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Data for tree mortality calibration of satellite and LiDAR-derived fire severity estimates.

N. Macriss, T.J. Furniss, S.M.A. Jeronimo, E. L. Crowley, O. W. Germain, S. Germain, V. R. Kane, A. J. Larson & James A. Lutz
The 55 JFSP plots were established to capture forest types, fire histories, and severity levels beyond those found within the YFPD. The plots were square 50 m × 50 m plots established in Pinus ponderosa, Pinus jeffreyi, and Abies concolor – Pinus lambertiana forest types between 1,431 m and 2,250 m elevation. Plots were installed post-fire based on a randomly chosen locations stratified by burn severity levels as calculated from the differenced Normalized Burn Ratio...

Data from: Docosahexaenoic Acid Consumption Impedes Early Interferon- and Chemokine-related Gene Expression While Suppressing Silica-Triggered Flaring of Murine Lupus

Abby D. Benninghoff & James Pestka
The dataset contains five files of tabular data with an accompanying README file. Supplementary file 1: Customized probe annotation file for the Nanostring nCounter Mouse PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel (catalog # 115000142). This file is provided as supporting material for a journal article. Supplementary file 2: Microsoft Excel document with output from nSolver for differential expression analyses for pairwise comparisons noted by each named sheet. This data set is supporting material for a journal article....

London Stage Database

Mattie Burkert, Will Daland, Emma Hallock, Todd Hugie, Lauren Liebe, Derek Miller, Dustin Olsen & Ben R. Schneider Jr.
Recovered files, and documents and archival data used to revitalize the London Stage Information Bank, which was completed in the 1970s but had become technologically obsolete.

The Total Western Diet and Vancomycin Treatment Increase Inflammation-Mediated Colorectal Cancer--Microbiome Sequencing Data

Korry Hintze & Niklas Aardema
Data includes .biom and mapping files (.txt) of microbiome data sequenced via 16s rRNA sequencing and processed using the latest version of QIIME. A complete dataset of 16S rRNA sequencing of terminal fecal samples is provided as a digital data .biom file. Biom files are readable through QIIME software, available at Qiime.org. A mapping file, formatted as a tab-delimited .txt file, is also available.

Pteridium nuclear gene phylogeny

Paul G. Wolf, Carol A. Rowe, Sylvia P. Kinosian, Joshua P. Der, Peter J. Lockhart, Lara D. Shepherd, Patricia A. McLenachan & John A. Thomson

Alllenrolfea Wetland Genetics Data

Paul G. Wolf, Carol A. Rowe & Robert W. Lichvar
The hydrophyte Allenrolfea occidentalis (S. Watson) Kuntze (iodine bush) is a halophytic shrub of the arid southwest that is listed as a facultative wetland (FACW) species on the National Wetland Plant List. This rating means the species is usually a hydrophyte but occasionally is found in uplands. We tested for genetic (ecotypic) differences between plants sampled from wetlands versus uplands. We used genotyping-by-sequencing (ddRAD-seq) to generate data from 133 plants from 30 locations representing both...

Grazing Exclosure Experiment on the Henry Mountains of Southern Utah

Johan T du Toit & Dustin Ranglack
The data contained herein are the results of a grazing exclosure experiment on the Henry Mountains of S. Utah [38°5’ N, 100°50’W] to determine the relative impacts of bison, cattle, and lagomorphs on forage availability. Exclosures were erected in October 2011 and the standing crop of grass inside both exclosure types (full and partial), as well as an open reference plot was clipped in October 2012. Additionally, the local ranching community was surveyed to measure...

Data from: Genotyping-by-Sequencing for Populus Population Genomics: An Assessment of Genome Sampling Patterns and Filtering Approaches

Paul Wolf, Martin P. Schilling, Aaron Duffy, Hardeep S. Rai, Carol A. Rowe, Karen E. Mock & Bryce A. Richardson
Continuing advances in nucleotide sequencing technology are inspiring a suite of genomic approaches in studies of natural populations. Researchers are faced with data management and analytical scales that are increasing by orders of magnitude. With such dramatic advances comes a need to understand biases and error rates, which can be propagated and magnified in large-scale data acquisition and processing. Here we assess genomic sampling biases and the effects of various population-level data filtering strategies in...

Tabletop to Screen

Victor Lee, Mimi Recker & Jody Clarke-Midura
In this project we introduced students to coding via analog board games. Then students played digital instantiations of those board games. While students played the digital versions of the game, teachers leveraged similarities between the board game and the digital environment to introduce programming concepts. Finally, students created their own digital board games, applying the programming concepts that they learned in the first two parts. This project was implemented in both the students’ classroom and...

USU Rayleigh-scatter lidar 2014-2015 Nightly Temperatures

Leda Sox, Vincent Wickwar & Tao Yuan
Temperatures from a collocated Rayleigh-scatter lidar (RSL) and sodium resonance lidar were compared night-by-night, at different altitude levels, and hour-by-hour. Three zipped files are provided. USU RSL 2014-2015 [O] Corrected Temperatures.zip contains 36 files, one per night and hour, in RSLHourlyTemperaturesYYYYMMDDhour#.txt filename format. USU RSL 2014-2015 Hourly Temperatures.zip contains 36 files, one per night and hour, in RSLHourlyTemperaturesYYYYMMDDhour#.txt filename format. USU RSL 2014-2015 Nightly Temperatures.zip contains 19 files, one per night, in RSLTemperaturesYYYYMMDD.txt filename format.

