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War, Public Opinion, and Leader Credibility

Laura White
Are all leaders equally able to rally public support for a military intervention? It seems intuitive that the answer is no; however, the literature on war and public opinion focuses primarily on factors like a conflict’s purpose, likely success, and partisan divisiveness to explain variations in public support. Leaders possess significant influence over the framing of public debate and are incentivized to sell proposed interventions as both important to the nation and as a feasible...

What is team science?

Dean Evasius
Team science is a collaborative approach to addressing complex scientific questions. It engages the strengths of scientists from different fields, backgrounds, and expertise, often to solve the grand challenges of society. The iTHRIV Team Science Learning Shorts is a series of interviews with team science practitioners exploring the fundamentals of team science, team science participation, and the institutional supports. Learning Shorts are brief, digestible online educational offerings organized around a specific topic.

Review of Burning Glass Job-ad Data

Vicki Lancaster
Posting and searching online job-ads is ubiquitous in the U.S. labor market for both employers and job seekers. Job seekers who search online job-ads are much more likely to find work and find work faster than those who do not (Faberman & Kudlyak, 2016). In addition, the job-ads posted by employers on corporate websites and online job boards provide a source of opportunity data that has opened up new avenues for research. This technical document...

Updated NIH Biosketch and Other Support Requirements

Lauren Armstrong
As of May 31, 2021, the NIH updated the requirement for Biosketches and Other Support documentation. This Learning Shot details those changes and new requirements in a short 10 min video presentation. This Learning Shot was developed and presented by Lauren Armstrong, Assistant Director in Office of Grants & Contracts, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Review of Visualizations in NCSES Publications based on Population Surveys

Vicki Lancaster
This is the first of a series of three papers, the first two provide comments and suggestions on the visualizations appearing in NCSES publications and provide alternative ways to display the data; the third is a survey of the visualizations in other federal government statistical agency publications. This first paper reviews the visualizations in NCSES publications that report on surveys administered to an entire population. In these publications there is no need to display the...

Podcast: Open Science

James Nataro
This podcast details what open science is and why it is important.

Review of Visualizations in Federal Statistical Agency Publications

Vicki Lancaster & Samantha Cohen
This is the third of a series of three papers, the first two provide comments and suggestions on the visualizations appearing in NCSES publications and provide alternative ways to display the data; the third is a survey of the visualizations in other federal government statistical agency publications. This third paper is a survey of the visualizations in other federal government statistical agency publications. The majority of federal statistical agency visualizations are a form of bar...

Data Visualization presented to the NCSES Analytics Working Group

Vicki Lancaster
This presentation discusses: 1. The Taxonomy of a Visualization 2. 508 Color Blindness Compliance 3. Examples of Branding 4. Bar Chart Alternatives 5. Response to NCSES Comments & Questions

Insights into Static Solute Strengthening and Dynamic Strain Aging Behavior of Hexagonal Close Packed Mg Alloys

Mohammed Shabana
The addition of solutes to hexagonal close packed (HCP) Mg has been extensively studied due to interests in the broad applicability of strong and lightweight alloys. However, the use of solute strengthening can pose challenges when manufacturing processes or operating conditions force the material into a range of temperatures and strain rates at which the alloys exhibit a negative strain rate sensitivity, a phenomenon which has come to be known as dynamic strain aging (DSA)....

Psychobehavioral Factors and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Family Caregivers

Soojung Ahn
Increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in family caregivers is well documented. Caregivers’ vulnerability to declines in cardiovascular health may be attributed to psychological symptoms and alterations in health behavior resulting from caregiving demands. Subclinical CVD markers have shown prognostic significance in various populations, yet caregivers have rarely been assessed for their CVD risk using the surrogate markers. Therefore, the goal of this study is to investigate the relationships among psychological and behavioral factors and CVD...

ViWatch: Harness Vibrations for Fine-Grained On-Body Interfaces with a Commodity IMU Sensor

Wenqiang Chen
Wearable devices like smartwatches and smart wristbands have gained substantial popularity in recent years. While enabling a variety of computing applications, such devices are not always convenient to interact with because of the limited size of the touchscreen. A wide variety of approaches have been considered to improve their user experiences, ranging from using customized RF sensors, to multiple sensors in smartwatches. These solutions all have limitations related to the characteristics of their technology. We...


Hsuan-Yu Lin
This three-essay dissertation explores the impact of social media on international security, especially whether social media gives political leaders leverage to shape public opinion about foreign policy. The Democratic Peace Theory suggests public opinion is one of the main constraining factors of political leaders’ aggressive foreign policies. If social media empowers political leaders to shape public opinion, then social media may reduce political leaders’ potential costs of seeking a risky foreign policy. However, existing literature...

Adenosine Regulation of Adipose Tissue Lipid Metabolism

Mitchell Granade
Adipose tissue is a critical regulator of energy balance that must rapidly shift its metabolism between fasting and feeding to maintain homeostasis. During feeding, adipose tissue acts as a physiological buffer for excess energy through lipid storage, while adipocyte lipolysis provides the body with a necessary source of energy through fatty acids during fasting. The dysregulation of these processes contributes to the development of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, so it is essential that...

