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Large-Eddy Simulations of T-shaped Open-Channel Confluences With Different Downstream Channel Widths

Pedro Xavier Ramos, Laurent Schindfessel, João Pedro Pêgo & Tom De Mulder
Confluences of open-channel flows are common in nature as well as in urban drainage networks and in hydraulic structures. The complex hydrodynamics is often studied in schematized, right-angled confluences. In this paper, the influence of the downstream channel width onto time-averaged and turbulent flow features will be investigated numerically, based on Large-Eddy Simulations. For one flow situation, i.e. flow ratio and downstream Froude number, two geometries will be compared: a discordant width case, which was...

Beyond Floodplain Analysis: A Modeler's Experience Using HEC-RAS 2D for Spillway Assessments and Designs

Yan Wang, Amanda Hess & Gregory Richards
HEC-RAS 5.0 (2D) has been increasingly used by the dam safety community for performing dam breach and other hydraulic analyses since its debut in 2015. While this two-dimensional hydraulic modeling software has wide applications in dam breach analysis and urban flood simulation, its ability to analyze complex multidirectional flow problems can also be used as a design tool for spillways, overtopping protection, and other hydraulic structures. In this manuscript, the authors discussed their experience using...

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