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Development of Reliable Drive System for Medical Ultrasound Imaging; The War on Drugs: A Sociopolitical Analysis

Sarah Abourakty
This undergraduate thesis portfolio explores the research, development, and testing of an ultrasound device as part of the senior design capstone component, while also exploring the sociopolitical impacts of the War on Drugs on minority communities in a cohesive timeline for the sociotechnical research paper. The ultrasound device is motivated by a gap in the medical community for cost-effective imaging equipment, allowing more physicians and clinics to offer guided support for epidural injections. While a...

Automating the Clustering and Classification Process for Text-Based Documents; An Investigation Into Removing Inherent Biases from Machine Learning Algorithms

Alexander Kim
Machine learning techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) are becoming essential to manipulating the large-scale datasets that we are reliant on. One of the most promising uses for NLP algorithms is identifying potentially hostile or dangerous online users. Detecting these individuals based on their message history may help prevent future crimes from occurring if identification occurs early enough. My technical project focused on designing a system to detect malicious messages using natural language processing...

Decelerating Hypersonic Flight Experiment Using a CubeSat Platform; The Role of AI in the United States Legal System

Yulie Cheng
The technical work addresses testing a hypersonic flight experiment on a 3U CubeSat platform. Motivations behind conducting hypersonic experiments are to provide affordable and accurate flight data for military and commercial applications. The STS research paper discusses the role that artificial intelligence contributes to the United States legal system in how it mitigates or worsens bias. The topic of the STS research paper is loosely connected to the capstone assignment; the technical component of the...

Encapsulation of Cells in Microporous Annealed Particle Hydrogel for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment; Building Transparency in the Scientific Community

Alessia Randazzo
Biomedical research has been progressing at an explosive rate in recent decades. Modern technology and knowledge let us conduct research on everything from cancer therapeutics to life-saving medical diagnostic tools, to muscle regeneration treatments, to genetic modifications and engineering, and so much more. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is caused by the autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing islet cells in the pancreas. T1D patients can administer exogenous insulin to regulate blood glucose fluctuations, however, insulin is...

Dynamic Application Security Testing - Fuzzing: Brute-Force API Vulnerability Scanning; Understanding Phishing as a Social Engineering Problem: Why Societal Educational Efforts Falls Short

Justin Gou
With the world becoming more and more reliant on technology, cybersecurity continues to be a growing issue in the world of technology. Attackers are constantly looking for ways to break into systems for monetary reward or to compromise private data. One goal for cybersecurity researchers is to find the best ways to minimize these vulnerabilities. This portfolio focuses on two specific techniques to decrease cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The technical research topic focuses on adding automated web...

Automatic First-Pass Spiral Quantitative Perfusion Mapping in Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Development and Validation

Matthew Van Houten
Quantitative first-pass myocardial perfusion imaging has demonstrated great diagnostic and prognostic utility in coronary artery disease (CAD), which affects 18.2 million patients in the US and is responsible for 1 in 7 deaths. A retrospective analysis of patients without known heart disease who underwent elective x-ray coronary angiography, the invasive gold standard, determined that only 38% of patients had obstructive CAD, which only increased to 41% with a positive non-invasive test. Furthermore, ~40% of the...

Seeing Gender Everywhere: Assessing the Impact of Traditional Gender Attitudes on American and European Public Opinion

Olyvia Rebeccah Christley
This dissertation examines the role that deeply held beliefs about gender roles, masculinity, and femininity—otherwise known as gender attitudes—have on public opinion. Gender’s influence stretches far beyond the role of individual gender identities and gender consciousness to encompass the ways in which feelings or beliefs about masculinity and femininity (either conscious or subconscious) shape behavior and opinions on a variety of issues—many of which may have no explicit connection to gender. Despite the prominent role...

Measurement-Based non-Gaussian Quantum State Engineering

Miller Eaton
Advances in quantum technologies promise to deliver a great deal of progress in information science, including applications in sensing, secure communication, and quantum computation. If successfully implemented, an error-corrected universal quantum computer would deliver an exponential boost in efficiency when solving certain problems. However, this requires a way to generate and entangle many low-noise quantum resources in a scalable way. Fortunately, quantum computing with the continuous-variable nature of light in a quantum-optics setting has recently...

