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Technology in IVC Classes

Piotr Runge

Audiology Students’ Perception of Hybrid Simulation Experiences: Qualitative Evaluation of Debriefing Sessions

Hearing and Vision Screening in Pediatric Primary Care and the Sharing of Results with Early Care and Education Progams

Are Audiologists Directly Referring children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing to Early Intervention?

Grazing Exclosure Experiment on the Henry Mountains of Southern Utah

Johan T du Toit & Dustin Ranglack
The data contained herein are the results of a grazing exclosure experiment on the Henry Mountains of S. Utah [38°5’ N, 100°50’W] to determine the relative impacts of bison, cattle, and lagomorphs on forage availability. Exclosures were erected in October 2011 and the standing crop of grass inside both exclosure types (full and partial), as well as an open reference plot was clipped in October 2012. Additionally, the local ranching community was surveyed to measure...

Data from: Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Populus Population Genomics: An Assessment of Genome Sampling Patterns and Filtering Approaches

Paul Wolf, Martin P. Schilling, Aaron Duffy, Hardeep S. Rai, Carol A. Rowe, Karen E. Mock & Bryce A. Richardson
Continuing advances in nucleotide sequencing technology are inspiring a suite of genomic approaches in studies of natural populations. Researchers are faced with data management and analytical scales that are increasing by orders of magnitude. With such dramatic advances comes a need to understand biases and error rates, which can be propagated and magnified in large-scale data acquisition and processing. Here we assess genomic sampling biases and the effects of various population-level data filtering strategies in...

USU Rayleigh-scatter lidar 2014-2015 Nightly Temperatures

Leda Sox, Vincent Wickwar & Tao Yuan
Temperatures from a collocated Rayleigh-scatter lidar (RSL) and sodium resonance lidar were compared night-by-night, at different altitude levels, and hour-by-hour. Three zipped files are provided. USU RSL 2014-2015 [O] Corrected Temperatures.zip contains 36 files, one per night and hour, in RSLHourlyTemperaturesYYYYMMDDhour#.txt filename format. USU RSL 2014-2015 Hourly Temperatures.zip contains 36 files, one per night and hour, in RSLHourlyTemperaturesYYYYMMDDhour#.txt filename format. USU RSL 2014-2015 Nightly Temperatures.zip contains 19 files, one per night, in RSLTemperaturesYYYYMMDD.txt filename format.

MPB Spot Infestation Data

James A. Powell
This folder contains ASCII text raster files describing the pine density model and yearly aerial detection survey (ADS) data for three study areas: Sawtooth (central Idaho, USA), Chelan (north-central Washington, USA) and Northern Colorado (USA). These data supported analyses presented in Powell, J.A., M.J. Garlick, B.J. Bentz and N.A. Friedenberg. (2017) Differential Dispersal and the Allee Effect Create Power-Law Behavior: Distribution of Spot Infestations During Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks. Journal of Animal Ecology. Each raster...

Data for allometric equations of Chrysolepis sempervirens, Cornus sericea, Corylus cornuta ssp. californica, and Leucothoe davisiae.

James A. Lutz, J. A. Freund, A. J. Larson, M. E. Swanson, T. J. Furniss, K. M. L. Becker, E. M. Blomdahl, C. A. Cansier, S. J. Germain & S. M. A. Jeronimo
This data set includes measurements of 40 stems of Chrysolepis sempervirens (Kellogg) Hjelmq. (bush chinquapin), 41 stems of Cornus sericea L. (redosier dogwood), 50 stems of Corylus cornuta Marsh. ssp. californica (A. DC.) E. Murray, and 40 stems of Leucothoe davisiae Torrey (Sierra laurel), as reported in Lutz et al. (2014, 2017). Nomenclature follows Flora of North America (1993+).

Experimental Validation Data for CFD of Steady and Transient Mixed Convection on a Vertical Flat Plate

Blake W. Lance
Simulations are becoming increasingly popular in science and engineering. One type of simulation is Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) that is used when closed forms solutions are impractical. The field of Verification & Validation emerged from the need to assess simulation accuracy as they often contain approximations and calibrations. Validation involves the comparison of experimental data with simulation outputs and is the focus of this work. Errors in simulation predictions may be assessed in this way....

MetaCom: Automated Data Processing and Analysis of Metagenomic Community Sequences

Cody A. Tramp & Charles D. Miller
Advances in next generation sequencing technology have allowed metagenomic researchers to study the composition of bacterial communities through analysis of the vast numbers of sequence reads that these technologies generate. It is not feasible to analyze and interpret this large amount of data manually and individual research groups must create automated scripts and programs to analyze this data. Here, we present MetaCom, a program that offers a common set of analysis and organizational tools that...

Data from: How Uncertainty in the Neutral Wind Limits the Accuracy of Ionospheric Modeling and Forecasting

Michael David, Jan Sojka & Robert W. Schunk
Output files from runs of the TDIM ionospheric model used for the figures and calculations in the article in JGR Space Physics.

Grand Staircase Escalante Economic Effects Data

Paul Jakus & Sherzod Akhundjanov
The designation of landscape-scale national monuments has generated intense debate as to whether their regional economic effects are positive or negative. National monuments can restrict land uses, thus favoring economic development based on the low-wage tourism industry relative to higher-wage extractive industries. Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has been managed for landscape-scale conservation whilst protecting existing valid uses. We assess post-designation trends in the ranching, mining, and tourism industries, after which pre- and post-designation paths...

DNA methylation in lung tissues of mouse offspring exposed in utero to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Appendix E. Results of gene ontology analysis for differentially methylated genes

Trevor Fish & Abby Benninghoff
This Microsoft Excel document provides complete results for AgriGo gene ontology analyses of differentially methylated genes in the form of three tables, as follows: Table 1. AgriGO GO Slim Results for Biological Process, Molecular Function and Cellular Compartment for Sham, AdjDBC and TumDBC Tissues Table 2. AgriGO GO Slim Results for Biological Process, Molecular Function and Cellular Compartment for Sham, AdjBaP and TumBaP Tissues Table 3. AgriGO GO Slim Results for Biological Process, Molecular Function...

Predictive Mathematical Model for Polyhydroxybutyrate Synthesis in Escherichia coli

Angela Dixon

Engaging Students in a Synchronous Distance Setting: Asking Online Questions

Christopher J. Hartwell

TAKE OFF! How to Make Your College Course More Exciting

Andreas K. Wesemann

The Journal of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Volume 2 Issue 1

Parental Satisfaction and Objective Test Measurements Associated with Post-Partum versus Nursery Newborn Hearing Screening

Some Permanent Hearing Loss is Missed When \"Switched Ear\" Passes Are Used to Determine Screening Results

The Journal of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Volume 2 Issue 1

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