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\"Strategies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of ischemia-reperfusion injury after lung transplantation\"

Eric Charles
Lung transplantation has advanced dramatically since its inception in 1963, but still lags behind other solid organs in terms of donor organ utilization and transplant success rates. Increased use of available donor lungs, development of noninvasive techniques for early diagnosis of primary graft dysfunction (PGD), and the design of therapies to attenuate ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) are needed to improve the rates and outcomes of lung transplantation. My graduate research entailed various projects that addressed three...

Enhancing Resilience of Steel Frame Buildings Using Superelastic Viscous Dampers

Baikuntha Silwal
Conventional seismic design approaches rely on the ability of structures to dissipate the input earthquake energy through inelastic deformations in the designed regions of steel frames, implying substantial structural damage and potential residual drifts after a major earthquake event. Peak response quantities, such as peak story drifts and peak floor accelerations, are typically considered to evaluate the performance of different structural systems under seismic loads. However, several studies have shown that residual drifts, which occur...

Short stories

Bobby Caudle Rogers
Compilation of poems.

Veiled figure

René Lynn Steinke
Compilation of poems.

Secular Variations in Objectively Defined Climatological Seasons in the United States

Philip Stenger
Statistically significant increases in lower tropospheric and surface temperatures have been reliably documented over the period from the mid-1970s to the present. Many questions have been raised regarding the effects these increases may already have had on a variety of climatological factors. This thesis investigated the potential effect of global and continental scale temperature increases on the timing of the climatological seasons, based on records from 30 locations of varying characteristics in the contiguous United...

Disabling modernism: disability and anti-eugenic ethics in the modernist novel

Angela Lea Nemecek
Examining the works of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and Djuna Barnes, “Disabling Modernism: Disability and Anti-Eugenic Ethics in the Modernist Novel” argues that the modernist novel allows for significant displays of resistance to dominant eugenic ideologies of the early 20th century. This resistance largely occurs through the novels’ portrayals of gender, desire, and reproduction in eugenically excluded bodies. Whether by suggesting an erotic attraction to non-standard bodies; reproducing subjects by means other than...


Rider Foley, Elise Barrella, Heather Kirkvold, Rodney Wilkins, Aaron Sloss, Elise Mazur, Claire Trevisan, Jacob Rogerson, Daniel Katleman, Catherine Mohan, Victoria Lindsey & Farrah Dang
The United States is in the midst of a transition in the production and distribution of energy. This transition was, in part, instigated by technological advancements and policy mechanisms that allowed for the recovery of unconventional fossil fuels from shale formations. In parallel, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are becoming increasingly competitive with fossil fuels. Furthermore, the nation’s population is moving away from the Northeast and Midwest regions to southeastern and western...

Self-esteem and depression in rural poor women

Claire Ellen Fuller
Factors associated with poor self-esteem and depressive disorders in a sample of 64 rural impoverished women in Virginia were investigated. A stress-diathesis model of associations among sociodemographic variables, history of abuse, self-esteem, negative life events, negative attributions, social support, marital adjustment, and depression was hypothesized. Based on a structured clinical diagnostic interview (DIS), subjects were classified as meeting criteria for major depression, minor depression, or no psychiatric diagnosis (control group). Using logistic regression modeling, the...

Anxieties of deception in English morality plays and Shakespearean drama

Michael David Torrey
This dissertation examines the representation of deception in English morality plays, Shakespearean drama, and various early modem discourses. Previous studies of morality plays have focused on didactic and allegorical themes; by contrast, I argue in my first chapter that the moralities cultivated anxieties about both spiritual and social life. They dramatized conflict within the soul, but they also revealed the perils of social experience; their depictions of deception in both the inner and outer worlds...

Transforming rage : the Nation of Islam as a counter-status system

Ryun Gilbert Pavlicek
This paper focuses on a the Nation of Islam's prison ministry. The sustained presence of the Nation of Islam's membership can be attributed in part to their ability to consistently draw new recruits from the jails and prisons of the United States. It is suggested that patterns and processes discerned from this study of the prison program will advance the sociological understanding of the movement as a whole.

Quality of attachment and borderline tendency among female hospitalized adolescents

Karen Beth Apsel
This study examined the relationship between adolescent attachment and borderline tendency in a sample of hospitalized adolescent girls. Previous studies have found that both insecure attachment and borderline pathology can be related to incidents of early childhood abuse and trauma, as well as adolescent behaviors including among other things suicidality, promiscuity, and drug use. Forty-six hospitalized adolescent girls were administered two measures of attachment, the Adolescent Attachment Questionnaire (AAQ) and the Bartholomew Attachment Measure, and...

The public service mission of urban and metropolitan state universities : an analysis of mission, policy, and practice

Larry L. Rowley
Public service.has often been considered the least important or recognized of the three primary missions of higher education (i.e., research, teaching, and public service). Moreover, a major criticism of higher education institutions has been that their commitment to addressing external societal concerns and problems has been rhetorical. Many universities profess a commitment to providing services to their communities and constituents. Prominent among these are universities commonly referred to as urban universities. However, some universities in...