Magnetic Skyrmions and Topological Insulators for Spintronics Applications

Hamed Vakilitaleghani
To increase the memory storage and processing capabilities of computers, the density of transistors need to be scaled up. One of the main bottlenecks of increasing the density is the heat generation and energy consumption of the devices, which limit how small we can go. One alternative is to use spins instead of electrons to process and store information. The field of using spins for computing is known as spintronics. However, there are challenges in...

Making Justice: A Multimethod Qualitative Study of Activist Identity Formation and Political Imagination(s) Among Black Adolescents

Edward Scott
Black adolescents have been critical to social progress in the United States since the United States’ inception, yet there are few studies that focus on the lived experiences of those youths and those experiences’ contributions to Black youths’ political engagement. The purpose of this study is to deepen our understanding of how the life experiences of Black adolescents in the United States contribute to their activist identity formation and political imagination. The study used narrative...

Poetry for Identity: A Phenomenological Pedagogy of Poetry to Support Students' Self-Concept Clarity

Janice Murray
Secondary students often struggle to see value in studying poetry. Because they are at a developmental stage that involves identity development, one useful approach to teaching poetry is connecting it to identity development through the idea of self-concept clarity. Self-concept clarity is the extent to which someone has a clear, confident, and consistent sense of who they are (Campbell, et al. 141). Not only does self-concept clarity align with secondary students’ developmental stage, it is...

Engineering a Resilient Healthcare System: Using Heart Attack Outcomes and Treatment Methods in Pennsylvania; Fast and Fit: Efforts to Promote Healthier Food Options in U.S. Restaurant Chains

Emily Pham
Due to significant gaps in current healthcare delivery models, patients have to receive non-emergent or routine care at other facilities. When fluctuating factors or unprecedented circumstances like a pandemic occur, the healthcare system is further strained and bottlenecks follow from this fixed facility model, leading to basic needs unfulfilled. The current healthcare delivery system therefore is rigid and not adaptable, unable to accommodate fluctuating variables and various scenarios. As a result, the purpose of the...

Automated counting method for analyzing the results of T. gondii invasion assays; The American Meat Industry: Promoting Consumption while Promising Sustainability

Radhika Pande
Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate intracellular parasite that invades a wide variety of homeothermic hosts and can cause a disease called toxoplasmosis. The cost of this illness in the United States is estimated to be 3 billion dollars and an 11,000 quality-adjusted life year loss annually. Approximately 8-22% of people in the United States are infected, and in most cases, the infection is asymptomatic. However, if a pregnant woman contracts toxoplasmosis, the child could develop...

Up in Frames: AgroFlight; How Automation is Reshaping the Agricultural Industry

Zach Khan
As the world’s population growth rate continues to increase, farmers will need to increase output at an even higher rate due to non-linear scaling in sources of loss as well as more demand for alternative products. This is coupled with the fact that there is a noticeable decrease in the number of workers in agriculture. Some reasons for this include stagnant wages compared to other labor-intensive industries, lack of new employees due to preference of...

Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Addressing the Unseen Costs of Solar Panels

Adam Obedin
As designers, engineers are trained consider costs. Yet, engineers generally will resist cost-cutting that may compromise system integrity. Managers, however, must deliver impressive short-term earnings reports as a career necessity. Hence, managers will often resist engineers’ advice and cut corners to achieve short-term gains at a high long-term risk. To prevent unintended disasters, engineers must develop a long-range perspective, and be able to develop effective solutions to technical problems, while remaining cognizant of both their...

Gas and Liquid Gradient Bioreactor to Mimic Tumor Microenvironments; Under Representation of Women in Clinical Research

Elizabeth Wood
Despite the millions of dollars allocated to medical research annually, many major gaps still exist in the field of biomedical research. My capstone team aimed to develop a solution for a major shortcoming in the field of cancer research, and I aimed to address the lack of female representation in research in my technical thesis. Cancer remains one of the leading causes of deaths across the globe, despite worldwide efforts to research cancer biology and...


Cole Lloyd
Climate change and production of carbon emissions has reached an alarming level in the past decade, with many nations declaring the issue a global emergency. The STS research explores how sustainability can be improved in the field of transportation. Implementing autonomous electric vehicles would greatly reduce overall carbon emissions from the current state of fuel combustion vehicles. The technical project seeks to promote sustainability in the field of solid waste by means of designing an...

