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Beyond the tender years : a longitudinal study of parents' relationships with adolescents in nondivorced, divorced, and remarried families

Evelyn Ann Hollier
This study examines the impact of nonnormative and normative life changes on parenting behavior. It focuses on the impact of divorce, remarriage, and stepparenthood on parents' relationships with children who are themselves negotiating the transition into adolescence. Two hundred and two white middle class families participated, including nondivorced families, stabilized mother-headed divorced families, and families with a newly remarried custodial mother and a residential stepfather. Remarried families were interviewed 4 months, 16 months and 26...

The Exploration of Mechanisms Linking Adolescent Attachment Organization and Friendship Competence

Maryfrances Ruth Porter
Data from a final sample of 147, racially/ethnically and socio-economically diverse, target teens (77 female), and their closest, same-gendered friend, were collected over three annual waves of data collection. The current project included two studies designed to address specific gaps in the literature on links between parenting and peer outcomes for adolescents. Possible cognitive-emotional mechanisms that may mediate links between qualities of parent-adolescent relationships (as measured by interview assessed attachment organization) and friendship competencies during...

Teacher Evaluation Policy in Portugal: An Implementation Study

Ana Paula dos Reis Curado
The purpose of this dissertation was to study the implementation process of Portuguese policy of teacher evaluation. To achieve this purpose, the collective bargaining process leading to the formulation of the teacher evaluation policy was investigated, and three case studies, based on three secondary schools with different organizational characteristics, were developed. The conceptual framework guiding the study's design and findings was derived from organization theory. The literature review covered the areas of teacher evaluation, teacher...

The Syncretism of Tradition: Reappraising Cultural Mixture in Christianity

Ross Kane
This dissertation probes use of the term syncretism in Christian theology, with an eye toward constructing a pneumatology for an increasingly global and plural church. First, I show that present-day usage of syncretism demonstrates latent colonial legacies in the academy that continue to inhibit appreciation of new theological insights emerging beyond the West. Engaging history of religions and anthropological literature on syncretism as well as Kathryn Tanner’s work on culture, I reframe syncretism to highlight...

The Place of the Veda in the Thought of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: A Historical and Textual Analysis

Thomas Arthur Egenes
Maharish~Mahesh Yogi has derived both the experiential and philosophical components of Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi's principle contribution to the Vedic tradition is that the Veda exists in consciousness, what he calls "the unified field whispering to itself." Those who know consciousness, know the Veda; according to Maharishi, the unfoldment of consciousness is the central theme of the Vedic literature.

Teacher Evaluation, Instructional Practice and Student Achievement: Evidence from the District of Columbia Public Schools and the Measures of Effective Teaching Project

Melinda Adnot
In recent years, many states and districts have introduced new teacher evaluation policies aimed at improving the overall performance of the teacher workforce. While one goal of these systems is to provide an overall measure of teacher performance that can be used for accountability purposes, another, perhaps more important goal, is to use the individualized feedback on specific aspects of instruction to help teachers improve. However, we know little about teachers’ ability to respond to...

Automated algorithm for measurement of spontaneous adenosine transients in large electrochemical data sets

Ryan Borman
Spontaneous adenosine release events have been discovered in the brain that last only a few seconds. The identification of these adenosine events from fast-scan cyclic voltammetry data has been performed manually and is difficult due to the random nature of adenosine release. In this study, we develop an algorithm that automatically identifies and characterizes adenosine transient features, including event time, concentration, and duration. Automating the data analysis reduces analysis time from 10-18 hours to about...

Phagocytic Communication During Apoptotic Cell Clearance and Inflammation

Claudia Han
Clearance of apoptotic cells is essential for tissue homeostasis, development and inflammation resolution; it is carried out by professional phagocytes, such as macrophages, and non-professional phagocytes, such as epithelial cells. In most tissues, such as the lung and the brain, professional and non-professional phagocytes reside in close proximity, but it is not known how they co-regulate the cell clearance process. This thesis research has revealed that macrophages redirect the phagocytosis of epithelial cells and this...

