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An analysis of parameters related to the directional instability of rear caster wheelchairs

Timothy J. Collins
A five degree of freedom dynamic model which uses a quasi-static approximation for lateral load transfer effects has been developed as a means of investigating the inherent directional instability associated with rear caster wheelchairs. Using a treadmill and test cart, the dependence of lateral wheelchair tire cornering force on variables such as forward speed, inflation pressure, camber angle, slip angle, and vertical load have been experimentally determined. A model has been developed which predicts wheelchair...

Role of Information in System Justifying Attitudes

Anup Gampa
Wealth inequality in the US is at unprecedented levels and yet we don’t see the kind of resistance to it that one might expect, especially from the oppressed. System Justification Theory (SJT) argues that people are motivated to justify the systems one belongs to—even if the systems are unjust. In fact, SJT postulates that one would become more defensive of the system when inequality in the system is highlighted. I propose, instead, that one’s uncritical...

Studies in the development of royal authority in Argead Macedonia

William Steven Greenwalt
This dissertation examines the elements which defined Argead kingship from the mid-seventh until the late fourth centuries B.C. It begins by reviewing the Argead king list where it is argued that the official reckoning of the dynasty's past was exploited in order to secure the throne against rivals, including those who were Argeads. Chapter Two analyzes the principles of Argead succession and concludes that the current theories on the subject are unsatisfactory in face of...

A comparison of a stimulus prompt and a response prompt with four fading procedures to teach sight words to the moderately and severely retarded

Diane Marie Browder
A comparison was made between a stimulus prompt (picture) and a response prompt (verbal model) to teach functional sight words to 80 institutionalized retarded adults. The four prompting/fading procedures were: 1. Graphic Picture Fading (reducing the brightness and clarity of a picture prompt), 2. Delay Picture Fading (delaying the picture prompt by a few seconds), 3. Delay Word Fading (delaying the verbal model), and 4. Volume Word Fading (reducing the volume of the verbal model)....

The painting of Lorser Feitelson

Diane Moran
THE PAINTING OF LORSER FEITELSON DIANE DEGASIS MORAN This dissertation is a study of the oeuvre of the Los Angeles painter Lorser Feitelson (1898-1978). The paintings are considered in terms of the cultural context, their developmental relationship to the oeuvre as a whole, their formal qualities, their significance in the history of modern art, and the artist'? intentions. In addition, Feitelson's crucial role as champion of modern art in Southern California from the late twenties...

The paper trade and industry in medieval England

David John Duncan

Cultural Determinants of M&A Returns: How Fairness Opinions by Boutique Firms Affect Value

Anna Seitz
In recent years, an increasing amount of attention has been drawn to boutique investment banks as they climb industry league tables. I examine the difference between boutique and full- service firms, and whether cultural distinctions can be seen through the transactions they advise on. I use announcement period returns to determine the effect of differences in an acquirer’s investment bank on transaction returns. First, I find that transactions that have at least one boutique as...

\"Notes on the Taste of Red\"

Landis Grenville
"Notes on the Taste of Red"

The Role of School Leaders in Securing STEM Education for Black Girls

Angel Miles Nash
The cross-case analysis endeavored to examine the perspectives and practices of middle school principals who were leading schools in which a federally-funded, design-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education grant was being implemented. In the context of a majority minoritized school district, the researcher operationalized the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) (Leithwood, 2012) using an intersectional (Crenshaw, 1989, 1991) lens to explore the ways that Black girls’ positionality in the STEM pipeline influenced school leaders....

Reducing Childhood Obesity by Improving Parental Perception of Child Weight Status in a Rural Medical Center

Christy Robinson
The prevalence of obesity in children and adolescents has increased dramatically in the past 40 years. This escalating crisis has reached epidemic proportions as almost one third of the children are considered overweight or obese in the United States. It is especially concerning that obesity is identified in preschoolers which can be predictive of obesity that extends into adolescence and adulthood. Prior research suggests that many parents were unable to recognize their children as being...

Why Boredom is Interesting

Erin Westgate
What is boredom? According to the Meaning and Attentional Components (MAC) model investigated here, boredom signals a lack of meaningful attentional engagement and is the result of (a) an attentional component, composed of mismatches between cognitive demands and available mental resources and (b) a meaning component, composed of mismatches between activities and valued goals (or the absence of valued goals altogether). The MAC model generates a number of novel predictions, including that multiple types of...

Faith in Community: Interracial Discussions and Ecumenical Protestantism, 1945-1960

Connor Kenaston
Historians have described the postwar racial justice activism of predominantly white ecumenical organizations like the Young Women’s Christian Association, Federal Council of Churches, and the Young Men’s Christian Association as “tepid” and “conciliatory.” Drawing on discussion guides, periodicals, and archival materials, this paper shifts the analysis from the organizations themselves to their black staff members. Pairing new social science research with Christian and democratic principles, women and men like Dorothy Height, George Haynes, and Maynard...

