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Golf and GameForge: Innovative Analytics for Recommender Systems; The Woods Effect: The Use of Data Analytics in Golf Training

Samuel Roberts
The STS thesis and technical project can be centered around a fairly specialized topic: data analytics in golf. Over the last twenty years, there has been a growing interest within the sports world in developing advanced metrics for use in better identifying the best players and where specific individuals/teams could improve. Sports such as the MLB and NBA have openly embraced the sabermetric revolution, unlike golf, which is particularly resistant to change. Historically, the only...

Automating the Clustering and Classification Process for Text-Based Documents; An Investigation Into Removing Inherent Biases from Machine Learning Algorithms

Alexander Kim
Machine learning techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) are becoming essential to manipulating the large-scale datasets that we are reliant on. One of the most promising uses for NLP algorithms is identifying potentially hostile or dangerous online users. Detecting these individuals based on their message history may help prevent future crimes from occurring if identification occurs early enough. My technical project focused on designing a system to detect malicious messages using natural language processing...

Up in Frames: AgroFlight; Social Implications of Drone Technology on Migrant Farm Workers

Gabriel Mallari
Introduction In the agricultural industry, farmers need to collect soil nutrition data in order to manage fertilization and predict crop yield. The sampling process involves penetrating the soil with a 12-inch soil sampler, sending the samples to a laboratory for analysis, and receiving the results within a couple of weeks. For large farms, this is an extremely arduous and time-consuming task. With the evolution of smart farming technologies, there’s greater pressure for farmers to adopt...

Visually Assistive Hat: A Wearable Device for the Visually Impaired; Sociotechnical Factors Contributing to the Inequalities in Visual Impairments Across Genders

Mary DeSimone
Visual impairment, including blindness or simply any form of vision degradation, affects many people at some point in their life, making it a widespread issue. This portfolio details the process and results of focusing on blindness and visual impairments, and improvements that can be made in the field of eyecare. The technical portion of this project contained the creation of a new wearable technology for those suffering from visual impairments, in order to provide feedback...

Soft Robotic Exoskeleton for Elbow Assistance; Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions using Virtue Ethics

James Lyerly
My technical project is connected to my STS research because both cover aspects of releasing new technology into the world. My STS research inspects some of the virtues that are necessary to properly do this, and how Samsung failed or succeeded in these virtues with the release of the Galaxy Note 7. I hope that by looking at how Samsung applied or did not apply these virtues, I was able to better follow the proper...

The Vitality of Autonomous Driving Simulation; Increasing Social Understanding of Electric Vehicle’s Environmental Impact

Casey Welch
Given that electric cars continue to become a dominate and growing trend, the world should consider the entire fueling chain more seriously than ever. While it may be society’s general understanding that electricity is a cleaner alternative to internal combustion engine cars, that is not always necessarily the case. The entire process of the electrification of the automotive industry must be considered. From the production of the vehicles themselves, to the source of their electricity...

The AgroFlight Soil Sensing Drone; Undoing Environmental Damage with Digital Agriculture

Anthony Zaitsev
The sphere of agricultural technology is beginning to shift to include digital electronics to sense, track, and predict crop yields. Following this wave, our team’s technical project was a soil sensing drone. The Soil Sensing Drone is a quadcopter fixed with a soil sensor that reads nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels. Digital technology for farming can mitigate environmental damage – this movement has been coined the Digital Agricultural Revolution. The Soil Sensing Drone built for...

Developing a Multimodal Entertainment Tool with Intuitive Navigation, Hands-Free Control, and Avatar Features, to Increase User Interactivity; Power without Bounds: How Entertainment Companies Are Addicting Users

Saimanga Sreya Palnati
The general research problem of this paper is “How has online entertainment proliferated beyond the business models inherited from television and cinema?” With over 4.5 million internet users worldwide, the online digital entertainment industry is valued at $183.1 billion as of 2019 and continues to grow. This growth was facilitated by online entertainment companies adopting the attention-economy business model, where users’ attention is sold to advertisers to create revenue. This model contrasts to most businesses...

