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Redistribution du pouvoir et foi démocratique : John Dewey contre le réalisme politique

Carlos Alexandre Silva De Souza
Le retour de John Dewey au centre de l’attention du monde intellectuel est le point de départ de cette thèse qui se penche sur la pensée politique de l’auteur américain. Afin d’identifier les raisons qui expliquent la redécouverte du philosophe pragmatiste, l’étude fait appel à la théorie des réseaux intellectuels élaborée par Randall Collins. En tenant compte de cette perspective sociologique, nous affirmons que la rivalité entre Dewey et les partisans du réalisme démocratique aux...

Public Relations, Biopolitics, & Aestheticization: The Instrumenting of Identity in Relation to Sociopolitical Conflict

Hailey Walker
Contemporary experiences and conceptions of sociopolitical conflict in the West are dominated by the notion of representative identity politics. However, how do Western perceptions of identity itself – particularly, against a cultural backdrop of consumer individualism – contribute toward this domination? Namely, in what ways does the Western perception and experience of identity result in the increasingly prevalent tendency of institutions and civic masses to position themselves in sociopolitical conflict via direct identity appeals and...

Fabrication and Characterization of Silicalite-1 Membranes for the Separation of the Greenhouse Gases

David Carter
Membranes composed of zeolite crystals, in which gas molecules are transported by surface diffusion, are promising for gas separation applications. Since this mode of mass transfer mechanism is controlled by synergistic adsorption and diffusion phenomena, the separation of gas mixtures is not solely dependent on molecular size. However, undesirable defect pathways in zeolite membranes are often present due to factors such as incomplete crystal growth and/or thermal stresses during membrane synthesis and calcination. These pathways...

At the Confluence of Rescuer and Perpetrator: Jewish-Polish Relations in Hiding and Portraits of Polish Aid-Providers During the Holocaust in Poland as Detailed in the Testimonies of Jews, 1942-1945

Miranda Brethour
Around the time of the mass liquidations of ghettos across occupied-Poland in 1942, thousands of Polish Jews fled to the homes of former gentile neighbours, friends, colleagues, as well as strangers, in search of a precious and necessary resource: shelter. Once these liquidations were deemed complete and the majority of Polish Jews had been transported to their deaths at the extermination camps, remaining alive was itself a crime for Polish Jews. One common survival strategy...

Le développement de compétences en supervision clinique chez le psychologue en formation

Marie-Pier Vandette
La supervision clinique est une intervention entre un membre sénior et un membre junior (Bernard & Goodyear, 2014) dans une profession de la santé. Cette relation de nature évaluative et de longue durée est importante étant donné qu’elle a comme but d’améliorer le fonctionnement professionnel des membres juniors, de réguler la qualité des services offerts aux clients et de servir comme mentorat pour ceux qui débutent leur carrière professionnelle (Bernard & Goodyear, 2004; Falender &...

Describing the Relationship Between Three Ice Hockey Helmet Impact Tests and Reconstructions of Concussive Injuries in Professional Ice Hockey

Andrew Meehan
Ice hockey helmets effectively mitigate the risk of skull fractures and focal traumatic brain injuries in professional ice hockey (PIH), but do not manage diffuse brain injuries such as concussion. This is due to current standard tests, which only represent one head impact event (a fall to the ice) and do not measure rotational head kinematics. It is important that helmets are evaluated using impact conditions that represent how players sustain concussions in ice hockey....

Farmland Investments in Tanzania: a Local Perspective on the Political Economy of Agri-food Projects

Joanny Bélair
Using Tanzania as a case-study, this dissertation approaches the land grab issue in Tanzania with the following two main research question: How are new farmland investments shaping political dynamics and actors’ interactions in Tanzania? And, how actors’ interactions between and within levels of governance influence farmland investments’ outcomes at the local level? I tackle these questions by proposing an original theoretical framework which is based on two main assertions. First, local outcomes associated with farmland...

Investigating the Demographic and Behavioural Predictors of Mental Health and Burnout in Medical Students: A Cross-Sectional Study

Tamara Morgan
Background: Medical students are at risk for poor mental health and burnout compared to the general population (Dyrbye et al., 2014). A preponderance of research has examined predictors of mental illness in medical students (Brazeau et al., 2014; Hope & Henderson, 2014). However, few studies have investigated predictors of mental health, and no studies to our knowledge have compared predictors of mental health and burnout in medical students. Further, several studies have assessed physical activity...

