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The Marin County Livestock Protection Program: 15 Years in Review

Stephanie Larson, Devan A. McGranahan & Robert M. Timm
Predation by wild carnivores challenges livestock producers worldwide. To reduce or offset losses due to predation, a variety of predator control methods and compensation schemes have been developed. In 2001, Marin County, California, USA replaced its U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services (WS) cooperative predator damage management program with a county-run program that emphasized nonlethal methods for preventing and controlling coyote (Canis latrans) predation on domestic sheep (Ovis aries). This new Livestock Protection Program (LPP)...

Control Efforts and Serologic Survey of Pseudorabies and Brucellosis in Wild Pigs of Tennessee

Lisa I Muller, Neelam C. Poudyal, Roger Applegate & Chuck Yoest
European wild pigs (Sus scrofa) are an introduced invasive species that now constitute a major threat to agriculture and the natural ecology of the environments they now inhabit. Wild pigs also carry many diseases known to infect wildlife, humans, and livestock. Two of these diseases, pseudorabies (PRV) and brucellosis, constitute major diseases in the United States. Better data are needed regarding the prevalence of these diseases in wild pigs to understand and manage the potential...

Nest-defense Behavior of Mississippi Kites in Urban and Exurban Areas

Ben R Skipper & Clint W. Boal
Mississippi kites (Ictinia mississippiensis) have become an abundant raptor in many urban and exurban areas throughout the Southern Great Plains of the United States. Unfortunately, human–wildlife conflicts have resulted from this juxtaposition of suitable breeding areas for kites and areas that humans frequent, with some kites responding aggressively to humans near nests. To date, there are no data describing the prevalence of aggressive nest defense in the species, making informed management of human and kite...

Population Dynamics and Control of Exotic South African Oryx in the Chihuahuan Desert, South-central New Mexico

Louis Bender, Patrick Morrow, Mara Weisenberger & Bryce Krueger
Introductions of exotic species can benefit certain publics but can also have many unanticipated consequences. South African oryx (Oryx gazella gazella) were introduced into the Chihuahuan Desert on White Sands Missile Range (WSMR), New Mexico, USA to alleviate a perceived lack of large mammal hunting opportunities. Because of conflicts with oryx as the population increased, we modeled population growth and determined survival of radio-collared oryx to identify rates of population increase, limiting factors to population...

Did Predator Control Go to the Dogs? A 40-year Retrospective

John M Tomeček
In 1980, Green and Woodruff published an article entitled, “Is Predator Control Going to the Dogs?” At that time, the use of Livestock Guardian Dogs (hereafter LGDs) was a relatively new wildlife damage management tool in North America. Although this tool passed the test of time in its point of origin, early North American adopters stepped into a brave new world with little to guide them. In the modern world, knowledge of methods and means...

Who Takes the Bait? Non-target Species Use of Bear Hunter Bait Sites

Ellen M Candler, William J. Severud & Joseph K. Bump
Hunting bears (Ursus spp.) over baits is legal in many countries, states, and provinces, but the practice remains a controversial topic among wildlife managers, hunting groups, and the general public. The baits used to attract bears may also provide a pulsed resource on the landscape that can be used by other wildlife species, particularly carnivores. To determine what other species might use bear bait sites, we constructed and monitored 21 bear bait sites with camera...

Livestock Guardian Dogs and Cattle Protection: Opportunities, Challenges, and Methods

Cat D Urbigkit
Producer interest in using livestock guardian dogs (Canis lupus familiaris; LGDs) to protect domestic cattle (Bos taurus) is driven by expanding large carnivore predator populations and increased public concerns regarding lethal predator control in North America. However, few resources exist to guide livestock producers regarding the use of LGDs to protect cattle. This paper summarizes published information and personal ranch experiences regarding the use of LGDs to protect cattle, describes livestock-producer identified challenges to more...

Conservation of Threatened Canada-USA Trans-border Grizzly Bears Linked to Comprehensive Conflict Reduction

Michael F. Proctor, Wayne F. Kasworm, Kimberly M. Annis, A. Grant MacHutchon, Justin E. Teisberg, Thomas G. Radandt & Chris Servheen
Erratum to "Conservation of Threatened Canada-USA Trans-border Grizzly Bears Linked to Comprehensive Conflict Reduction". https://doi.org/10.26077/yjy6-0m57

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The Inaugural Issue of Empowering Teaching Excellence features articles covering a broad range of topics that can be summarized into three general categories: student engagement, design thinking, and understanding our students.

Apathy and Concern Over the Future Habitability of Earth: An Introductory College Assignment of Forecasting CO2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Benjamin J Burger
Non-science, first year regional undergraduate students from rural Utah communities participated in an online introductory geology course and were asked to forecast the rise of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere. The majority of students predicted catastrophic rise to 5,000-ppm sometime over the next 3,100 years, resulting in an atmosphere nearly uninhabitable to human life. However, the level of concern the students exhibited in their answers was not directly proportional with their timing in their forecasted...

