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Solving Equations Applet Project

Kimberly Thatcher
The purpose of this paper is to summarize a Masters Project for the MMath Degree. The purpose of the project was to create and evaluate an applet that maintains the advantages of the existent manipulatives (Hands-On Equations® and the NLVM applet) while also overcoming the limitations of each. Another product of this project is accompanying lesson plans for teachers.

Whole Body Vibration in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation

Sara Ruby Vargas
There has been an increasing prevalence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. In the literature describing ACL rehabilitation program flexibility, muscle strength, proprioception, and postural stability have been identified as reoccurring struggles that have arisen during rehabilitation. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been investigate as a rehabilitation tool that can be used when recovering from an ACL injury. Research has suggested that WBV can be used to increase flexibility, improve muscular strength, increase proprioception, and...

A Model For Rapid Charging Events on International Space Station

Debrup Hui
Surface charging by plasma can be a serious issue for any spacecraft. Though significant charging is not observed in all spacecrafts at all times, it only requires a single episode of extreme charging to result in serious damage. The International Space Station (ISS) is an interesting platform to study these charging effects because of its size and relatively high voltage systems. Of the many kinds of charging observed on ISS, the rapid charging events during...

Development of Curriculum Resources for Introducing Wind Power into Technology and Engineering Education Programs

Andrew G. Swapp
In this world of political unrest; in these times of climate change; in this world of high prices and foreign dependence, energy is of great importance to our modern society. How we get our energy is of timely importance. Energy independence and keeping our air clean is of national vital interest. Wind energy has withstood the litmus test of politics and economics and is now the fastest growing form of energy development in the world...

Incorporating Music, Literature, and Culture in Communities of Second Language Learners

Michael Rhinehart
This portfolio is a collection of papers that relate to the field of second language teaching. The papers include the author’s teaching philosophy, three artifacts, and an annotated bibliography. The subjects covered include: the use of literature to teach a second language, the importance of having a community of learners in the classroom, and the incorporation of culture into the second language classroom. The author also includes an annotated bibliography of articles and books that...

North Park: A Regional Approach to Parks, Recreation, and Trails Planning

Alan John Luce
The North Park study area is mainly focused on the parks, recreation, and trails of two municipalities: North Logan and Hyde Park. These two municipalities have formed several partnerships to provide the police, fire, and other civic needs of the citizens of both communities. Coincidentally, these services have been given a name that combines the names of the two municipalities, North Park. However, this particular study area also includes small portions of land that are...


Mandy C. Stigant
As human beings we have an innate hunger for meaning and, not coincidentally, an interesting ability to assimilate patterns, to recognize working systems. For all our ability to reason and assimilate, however, concrete answers to our questions of meaning and our hunger for understanding are elusive, vague and often lacking. In my work I pursue a two-fold exploration. On the one hand I want to express my fascination with that riddle of the human condition,...

Great Salt Lake Watershed: Its Role in Maintaining the Wetlands of the Great Salt Lake

Danny C. White
The following bioregional planning study is a direct result of the 2009- 2010 studio project initiated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS). The FWS contacted the study team and asked them to determine how the future growth and development of the Bear River Watershed would impact the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (BRMBR). The study looked at all of the physical and biophysical systems within the Bear River Watershed to identify the...

Creating and Evaluating Teacher Training Modules in Applied Behavior Analysis

Summer Lynn Navarrete
The use of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in the treatment of young children with autism has been shown to be effective in increasing their developmental trajectory. Many teachers, however, are unfamiliar with these teaching techniques. In training individuals to implement ABA interventions, didactic training should be paired with activities such as supervised practice and immediate feedback. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness in the use of computerized training modules to teach...

Controlling Error Rates with Multiple Positively-Dependent Tests

Abdullah Al Masud
It is a typical feature of high dimensional data analysis, for example a microarray study, that a researcher allows thousands of statistical tests at a time. All inferences for the tests are determined using the p-values; a smaller p-value than the α-level of the test signifies a statistically significant test. As the number of tests increases, the chance of observing some small p-values is very high even when all null hypotheses are true. Consequently, we...

Estimation of Beta in a Simple Functional Capital Asset Pricing Model for High Frequency US Stock Data

Yan Zhang
This project applies the methods of functional data analysis (FDA) to intra-daily returns of US corporations. It focuses on an extension of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to such returns. The CAPM is essentially a linear regression with the slope coefficient β. Returns of an asset are regressed on index return. We compare the estimates of β obtained for the daily and intra-daily returns. The variability of these estimates is assessed by two bootstrap...

The Legend of the Almo Massacre: Ostensive Action and the Commodification of Folklore

Jonathan A Floyd
The following thesis is based on the role a legend plays in establishing and influencing a sense of identity and reality within a community and area, in this case the legend is of a massacre occurring in Almo, Idaho in the early 1860s. I found this legend of the Almo massacre while looking for an excuse to rock climb in the nearby City of Rocks National Reserve. I explored the Almo legend through interviews, historical...

Algebraic Properties of Killing Vectors For Lorentz Metrics In Four Dimensions

Jesse W. Hicks
Four-dimensional space-times with symmetry play a central role in the theory of general relativity. In 1961, in the book Einstein Spaces, A.Z. Petrov gave a complete local classification of four-dimensional space-times based upon their local isometry group, that is, their Lie algebra of Killing vector fields. In this report we discuss algebraic and geometric properties of these Lie algebras. A database of these properties has been computed for the five-dimensional Lie algebras of Killing vectors...

