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Data from: Aromatic character of [Au13]5+ and [MAu12]4+/6+(M = Pd, Pt) cores in ligand protected gold nanoclusters – interplay between spherical and planar sigma-aromatics

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project reports the aromaticity assessment and interconversion in newly reported Au clusters.

Data from: 'Bottled' spiro-doubly aromatic trinuclear [Pd2Ru]+ complexes

Alexander Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
The central unit of the synthesized structure is a Ru atom which is the vertex of the [RuPd2]+ triangle being the first example of mixed triangles among these metals. Moreover, Ru is involved in both σ- and π-aromaticity. σ-aromaticity is realized as the d-AO based multicenter bond which is delocalized over the inner [RuPd2]+ triangle with considerable contribution from the sulfur electron density. Besides, transition metals are known to interact with the electron cloud of...

Data from Divergent, age-associated fungal communities of Pinus flexilis and Pinus longaeva

Joseph D. Birch, James Lutz, Benjamin Turner & Justine Karst
The long-lived five-needle pines, Pinus flexilis (limber pine) and Pinus longaeva (Great Basin bristlecone pine) can co-occur and may form symbiotic partnerships with the same species of ectomycorrhizal fungi. These shared symbiotic relationships may facilitate the persistence of these pine species. Throughout their lives, P. flexilis and P. longaeva may also assemble unique elowground fungal communities, adding to the conservation value of ancient trees. We used MiSeq sequencing of fungal rDNA to compare fungal community...

Data on the Effects of Persuasive Message Content on Retweet Counts during Natural Hazard Events

Yajie Li, Amanda Hughes & Peter Howe
This dataset contains Twitter messages about heat hazards posted by U.S. National Weather Service accounts in 2016. The dataset also contains the retweet counts of the heat-related tweets and whether several types of persuasive message content were included in each tweet. The population and temperature for the forecast area of each sending National Weather Service account are also included.

Data from: Computational Prediction of the Low-Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconducting 2D SiN Monolayer

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data from: All-metal σ-antiaromaticity in dimeric cluster anion {[CuGe9Mes]2}4−

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Development of a Low-Cost, Open Source Miniature Rotary Cell Culture System to Simulate Microgravity within an Irradiated Environment

Elizabeth Vargis & JR Dennison
A major challenge for astronauts in long-duration space travel is combatting the hazardous spaceflight environment caused by microgravity and increased levels of ionizing radiation. Microgravity damages cellular DNA by increasing the production of harmful reactive oxygen species, while ionizing radiation damages DNA by creating double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) breaks. Cellular damage due to microgravity and radiation has been investigated using ground-based models, but most models consider microgravity and ionizing radiation alone, or asynchronously. Synchronous modeling better...

TDIM ionospheric model TEC, hmF2, and NmF2 at mid-latitude northern hemisphere, used in the paper titled \"Is TEC a Viable Servo Input?\"

Jan Sojka
The externally imposed vertical drift in the F region is an extremely important driver of ionospheric dynamics but is very difficult to measure or map. Ionospheric servo algorithms have used hmF2 as F-region observable to infer the vertical drift. However, an even more plentiful observable is the total electron content (TEC) whose coverage over northern mid-latitudes has both spatial and temporal availability that matches those of the probable mechanisms responsible for vertical drift dynamics. This...

Data for: Vestibular attenuation to random-waveform galvanic vestibular stimulation during standing and treadmill walking

Chris Dakin
The ability to move and maintain posture in space is critically dependent on motion and orientation information provided by the vestibular system. When this system delivers noisy or erred information it can, in some cases, be disregarded through habituation. Here we investigate whether multiple mechanisms of habituation act to attenuate vestibulomotor gain due to noise added using random-waveform electric vestibular stimulation (EVS). Forty-five participants completed one of three conditions. Each condition consisted of two four-minute...

Genetic variation at the species and population levels in the Rocky Mountain ridged mussel (Gonidea angulata) – Supplementary Material

James Walton, Karen E. Mock, Steven Brownlee, Jon H. Mageroy, Greg Wilson & Ian Walker
Freshwater mussels in western North America are threatened by water diversions, climate change, loss of required host fish, and other factors, and have experienced marked decline in the past several decades. All four of the primary lineages (potentially species) of freshwater mussels in the western U.S. and Canada are widespread and have somewhat generalist host fish requirements. Of these lineages, perhaps the most poorly understood and of greatest conservation concern is Gonidea angulata (Rocky Mountain...

Data from: Anomalous Electron Temperature

Bela Fejer
Anomalous Electron Temperatures in the evening equatorial ionosphere. These are outputs of simulations from the semi-empirical SAMI2-PE (Varney et al. 2012) for the night of the 02 and 05 August 2011.

Coqui Frog Predator Avoidance and Recognition

Karen Beard
The purpose of this study was to determine whether coqui frogs from their non-native range responded to native predators the same way as frogs from their native range. Frogs were collected from two sites in Puerto Rico (El Yunque and Rio Abajo) in May 2006 and one site in Hawaii (Hilo) in June 2006. At each site, frogs were collected from a high (> 700 m) and low (< 300 m) elevation population. Of the...

