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A Few of My Favorite Scenes

Nancee Farrer
I presented my senior project on Wednesday, February 22, 2006, at 5:00p.m. and again at 7:30p.m. It was the final product of several months of research followed by several weeks of rehearsals. This project was designed, directed, and produced by myself. I chose all of the scenes, managed all of the rehearsals, chose the actors, designed the sets and gathered any technical support that I needed for the run of the recital. My original task...

Contemporary Landscape Architecture Designing with the Fine Arts

Matthew Kerby Durkovich
lt is the year 2006. We live in a time where advances in technology and processes surround us at every tum of our lives, and in almost every profession that exists. The medical world, for example, now benefits from such advanced practices that could have only been imagined a half century ago. The computer industry has grasped only a fraction of what is possible in this day and age, and yet their products still seem...

Native Landscape Design in Alaska

Larinda Peterson
As the frontiers of Alaska are developed in the coming years, there is a progressive need for landscape design that appropriately embraces the native wilderness, while creating livable environments for the people who cohabitate with nature at its fullest. This insight and real life application present an interesting understanding of the possibilities for landscape design in Alaska. With a rich history and diverse habitat, the constraints upon land transformation reflect an inert need for preservation...

Nutritional Concerns in Pediatric Renal Disease

Rachael Firmage
Chronic kidney disease is a growing area of nutritional concern as the number of diagnosed cases increases. Children suffering from these renal diseases require special attention and medical nutrition therapy because of concerns and problems unique to this renal population. Uncontrolled kidney failure in pediatric patients can result in a number of consequences, such as growth retardation, anemia, metabolic imbalances, renal osteodystrophy, anorexia, and malnutrition. With the proper guidance, medical interventions, and dietary prescriptions, these...

Health Promoting Aspects of the Mediterranean Diet

Devrie Fielding
In the 1960's information regarding the diet of the Mediterranean Regions was publicized as a healthful way of eating. Information was obtained from the Seven Countries Study conducted by Ancel Keys. This study revealed that residents of these regions had a lower incidence of coronary heart disease and increased longevity. Such health benefits were connected with low intakes of saturated fat. However, several other studies since then have found the Mediterranean dietary patterns to be...

The Sleepy Hero: Romantic & Spiritual Sleep in the Gawain-Poet

Erin Kathleen Turner Hepner
This thesis examines two accepted styles of writing in the Middle Ages, the romance and religious genres, and what purpose they perform in the Gawain-poet’s religious poem, Patience, and his romance poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (SGGK). One recently popular line of research among medieval scholars is examining the way medieval authors, such as the Gawain-poet, combine elements of romance and spiritual writings. By funneling the Gawain-poet’s intermingling of the medieval romance and...

Hezbollah - Terrorist or Not?

Erin E. Forsberg
Determining whether or not an organization such as Hezbollah is or is not a terrorist group is a rather arduous process, especially since the international community can not agree. However, due to the reasons why Hezbollah was first organized and the group's involvement in the Lebanese political system, along with its network of social services, Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. In order to prove such a bold statement, the first step must undoubtedly be...

Government Food Assistance Programs: A Nutritional Perspective

MarLee Harris
Food security remains a problem in the United States. Historically, the government began to distribute excess agricultural goods to those in nutritional need. Efforts to provide food to people in need continue today through the Food Stamp Program (FSP) and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Nutrition status of participants in these programs demonstrates the nutritional effectiveness of these programs. These programs provide needed benefits and are making positive changes...

Data from: Superoctahedral two-dimensional metallic boron with peculiar magnetic properties

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data from: Reply to the Comment on “Realization of Lewis Basic Sodium Anion in the NaBH3- Cluster”

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project provides additional discussion on NaBH3- cluster and answers questions raised in the Comment.