Enhancing iNetTest by Improving the Programming Question and Group Grading

Sushil Dosi
This report describes an improvement to the Utah State University iNetTest testing system. The iNetTest system allows instructors and/or students to: • Create/take tests with rich sets of question types (multiple choice, essay, true/false, computational programming question, etc.); • Monitor the test takers for cheating; • Auto-grade for many types of questions, as well as group grade for all question types; and • Send scores to students via either email or SMS. Specifically, this report...

Selected Projects in Costume Design

Lindsay Anne Beardall
I started my collegiate career as an art major in 2-D design with the intent that I would be an art director for an advertising agency. I took a costume construction class two years into my major and I promptly left 2-D design for costume design. Costume design is a wonderful combination of my love of art, history, sewing, drawing, design and creating. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to design four...

Guided Reading and Needs-Based Instruction: A Comparison Study

Brooke Marie Henriksen
Small group instruction is an important part of elementary literacy programs. Methods for forming small groups have often centered on ability level. However, grouping students by ability can have negative effects on students most at risk for failure. It was proposed that a method for forming small groups based on skill or strategy needs rather than ability level may have positive effects on student learning. During this study reading growth data in one first grade...

CHARM Components Monitoring System (CCMS)

Cemal Aktas
Integrated systems need to be monitored regularly for operational problems such as network failures, loss of data, bottle necks, and other process failures. One of the best ways to monitor a system is through a graphical visualization of system activities. Humans are good at spotting patterns in graphic visualizations. This report describes a monitoring facility for integrated systems that can present wide range of graphics visualizations. As a proof of concept, it is implemented for...

Electronics Design of the AGLITE-LIDAR Instrument

Scott S. Cornelsen
The AGLITE-LIDAR instrument is a three-wavelength lidar system being designed and constructed at the Space Dynamics Laboratory under contract from the Agricultural Research Service. Its purpose is to implement a novel new approach to making measurements of gas and particulate pollutants released into the atmosphere by agricultural operations. Once operational, it will provide a means whereby the total flux of pollutants being emitted by agricultural facilities might be measured. This approach is valid even for...

Improvement in Nutrition Knowledge and Retention about Gestational Diabetes Mellitus among Hispanic Pregnant Women

Debra M. Waldron
Objective: The objectives of this study were to evaluate the demographic data of the study population, compare nutrition knowledge and retention in Hispanic pregnant women who were newly diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) or with a history of GDM at time of GDM diagnosis and prior to delivery, and determine if the Sweet Success education program’s curriculum was effective in improving overall knowledge in pregnant women with GDM. Design: A quasi-experimental design was used with...


Kellyn Bailey
There is an certain discomfort that accompanies stepping outside the known into the unfamiliar. Yet in my life, the endeavors I have been the most uncertain about have often turned out to be the most rewarding to me. This is especially true in the case of traveling. My first major experience away from home came with an opportunity to participate in a month-long study abroad in Switzerland. My uneasiness about the prospect of spending an...

Stressors Across the Lifespan and Dementia Risk: A Statistical Method Analysis

Megan Platt Borrowman
The Cache Lifespan Stressors and Alzheimer's Disease (LSAD) study has access to data from the Cache County Study on Memory Health and Aging (CCS) that have been linked to the extensive genealogical and vital records from the Utah Population Database (UPDB). Information about stressful life events experienced by the original 5092 CCS participants has been extracted objectively from the UPDB, without the possibility of recall bias. This information was then statistically analyzed to look for...

Software for Analyzing Municipal Water Data to Design Water Conservation Strategies

Adrian Patton Welsh
Planning for drought and growth-induced water scarcity is a challenge confronting municipal water departments. When water shortages occur, demand management policies and programs are often implemented to encourage water conservation. Due to the nature of water resources and municipal water delivery systems, cities are concerned about meeting citizens’ water needs. A city can review water billing records to see how much water people use, but how do they know how much water people need? Standards...

Metadata Management System for Healthcare Information Systems

Ketan Shripat Patil
The Utah Department of Health (UDOH) uses multiple and diverse healthcare information systems for managing, maintaining, and sharing the health information. To keep track of the important details about these information systems such as the operational details, data semantics, data exchange standards, and personnel responsible for maintaining and managing it is a monumental task, with several limitations. This report describes the design and implementation of the Metadata Management System (MDM) that addresses the problem of...

Theoretical Approach for Error Estimation of Temperature and Thermal Conductivity in Uranium Dioxide Fuel

Adam John Gerth
The knowledge of in-reactor thermophysical properties of nuclear fuel rods, which are usually composed of uranium dioxide (UO2) ceramics, is important for the safe design and operation of nuclear power plants. A two thermocouple method can be utilized to determine the thermal conductivity within the fuel rods by measuring rod centerline temperature and cladding temperature. Using this technique, Halden Reactor Project (HRP) has developed a correlation for thermal conductivity of UO2 as a function of...

The Correlation Between Local Government Tax Revenues and the Existence of Federally Designated Wilderness Lands

Sarah Reale
Each of the 3,141 counties in the United States is unique, with a variety of physical characteristics. Approximately 287 of these counties have designated Wilderness Land within their boundaries. Many have argued about the benefits and also the burdens of having this designated land within a county. Research has been completed looking at the effects the Wilderness Land has to the local economies, the quality of life of the county citizens, and the county tourism...

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