Interlocking Erasures: U.S. Empire, Whitness, and the Terraforming of Politics

Heidi Nicholls
Many scholars have determined that racism is a structural problem that is continually reproduced through a racialized social system and are able to account for how racism has changed over time, from explicit and overt to seemingly “colorblind” mechanisms (Bonilla-Silva 1997, 2015; Omi and Winant 2015). However, few approaches have addressed how changes in racism over time relate to the territorial expansion of the United States. As a result, scholarship in sociology tends to characterize...

Artificial Intelligence in the City: Building Civic Engagement and Public Trust

Ana Brandusescu & Jess Reia
After navigating various challenging policy and regulatory contexts over the years, in different regions, we joined efforts to create a space that offers possibilities for engagement focused on the expertise, experiences and hopes to shape the future of technology in urban areas. The AI in the City project emerged as an opportunity to connect people, organizations, and resources in the networks we built over the last decade of work on research and advocacy in tech...

Data Re-Use in Action: Social Impact Data Commons

Aaron Schroeder
Presentation to the Mid-Atlantic Statistics Network (MASN) on the Social Impact Data Commons.

Intimate Editing: Toward a Relational Philological Poetics

Anne Marie Thompson
According to the etymology of “philo-logy,” poets—the most ardent lovers of words—ought to be considered first among philologists. However, philology’s reputation as a dusty, pedantic science has seen it relegated to the back shelf of literary studies. “Intimate Editing” reveals a counterintuitive but symbiotic relationship between innovative poetry and philology: if philology engages with words' material incarnations in documents, manuscripts, and books, a philological poetics calls attention to and intervenes in that process. The contemporary,...

High-Performance Infrared Photodetectors Based on AlInAsSb Digital Alloy Materials System

Dekang Chen
The mid-wave infrared (MWIR) spectrum, typically referring to the wavelength range of 2 - 5 µm, has the potential to enable next-generation breakthroughs in photonics applications. Therefore, high-performance photodetectors that operate in this range are of high interest. However, high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), a critical figure of merit for photodetectors, is extremely difficult to achieve in the MWIR range. The challenge is twofold, one is the low signal power level, determined by the application scenario...

The Origins of Authoritarian Rule: Three Essays on the Make-up of the Ruling Coalition, Domestic Politics, and International Conflict

Simonas Cepenas
This dissertation explores the origins of authoritarian rule and its effects on the make-up of the ruling class, and consequently, on domestic politics and international conflict. I argue that the origins of authoritarian rule set long-lasting trajectories that continue to shape authoritarian politics for decades. Authoritarian regimes are categorized based on whether the founding leader of authoritarian regime transforms the social and political life of the preexisting state or relies on the social order and...

Exploring Issues of Race and Equity in Early Education: A Closer Look at Teacher Perceptions and Child Exclusionary Discipline Experiences

Maria Accavitti
This dissertation is comprised of three independent studies that each address gaps in the literature around racial discipline inequities in early childhood. Paper 1 investigated differing teacher perceptions of specific subtypes of disruptive behavior between Black and White children at preschool entry. Paper 2 gathered comprehensive and nuanced qualitative information about practices beyond suspension and expulsion that exclude young children from learning opportunities. Finally, Paper 3 examined whether racial discipline inequities extended to soft exclusionary...

Investigating Diacylglycerol Kinase Function and Regulation Using Chemical Proteomics and MassSpectrometry Lipidomics

Roberto Mendez
Diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs) regulate cell metabolism and signaling through poorly defined mechanisms with regards to lipid specificity. My thesis work aims to bridge gaps in our knowledge by investigating isoform-specific functions of DGKs using chemoproteomic and lipidomic methods. We aim to apply novel technologies to explore DGKs to unravel how individual members of this enzyme family can regulate distinct cell biology. We have made progress in determining DGKθ-mediated alterations in the lipidome. These studies have...

A Multi-frequency VLA Continuum Investigation of Starburst & AGN Activity in Local U/LIRGs

Yiqing Song
The rates at which galaxies form stars have been declining since ~ 3 billion years after the Big Bang. Massive stars that drive the chemical enrichment of the Universe are now being produced at much lower rates in the Milky Way and most other galaxies in our local Universe, compared to galaxies at z ~ 1-2, when most stars formed. During this distant era of rapid growth, star formation took place primarily in Luminous and...

Word Choice in Research Writing

Kelly Cunningham
Workshop Materials on word choice in research writing for graduate students, with a focus on making informed language choices. Includes slides, handout, and self study activities. See also the Word Choice Cheat sheet

Word Choice Cheat Sheet for Research Writing

Kelly Cunningham
A bifold printable cheat sheet for Word Choice in Research Writing. Also see the Word Choice in Research Writing Workshop slides & handouts

Exploring the Southern Vampiresses of Southern Gothic Literature through Kristeva's Abject Theory

Stirling Smith
For the French literary theorist Julia Kristeva, abjection refers to a person’s rejection of an object which blurs the distinction between the self and other. The horror, the shame, the disgrace, the taboo, the perverse – the situations, objects, and thoughts that we inherently separate ourselves from because they are too disgusting, too horrible, too distasteful to associate ourselves with – are the facets of our lives that we repel and reject. They are parts...

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