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Design and Optimization of a Thermal Capacitor

Karen Nielson & Jordan Tracy Cox
Team Hot Stuff designed a thermal capacitor for Senior Design I at Utah State University. This thermal capacitor is intended for use in the food service industry as a low-cost alternative to chafers. Chafers are platters which use oil burners to keep food warm. The client for this thermal capacitor is Thermal Management Technologies (TMT), a company specializing in thermal science solutions whose mission is “to provide simple, practical thermal science solutions to a wide...

Ultrasonic Analysis of Breast Tissue for Pathology Classification

Kristina Marie Sorensen
Real time measurements may assist surgeons in obtaining negative or cancer free margins during lumpectomy to eliminate invasive re-excision. Previous findings show that high-frequency ultrasound can differentiate between a range of breast pathologies in surgical specimens. Two parameters, peak density and second-order spectral slope, are sensitive to histopathology. Our objective was to determine the mechanism linking high-frequency ultrasound to histology. The hypothesis is that ultrasound sensitivity is a function of the microscopic heterogeneity (and thus...

The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Nikelle Holbrook Hunsaker
People are often confused about the effects and recommendations of exercise during pregnancy. A review of the literature demonstrates that regular physical activity provides benefits to both mother and fetus during pregnancy. These benefits range from decreasing the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus to improving the mother's psychological well-being and can be obtained without causing harm to the fetus. The recommendations for physical activity during pregnancy include thirty minutes of physical activity on most, if...

Effect of Salinity on Glycogen Content in the Brine Shrimp, Artemia salinas, of Great Salt Lake

Christon H. Merkley
The brine shrimp, Artemia salinas, is one of the few organisms to be found in the hostile environment of the Great Salt Lake. Salt concentrations in the lake are found to exceed those in the oceans. In such an environment, the utilization of energy, even after it has been procured, presents a problem. The life inhabiting the lake has developed extraordinary adaptations to this and similar problems. Electron micrographs produced by Dr. Nabil Youssef of...

Corporate Style Guides: Understanding and Construction

Riley Ann Ashcroft
Style guides have existed for many years and yet there is almost no information concerning how to write one. Since corporations are so different from one another, each could have its very own style guide. Most, however, use an existing style guide and fill in any gaps with customer specific information. One such corporation is the Utah State University Research Foundation (USURF). To answer the question “how to write a style guide,” this paper compares...

Comparison of Peak Power on Four Cycling Modes

James O. Olsen
There has been a vast amount research conducted concerning many different aspects of cycling performance. This is, in part, due to the relative ease with which variables can be isolated and tested. The equipment used for cycling research is generally compact, stationary, and relatively inexpensive, which make cycling a convenient method to test a variety of variables. In a laboratory setting, researchers often utilize cycle rollers, ergometers, and trainers to best simulate road cycling. Rollers...

Developing a Benchmark for Evaluating the Performance of Parallel Computers

D. Ladd Williamson
This paper discusses the development of a portable suite of benchmarking programs for parallel computers. Comparative measurement of the performance of parallel computing systems has been limited because of the great diversity of architectures and of processor interconnection schemes. One solution is to translate benchmark codes into a consistent and portable parallel language. This paper reports on progress in developing such a portable suite of benchmarks. An extensive introduction to parallel computing is included as...

Recreation, at a Glance

Michelle A. Wilkins
As Utah prepares to showcase its majestic landscapes worldwide during the 2002 Olympic Games, countless travelers continue to explore the state's splendor. Utah is famous for its land of many faces. From the red rock of Canyonland National Park to the snow-capped mountains along the Wasatch front, the state is rich in natural diversity. This diversity translates into a broad spectrum of recreational opportunities the state can offer. For instance, Utah's alpine and cross-country ski...