MPB Spot Infestation Data

James A. Powell
This folder contains ASCII text raster files describing the pine density model and yearly aerial detection survey (ADS) data for three study areas: Sawtooth (central Idaho, USA), Chelan (north-central Washington, USA) and Northern Colorado (USA). These data supported analyses presented in Powell, J.A., M.J. Garlick, B.J. Bentz and N.A. Friedenberg. (2017) Differential Dispersal and the Allee Effect Create Power-Law Behavior: Distribution of Spot Infestations During Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreaks. Journal of Animal Ecology. Each raster...

Data for allometric equations of Chrysolepis sempervirens, Cornus sericea, Corylus cornuta ssp. californica, and Leucothoe davisiae.

James A. Lutz, J. A. Freund, A. J. Larson, M. E. Swanson, T. J. Furniss, K. M. L. Becker, E. M. Blomdahl, C. A. Cansier, S. J. Germain & S. M. A. Jeronimo
This data set includes measurements of 40 stems of Chrysolepis sempervirens (Kellogg) Hjelmq. (bush chinquapin), 41 stems of Cornus sericea L. (redosier dogwood), 50 stems of Corylus cornuta Marsh. ssp. californica (A. DC.) E. Murray, and 40 stems of Leucothoe davisiae Torrey (Sierra laurel), as reported in Lutz et al. (2014, 2017). Nomenclature follows Flora of North America (1993+).

Profiling of small non-coding RNA in bovine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos during early development through the maternal-to-embryonic transition.

Abby Benninghoff & Jocelyn Cuthbert
Supplementary File 1. Read lengths and annotation summaries of sncRNA: Microsoft Excel document with information from small RNA sequencing on the aligned, annotated reads. Supplementary File 2. Normalized and variance-stabilized values for annotated sncRNAs: Microsoft Excel document with normalized and variance-stabilized reads generated by RNA sequencing of small non-coding RNA from cattle embryos. Supplementary File 3. Results of DESeq2 analyses for miRNAs, tRNA fragments and piRNAs: Microsoft Excel document with results of DESeq2 differential expression...

Data from: Computational Fluid Dynamics Benchmark Validation Experiment of Plenum-to-Plenum Flow Through Vertical Heated Parallel Channels

Austin W. Parker & Barton L. Smith
This research is focused on the thermal mixing region of parallel jets entering an upper plenum. The highly-coupled thermal-fluid physics are relevant to plenum-to-plenum flow in High Temperature Gas Reactors such as thermal striping phenomena. Experimentally measured boundary conditions and system response quantities for use in Computational Fluid Dynamics were tabulated and published for public use.

Data for pre-fire and post-fire surface fuel loading in a Sierra Nevada mixed-conifer forest.

C. Alina Cansler, Mark E. Swanson, Tucker J. Furniss, Andrew J. Larson & James A. Lutz
This data set includes measurements of the 116 fuel transects that were used in Cansler et al. (in review). The research was conducted in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot, Yosemite National Park, California, USA (Lutz et al. 2012). File Cansler_et_al_YFDP_Density_By_Species_By_Decay_Class.csv This file contains the wood density values used for the calculations. File Cansler_et_al_YFDP_2011_CWD_DWD_input.xlsx File Cansler_et_al_YFDP_2014_CWD_DWD_input.xlsx These two files with identical field definitions compare the pre-fire (2011) tally of coarse woody debris (CWD) with the post-fire...

Technology Belmont Data

Christopher Monz, Vera Hausner & Jennifer Schmidt
The data is based on semi-structured household interviews conducted in Noatak (n = 12), Noorvik (n = 11), and Brevig Mission (n = 12) in the March of 2017. Information gathered consists of individuals use of technology, perceptions about how technology has helped or hindered their ability to do subsistence and address the changing climate, and the role of technology in the community. Demographic information includes gender, race, education, household size, and employment status. Individuals...

Data from: Superoctahedral two-dimensional metallic boron with peculiar magnetic properties

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikolay Tkachenko

Data from: Reply to the Comment on “Realization of Lewis Basic Sodium Anion in the NaBH3- Cluster”

Alexander Boldyrev & Nikita Fedik
Project provides additional discussion on NaBH3- cluster and answers questions raised in the Comment.

Select metrics describing the operations of America's state park systems

Jordan Smith & Yu-Fai Leung
This dataset contains annual descriptive statistics characterizing the operations of each of the 50 state park systems in the United States between 1984 and 2017.

TDIM ionospheric model TEC maps of the high-latitude northern hemisphere, used in the paper titled \"Hemispherical Shifted Symmetry in Polar Cap F-Region Patch Occurrence: A Survey of GPS TEC data from 2015 to 2018\"

Michael David & Jan J. Sojka
TDIM ionospheric model was run for the year 2018 at 10-day intervals and 2-hr intervals in UT.

Greenhouse- and field-measured plant-soil feedbacks are not correlated

andrew kulmatiski
Plant-soil feedbacks (PSFs) have become a commonly invoked mechanism of plant coexistence and abundance. Yet, most PSF experiments have been performed in greenhouse conditions. To test whether or not greenhouse-measured PSF values are of similar magnitude and positively correlated with field-measured PSFs, we compared PSF values from five different studies that measured PSF values in both greenhouse and field conditions. For 36 plant species, greenhouse-measured PSF values were larger than and not positively correlated with...

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