Stalled at the Gate: Addressing Student Failure in a \"Gateway\" Course

Susan Rhoades Neel
This article is a case study of how student data can guide instructors in course redesign. A significant percentage of students enrolled in an American Civilization course did not successfully complete the course. An examination of ACT scores, GPAs, grades in math and English composition, reading tests, and assignment completion rates indicated that two key obstacles to student success were a lack of student engagement and a disparity between student reading capabilities and the required...

About This Issue

Mike A Christiansen
Volume two, issue one is here! With great enthusiasm, we welcome you back to the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, or JETE.

Pediatric Amplification Management: Parent Experiences Monitoring Children’s Aided Hearing

Karen F. Munoz, Makynzie Larsen, Lauri Nelson, Sarah E. Yoho & Michael P. Twohig
Objective: Investigate parents’ experiences monitoring aided hearing for children who use hearing aids, bone conduction hearing aids, and cochlear implants. Design: A cross-sectional survey design, using three survey instruments, was used to collect parent data. Study Sample: A total of 178 parents of children birth to six years were included in the analysis (81 hearing aid; 61 cochlear implant; 36 bone conduction hearing aid). Results: Surveys explored hearing device use and monitoring. Variability was found...

Full Issue: Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, Volume 3, Issue 1

Kim Hales
The full Spring 2019 issue (Volume 3, Issue 1) of the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, Spring 2019.

About This Issue

Kim Hales
The Spring 2019 issue of the Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence features articles that emphasize the use of meta-analysis to improve teaching in higher education.

Coming Up: The USU Empowering Teaching Excellence Conference

A preview of the topics to be addressed in the upcoming Empowering Teaching Excellence conference at Utah State University, with proceedings to appear in the upcoming Spring 2020 issue of the journal.

A Universal Mechanism for N2 Binding to and Differing Reactivity of the E4(4H) State of Mo-, V-, and Fe-Nitrogenases

Derek Franklin Harris
As a basic building block in many biological molecules, the element nitrogen (N) is essential for life. Dinitrogen (N2) is abundant in Earth’s atmosphere, but this form is biologically unavailable. To be biologically available, N2 must undergo a reduction reaction to the fixed form, ammonia (NH3). The industrial Haber-Bosch process, which accounts for approximately 50% of the worlds fixed nitrogen, uses energy from fossil fuels to achieve high pressures and temperatures to catalyze the reaction....

Investigation of the Molecular Determinants and Extrinsic Factors that Regulate PRMT Product Specificity

Tamar B. Cáceres
Protein arginine methylation is an important modification of proteins, involved in many cellular processes. Some examples are transcription, RNA editing, cellular communication, DNA repair, viral replication and chromatin remodeling. In recent years, the significance of protein arginine methyltransferases (PRMTs) in human diseases has been increasingly studied, especially in cardiovascular disease and cancer. Although the importance of these enzymes is recognized, the understanding of how exactly PRMTs function is still limited. Very little information is available...

Query AutoAwesome

Chetna Suryavanshi
This research investigates how to improve legacy queries. Legacy queries are queries that programmers have coded and are used in applications. A database application typically has tens to hundreds of such queries. One way to improve legacy queries is to add new, interesting queries that are similar to or based on the set of queries. We propose Query AutoAwesome, a tool to generate new queries from legacy queries. The Query AutoAwesome philosophy is taken from...

Optimization of Biogas Production by Use of a Microbially Enhanced Inoculum

Anna Doloman
A renewable energy source, biogas, comprises of methane (80%) and carbon dioxide (15%), and is a great alternative to the conventional fossil-based fuels, such as coal, gas and oil. Biogas is created during anaerobic biological digestion of waste materials, such as landfill material, animal manure, wastewater, algal biomass, industrial organic waste etc. A biogas potential from organic waste in the United States is estimated at about 9 million tons per year and technology allows capture...

The Red Front Door, A Memoir

Camila B. Sanabria
This is a creative thesis that contains two components: 1) a critical introduction that defends the representation of mixed-status families and deportation narratives, and 2) a memoir that depicts my experience with deportation and as a member of a mixed-status family. The second component of this thesis will consist of the first four chapters of my memoir, with the remaining chapters to be completed post-graduation. These chapters take place the years before my parents’ deportation...

Isentropic Efficiency and Theoretical Analysis of the Planetary Rotor Expander

Joseph L. James
Expanders allow pressurized fluids to undergo a pressure decrease in a controlled environment via volumetric growth to extract fluid energy. There are many types of expanders, and the objective of this thesis is to model the efficiencies of the planetary rotor expander (PRE), a century-old design undeveloped due to insufficient manufacturing capabilities (until recently). Geometric relationships are derived and mathematical models are generated to determine the efficiency of the PRE as a function of design...

How Virtual Reality Impacts the Landscape Architecture Design Process at Various Scales

Drew M. Hill
In the field of landscape architecture, the use of virtual reality (VR) is increasing as a tool for visualization and presentation in the late stages of the design process. Many of the benefits that make VR valuable in the later stages of the design process suggest that VR may also be valuable when used in earlier stages such as analysis and concept development. However, existing research does not provide a detailed study of design within...

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