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Talking In: Maori English as Index for Maori identity in Film

Allura Warden
New Zealand cinema often represented Maori people as an exotic background to a paradisaical country while Pakeha were represented as heroic protagonists helping bring progress to a backwards nation. Until recently the national film industry was almost entirely Pakeha run. Consequently, there was a dearth of Maori presence in all industry positions. However, since the Maori cultural revolution there has been progress in Maori cinematic presence which has spurred the creation of Maori-produced media. Their...

Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
The Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy applies to all digital content and associated metadata deposited in the APTrust for long-term preservation. This policy does not address decisions on subject matter and content format chosen for deposit, which are solely determined by depositing members. This Policy establishes guidelines about the nature of digital content that may be placed in the APTrust repository.

Thermal Analysis of High Altitude Ballooning Payloads

Paul Hughes
Balloon-borne telescopes have the potential to produce almost space telescope quality data, because stratospheric balloons float above 99% of the atmosphere. The stratospheric environment poses unique and unsolved issues especially in the thermal stability of the optics. To inform the design of the future ”Testbed for High-Acuity Imaging - Stable Photometry and Image-Motion Compensation Experiment” balloon borne telescope, a team formed to improve thermal models for the stratosphere, especially by including convection. To accomplish such...

Examination of Planetary Systems with Kepler Data

Claire Teclaw
In this period of study we attempted to use data from the Kepler archive to deduce information about planetary systems observed by that mission. The ultimate goal was to potentially identify features of the planets in these systems by examining ellipsoidal variations in their light curves. For this purpose we attempted to, separately, apply PyKE utilities and create new code to search the mission’s fits files. We discovered potential issues with the PyKE code regarding...

Liberation through Cooperation: How Library Publishing Can Save Scholarly Journals from Neoliberalism

Dave Ghamandi
This commentary examines political and economic aspects of open access (OA) and scholarly journal publishing. Through a discourse of critique, neoliberalism is analyzed as an ideology causing many problems in the scholarly journal publishing industry, including the serials crisis. Two major efforts in the open access movement that promote an increase in OA funded by article-processing charges (APC) —the Open Access 2020 (OA2020) and Pay It Forward (PIF) initiatives—are critiqued as neoliberal frameworks that would...

Design rules for interfacial thermal conductance: Building better bridges

Carlos A. Polanco, Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jingjie Zhang, Nam Q. Le, Pamela Norris & Avik Ghosh
We study the thermal conductance across solid-solid interfaces as the composition of an intermediate matching layer is varied. In the absence of phonon-phonon interactions, an added layer can make the interfacial conductance increase or decrease depending on the interplay between (1) an increase in phonon transmission due to better bridging between the contacts and (2) a decrease in the number of available conduction channels that must conserve their momenta transverse to the interface. When phonon-phonon...

Phonon-mediated thermal transport at exponentially mass-graded interfaces: A computational study

Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jinjie Zhang, Carlos A. Polanco, Nam Q. Le, Avik Ghosh & Pamela Norris
We numerically investigate thermal transport at solid-solid interfaces with graded intermediate layers whose masses vary exponentially from one side to the other. Using Non-Equilibrium Green's Function and Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics simulations, we show that an exponentially mass-graded junction with a finite thickness can result in 68% of enhancement in thermal conductance larger compared to a single bridging layer (29%) and a linear mass-graded junction (64%) of similar thickness. We examine how the thermal conductance at...

Zeev Porath Chronicled Nazi Rapists And Other Atrocities - In His Drawings

Waitman Beorn
Describes how one concentration camp survivor witnessed sexual violence and documented it in his drawings during the Holocaust.

The Distance to the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and its Relation to M54 using Infrared Photometry of RR Lyrae Variable Stars

Arvind Gupta
The Sagittarius dwarf galaxy (Sgr) is among the most massive satellites of the Milky Way and is unique due to its extensive tails of tidally stripped stars. Models of these tails provide strong constraints on the orbital history of Sgr, which in turn lend insight into the structure of the Milky Way’s dark matter halo. Fully understanding the dynamics of Sgr, however, relies on a precise distance to the core. Yet past measurements yield a...

University of Virginia Library Discovery Layer Recommendation

Ellen Ramsey, Carla Lee, Raymond Lubinsky, Jeremy Bartczak, Todd Burks, Dave Griles, Robert Haschart, Nestor Walker, Mark Witteman & Christopher Welte
In August of 2018, the University of Virginia Library's Virgo 4 Project Team recommended Blacklight 7 for comprehensive discovery of UVA Library holdings via a sustainable technology stack. Virgo 3, built on Blacklight/Rails 3, is outdated and unable to progress further. For the Library's discovery layer, a modern architecture is needed to better interface with our users. UVA stakeholder requirements emphasize an interface to the Library's collections that meets the needs of both novice and...

Libra Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2018 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey & Sherry Lake
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in 2018.

Academic Preservation Trust Succession Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
This policy applies to all tangible assets owned or managed by the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), should any exist. It also applies to digital content owned and/or collected by Depositors but technically managed by AP Trust in its preservation storage environments. Succession protocols differ for these two types of assets. This Policy establishes a plan for orderly dissolution of the organization and for disposition of assets and of deposited digital content, should those steps ever...

Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy policy sets out the current preservation-service components offered by the Academic Preservation Trust [APTrust] in its core, high-assurance preservation service. The policy applies to all content that members deposit into the APTrust environment via the tools and ingest policies set down in our basic operating principles. This policy is guided by the APTrust ​Mission Statement​. This policy outlines the core preservation activities that each depositor can expect to...

Libra Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) Deposits: 2017 Statistics

Ellen Ramsey & Sherry Lake
This document shows statistics tracking immediate worldwide availability and embargo choices of doctoral and masters' students depositing theses and dissertations into Libra, the University of Virginia's institutional repository, in 2017.