Savings Boss: An Ordering Algorithm for Restaurants; Oasification of Urban Food Deserts

Reed Shomaker
The technical portion of this project focuses on an algorithm, the Savings Boss, and a corresponding user interface that allow independent restaurants to more efficiently and cost effectively purchase food and supplies from the vendors they use many times a week. The STS portion of this project focuses on combating urban food deserts. Its thesis is that Governments, companies, and residents can leverage urban farming, food mobility, education, and other techniques to combat food deserts,...

Capital One Agile Maturity Assessment Tool; Future of Lithium Ion Battery Standardization

Jonathan Mo
While I found deep love and joy for both my technical and STS research topics, I was unable to find an intersect between the two thus will be discussing them separately in this sociotechnical synthesis. For my STS topic I researched the market battle for lithium ion battery standardization, specifically the present-day substandard recycling processes these lithium ion battery packs in Electric Vehicles. For my technical topic, I will discuss my past work experience as...

How a Web Application can Better Serve Students during Lockdown; How to Prevent Software Flaws in Finance Industry? Using ANT to Analyze the Relationship Between Software Engineers and Products

Ziyao Gao
After decades of rapid development, computers have become an indispensable product in every industry. Although computers have brought much convenience to human society, they also have brought to public computer users some damage, such as cyber-attack and system vulnerabilities. Because they serve as a key role in software development, software engineers have great responsibilities in responding to software product vulnerabilities. In summary, software engineers do not only implement software to help companies make profits; they...

Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Nile River Basin; Economic and Social Impacts of the Tennessee Valley Authority on Local Communities

Thomas Lam
This portfolio contains two reports concerning the implications of hydroelectricity development to promote regional economic growth. The first report details the technical aspects from the implementation of the Grand Ethiopian Dam along Blue Nile River in Ethiopia. For this project, I worked alongside fellow students and faculty within the Department of Engineering Systems and Environment to examine the implications of altering water resources on the countries Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan resulting from the GERD. The...

Web Networking Platform: Alumni Search Engine; Power of Social Media and Acknowledgement of Government Organizations

Sehoan Choi
Communicating with other individuals and creating a strongly connected social group have been huge challenges since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in 2019. To prevent the virus from spreading, people practiced social distancing and stayed at home most of their time. This significantly limited their chances of interacting with others and sharing information. Social media was the perfect cue to reduce the limitation. The technology was once considered a mere platform for media consumption...

Signature Replication Machine; An Exploration in Attempts at Developing Best Practices and Standards in the Internet of Things

Edward Lee
When trusting technology with data that is crucial to identification, there are many questions that arise. As we trust the machines with more personalized information such as banking and social security numbers, security arises as a prevalent issue. Online banking has become normalized and financial transactions with applications like Venmo, and CashApp; each bank has its own mobile or web application for users to manage their balance and pay bills online. While security has been...

Pantastic: Development of Self-Monitoring Stovetop Fire Prevention Technology: Self-Monitoring Health Device Implementation During COVID-19

Wayne Wong
My capstone research addresses the issue of home fires that were started on the stovetop due to unattended cooking. Along with this, we also wanted to address the overall forgetfulness that comes in a busy working environment, specifically in college and people with memory issues. The technology that we created was a device called Pantastic that was a mounted device with an infrared temperature sensor. The sensor connected to both an on-board and internet interface...

How Do Students Collaborate? Analyzing Group Choice in a Collaborative Learning Environment; Artificial Intelligence in Court: An STS Framework Analysis of the vulnerability of Computer-Aided Decision-Making Processes

Xinyue Lin
My technical and STS research are connected through the idea of a network. Both works identify the actors in a certain network and study their roles in the evolution of the network. Additionally, both networks exist in an engineering application setting. My technical work focuses on a student collaboration network in a Computer Science course, and my STS research explores the social aspects of a network centered around an algorithmic product. However, they differ in...

Introducing a Database Security Course at the University of Virginia; Measuring Employee Wellbeing in Remote Workers

Bevan Charles
There is no doubt that software engineers joining the workforce must be sufficiently educated and trained in college. Building security and privacy principles into coding practices is not often a strong point of emphasis for software engineers, but security should always be an immediate thought for an engineer in an increasingly digitized age. While on the topic of software engineering, the COVID-19 pandemic completely reshaped the industry, as most/all companies offered a remote work option...

