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Carolingian Aristocratic Women and the Transmission of Culture

Valerie Louise Garver
This dissertation examines how aristocratic women living in areas of Carolingian rule during the eighth and ninth centuries transmitted and maintained cultural behaviors, beliefs, knowledge, and practices essential to the self-understanding of aristocrats and the recognition by others that they were members of the Carolingian elite. In their households, while acting as moral exemplars to their servants and retainers, they taught their young children to read and provided them with basic moral and religious instruction...

Search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the H --> WW --> lvqq channel

Joseph Goodell
One of the biggest recent successes of the standard model (SM) was the 2012 discovery of a new scalar particle consistent with an SM-like Higgs boson by the CMS and ATLAS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The production of Higgs particles and their subsequent decay allows many distinct final states to be observed. Presented here is a search for an SM Higgs boson with mass $\simeq$125 GeV that decays through two W bosons,...

Disabling modernism: disability and anti-eugenic ethics in the modernist novel

Angela Lea Nemecek
Examining the works of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and Djuna Barnes, “Disabling Modernism: Disability and Anti-Eugenic Ethics in the Modernist Novel” argues that the modernist novel allows for significant displays of resistance to dominant eugenic ideologies of the early 20th century. This resistance largely occurs through the novels’ portrayals of gender, desire, and reproduction in eugenically excluded bodies. Whether by suggesting an erotic attraction to non-standard bodies; reproducing subjects by means other than...

Cyberinfrastructure to Support Flood Modeling from Catchment to Regional Scales

Mohamed Morsy
Flooding events are projected to increase in frequency and intensity in coming years due to climate change. New tools and approaches are needed to assist decision makers in better understanding and addressing societal impacts due to flooding and how to mitigate these impacts. This research addressed three challenges related to flooding impacts: (i) better understanding how distributed stormwater infrastructure can mitigate flooding in urban catchments, (ii) designing and building spatially-detailed, real-time flood warning systems for...

Impulse Mitigation of Structures Impacted by Granular Media

Anne Kyner
Efforts to design impulse resistant structures has led to interest in understanding the mechanisms by which momentum is transferred to a structure following the detonation of a buried explosive. Detonation of an explosive material transfers momentum to the surrounding granular media causing granular compaction across an outward propagating shock front. Upon reflection of the shock at the air/granular medium interface, granular particles are accelerated away from the soil surface and can impact a nearby structure,...

Documenting the Critical Components and Implementation Variations of the Make-To-Learn Invention Kits

Eric Yoder
The Make-to-Learn Invention Kits are a series of innovative, engineering-focused STEM learning modules that are currently being piloted, primarily in middle school settings. The series traces the progression of key inventions that transformed modern civilization between 1800 and 1960; inventions such as the electric motor, the telegraph, the telephone, and the radio. Open-source digital resource packages called Invention Kits contain virtual, 3D models from the Smithsonian collections, primary and secondary sources such as patent descriptions...

\"Dishes and Dusters\" and the Dangers of Domestic Femininity in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

Victoria Tovig
Something strange has happened in the past fifty years: despite Louisa May Alcott’s background as an abolitionist, suffragette, and spinster encouraging a view of a more liberal minded Alcott, the past half-century’s critical evaluation of her most well-known work, Little Women, demonstrates notable disunity on how to interpret the text. Following a feminist reevaluation of Little Women after the discovery of Alcott’s thriller novels in 1975 by Madeleine Stern, scholarship has primarily used Jo’s marriage...

“What’s Happening Now is Bigger Than What I Can Write About:” The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Iraq and Syria from 1990-2014 as Understood through the Writings of Nuha Al-Radi and Samar Yazbek

Mary Combs
This paper examines the unintended consequences of U.S. foreign policy toward Iraq and Syria from 1990 to 2014, specifically with regard to its impact on Iraqi and Syrian civilians. The paper takes both a chronological and thematic approach to the U.S.’s foreign policy decisions of the time period and organizes the information into the following five sections: The Gulf War (1991), Embargo and Sanctions (1991-2003), Operation Desert Fox and Bombing Campaigns (1998-2003), the Iraq War...

Exploring Teachers' Fidelity of Implementation of Gifted Language Arts Curriculum

Melanie Caughey
Fidelity of implementation (FOI) describes how well the delivery of an intervention follows a protocol or program model as the developers intended. FOI is an emerging area of focus in gifted education, where the primary interventions studied are curriculum units for use in both gifted and general education classrooms. Researchers have identified problems with teachers’ ability to implement units with fidelity that need to be addressed for the use of gifted curriculum to become more...

Systems Biology Approaches for Studying Phosphatase Activity in Coxsackieviral Heart Disease

Millie Shah
Viruses are ancient pathogens that infect host cells and hijack their intracellular machinery. Most viruses, like the cardiotropic picornavirus coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3), engage several intracellular signaling pathways during infection through the expression of viral nucleic acid and proteins. During acute infection, these perturbations serve to condition the cell for optimal viral replication and release, while also avoiding immune surveillance. In chronic infections, where virion release is rare, these same perturbations cause long-term cellular dysfunction. For...

