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Instrumented Compliant Wrist System for Enhanced Robotic Interaction

Pascal Laferrière
This thesis presents the development of an instrumented compliant wrist mechanism which serves as an interface between robotic platforms and their environments in order to detect surface positions and orientations. Although inspired by similar existing devices, additional features such as noncontact distance estimations, a simplified physical structure, and wireless operation were incorporated into the design. The primary role envisioned for this mechanism was for enabling robotic manipulators to perform surface following tasks prior to contact...

Articulation entre facteurs contextuels relatifs aux mécanismes délibératifs et processus de formulation des politiques publiques : le cas des politiques sociales au Nouveau-Brunswick

Christine Charlotte Paulin
Cette recherche se penche sur l’analyse comparée de deux cas particuliers de politiques publiques au Nouveau-Brunswick : la politique familiale et la politique sur la réduction de la pauvreté. Elle pose la question suivante : Comment les facteurs contextuels influencent-ils le processus de formulation des politiques sociales mené à l’aide d’instruments délibératifs? S’appuyant sur les fondements méthodologiques de la recherche inductive, elle s’inscrit dans la continuité des travaux menés dans le domaine de la démocratie...

Mechanisms of Synaptic Homeostasis and their Influence on Hebbian Plasticity at CA1 Hippocampal Synapses

Cary Soares
Information is transferred between neurons in the brain via electrochemical transmission at specialized cell-cell junctions called synapses. These structures are far from being static, but rather are influenced by plasticity mechanisms that alter features of synaptic transmission as means to build routes of information flow in the brain. Hebbian forms of synaptic plasticity – long-term potentiation and long-term depression – have been well studied and are considered to be the cellular basis of learning and...

From Workplace to Worthplace: Employee Disengagement in the Light of the Rule of Benedict

Michael Edward Rock
A discussion of the Rule of St. Benedict, emotional intelligence and workplace spirituality research to facilitate the shift from a workplace to a worthplace.

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