is a Late Archean (ca. 2.7 Ga) metasedimentary-metavolanic-granitoid-gneiss terrane situated along the southeastern margin of the Superior Province in Quebec. Detailed structural study of the northwestern part of this amphibolite facies metasedimentary belt has revealed a protracted history of deformation in Late Archean and Early Proterozoic time. An early contractional event (D$\sb1$) resulted in development of steep foliations now preserved as folded or straight relics within microlithons of S$\sb2$ foliation. During this...

Invariant-preserving transformations for the verification of place/transition systems (with application to the verification of protocols).

Wei. Zeng
Transformations preserving specific properties are often used for the verification of place/transition systems. They simplify a system so that some designated properties can be detected more easily from the simplified system but are still valid for the original one. This thesis presents five general classes of transformations on place/transition systems (PTSs), namely, insertion, elimination, replacement, composition and decomposition, and the conditions for them to preserve place-invariants and transition-invariants of the PTSs. Also proposed is a...

The development and application of a novel fluorescence test to determine the spectrum of beta-lactamases.

Wendy. Ferris
Detection of $\beta$-lactamase was performed by the Masuda Test, the Double Disc Synergy Test (DDST), and a novel test developed during the course of this work for ESBL as follows: Serial dilutions of antibiotics against which enzyme activity is to be demonstrated are incorporated into Mueller-Hinton agar containing methylumbeliferyl-$\beta$-D-glucuronide (MUG) 70 $\mu$g/mL. Growth of Escherichia coli on this medium gives fluorescence but growth of K. pneumoniae does not. These plates are seeded with an E....

An architectural model for mobile agent-based applications.

Bruce. Ford
Recently, several important trends have emerged in the context of the rapidly expanding Internet, including increased consumption of network bandwidth as multimedia applications become more heavily used, strong consumer pressure for more powerful tools for efficiently navigating through the immense volumes of information available on the Internet and user demand for services that are customized to the user's individual needs. Mobile agents possess many of the attributes required to address these trends. Mobile agents can...

La bureaucratie supranationale de la BM et du FMI et le Maroc.

Ahmed. Benothmane
Cette these se veut une reflexion sur le phenomene bureaucratique. Le recours a l'analyse de Max Weber de la bureaucratie nous permet de comprendre quelques traits de ses caracteristiques afin de saisir le role du capital qui legitime sa dynamique. Pour ce faire nous nous referons aussi succinctement a ce que Karl Marx a elabore a ce sujet dans son oeuvre "Le Capital". Au niveau international, l'apport de la bureaucratie supranationale est considerable dans l'expansion...

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