Trajectories of Family Instability and Disruptive Behaviors Across Early Childhood: A Prospective Study of At-Risk Families

Sean Womack
Economically marginalized families are at a particularly high risk to experience instability in the form of residential mobility, family structure instability, and incarceration of parenting figures. Previous research has linked instability in early childhood to later behavior problems, but little is known about the longitudinal relationship between instability and behavior problems. The present study uses data from 731 families recruited to be at high risk for child behavior problems on the basis of socioeconomic disadvantage,...

The equiblibrium ultracentrifuge

Henry Marshall Dixon

The human rights committee : a regime analysis

Alan Mitchell Parra
The UN Human Rights Committee was established in 1976 upon entry into force of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on 23 March 1976. Since that time the Committee has earned a reputation as the preeminent international, treaty-monitoring body. Composed of eighteen individuals serving in their individual capacity, the HRC has played an essential role in the transformation of the UN-centered regime from a promotional to an implementation regime. Through its consideration of...

Exploring the relationship between perceived coaching styles and sport-confidence among college student-athletes

Henry Lee Harris
Based on Chelladurai and Carron's (1978) multidimensional model of sport leadership, this study examined the relationship between perceived coaching behaviors and athlete self-confidence among college studentathletes. Two hundred and twenty-three athletes, representing seven team sports from a large northeastern university served as subjects. The athletes assessed their coach's leadership style and behaviors using the Leadership Scale for Sports (Chelladurai & Saleh, 1980), and their confidence using the Trait Sport-Confidence Inventory (Vealey, 1986). The five leader...

Shadows of dominion : white men and power in slavery, war, and the New South

Alfonso John Mooney, IV
This dissertation is a group biography that traces the lives of four white male slaveholders from Virginia who fought in the Confederacy and their tumultuous personal relationships with fantasies, ambitions, and realities of power through the nineteenth-century South. It assesses how their conceptions of and designs for gaining economic, political, and social power ground against a postwar world in which such forms of power, no longer anchored by slavery and Civil War command, seemed fleeting...

Developmental needs and student engagement in an alternative high school

Jeffrey N Jones
Developmental Needs and Student Engagement in An Alternative High School America's public high schools provide instructional and developmental support for the country's emerging adolescents. But for some students, this support falls short of fulfilling their educational and social needs, leading to academic failure and school disengagement. While there has been much interest in the dropout phenomenon, much less attention has been given to programs designed to prevent school dropout. This twopart research focuses on how...

\"Essays on Pricing Dynamics: Evidence from the Brewing Industry and from Amazon Marketplace\"

Yanchi Yu
This dissertation studies pricing dynamics using evidence from the US brewing industry and from the Amazon marketplace. In the first chapter, I analyze the relationship between market structure and inter-temporal price discounts in the U.S. brewing industry. Most studies assume that consumers face constant product prices within a month or a quarter. However, consumers can respond to price discounts and strategically adjust their shopping behavior. Firms exploit consumers' responses to temporary price discounts to inter-temporally...

The Louisville Water Works Pumping Station Number One

Margaret Wheeler Hilliard

Race after the Master Race : Germans and African Americans, 1945-1949

Timothy Louis Schroer
My dissertation examines the encounter between African Americans and Germans after 1945 and how that contact informed the reworking of the meaning of "race." By the end of World War II, the idea that Germans belonged to a superior Master Race had been discredited. Germans exchanged an Aryan racial identity for membership in the "white" race. German whiteness became meaningful through encounters with African Americans in the occupying army, surfacing in connection with the problem...

Greek and Roman Coins of Tel Dor: A Study of Material Culture and Cultural Identity

Rosa Maria Motta
Greek and Roman Coins ofTel Dor: A Study of Material Culture and Cultural Identity by Rosa Maria Motta Doctor of Philosophy in Classical Art and Archaeology University of Virginia Professor Tyler Jo Smith, Chair 11 The story ofthe city and the people ofthe ancient Phoenician harbor town ofDor can be assembled from a variety ofprimary sources - historical, archaeological and art historical. Each primary source offers its own perspective. When, however, we attempt to understand...

An ultracentrifugal analysis of human serum lipoproteins

Henry Marshall Dixon

A National Study of Institutional Policy Adoption for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members

Jill Jones
The following dissertation will be the first in fifteen years to provide descriptive information to the U.S. post-secondary community about the prevalence of policies available to non-tenure-track faculty members at traditional four-year institutions. Moreover, this research identified and experimented with best-practices in surveying higher education administrators, namely provosts and vice provosts. Utilizing the three manuscript dissertation option, these three manuscripts were intentionally designed as three related and interconnected studies that build on one another. Manuscript...

A Bridge to Settlement: an African Ethnic Church in Central Virginia

Cheryl Leow
This paper seeks to explain the connection between an African ethnic church and the settlement of immigrants in Central Virginia by understanding how the African Ethnic Church contributes not only to the religious wellbeing of its congregation, but also to the material adjustment of its attendees and their psychological adjustment to the United States given the cultural familiarities provided within the church. Rather than focusing only on the physical results of the African Ethnic Church’s...

Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870

Christopher Oliver
Though now often overlooked, moving panoramas were one of the most viewed forms of American visual art in the middle of the nineteenth century. Whether it was across the Atlantic, down the Mississippi, or into the Arctic Circle, moving panorama exhibitions relied on the effect of virtual travel to engage the viewer in what was typically a two-hour performance, intent on edifying its participants. When viewed as a collection of static images the painted panorama...

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