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Technology in IVC Classes

Piotr Runge

Audiology Students’ Perception of Hybrid Simulation Experiences: Qualitative Evaluation of Debriefing Sessions

Engaging Students in a Synchronous Distance Setting: Asking Online Questions

Christopher J. Hartwell

TAKE OFF! How to Make Your College Course More Exciting

Andreas K. Wesemann

Curriculum: Careers in Urban Agriculture (grades 7-12)

Tyson Sorensen, Kelsey Hall, David Francis & Joshua Dallin
Materials were created for school-based agricultural educators (7th-12 grade) to use for students in Utah. This curriculum covers multiple days of instruction but 3-5 (50-minute sessions) days is what it is intended for. Includes a unit plan for the instructor, presentation slides (PPT and PFD), worksheets, and other materials. This curriculum focuses on careers in urban agriculture.

Full Issue: Journal on Empowering Teaching Excellence, Volume 1, Issue 1

\"The Room Where It Happens\": Teaching Diversity in the Classroom

Debra Jenson

Understanding Generation Z Students to Promote a Contemporary Learning Environment

Kathleen A. J. Mohr

Learning Analytics: Shifting from theory to practice.

Courtney Stewart

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