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Repellent Surface Applications for Pest Birds

Shelagh T DeLiberto, James C Carlson, Hailey E McLean, Caroline S Olson & Scott J. Werner
Common pest birds in the United States include the non-native European starling (Sturnus vulgaris), house sparrow (Passer domesticus), and the pigeon (Columba livia domestica), as well as native birds including Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and gull species (Laridae). Large concentrations of pest birds can create human health hazards and monetary losses due to consumption of crops, depredation, and fecal contamination and accumulation. Fecal contamination hazards include the potential spread of zoonotic diseases including antimicrobial-resistant zoonoses...

State of Bird Damage Management

George M. Linz
This is the letter from George M. Linz, associate editor for the special issue on bird damage management in Human–Wildlife Interactions.

Book Review: The Figure of the Animal in Modern and Contemporary Poetry

Yunxia Yan
The Figure of the Animal in Modern and Contemporary Poetry by Michael Malay seeks to explore the deep connections between “poetic” thinking and the sensitive recognition of animal others. The author investigates and illustrates the nature of poetry’s relationship with animals.

Similar Breeding Success of Bearded Vultures in Disturbed and Undisturbed Areas Shows Evidence of Adaptation Capabilities

Vincent Comor, Nicolas Poulin & Mathieu Boos
Human activities are usually considered as disturbing factors impeding the breeding success of wild animals. Protected areas can then be set up to restrict such activities aiming to improve wildlife’s breeding success and conservation. To test for the efficiency of these measures, we compared the breeding success of bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) in the western French Pyrenees from autumn 2011 to spring 2017, where eyries are located either within or outside restricted areas, where potentially...

Book Review: Ecology and Management of Terrestrial Vertebrate Invasive Species in the United States

Lucian R McDonald
This is a book review of Ecology and Management of Terrestrial Vertebrate Invasive Species in the United States.

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Interval-Valued Kriging Models with Applications in Design Ground Snow Load Prediction

Brennan L. Bean
One critical consideration in the design of buildings constructed in the western United States is the weight of settled snow on the roof of the structure. Engineers are tasked with selecting a design snow load that ensures that the building is safe and reliable, without making the construction overly expensive. Western states use historical snow records at weather stations scattered throughout the region to estimate appropriate design snow loads. Various mapping techniques are then used...

The Vulnerability of Littoral Structures Under Multiyear Drought Conditions

Jenna M. Keeton
Climate change is associated with altered environmental conditions and shifting mosaics of suitable habitats for organisms. Climate change in the form of drought can shift important lake shoreline habitats downslope, altering the lakes chemistry and habitat availability. Additionally, negative biological consequences can occur after a loss of submerged habitat along shorelines, hereafter littoral habitat. The objective of this study is to evaluate whether littoral habitat is lost (cobble, coarse woody habitat (fallen trees; CWH), and...

Generalization of Signal Point Target Code

Md Munibun Billah
Detecting and correcting errors occurring in the transmitted data through a channel is a task of great importance in digital communication. In Error Correction Coding (ECC), some redundant data is added with the original data while transmitting. By exploiting the properties of the redundant data, the errors occurring in the data from the transmission can be detected and corrected. In this thesis, a new coding algorithm named Signal Point Target Code has been studied and...

The Effect of Joint Training on Knowledge and Attitudes of Career and Technical Education and Special Education Professionals

Crystal Emery
Career and technical education (CTE) is a set of career-focused courses and pathways that provide students with technical skills and knowledge which can lead to future employment and postsecondary education. Concentration in a career and technical education pathway while still in high school supports job exploration for school-age youth and is correlated with higher levels of full-time employment after high school. This is especially true for students with disabilities. Special Education (SPED) is the educational...

Spiderworms: Using Silkworms as Hosts to Produce a Hybrid Silkworm-Spider Silk Fiber

Ana Laura Licon
Spider silk has received significant attention due to its fascinating mechanical properties. Given the solitary and cannibalistic behavior of spiders, spider silk farming is impractical. Unlike spiders, silkworms are capable of producing large quantities of a fibrous product in a manner mimetic to spiders, and there already exists an industry to process cocoons into threads and textiles for many applications. The combination of silk farming (sericulture), a millennia old practice, and modern advancements in genetic...

The Long Horizon

Tiffany Smith
The idea for my thesis stemmed from a braided essay I wrote for a creative writing class. I didn’t initially plan on expanding my class essay into a memoir, but I have discovered that oftentimes the story finds us rather than the other way around. Using the memoir form allowed me to bridge quite naturally the subjects of grief and landscape by giving me space to reflect on a turbulent period in my life and...

Accessing Healthy Food: Behavioral and Environmental Determinants Among Low-Income Populations

Abiodun Tolulope Atoloye
On average, low-income individuals have poorer diet quality compared to their high-income counterparts. However, improved food access may offer opportunities to improve diet among this population. This study examines how the low-income population navigates between barriers, resources, and opportunities to acquire healthy foods in different settings. Chapter 3 examined how the use of a farmers’ market incentive program among the low-income population impacts F&V consumption. We observed no effect on F&V consumption due to program...