Lost in translation : the encounter between Bruno Taut and the early Turkish Republic from 1936-38

Burak Erdim
This study focuses on the nature of the Faculty of Languages building in Turkey.

Refrain, again : the return of the villanelle

Amanda Lowry French
Poets and scholars are all wrong about the villanelle. While most reference texts teach that the villanelle's nineteen-line alternating-refrain form was codified in the Renaissance, the scholar Julie Kane has conclusively shown that Jean Passerat's "Villanelle" ("J'ay perdu ma Tourterelle"), written in 1574 and first published in 1606, is the only Renaissance example of this form. My own research has discovered that the nineteenth-century "revival" of the villanelle stems from an 1844 treatise by a...

The Efficacy of Counseling Services in Decreasing Behavior Problems of Elementary School Children

Harriet Clare Cobb
The primary objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of counseling services in reducing the behavior problems of children. A secondary purpose ·was to measure the impact of the intervention on the self-concepts of the children in the study. Subjects were selected from Grades 4 and 5 in a rural Virginia school system, and placed into two groups. Each subject was rated by his/her teacher and by an independent observer on 35 items...

United States-Peruvian policy toward Peruvian-Japanese persons during World War II

Warren Page Rucker
A study of the Latin-American internee program during WWII.

History of education in Fluvanna County, 1777-1940

Margaret Wallihan Hudson
A study and account of the development of education in Fluvanna County.

Abandonment in the eighteenth-century French novel : a call to feminine heroisms

Joanne Marie McKeown
By the eighteenth century, the abandoned woman was a literary convention. The predicament of the deserted heroine, a common literary type, is a popular subject of the more renowned male novelists including Diderot, Marivaux, Prévost, Crébillon fils and Laclos, and some female novelists Grafigny. including Riccoboni, de la Charrière, and de By focusing on the methods used to confront abandonment, we come to an appreciation of how the Enlightenment interpretations of this theme, whose popularity...

Causes of terrorism in Northern Ireland, 1969-1972

Karen Ann Knick
This study will attempt to illustrate how the interrelationship of the long-term and the short-term causes produced the political terrorism in Northern Ireland from 1969 to 1972. It interprets the effects of colonialism and its consequences upon both communities, including the resulting perceptions with which both communities were bequeathed. Both communities perceive of themselves as continuously besieged minorities, the Protestants within the whole of Ireland and the Catholics within Northern Ireland. The study then examines...

Joseph Fletcher : the evolution of his ethical thought

Mary Faith Marshall
The goal of this study is to discover and critically examine the major influences on the development of Joseph Fletcher's theological and philosophical ethics. Subsidiary investigation will reveal the influence of particular philosophical points of view (personalism, pragmatism, utilitarianism), theological positions (Rauschenbusch, Gladden, Temple), and the effects of social context and other determinants on Fletcher's thought. Whether Fletcher's ethics remain dependent on social or temporal contingencies, whether they are historically contingent or of lasting practical...

A study of faculty research productivity

Theresa Gaye Frazier Bailey
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between and among factors that have been identified in the literature to explain the variance in faculty research performance--psychological individual factors, cumulative advantage, reinforcement, and disciplinary norms. No study had previously incorporated the four explanations for variance in faculty research productivity in a single study. In order to investigate this problem, the researcher utilized self-report data from the 1989 Carnegie Survey of faculty. Individual research...

Conflict and consensus: Creating the 1868 Mississippi constitution

James Tyson Currie
This is a study while dealing specifically with the development of a Reconstruction era constitution for Mississippi, has implications beyond the merely mechanical processes of constitution-making, and offers a broader field to the observer. While yet affording this overview, however, the constitution remains at the center of the paper.

Life and selected works of Lan Ying

Faith Randolph Bell
This essay is an attempt to bring together many of the major English sources on Lan Ying to provide a well-rounded view of the man and his work. Selected examples dating from 1642, which illustrate in his most accomplished painting style, his associations with literati, will be given detailed consideration.

Too much in the son : Hamlet and the nineteenth-century novel of male development

Jay Stephen Dobrutsky
After Pip, the hero of Great Expectations, attends a performance of Hamlet at the center of Dickens' novel, he is troubled by the dream of having to "play Hamlet . . . before twenty thousand people, without knowing twenty words of it." This dissertation explores the ways in which the problem of playing Hamlet is central to the nineteenth-century novel of male development. The debate over the cultural use of Hamlet emerges in critical and...

Between the Wires: The Janowska Camp and the Holocaust in Lviv

Waitman Beorn
This project focuses on the Janowska concentration camp which operated in Lviv from 1941-1944. Janowska distinguished itself from other Nazi concentration sites in several ways. First, it simultaneously performed three tasks: the concentration and use of slave labor, the transport of Jews to the extermination centers, and the local killing of Jews from Lviv on an unprecedented scale. Second, it was urban, located in the city of Lviv. Third, it formed the hub of a...

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