Do Happy Events Love Company? Cultural Variations in Sharing Positive Events with Others

Hyewon Choi
This study examined cultural differences in the act of sharing positive events with others, called capitalization attempts. The first three studies tested whether the frequency of capitalization attempts differs between cultures using various methods: Self-reports (Study 1), children’s storybooks (Study 2), and Facebook (Study 3). With the exception of Study 2, we found that East Asians are less likely to share their positive events with others than European Americans. Study 4 further examined the antecedents...

Critiquing the Enlightenment: Beethoven's Music in Early Romanticism.

Peter D'Elia
This dissertation begins by showing how the common framing of Beethoven’s music in terms of Classicism and Romanticism is bound up with twentieth-century binary politics. It goes on to argue that these categories have a limited historical basis and have also restricted our aesthetic appreciation of much of his music. It then suggests that the more historically-grounded category of Early Romanticism makes some of the often-ignored genres of Beethoven’s output comprehensible and appreciable. The bulk...

So What if Poe Was Here? Identifying and Evaluating Virginia's Literary Landmarks

Emily Ann Kane
The Commonwealth of Virginia, through the Historical Highway Markers program or the Virginia Landmarks Register, lists among its landmarks approximately 33 sites crediting their significance to some kind of writing, from important state and national documents to noteworthy creative fiction and poetry, journalistic endeavors or publications of biographical or instructional subject matters. These two vehicles for commemoration are part of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, which states its mission as being “to foster, encourage,...

Shrines of American Microculture: Halls of Fame and Nostalgia Tourism

Charles Francis Holmgren
The Hall of Fame and Museum hopes to induct robots from the deeply scientific, such as Dante II (the walking robot that explored the inside of a volcano) and NASA's Sojourner (which explored Mars in 1997), to the fictive, like Star Wars' R2D2 and Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. With a distinguished panel of judges, including legendary futurist and author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke, the Robot Hall of Fame hopes to...

Modernist Oasis: Rise, Fall, and Rebirth in Palm Springs

James Vernon Baker
California in the 1920’s symbolized an era of possibility and new direction for the American imagination. The fledgling film industry was establishing an outpost in the arid Southern California hills, and new arrivals came daily to remake their fortunes. In the desert 120 miles to the east, new visions of architecture, design, and modes of living were being expressed in a natural oasis at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains. Over the next four...

Do Teacher Perceptions of School Working Contexts Contribute to the Quality of Teacher-Student Interactions in the Classroom?

Carol Paxton
The purpose of this study was to: (a) examine the underlying factor structure for collective teacher efficacy, (b) describe individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy, as well as correlation patterns with classroom observation scores, and (c) analyze the strength of association between the collective efficacy perceptions of 392 fourth- and fifth-grade teachers and their scored observed interactions with students in the classroom. This study is the first to examine individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy...

Recovering the Rare African-American Novel: A Charleston Love Story

Courtney Sarah Danforth
It is sometimes unclear just why every high school sophomore reads some fiction and some is read by no one. There are certain characteristics that assist in securing for a novel a place of contention. A timeless theme, a recognizable setting, captivating characters, purchases and readings contemporary to the publication, a reliable publisher and promoter, and a critical response all help. This novel, A Charleston Love Story, has been "lost." There are only three existing...

\"All Aboard!\": The Role of the Railroads in Protecting, Promoting, and Selling Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks

Joshua Scott Johns
When Mark Twain viewed Albert Bierstadt's painting The Domes of the Yosemite in 1867, he declared it "altogether too gorgeous," adding that "as a picture, this work must please, but as a portrait, I do not think it will answer. Portraits should be accurate." Despite Twain's suspicion of the lack of verisimilitude in the painting, the New York audience was eager for images of the territory west of the Mississippi. Paintings and sketches of places...