Delivery Systems to Enhance Neural Regeneration in the Central Nervous System

Taisa Regina Stumpf Da Silva

‘Portfolios of Power’: Julius Caesar in the Late Roman Republic

Giuseppe Ficocelli
Julius Caesar’s rise to power was achieved through a combination of different sources of power. These ‘portfolios of power’ were money and connections, oratory, and religion, and they worked either in conjunction or separately throughout Caesar’s life to further his career. Each portfolio served multiple functions. For instance, connections were used to advocate on his behalf when needed, money was utilised to create financial dependency (i.e. loaning to potential allies), rhetoric was applied to promote...

Recreation, Religion, and Reconciliation: Christian Camps for Indigenous Youth in Canada

Michelle Hope Rumford
In this master’s thesis, which takes the format of an introductory chapter, publishable paper, and conclusion, I examined camp programs for Indigenous youth that are run by Christian organizations in Canada, with the goals of bringing attention to this phenomenon and provoking dialogue on possibilities (or impossibilities) of reconciliation in these contexts. I employed an exploratory case study methodology, using semi-structured interviews, questionnaires, and internet-mediated document analysis, to address the following research questions: i) What...

Optimizing Shipping Container Damage Prediction and Maritime Vessel Service Time in Commercial Maritime Ports Through High Level Information Fusion

Ashwin Panchapakesan
The overwhelming majority of global trade is executed over maritime infrastructure, and port-side optimization problems are significant given that commercial maritime ports are hubs at which sea trade routes and land/rail trade routes converge. Therefore, optimizing maritime operations brings the promise of improvements with global impact. Major performance bottlenecks in maritime trade process include the handling of insurance claims on shipping containers and vessel service time at port. The former has high input dimensionality and...

Examining the Feasibility and Acceptability of a Telehealth Behaviour Change Intervention for Rural-Living Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Jenson Price
Regular physical activity (PA) participation and fruit and vegetable (FV) consumption confers numerous positive health outcomes for cancer survivors, including prevention of cancer recurrence, second primary cancers, and other non-communicable chronic diseases. Rural-living young adult cancer survivors (YAs) possess unique barriers and concerns that influence their ability to participate in traditional face-to-face behaviour change interventions. Few researchers have explored alternative means for delivering behaviour change interventions grounded in theory utilizing a mixed-methods approach to assess...

Development of Two Dimensional Materials in Photocatalysis

Zizhen Li
Photocatalysis is a process to convert light energy into chemical energies. This advanced process has been extensively applied in different areas, such as water splitting to evolve hydrogen, organic/ inorganic pollutants decomposition, artificial photosynthesis (CO2 reduction), disinfection, heavy metal recovery, organic synthesis and nitrogen fixation (reduction). The difficulty for photocatalysis applied in practical is primarily due to the low quantum yield as for the high recombination of photogenerated charge carriers. Various strategies have been implemented...

Photonic Integrated Circuits Utilizing Nano-Electromechanical Systems on Silicon-on-Insulator Platform for Software Defined Networking in Elastic Optical Networks: New Insights Into Phased Array Systems, Tunable WDM, and Cascaded FIR and IIR Architectures

Ali Abdulsattar Hussein
Optical communications systems operate at the limits of their margins to respond to increasing capacity demands. Some of the signal processing functions required must soon operate at speeds beyond electronic implementation. Optical signal processors are fundamentally analog which requires precise control of the operating state. Programmable optical components are consequently essential. The thesis explores and elucidates the properties of meshes of generalized Mach-Zehnder interferometers (GMZIs) amenable to silicon (Si) photonics integration that are based on...

Combined Short-lived (182W, 142Nd) and Long-lived (147Sm-143Nd) Isotope Study on Rocks from the Pulpwood-Playter Harbour Sequence (Wawa Subprovince): Constraints on the Mantle Source of Neoarchean Ferropicrites

Ayesha Landon-Browne
Short-lived isotope systems can be utilized to track differentiation processes that had occurred during Earth’s early history. Both the 182Hf-182W and 146Sm-142Nd systems are sensitive to silicate fractionation events due to differing parent-daughter incompatibilities. The 182Hf-182W system is also affected by metal-silicate fractionation events due to the siderophile nature of W. An increasing number of mantle-derived rocks, mainly formed during the Archean (4.0-2.5 Ga), have presented variable anomalies in the daughter products of both systems,...