Exponent: High Speed CubeSat Radio

Dana Sorensen
Software Defined Radios (SDR) are limited by their usable bandwidth, which restricts how quickly they can transmit or receive data. The High Speed CubeSat Radio (HSCR) is capable of transmitting and receiving higher bandwidth signals by combining the bandwidths of several individual SDR transceivers. The HSCR performs phase correction to seamlessly stitch the bandwidths of each individual SDR into a single larger bandwidth. By increasing the number of SDRs inside the HSCR, the bandwidth of...

The Fourth Amendment: History and Development of the Reasonable Search

Bradley L. Tilt
The existence of the search and seizure restrictions encoded in the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is the result of a two part historical development that took place simultaneously in England and the American colonies. Severe legislative restrictions on the press were largely responsible for the developments in England, while in the colonies it was British tax and trade regulations that spawned the changes. On both sides of the Atlantic, however, the primary...

A Comparison of Muscle Activity Responses of Adults and Children during Whole Body Vibration

Dustin Blair Nash
Results of recent studies have suggested that attenuation and transmissibility of WBV in adults and children are similar, but due to anatomical differences, it is hypothesized that children employ different strategies. One suggested strategy is that of muscle tuning, whereby muscle activity levels are adjusted to control potentially dangerous accelerations produced by vibration resonance. The purpose of the study was to compare muscle activity responses between children and adults exposed to whole body vibration. It...

Rising Metaphors: Bread and Christianity in Contemporary Short Fiction

Marleah Callie Jacobson
Although my thesis centers on the use of bread metaphors to represent Christian themes in fiction, it became important that my thesis explored and examined a variety of food writing. Broadly defined, food writing has existed since the beginnings of literature. Because food encompasses all five senses, writing about food is a rich metaphorical tool. Bread is an excellent example of a prevalent food metaphor that largely involves all five senses. Early examples using this...

Carbon Nanotube Growth Via Spray Pyrolysis

Robert Welch Call
Spray pyrolysis is a promising method to create carbon nanotube forests (CNFs) on various surfaces. By injecting metallocene-hydrocarbon solutions into a heated quartz reactor, catalyst particles and carbon nanotubes can be formed simultaneously. Factors that affect CNF growth include the precursor concentration, injection rate and duration, carrier gas flow rate, substrate surface, growth temperature, and the composition of gases inside the reactor. The CNF morphologies affected by these factors will be presented and, hopefully, an...

Reduced Gravity Landing Research Vehicle Design

Sarah Isert
Human and robotic missions beyond low earth orbit (LEO) are key components of NASA's currently emerging strategy for space exploration. These missions will inevitably include humancrewed lunar and planetary surface landings. Trips to near-earth asteroids are also in the incipient planning stages. A permanent presence on the surface of an extra terrestrial body like Mars or the Moon will require many landings by both human-crewed and robotic spacecraft. Planetary and lunar surface landings are inherently...

The Noble Savage and Ecological Indian: Cultural Dissonance and Representations of Native Americans in Literature

Brooke D. McNaughton
This thesis provides a unique approach to understanding the historical origins and contemporary social ramifications of the use of the concepts of the Noble Savage and the Ecological Indian within literature. I first examine the history of the Noble Savage concept in literature by examining relevant social movements, and then its eventual transition into its modern counterpart, the Ecological Indian. Authors who employ the use of these concepts typically portray Natives in a way which...

The Reorganizational Problem of the School Districts in Cache Valley

David P. Phippen
Some years ago, in 1972 to be exact, I was a student senator at Sky View High School. Every once in a while we would be called together to discuss issues that affected our school. One particular session dealt with school population. Six years ago we were experiencing a lot of overcrowding in the school auditorium. The authorities at that time were concerned, and were asking our opinions, as student leaders, on the issue. During...

Teaching Language Through the Words and Works of its Peoples

Aliza Marie Atkin Kroek
This portfolio is the culmination of two years of study in the Master of Second Language Teaching and represents not only the development of the author’s teaching philosophy but also her professional development as a teacher over that course of time. The teaching philosophy is built on the three pillars of 1) use of the target language, 2) copious use of authentic materials, and 3) teaching the use of the mechanics, or rules of the...