Using the Patient Augmented Reality and Vibratory Array (PARVA) to Improve Patient Experience During In-office Laryngology Procedures; Disparities in Female Pain Perception and its Implications for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis

Lauren Gonzalez
A growing number of in-office procedures (IOPs) are taking the place of traditional operating room (OR) surgeries. For patients, this means lower costs, shorter wait times, and fewer risks, but without the general anesthesia that accompanies OR procedures, patients are more likely to experience significant discomfort. Thus, there is a need for non-pharmaceutical pain management techniques that address procedural anxiety and discomfort. The technical project involves the development and testing of a medical device that...

The Impact of the University of Virginia on the Affordable Housing Crisis in Charlottesville, Virginia; Actor-Network Theory Analysis of Charlottesville Housing

Ryan Fruehwirth
Wealth in the City of Charlottesville is alarmingly concentrated – the University of Virginia owns over $4.35 billion in land while nearly 25 percent of the population cannot afford decent, safe housing. The following technical report assesses the impact that the University of Virginia has on Charlottesville’s local affordable housing crisis. A UVA-sponsored Payment in Lieu of Taxes program is proposed as a possible way to expand on the University’s current housing initiative and mitigate...

\"SpellCheck\": Autonomous Educational Spelling Aid; Digital Technology Design for Promoting Self-Regulating Learning in Students with Learning Disabilities

Justin Guo
The modern digital revolution has resulted in technological solutions in countless interdisciplinary fields, and education is no exception. The technical project involved prototyping a digital educational tool designed to teach children how to spell English words by displaying images and prompting users to spell them out. The goal was to design an alternative learning solution for children and young students to accommodate those who need more resources to successful in academia. However, technological solutions are...

Maximizing Acetyl-CoA Output by Genetically Engineering E. coli for the Overall Output of the Bioplastic PHB; An Investigation of Sustainable and Biodegradable Plastic Production Within the Biomanufacturing Industry to Reduce Single Use Plastic Pollution

Tammy Tran
Every year, more than 380 million tons of plastic waste is produced globally, and about half of that waste is derived solely from single-use plastics. If not disposed of properly, these plastics can pollute the environment and leach carcinogens into the environment and poison the surrounding ecosystems, causing detrimental and irreversible harm (“Plastic Pollution Issues | The Problems With Plastic,” n.d.). This emphasizes the need to decrease our reliance on these synthetic petroleum plastics and...

Mobility as a Service (MaaS): Advocacy and Opposition in Europe

Henry Goodman
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and a drive-by-wire car are the two unseemingly interrelated topics that have been chosen for my undergraduate thesis and technical capstone project, respectively. Examining each from a technical level and a socially conscious lens has enabled me to understand both their practical makeup and their relevance to society. Drive-by-wire is the ability to control motion subsystems automatically with a method other than human manipulation. For instance, some cars have drive-by-wire...

Automatic Smart Pet Feeding Station; Examining Smart Home Technology Effectiveness and the User Onboarding Processes

William Mulquin
Have you or someone you know ever found it difficult at times to take care of a pet? Forgetting to feed a pet, forgetting to fill a water bowl, or overfeeding a pet all represent rare, but prevalent occurrences for pet feeders all across the United States. The idea for an automatic dog feeder and water bowl filler stemmed from my grandmother’s dementia and the difficulties surrounding owning a pet, while simultaneously battling a disease....

The AgroFlight Soil Sensing Drone; Undoing Environmental Damage with Digital Agriculture

Anthony Zaitsev
The sphere of agricultural technology is beginning to shift to include digital electronics to sense, track, and predict crop yields. Following this wave, our team’s technical project was a soil sensing drone. The Soil Sensing Drone is a quadcopter fixed with a soil sensor that reads nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium levels. Digital technology for farming can mitigate environmental damage – this movement has been coined the Digital Agricultural Revolution. The Soil Sensing Drone built for...

Engineer Primary Cilium via Pharmacological Inhibition of CILK-1 to Modulate Signaling; Investigating Hurdles with the Extensive Duration of FDA Approval Process for New Oncogenic Therapeutics

Elena Wang
For decades, cancer has been a significant issue concerning the entire human race. Being the leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases, it has impacted billions of families and the society in general in the U.S. and worldwide. It is predicted that in the year of 2022, there will be an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,360 cancer deaths.1 Extensive amount of time and money is put into research and development of...

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