Determining How Increasing Precipitation Intensity Will Impact Rangelands in Utah.

Karen Beard & andrew kulmatiski
As the atmosphere warms, precipitation events become larger, but less frequent. Yet, there is fundamental disagreement about how increased precipitation intensity will affect vegetation. Walter’s two-layer hypothesis and experiments testing it have demonstrated that precipitation intensity can increase woody plant growth. Observational studies have found the opposite pattern. Not only are the patterns contradictory, but inference is largely limited to grasslands and savannas. We tested the effects of increased precipitation intensity in a shrub-steppe ecosystem...

USU Careers in Agriculture, Forestry, Natural Resources, grades 9-12

Tyson Sorenson, Olivia Horning & Joshua Dallin
These are brochures (three currently have been completed) that were developed as part of this grant to promote AFNR careers among high school-aged students. These brochures were developed with a focus on careers related to Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. The brochures were distributed to participants of the workshop and with invitations for them to also distribute the brochures to their school's career/guidance counselors. The goal of the brochures is to help students learn about and...

Motor Preparation for Compensatory Reach-to-Grasp Responses When Viewing a Wall-Mounted Safety Handle

David A. E. Bolton, David M. Cole, Blake Butler, Mahmoud Mansour, Garrettt Rydalch & Doug MacDannald
The present study explored how motor cortical activity was influenced by visual perception of complex environments that either afforded or obstructed arm and leg reactions in young, healthy adults. Most importantly, we focused on compensatory balance reactions where the arms were required to regain stability following unexpected postural perturbation. Our first question was if motor cortical activity from the hand area automatically corresponds to the visual environment. Affordance-based priming of the motor system was assessed...

Reproductive success of mountain pine beetle infesting cut bolts of Great Basin bristlecone pine, limber pine, and lodgepole pine

Barbara Bentz, Karen E. Mock & Erika Eidson
The preference-performance hypothesis states that ovipositing phytophagous insects will select host plants that are well-suited for their offspring and avoid host plants that do not support offspring performance (survival, development and fitness). The mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), a native insect herbivore in western North America, can successfully attack and reproduce in most species of Pinus throughout its native range. However, mountain pine beetles avoid attacking Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva), despite recent climate-driven...

Data from: Cavitation Clusters in Lipid Systems – The Generation of a Bifurcated Streamer and the Dual Collapse of a Bubble Cluster

Silvana Martini, Peter Birkin & Tadd Truscott
Over the past decade several studies have reported the use of high intensity ultrasound (HIU) to induce the crystallization of lipids. The effect that HIU has on lipid crystallization is usually attributed to the generation of cavities but acoustic cavitation has never been fully explored in lipids. The dynamics of a particular cavitation cluster next to a piston like emitter in an oil, was investigated in this study. The lipid systems, which are important in...

Data from: PNAS2019 Postdoc Mentoring Survey

David Feldon, Kaylee Litson & Soojeong Jeong
The doctoral advisor, typically the principal investigator (PI), is often characterized as a singular or primary mentor who guides students using a cognitive apprenticeship model. Alternatively, the cascading mentorship model describes the members of laboratories or research groups receiving mentorship from more senior laboratory members and providing it to more junior members (i.e., PIs mentor postdocs, postdocs mentor senior graduate students, senior students mentor junior students, etc.). Here we show that PIs laboratory and mentoring...

Data from: Mapping of Dynamic Transcriptome Changes Associated with Silica-Triggered Autoimmune Pathogenesis in the Lupus-Prone NZBWF1 Mouse.

James Pesta & Abby Benninghoff
The dataset contains six files of tabular data with an accompanying README file. Supplementary file 1: Customized probe annotation file for the Nanostring nCounter Mouse PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel (catalog # 115000142). This file is provided as supporting material for a journal article. Codes for columns are in file. Supplementary file 2: Microsoft Excel document with output from nSolver for differential expression analyses for pairwise comparisons noted by each named sheet. This data set is...

Elemental and oxidized mercury in ambient air at Rocky Flats, Colorado

Seth Lyman & Lynne Gratz
This is a dataset of elemental and oxidized mercury in the ambient atmosphere at latitude 39.912799 and longitude -105.188587. This is the locations of the Rocky Flats North air quality monitoring station, operated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We collected these measurements using a dual-channel atmospheric mercury speciation instrument.

Mapping transcriptional changes associated with the maternal-to-embryonic transition in bovine embryos to small non-coding RNA profiles in both in vitro-fertilized and scNT cattle embryos

Abby D. Benninghoff & Jocelyn Cuthbert
Supplementary File 1. Normalized reads for annotated mRNA transcripts. Microsoft Excel document providing normalized sequencing reads per sample. Supplementary File 2. Results of DESeq2 analyses for annotated mRNAs. Microsoft Excel document with results of DESeq2 differential expression analysis comparing scNT vs IVF embryos at each developmental stage and sequential comparisons of developmental stage for both IVF and scNT embryos. Supplementary File 3. Results of Metascape ontology analyses for differentially expressed mRNAs. Microsoft Excel document with...

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