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The Journal of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention: Volume 2 Issue 2

Effectiveness of Dexmedetomidine for Sedation in Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

Implementing a Two-Class System for Monitoring Risk Factors for Delayed-Onset Hearing Loss

Curriculum: Alternative Animals in Agriculture (grades 7-12)

Tyson Sorensen, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
Materials were created for school-based agricultural educators (7th-12 grade) to use for students in Utah. This curriculum covers multiple days of instruction but 3-5 (50-minute sessions) days is what it is intended for. Includes a unit plan for an instructor, presentation slides (PPT and PFD), worksheets, and other materials.

Survey Data from EcoChallenge Workshop

Tyson Sorensen, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
The Borich calculator analyzed the data from the EcoChallenge (Explore) workshop to determine professional development needs of educators for future workshop planning. The calculator takes into account IMPORTANCE and PERCEIVED COMPETENCE of each item and calculates Mean Weighted Discrepancy Scores (MWDS). Those are then ranked and the data shows those results. The survey instrument is attached. The workshop was student-centered but allowed for educational professionals to engage with the materials (Exploring careers in AFNR).

Data from: Further Examination of the Geographic Range of Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii (Polygonaceae)

Mark W. Ellis, Paul Wolf, Shannon Bardot, Carol A. Rowe, Sarah Kulpa & Karen E. Mock
The buckwheat Eriogonum corymbosum is widely distributed throughout the southwestern United States, forming a complex of eight varieties. Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii is a primarily yellow-flowered taxon reported only from Clark County, Nevada. A previous genetic study by our research group found that variety nilesii is genetically distinct from other E. corymbosum varieties, based on a limited number of populations. Here, we assess genetic variation in 14 newly sampled yellow-flowered populations from southern Nevada, southern...

Nutrient Criterion Data

Paul Jakus, Nanette Nelson & Jeffery Ostenmiller
We present a scientific replication of a benthic algae nuisance threshold study originally conducted in Montana, but we do so using a different sampling methodology in a different state. Respondents are asked to rate eight photographs that depict varying algae conditions. Our initial results show that Utah resident preferences for benthic algae levels are quite similar to those of Montana residents, thus replicating the Montana study. For the full Utah sample, though, Cronbachís ? indicated...

Emissions of Organic Compounds from Produced Water Ponds

Seth Lyman
We measured fluxes of methane, a suite of non-methane hydrocarbons (C2-C11), light alcohols, and carbon dioxide from oil and gas produced water storage and disposal ponds in Utah (Uinta Basin) and Wyoming (Upper Green River Basin) United States during 2013-2016. In this paper, we discuss the characteristics of produced water composition and air-water fluxes, with a focus on flux chamber measurements. In companion papers, we will (1) report on inverse modeling methods used to estimate...

Learning Analytics: Shifting from theory to practice.

Courtney Stewart

Audiology Students’ Perception of Hybrid Simulation Experiences: Qualitative Evaluation of Debriefing Sessions

Evaluating Loss to Follow-Up in Newborn Hearing Screening in a Southern State

Implementing a Two Class System for Monitoring Risk Indicators for Delayed-Onset Hearing Loss

Scheduling Hearing Appointments Prior To Hospital Discharge Improves Follow-up After Failed Newborn Screening

Measuring nurses' knowledge and understanding of universal newborn hearing screenings

Information Given to Parents of Neonatal-Intensive Care Unit Graduates on Hearing

What Are Others Publishing About Early Hearing Detection and Intervention?

Effectiveness of Dexmedetomidine for Sedation in Auditory Brainstem Response Testing

Parental Satisfaction and Objective Test Measurements Associated with Post-Partum versus Nursery Newborn Hearing Screening

Refined climate downscaling for the Intermountain West

Robert R. Gillies, Rong Li, Shih-Yu Wang & Jiming Jin
Large biases associated with climate projections are problematic when it comes to their regional application in the assessment of water resources and ecosystems. We produced a set of regional climate projections that have the systematic biases reduced. The dataset first utilized a statistical regression technique and a global reanalysis dataset to correct biases in the globally-simulated variables that are subsequently used to drive the regional model. The bias-corrected global simulation data led to a more...

Sweeping Langmuir Probe (SLP) of the STORMs Sounding Rocket Mission

Padmashri Suresh & Charles Swenson
On October 30, 2007 NASA launched rocket 36.218 carrying the mission: “Investigation of Mid Latitude Ionospheric Irregularities Associated with Terrestrial Weather Systems” also known as the STORMS Mission. The rocket was launched from Wallops Island, Virginia (37.95◦ N, 284.53◦ E, 67.5◦ dip angle) at twelve minutes past local midnight. It flew along an azimuth of 114◦ and reached apogee near 394 km. The rocket payload had a suite of instruments from Utah State University/Space Dynamic...

Data from: Target Sequence Capture of Nuclear-Encoded Genes for Phylogenetic Analysis in Ferns

Paul G. Wolf, Tanner A. Robison, Matthew G. Johnson, Michael A. Sundue, Weston L. Testo & Carl J. Rothfels
Premise of the study: Until recently, most phylogenetic studies of ferns were based on chloroplast genes. Evolutionary inferences based on these data can be incomplete because the characters are from a single linkage group and are uniparentally inherited. These limitations are particularly acute in studies of hybridization, which is prevalent in ferns; fern hybrids are common and ferns are able to hybridize across highly diverged lineages, up to 60 million years since divergence in one...

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