The Wetland Wonders Education Program: Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge

Kristen Gilbert
Wetland Wonders Field Experience Program (WWFEP) at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge connects U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conservation and education goals with an educational need (understanding wetlands) in the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem by using innovative education and volunteer initiatives. The WWFEP has two principal components, the Education Program Module (EPM) and the Volunteer Instructor Module (VIM). The EPM provides a well rounded environmental educational experience to third, fourth and fifth grade students...

Comparison of Propulsive Power During Loaded Countermovement Jumps Performed in Water versus Land in College Aged Males

Clint R. Nardoni
As use of an aquatic environment increases as a training and rehabilitative tool, the purpose of this study was to assess peak propulsive power in loaded countermovement jumps (CMJ) in water and compare them to loaded CMJ on land. 20 college aged (24.6±3.6 years) recreationally active males performed 4 randomized countermovement jumps on a force plate with increasing loads (bodyweight [BW], BW+10%, BW+20%, BW+30%) in two environments: immersed in water at the xiphoid process and...

LENA Measurements of Language Facilitation Strategies Utilized by Parents during Storybook Reading

Shannon Michelle Peters
Approximately 12,000, or 4-6 per 1,000 babies per year in the United States are born with some degree of hearing loss (NCHAM, 2014). Children with any degree of hearing loss are at risk for having difficulty with academics, language and communication. However, with early detection, and use of hearing technology (e.g. hearing aids and cochlear implants), and specialized early intervention, many children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) can develop language and academic...

Recital Report

Alan P. Beste
The purpose of the solo recital was to further develop my abilities on an instrument to my maximum capacity; to obtain a fuller understanding of the performance-related problems of the bassoon, and to discover and practice the solutions to those problems; to have an opportunity to encounter various musical styles from all periods; to gain a greater knowledge of the existing solo literature for the bassoon; and to gain a better understanding of performance problems...

The Effectiveness of Livestock Exclosures in the Restoration of Steelhead Onchorychus mykiss Habitat and Populations in the John Day River Basin of Eastern Oregon

Matthew Archibald
On March 25, 1999, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) listed the anadromous Oncorhynchus mykiss (O. mykiss), or steelhead, population in the Middle Columbia Evolutionarily Significant Unit (ESU) as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and deemed that the federal Columbia River Hydropower System (FCRPS) posed jeopardy to this ESU. To mitigate for the impacts of the dams, the FCRPS Biological Opinion issued by NMFS, emphasized improving spawning and juvenile rearing habitat in the tributaries...

Climate, Latitude and Wealth

Trevor Greg Stringham
So many of the world's most impoverished nations are found in warm climate regions that some economists have referred to "tropical" as synonymous with "underdeveloped". In this paper I study the difference in GDP per capita throughout the world based on latitude, and show that there is a significant, positive correlation between distance from the equator and GDP per capita. I find that consumption is different in wealthier countries and that these differences are correlated...

Development of AWWA Recommendations for CCL4 Prioritization and Process

Ryan Worth Bench
Every 5 years the USEPA is responsible to publish a list of unregulated contaminants that are known or expected to occur in public water systems in the United States that may pose a risk on public health. This list is known as a contaminant candidate list (CCL). This year it is expected that the USEPA is to publish the 4th such list of the CCL or CCL4. Candidacy to be on the CCL4 is based...

Navigating the Outdoor Recreation Folk Group: A Functional Analysis of the Personal Narrative

Lori Lee
Among the participants of the outdoor recreation folk group, or people who participate regularly in human-powered outdoor recreation as a lifestyle, personal narratives are an integral and integrated part of interaction. This group is particularly rife with stories, because in the natural order of their lifestyle they regularly engage in activities filled with adventure and challenge. As members of this folk group engage in recreation together they share their personal narratives because it is the...

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