Understanding Aid: Religious and Spiritual Undergraduate Students' Personal Narratives of Their Volunteer Experiences

Mariam Ismail
For many, young adulthood is a developmental period marked by changes in personal values, beliefs, and faith. These changes often involve executing congruent values through belief-based practices and acts such as volunteering. Research conducted on participants from the United States of America has highlighted the experiences of religious undergraduate volunteers in religious post-secondary institutions. However, there is a paucity of research on diverse religious populations and little has been studied on the role of spirituality....

Tourisme alternatif à Djanet et Taghit : enjeux socio-économiques et environnementaux

Yasmine Benbelaid
Le tourisme est un des enjeux de l’économie mondiale. L’Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU) estimait en 2017 que le tourisme était l’un des secteurs économiques qui connaissait la croissance la plus rapide au monde. Il est souvent le point de référence des rapports des institutions internationales en termes de génération de prospérités économiques, de contributions aux économies locales et d’outil efficace pour la protection de l’environnement (ONU, 2017). On le retrouve, entre autres, dans le...

On the Formation of Cholesterol Autoxidation Products in Lipid Bilayers and Electrophilic Secosterols Derived Therefrom

Emily Lydia Schaefer
Lipid peroxidation is believed to play a key role in the onset and progression of degenerative disease. Interestingly, although cholesterol is the most abundant lipid in the human body, our understanding of its autoxidation and subsequent decomposition is relatively limited. In fact, until recently, cholesterol-7-hydroperoxide was accepted as the only primary product of cholesterol autoxidation in organic solution, however, our group exhibited that the 4-, 5-, and 6-hydroperoxides are also formed. Although this work facilitated...

Tracking the History of Alberta Oil Sands Contaminants Using Lake Sediment Cores

Alexandre Salat
Petroleum hydrocarbons are emitted into the environment via natural and anthropogenic activities. Once emitted, these hydrocarbons can be transported globally, persisting and accumulating in aquatic ecosystems. In the Alberta oil sands region (AOSR), mining activities have significantly altered and polluted the surrounding aquatic and terrestrial environments with heavy metals and various petroleum hydrocarbons including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PACs). Though PACs have been tracked through time using dated lake sediment cores, separating natural and anthropogenic PACs...

À la frontière des mondes : jeunesse étudiante et mouvements d’Action catholique en Acadie de la première moitié du 20e siècle

Philippe Volpé
En raison d’importantes lacunes en histoire des mobilisations collectives acadiennes, l’histoire de l’Acadie contemporaine d’avant les années 1960 a souvent été interprétée sous l’angle de la rupture et synthétisée par le découpage binaire société traditionnelle/société moderne. Dans cette perspective statique et manichéenne, qui, à l’image du mythe de la Grande Noirceur québécoise, oppose en finalité le catholicisme-régressif au libéralisme-progressiste, l’Acadie s’est vue décrite comme une petite société monolithique coincée dans un traditionalisme étouffant jusqu’en 1960,...

Mechanistic and Therapeutic Insights of Macrophage MicroRNA in Atherosclerosis

My-Anh Nguyen

Patients’ and Parents’ Perceptions of their Role in the Assessment of Nursing Students’ Pediatric Clinical Practice

Rebecca A. Balasa
Background and objective: Patients’ and parents’ involvement in nursing students’ pediatric clinical practice assessment is informal. This study explored patients’ and parents’ perceptions of their role in students’ formative assessment. Approach: Interviews were conducted with patients and parents admitted at the study setting who received care from a nursing student. They were transcribed verbatim. Data was analyzed using a qualitative content analysis while Lincoln and Guba’s criteria of rigor and trustworthiness were upheld. Findings: Three...

Augmented Reality Approach for Marker-based Human Posture Measurement on Smartphones

Shahin Basiratzadeh
Quantifying human posture and range of motion remains challenging due to the need for specific technologies, time for data collection and analysis, and space requirements. The demand for affordable and accessible human body position measurement requires alternative methods that cost less, are portable, and provide similar accuracy to expensive multi-camera systems. This thesis developed and evaluated a novel augmented reality mobile app for human posture measurement to bring marker-based body segment measurement to the point...

Representations of Environmentally Displaced People In Canadian Print Media

Bianca Stumpf
Context: This thesis analyzes media coverage in Canada of environmentally displaced people (EDP) due to their recent prominence in political discussions on a national and international level as well as in the literature. Objectives: This thesis has three goals, notably (1) to raise awareness of EDP as a social phenomenon; (2) to understand how EDP are currently constructed in the public sphere; and (3) to analyze whether Canadian media characterizes EDP within discourses of victimization...

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