Analysis of C2H4O2 Isomers in NGC 6334 I

Samer El-Abd
We have analyzed the abundances of the three isomers methyl formate (CH3OCHO), glycolaldehyde (cis-CH2OHCHO), and acetic acid (CH3COOH) in the NGC 6334 I-MM1 and -MM2 massive star-forming regions using Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) data. In the MM1 star-forming region, we derived column densities of 9.93 (0.94) e17 cm-2 for methyl formate, 1.24 (0.16) e17 cm-2 for acetic acid, and 9.31 (0.68) e15 cm-2 for glycolaldehyde. In the MM2 star-forming region we derived column densities...

Uncertainties and Cosmological Constraints from the Megamaser Cosmology Project

Martine Lokken
This paper investigates sources of uncertainty within the Megamaser Cosmology Project (MCP) as well as cosmological implications of the results as of 2018. The contribution of uncertainty in the value of the matter energy density parameter, Omega_m, towards total uncertainty on the MCP H_0 calculation is found to be negligible (<2%) for galaxies at the redshifts currently used by the project. However, if future projects use angular-diameter distances at further redshifts to calculate H_0, the...

A Monte-Carlo Implementation of a Geodesic Integrator for Relativistic Radiative Transfer in Accreting Black Hole Systems

Eli Golub
We describe the implementation of a relativistic geodesic integrator into a Monte-Carlo radia- tive transfer code intended for computing the spectra produced from thermal emission in optically thick accretion disks around a black hole. We first implemented the integrator and tested it by computing geodesics in the Schwarzschild metric and demonstrated agreement with geodesics computed by the relativistic radiative transfer code geokerr (Dexter & Agol 2009). We then im- plemented the integrator as a module...

SED Fitting of WISE-Selected Luminous, Obscured Quasars at Redshift ~ 2

Patrick Edwards
This project was designed to characterize the nature of a sample of high-redshift galaxies selected from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer catalog (WISE), believed to be hosts to active galactic nuclei (AGN). We believe that these objects are highly dust obscured AGN in the center of their host galaxies, at a very interesting and not well understood point in galaxy evolution. After determining the magnitudes of each object in eight different wavelength bands - ranging...

Investigating the Edge of High Mass Star Formation in the Milky Way Galaxy

Nicholas Ferraro
The Outer Scutum-Centaurus arm (OSC) is the most distant molecular spiral arm known in the Milky Way. The OSC was first revealed in 2011 by Dame and Thaddeus using HI and CO data as a possible extension of the Scutum-Centaurus arm. Here we use the Arizona Radio Observatory (ARO) 12m telescope to observe the 12CO (J = 1-0) and 13CO (J = 1-0) transitions towards 78 HII region and HII region candidates in the First...

Non-Academic Careers for STS Graduate Students: A Workshop Report

Rider Foley, Thomas Woodson & Matthem Harsh
Science, Technology & Society (STS ) graduate programs primarily train graduate students to work in academic jobs. Unfortunately, like many STEM fields, there are not enough academic jobs to match the supply of STS graduate students, nor does every STS graduate student want to become an academic. While this situation is not entirely recent, graduate students still do not receive adequate training or mentorship for careers outside of academia. Studies have shown that from 1998...

Effects of bulk and interfacial anharmonicity on thermal conductance at solid/solid interfaces

Nam Q. Le, Carlos A. Polanco, Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jinjie Zhang, Avik Ghosh & Pamela M. Norris
We present the results of classical molecular dynamics simulations to assess the relative contributions to interfacial thermal conductance from inelastic phonon processes at the interface and in the adjacent bulk materials. The simulated system is the prototypical interface between argon and “heavy argon” crystals, which enables comparison with many past computational studies. We run simulations interchanging the Lennard-Jones potential with its harmonic approximation to test the effect of anharmonicity on conductance. The results confirm that...

Epic Theory

Herbert Tucker
Among major literary kinds, epic offers the most long-standing and globally distributed evidence of the human habit of thinking by means of narrative. What it cherishes is the common good; what it ponders are the behaviors and values that forward or threaten collective welfare. What it reckons are the stakes of heroic risk that any living culture must hazard in order to prosper, by negotiating core identities with margins and adjusting settled customs to emergent...

The User Experience: Focus Group Insights

Melinda Baumann
The author discusses the results of three focus groups she facilitated about Maker spaces in April 2017 for the University of Virginia Library. All focus group participants valued inclusivity, expressing strong opinions that a Maker space should be "open to all" and should have an accessible layout.

Role of crystal structure and junction morphology on interface thermal conductance

Carlos A. Polanco, Rouzbeh Rastgarkafshgarkolaei, Jingjie Zhang, Nam Q. Le, Pamela Norris, Patrick Hopkins & Avik Ghosh
We argue that the relative thermal conductance between interfaces with different morphologies is controlled by crystal structure through Mmin/Mc > 1, the ratio between the minimum mode count on either side Mmin, and the conserving modes Mc that preserve phonon momentum transverse to the interface. Junctions with an added homogenous layer, “uniform,” and “abrupt” junctions are limited to Mc, while junctions with interfacial disorder, “mixed,” exploit the expansion of mode spectrum to Mmin. In our...

Description and Cost Benefit Analysis of Proposed Enhancements to ALMA

John Josephs
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array, or ALMA, is a conglomerate of 66 giant antennae located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chili. Through advanced computing, these antennae work together as a single telescope to pick up radio signals from stars, planets, or other galaxies. Since beginning operations in 2011, ALMA has played a major role in scientific discoveries propelling the field of astronomy. With ALMA’s extreme sensitivity and resolution, astronomers have been able to create...

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