Insights on Reticulate Evolution in Ferns, with Special Emphasis on the Genus Ceratopteris

Sylvia P. Kinosian
The history of life is often viewed as a evenly branching tree; however, in reality it is more like a tangled hedgerow. Many groups of organisms are known to have such a net-like or reticulate evolutionary history, but it is particularly common in ferns and lycophytes (also known as pteridophytes). This dissertation investigates how net-like evolution affects different groups of ferns, with a special emphasis on the model species C-fern (Ceratopteris richardii, also called the...

Intraday Stock Trading Using Reinforcement Learning: An Investigation of Visual Representations of Price

Kanak Tenguria
In this study, we are developing a reinforcement learning-based strategy for the intraday trading of stocks. This study’s primary goals include developing an environment that can be used as a simulator for the day trading stock market and, train an agent to trade in this environment by performing actions and finding the optimal policy to maximize its reward. This study also focuses on experimentation with different state representations to understand how data representation affects the...

Fitting Cell-Based Biomechanical Models from Spatiotemporal Data: A Gradient Descent Approach

Namita Raghuvanshi
Biological systems that contain multiple living cells exhibit complex self-organization during development of an embryo as individual cells coordinate their behaviors to form intricate patterns. Understanding the mechanisms that underlie this emergent behavior is within reach because of advances in cell imaging that can now track hundreds of cells’ states and positions in real time. However, computational methods are needed that can fit physical scientific models to these observations in space and time. This work...

Data for \"ARCH_covid_crowding_VC\"

Wayne Freimund & Zachary Miller
Monitoring of visitor use in Arches National Park to assess social distancing behaviors of visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dataset for: Multiple local σ-aromaticity of nonagermanide clusters

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data for: Record Low Ionization Potentials of Alkali Metal Complexes with Crown Ethers and Cryptands

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data from: A sandwich-type cluster containing Ge@Pd3 planar fragment flanked by aromatic nonagermanide caps

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data from: Spherical aromaticity in inorganic chemistry

Alexander Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
Chapter "14 - Spherical aromaticity in inorganic chemistry" in a book "Aromaticity - Modern Computational Methods and Applications"

Data from: Expansion of aromaticity magnetic criteria on multi-layer structures. Magnetic response and spherical aromaticity of Matryoshka-like [Sn@Cu12@Sn20]12- cluster

Alexander Boldyrev & Maksim Kulichenko
Structural characterization of the discrete [Sn@Cu12@Sn20]12− cluster exposed a fascinating architecture composed of three concentric structural layers in which an endohedral Sn atom is enclosed in a Cu12 icosahedron, which in turn is embedded in an Sn20 dodecahedron. Herein, the possibility of sustaining aromatic behavior for this prototypical multilayered species was evaluated, in order to extend this concept to more complex clusters on the basis of magnetic response and bonding analysis by the AdNDP approach....

Data from: Two names of stability: Spherical aromatic or superatomic intermetalloid cluster [Pd3Sn8Bi6]4−

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project reports the aromaticity in the intermetalloid cluster [Pd3Sn8Bi6]4−.

Assessing the Contribution of Different Causes of Death to Life Expectancy Disparities in the United States

Max Tyler Roberts
Life expectancy is not the same for all people in the United States. While so me enjoy life expectancies of more than 80 years, others are at risk of dying much sooner. The following studies investigate how different causes of death such as homicide, diabetes, heart disease, and drug poisoning contribute across the life span to: 1) life expectancy gaps across different sex, racial, ethnic, and education groups, and 2) life expectancy change over time...

Neurotrophic Factor Genetics of Cognitive Progression and Neuropsychiatric Symptom Presentation in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

Joshua Matthew Matyi
The Cache County Study on Memory in Aging (CCSMA) and subsequent Dementia Progression Study (DPS) were two research studies that took place in Cache County, Utah. These studies followed 5092 participants aged 65 or older for approximately 12 years and looked at risk and protective factors for dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. One of the factors investigated was genes that are known to influence brain health, such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein found in...

Considering the Wide World of Wild Pig Management

John M. Tomeček
This is the letter from John M. Tomeček, associate editor for the special issue on wild pigs in Human–Wildlife Interactions.

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