Heirs of the Body and Heirs of the Mind: Greek Education and Religious Agency in the English Reformation

Elisabeth Joan Cropper
This thesis studies elite men and women’s uses of Greek classical and early Christian texts in order to provide a more nuanced view of the relationship between knowledge of Greek language and the religious controversy between Catholics and Protestants in the English Reformation from 1516 to 1558. It addresses some of the misconceptions of Greek and its connection to Protestant heresy during the Reformation, while also explaining the ways that men and women used Greek...

Examining the Effects of Familism on the Association Between Parent-Adolescent Conflict, Emotion Regulation, and Internalizing Problems Among Latinx Adolescents

Kenia Carrera
Latinx adolescents report higher levels of anxiety and depression symptoms (i.e., internalizing symptoms) compared to other ethnic groups. Research studies primarily conducted with European American youth have concluded that difficulties in emotion regulation and parent-adolescent conflict are associated with an increased risk for youth internalizing symptoms. Additionally, an important Latinx cultural value, familism, has been identified as a protective factor for internalizing symptoms for Latinx adolescents. Therefore, the current study examined how familism, parent-adolescent conflict,...

Tacting of Function in College Student Mental Health: An Online and App-Based Approach to Psychological Flexibility

Benjamin Pierce
Mental and emotional health concerns among college students are prevalent and diverse in their symptom presentations. With increasing demands on counseling centers to provide efficient care and to address students with higher acuity or risk for harm, there has been an increased focus on identifying therapeutic targets that underlie a wide breadth of concerns to broaden the scope and impact of mental health services. Psychological inflexibility is one such target and refers to a combination...

Gender and Social Acceptance of Immigrants in a New Destination Site

Emma Meade Earl
In this article, I draw on secondary interview data with LatinX immigrants in Cache Valley, Utah, an emerging new destination site in the Inter-Mountain West. While immigrants are drawn to new destinations by employment opportunities, quality of life, or low cost of living, they face many challenges in integrating socially into fairly homogenous communities, which can be particularly challenging for immigrant women. This thesis analyzes the ways in which gender affects social integration in the...

Development and Testing of a Hydrogen Peroxide Injected Thrust Augmenting Nozzle for a Hybrid Rocket

Mark C. Heiner
During a rocket launch, the point at which the most thrust is needed is at lift-off where the rocket is the heaviest since it is full of propellant. Unfortunately, this is also the point at which rocket engines perform the most poorly due to the relatively high atmospheric pressure at sea level. The Thrust Augmenting Nozzle (TAN) investigated in this paper provides a solution to this dilemma. By injecting extra propellant into the nozzle but...

Developing, Adopting, and Executing 100% Net-Renewable Electricity Resolutions at the Local Level

Emily E. Skill
In the absence of national leadership on climate policy, municipalities are adopting resolutions to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to clean energy. However, what leads to successful adoption of these resolutions and how to effectively implement climate goals at the community level needs further exploration. To investigate these questions, this thesis examines the resolutions adopted in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Moab, Utah to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2032. Data was...

The Effects of Fluctuations in Federal Revenue Sharing Payments Made to Rural Counties on School District Budgets

Camille Harmer
Federal revenue sharing programs aim to make up lost tax revenue to counties that contain federal land, as counties do not receive any property tax revenue from publicly owned lands. This may have a significant impact on rural school districts with a limited tax base, as most funding for public education comes from property tax revenue. My analysis seeks to determine the full impact of certain federal revenue sharing payments (paid out by the U.S....

Mormon Myth or Monopoly: A Contemporary Study to Determine the Perceived Influence of the Mormon Church on Utah Politics

Douglas S. Foxley
The purpose of this study was to determine the attitudes, opinions, and beliefs of Utah residents concerning what role, if any, the L.D.S. Church should play in Utah politics; if they believe in the concept of a separation of church and state; whether they feel a separation of church and state exists in Utah; and how much influence they perceive the predominant faith of the state has on its politics. Thus, the four following hypotheses...

Seeding Treatments to Enhance Seedling Performance of the Bulrushes Bolboschoenus Maritimus, Schoenoplectus Acutus and S. Americanus in Wetland Restorations

David M. England
A major goal in restoration is to reestablish native plant communities. There are several ways to reestablish species, but for large areas the most logistically feasible approach is to sow seed of desirable species. However, most wetland seeds are buoyant and are extremely difficult to establish in designated areas before floating away. In upland areas, tackifiers have been used to stabilize hill slopes from erosion and to keep seeds in place. The tackifier works as...

Evaluating Relationships of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perception Between Ranchers and Bureau of Land Management Professionals

Calee L. Garn
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages approximately 245 million acres in the U.S., the majority of which are in the western half of the country. There have been several conflicts in Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona, since 2010 that have resulted in a fatality, armed militias, several incarcerations, and lawsuits facing the federal government. Following a preliminary needs assessment conducted in Box Elder County, Utah, and a comprehensive review of the literature, further research...

The Influence of an English-as-a-Second-Language Professional Development Program on Perceptions of Teacher Efficacy for Instructing English Language Learners

Dinah Scott
English language learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student group in U.S. public schools. ELLs also consistently lag behind their native-English speaking peers in academic achievement. These facts set the stage for the study that evaluated one school district’s program to prepare their teachers to effectively educate ELLs. This program included a year-long series of six professional development courses that covered ELL-specific topics. The study’s evaluation tools included an online survey completed by teachers who...

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