Near-Infrared Studies of Embedded Star Clusters

Chan Park
The Fan Mountain Near-Infrared Camera, FanCam, features an 8.7’ x 8.7’ field of view on 1024x1024 Teledyne Imaging Sensors HAWAII-1 detector array. The instrument mounts at ⨍ /15.5 focus of the 31 inch telescope. Its seeing-limited optical design, optimized for the JHK …

The Impact of Simulation-Based Training on the Self-Confidence of New Nurses in the Care of Acutely Deteriorating Patients and Activation of the Rapid Response Team

Carl Lambert
Background: New nurses report a sense of being unprepared and low levels of self-confidence. Simulation-based education is frequently used as a strategy to address this low level of confidence and to improve patient safety by providing high-fidelity training in a safe environment. Purpose: The purpose of this DNP scholarly project was to assess if new nurses’ participation in high-fidelity simulation-based training increased self-confidence and nurse-initiated activation of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) when caring for...

Subject Area Knowledge of Private School Secondary Mathematics Teachers: Impact of Prior Coursework on Instructional Practice

Wesley Cox
Hiring secondary mathematics teachers has become a difficult task for schools across the country. Both public and private schools alike face the task of hiring a knowledgeable and qualified teacher. One small independent, private school in the Southeastern United States has confronted the issue of hiring and retaining mathematics teachers who possess the knowledge to positively impact their students’ development and acquisition of algebraic reasoning skills for several years. The problem they face is understanding...

Measurement-Based non-Gaussian Quantum State Engineering

Miller Eaton
Advances in quantum technologies promise to deliver a great deal of progress in information science, including applications in sensing, secure communication, and quantum computation. If successfully implemented, an error-corrected universal quantum computer would deliver an exponential boost in efficiency when solving certain problems. However, this requires a way to generate and entangle many low-noise quantum resources in a scalable way. Fortunately, quantum computing with the continuous-variable nature of light in a quantum-optics setting has recently...

Synergistic Effects of Oxidation and Load on SiC/BN/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite Degradation at Intermediate Temperatures

Kaitlin Detwiler
SiC/BN/SiC ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) are desirable for use in the hot section of jet engines, where temperatures can reach 1200°C or higher. However, due to thermal gradients and backside cooling, many SiC/BN/SiC CMC components will experience intermediate temperatures ranging from 600-800°C. Oxidation mechanisms in this intermediate temperature range are not well understood. CMCs in this region will also experience micro-cracking arising from mechanical and thermal stresses, increasing pathways for oxidant ingress. The following standalone...

Black Adolescents' Supportive Relationships with Parents and Close Non-parental Adult Relatives

Janelle Billingsley
Adolescents’ intergenerational relationships are embedded in the context of a larger network of mutually influential relationships. This dissertation examined how relationships among parents, non-parental adult relatives, and youth were interconnected to promote Black adolescents’ close and supportive relationships with their parents and non-parental familial adults. This dissertation also considered how Black youth made decisions about which adults to seek out for support when needed. Survey data included 216 Black youth (59% girls) and qualitative interviews...

An Active Magnetic Bearing Test Rig for High Speed Rotating Machinery: Design and Application

William Arcand
Modern industrial high-speed machinery often operates above multiple shaft critical speeds and requires in-depth rotordynamic modeling and analysis. Active Magnetic Bearings (AMBs) have proven to be a compelling alternative to traditional bearings for many such high-speed, high-performance applications. AMBs apply attractive magnetic forces to support and center a rotor shaft within the machine clearance. They can maintain contactless operation and handle the varying dynamic unbalance forces that are generated throughout the machine's operating range. However,...

In-sensor Synaptic Computing in a Curved Image Sensor via Three-Dimensional Heterogeneous Integration

Doeon Lee
Image sensor technology provides a bridge between the physical world of analogue image/light signals and virtual digital data by converting light signals to electrical signals. There has been a dramatic improvement in silicon-based image sensor technology, in which the number of pixels and nodes has been exponentially increased in virtue of the rapid development of semiconductor fabrication technology. When a large amount of raw data generated in the photodetectors are transported to the computing system...

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