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Repellent Surface Applications for Pest Birds

Shelagh T DeLiberto, James C Carlson, Hailey E McLean, Caroline S Olson & Scott J. Werner
Common pest birds in the United States include the non-native European starling (Sturnus vulgaris), house sparrow (Passer domesticus), and the pigeon (Columba livia domestica), as well as native birds including Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and gull species (Laridae). Large concentrations of pest birds can create human health hazards and monetary losses due to consumption of crops, depredation, and fecal contamination and accumulation. Fecal contamination hazards include the potential spread of zoonotic diseases including antimicrobial-resistant zoonoses...

State of Bird Damage Management

George M. Linz
This is the letter from George M. Linz, associate editor for the special issue on bird damage management in Human–Wildlife Interactions.

Book Review: The Figure of the Animal in Modern and Contemporary Poetry

Yunxia Yan
The Figure of the Animal in Modern and Contemporary Poetry by Michael Malay seeks to explore the deep connections between “poetic” thinking and the sensitive recognition of animal others. The author investigates and illustrates the nature of poetry’s relationship with animals.

Molt Migration by Giant Canada Geese in Eastern South Dakota

Charles D. Dieter & Bobby J. Anderson

Editor's Introduction Exotic Species and Monkey Paws

Michael R. Conover

The Soap Box Development of Wildlife Damage Management: A Personal Perspective

Walter E. Howard

Commentary Human-Wildlife Conflicts: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

Terry A. Messmer

Home Range and Habitat Use of Feral Hogs in Congaree National Park, South Carolina

Brad A. Friebel & Patrick G. R. Jodice

In the News

Joe N. Caudell

The Director's Desk Misconceptions Hamper Protection of Bears

Bruce D. Leopold

The Soap Box Impacts of the Cancellation of the Spring Bear Hunt in Ontario, Canada

Raynald Harvey Lemelin

Relationship Between Raccoon Abundance and Crop Damage

James C. Beasley & Olin E. Rhodes Jr.

Use of a Population Viability Analysis to Evaluate Human-Induced Impacts and Mitigation for the Endangered Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit

David H. LaFever, Paige M. Schmidt, Neil D. Perry, Craig A. Faulhaber, Roel R. Lopez, Nova J. Silvy & Elizabeth A. Forys

Population and Spatial Dynamics of Resident Canada Geese in Southeastern Nebraska

Scott R. Groepper, P. Joseph Gabig, Mark P. Vrtiska, Jason M. Glisdorf, Scott E. Hygnstrom & Larkin A. Powell

The Directors Desk Keeping Up With All Those Deer

Bruce D. Leopold

GnRH Immunocontraception of Male and Female White-Tailed Deer Fawns

Lowell A. Miller, James P. Gionfriddo, Jack C. Rhyan, Kathleen A. Fagerstone, Donald C. Wagner & Gary J. Killian

Factors Affecting Autumn Deer–Vehicle Collisions in a Rural Virginia County

William J. McShea, Chad M. Stewart, Laura J. Kearns, Stefano Liccioli & David Kocka

The Director's Desk The Role of Knowledge in Developing People Skills

Ben C. West

The Soap Box Eliminating Trapping Escalates Beaver Complaints and Costs to the Public

Robert Southwick

Introduction to HWC's Special Topic Ecology and Management of Feral Hogs

Stephen S. Ditchkoff & Ben C. West

Range Size, Habitat Use, and Dial Activity of Feral Hogs on Reclaimed Surface-Mined Lands in East Texas

Robert C. Mersinger & Nova J. Silvy

A Landscape-Level Survey of Feral Hog Impacts to Natural Resources of the Big Thicket National Preserve

Pedro M. Chavarria, Roel R. Lopez, Gillian Bowser & Nova J. Silvy

Best Management Practices in Counting Urban Black Bears

Jonathan L. Fusaro, Mary M. Conner, Michael R. Conover, Timothy J. Taylor & Marc W. Kenyon Jr.

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