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Madhi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

Curriculum: Careers in Urban Agriculture (grades 7-12)

Tyson Sorensen, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
Materials were created for school-based agricultural educators (7th-12 grade) to use for students in Utah. This curriculum covers multiple days of instruction but 3-5 (50-minute sessions) days is what it is intended for. Includes a unit plan for the instructor, presentation slides (PPT and PFD), worksheets, and other materials. This curriculum focuses on careers in urban agriculture.

Survey Data from Utah Urban Agricultural Workshop

Tyson Sorensen, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
Forty-two teachers who attended the Urban Agriculture Workshop were surveyed after the workshop to assess the value of various aspects of the workshop and to measure pre-post gains in knowledge, ability, and importance. Also to measure attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral controls, and behavioral intention. Demographics were also collected. Data show the results. Survey Instrument is attached. Scaling varies (see instrument).

Ploidy and Clonal Membership in Populus Tremuloides from RADseq Data

Benjamin Blonder, James A. Walton & Karen E. Mock
Ipyrad pipeline parameters files, raw sequence data, barcodes and supporting scripts for clonal and cytotype sample assignment of Populus tremuloides.

Incorporating Drones in My Classroom: Survey Data from High School Teachers 2018

Tyson Sorenson, Kelsey Hall, Olivia Horning, Joshua Dallin & Davis Francis
Survey data collected from 69 high school and middle school teachers. Survey gauges intentions of integrating drone curriculum concepts into the classroom. Dataset includes summary data, raw data and survey instrument.

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture Curricula for Grades 9-12

Tyson Sorenson, Olivia Horning, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
This is a curriculum package that was developed for teachers to be able to integrate genetic engineering and biotechnology concepts, skills, and career applications into their classrooms. This package was developed as part of the LEARN workshop entitled "Genetic Engineering: Workshop for Teachers." This curriculum package includes five full units of instructions with lesson plans, presentation resources, and other resources for teachers. This package is intended for students in grades 9-12. Each unit is complete...

Agricultural Literacy Certification Program

Rose Judd-Murray

COVID-19: The Spearpoint of Human–Wildlife Interactions

Terry A. Messmer
This is the letter from the editor-in-chief.

In the News

Ike Ionel & Jessica Tegt
Items in the news.

Coming Up: The USU Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

A preview of the topics to be addressed in the upcoming Empowering Teaching Excellence conference at Utah State University, with proceedings to appear in the upcoming Spring 2020 issue of the journal.

A Universal Mechanism for N2 Binding to and Differing Reactivity of the E4(4H) State of Mo-, V-, and Fe-Nitrogenases

Derek Franklin Harris
As a basic building block in many biological molecules, the element nitrogen (N) is essential for life. Dinitrogen (N2) is abundant in Earth’s atmosphere, but this form is biologically unavailable. To be biologically available, N2 must undergo a reduction reaction to the fixed form, ammonia (NH3). The industrial Haber-Bosch process, which accounts for approximately 50% of the worlds fixed nitrogen, uses energy from fossil fuels to achieve high pressures and temperatures to catalyze the reaction....

Investigation of the Molecular Determinants and Extrinsic Factors that Regulate PRMT Product Specificity

Tamar B. Cáceres
Protein arginine methylation is an important modification of proteins, involved in many cellular processes. Some examples are transcription, RNA editing, cellular communication, DNA repair, viral replication and chromatin remodeling. In recent years, the significance of protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs) in human diseases has been increasingly studied, especially in cardiovascular disease and cancer. Although the importance of these enzymes is recognized, the understanding of how exactly PRMTs function is still limited. Very little information is available...

Query AutoAwesome

Chetna Suryavanshi
This research investigates how to improve legacy queries. Legacy queries are queries that programmers have coded and are used in applications. A database application typically has tens to hundreds of such queries. One way to improve legacy queries is to add new, interesting queries that are similar to or based on the set of queries. We propose Query AutoAwesome, a tool to generate new queries from legacy queries. The Query AutoAwesome philosophy is taken from...

Optimization of Biogas Production by Use of a Microbially Enhanced Inoculum

Anna Doloman
A renewable energy source, biogas, comprises of methane (80%) and carbon dioxide (15%), and is a great alternative to the conventional fossil-based fuels, such as coal, gas and oil. Biogas is created during anaerobic biological digestion of waste materials, such as landfill material, animal manure, wastewater, algal biomass, industrial organic waste etc. A biogas potential from organic waste in the United States is estimated at about 9 million tons per year and technology allows capture...

The Red Front Door, A Memoir

Camila B. Sanabria
This is a creative thesis that contains two components: 1) a critical introduction that defends the representation of mixed-status families and deportation narratives, and 2) a memoir that depicts my experience with deportation and as a member of a mixed-status family. The second component of this thesis will consist of the first four chapters of my memoir, with the remaining chapters to be completed post-graduation. These chapters take place the years before my parents’ deportation...

Isentropic Efficiency and Theoretical Analysis of the Planetary Rotor Expander

Joseph L. James
Expanders allow pressurized fluids to undergo a pressure decrease in a controlled environment via volumetric growth to extract fluid energy. There are many types of expanders, and the objective of this thesis is to model the efficiencies of the planetary rotor expander (PRE), a century-old design undeveloped due to insufficient manufacturing capabilities (until recently). Geometric relationships are derived and mathematical models are generated to determine the efficiency of the PRE as a function of design...

How Virtual Reality Impacts the Landscape Architecture Design Process at Various Scales

Drew M. Hill
In the field of landscape architecture, the use of virtual reality (VR) is increasing as a tool for visualization and presentation in the late stages of the design process. Many of the benefits that make VR valuable in the later stages of the design process suggest that VR may also be valuable when used in earlier stages such as analysis and concept development. However, existing research does not provide a detailed study of design within...

Control and Stability of Upper Stage Launch Vehicle With Hybrid Arc-Ignition Attitude Control System

Steven Russell Bennett
The Utah State University Propulsion Research Laboratory (USUPRL) has recently made significant developments in the area of hybrid rocket systems. This type of propulsion system incorporates a solid fuel and a gas or liquid oxidizer. Hybrid rocket systems are known for their inherent safety, reliability, and restart capability. Over the last several years, the USUPRL has successfully built and tested a hybrid rocket system comprising acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic and gaseous oxygen (GOX). The...

Questioning Questions: A Grounded Theory Investigation of Teacher Questioning in Seminary for the Church of Jesus Christ

Zachary R. Horton
This study investigated teacher questioning practices and rationales in released-time seminary classes for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Church of Jesus Christ or the Church). Seminary teachers focus their questions on helping students learn course principles, value those principles, and apply them to their lives by discussing potential actions that can be taken by students outside of class. The purpose of this study was to observe and interview teachers relative to...

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