Barbecue : a Southern Cultural Icon

Laura Claire Dove
Barbecue is a humble foodstuff that has somehow attained the status of a "Southern cultural icon." This project will explore the nature and history of barbecue in the Southern United States, and analyze the reasons why a type of slow-cooked pork is emblematic of what makes the South distinctively Southern. Barbecue, along with its history, rites and rituals, is a symbol of all that is right in the South. A respect for tradition, the value...

Negotiating American Identity in the National Portrait Gallery

John C. Barans
This site will explain how and why the National Portrait Gallery uses the portraits of famous Americans to construct its particular and "official" history of American culture. It includes three major essays which unpack the implications of linking portraiture with national identity and demonstrate how the Portrait Gallery and the works of art in it reflect cultural challenges contemporary to them in a variety of eras. The essays may be read in any order, and...

Age of Lost Innocence: Photographs of Childhood Realities and Adult Fears During the Depression

Jennifer Ann Pricola Pricola
Although official numbers mislead, reliable estimates suggest that in 1933, about one-third of the Unites States' workforce found itself unemployed, and the average family income had fallen nearly forty percent since 1929 (Elder 19-20).1 By December, 102,000 dependent and neglected children were placed in foster care and an additional 140,000 in orphanages (Morton 438). Thousands of others were forced into early labor to help support their struggling families. Many dropped out of school. Some lacked...

Teaching Uncle Tom's cabin: a web curriculum for high schools

Ellen Greer Harris
This site offers a flexible curriculum for teaching all or portions of Uncle Tom's Cabin in a high school literature or American history class. The lesson plans offered here integrate an exploration of the novel's central issues with skills-based activities in close reading, critical and creative writing, research, and oral presentation. While parts of the site may be used by classes without internet access, several of the activities offer ways to integrate the Uncle Tom's...

Digging Clinton’s Ditch: The impact of the Erie Canal on America, 1807-1860

Paul Martin Volpe
Relying solely on innovation, hard work and determination, New Yorkers dug a canal that would serve the national interest in both the short and long term, provide the impetus and capacity for territorial and commercial expansion and help unite east and west at a crucial point in the nation's history. Using primary documents and economic statistics and examining canal culture, this project illustrates that the Erie Canal was a physical representation of American ideals and...

The Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 on Bimetallic Electrocatalysts

Zachary Hoffman
The electrochemical reduction of CO2 provides an alternative and sustainable route to the production of valuable fuels and commodity chemicals. Electrocatalysts are of paramount importance to improve the efficiency and selectivity at which useful products are formed. Copper has been widely accepted as a material with very high catalytic activity towards this reaction, producing large amounts of hydrocarbons, formate, and syngas. However, only few studies have been performed where copper is alloyed with a second...

Gaming, Glitching, and the Playerly Text: Strategies for the Twentieth-Century Novel

Andrew Ferguson
Modes of play developed by videogamers reveal alternate methods of textual navigation and critical engagement within complex narratives. These discourses meet in the playerly text, at once a mode of textual encounter, the textual space itself, and an ethics of critical agency—presently (if imperfectly) realized in the gaming webcasts known as Let’s Plays, and embedded within communities devoted to mutual encouragement and community care. This movement toward the playerly text is anticipated by major literary...

Advancing Forensic DNA Processing with Optical Detection and Microfluidic Technology

Kimberly Jackson
DNA forensic technology capabilities continue to increase with growing demands for automated, accurate, and rapid processing methods. Unfortunately, automation is commonly associated with complex and expensive instruments, and is not a viable solution for low-resource laboratories. In an effort to keep current DNA processing simple and cost-effective, this work utilizes microfluidic technology and optical detection for rapid screening and purification of forensically-relevant samples. Fast DNA screening methods are necessary to provide contextual clues for criminal...

Energy Harvesting System Modeling

Manula Randhika Pathirana Walive Pathiranage
DC-DC converters are electrical circuits that transfer energy from a DC voltage source to a load and regulate the output voltage. These circuits are widely used in energy harvesting applications, and should be optimized based on input power and load requirements to have maximum converter efficiency. SPICE is one of the popular tools used for this purpose which requires the user to design a circuit in the tool and perform the optimization. This requires a...

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