The Physicochemical and Systems Level Implications of Using CO2 as a Working Fluid in Hydraulically Fractured Shale Gas Wells

Rodney Wilkins
The rapid growth of natural gas production from unconventional gas shale formations over the past decade has changed the US energy landscape dramatically. This growth has been enabled by directional horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies, which allow engineers to access larger portions of a host rock and improve its permeability. The most effective hydraulic fracturing operations use millions of gallons of water at each wellhead. Even though much of this water is returned and...

Agent-based modeling of the glioblastoma tumor microenvironment

Lynette Sequeira
Effects of the tumor microenvironment on cancer progression and malignancy has recently become a common theme when determining therapeutic efficacy and strategies. In fact, in glioblastoma (GBM), the most malignant brain cancer in adults, tumor microenvironmental components have previously been implicated in tumor progression and malignancy. Thus, in this study, we set out to experimentally and computationally recapitulate the effects of the two most abundant stromal GBM cells, astrocytes and microglia, on tumor cell survival...

Applications of the Pfaffian State to Topological Phases

Alexander Sirota
Fractional topological insulators are electronic topological phases in $(3+1)$ dimensions enriched by time reversal and charge $U(1)$ conservation symmetries. The most straightforward series of fermionic fractional topological insulators is analyzed where their bulk quasiparticles consist of deconfined partons that carry fractional electric charges in integral units of $e^\ast=e/(2n+1)$ and couple to a discrete $\mathbb{Z}_{2n+1}$ gauge theory. This thesis proposes massive symmetry preserving or breaking fractional topological insulator surface states. By combining the long-ranged entangled bulk...

New Negro Voices in Virginia: Black Intellectual Leaders' and Hampton Institute's the Southern Workman during the Harlem Renaissance

Judith Wilson
With a particular focus on the 1920s, this paper examines six Southern Workman articles by influential African-American scholars who contributed to New Negro intellectual life: James Weldon Johnson, Carter G. Woodson, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, E. Franklin Frazier, Thomas L. Dabney and Howard Thurman. Though their careers diverged— they became academics, novelists, journalists, activists and a minister— during the 1920s the Workman featured prominently in their intellectual development, and is thus essential to any discussion of their...

Persistence and Resistance: African American High School Teachers and Students During the Long Civil Rights Movement in Charlottesville, Virginia, 1926-1974

Alexander Hyres
This dissertation examines the role of African American high school teachers and students in the struggle for equitable education from 1926-1974 in Charlottesville, Virginia. I argue that teachers and students sought culturally relevant and equitable education through their activism within and beyond the classroom. To be clear, not all African American teachers and students engaged in activism and protest. However, rather than dismiss a whole swath of people due to the inaction of some individuals,...

Water purification in rural South Africa: ethical analysis and reflections on collaborative community engagement projects in engineering

Eric Harshfield
This paper presents a sustainable development project in which University of Virginia students collaborated with University of Venda faculty, Global Sustainability Club students, and local community members to address water problems in a village in the Venda region of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. The cohort's goal was to implement a sustainable and contextually appropriate water purification and distribution system. The authors present the design and constructed process for a slow sand filtration system intended...

Implicit Health Associations Across the Adult Lifespan

Alexandra Werntz
Objective: Explicit reports of one’s health self-concept (e.g., how would you rate your overall health?) are commonly used in research and clinical practice. These measures predict important health outcomes, but rely on conscious introspection so may not fully capture the different components of health self-concept (e.g., less consciously controlled components) that relate to actual health. The current study examined the health-Implicit Association Test (health-IAT), and how it may add to our prediction of health from...

Reconstruction of Cardiomyocyte Growth and Remodeling Networks

Philip Tan
Alterations in cardiomyocyte shape and biology are critical to the heart’s adaptive capability. While many biochemical and mechanical processes influencing cardiac hypertrophy have been isolated, the precise signaling mechanisms separating adaptive and maladaptive responses remain uncertain. Here, we integrate high-content image analysis and computational network modeling to identify novel control structures and pathways underlying cardiomyocyte growth and remodeling. First, we develop and validate a comprehensive literature-based predictive model of the cardiac mechano-signaling network. We use...

Lovesick: Predictions from Hostile Conflict and Jealousy in Early Adult Romantic Relationships to Sleep, Depression and IL6

Emily Loeb
Romantic relationship hostility has been linked to a variety of health outcomes in marital couples, yet less is known about the role of hostility in health difficulties for young adults over time. The current study examines predictions from several indicators of romantic relationship hostility (observed hostility, jealousy, and reported negativity and conflict) in early adulthood to higher levels of sleep problems, depression, and Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in adulthood. Participants, parents, friends and romantic partners provided observational...

Disruption: Economic Globalization and the End of the Cold War Order in the 1970's

Michael De Groot
This dissertation argues that the economic globalization that swept over the world during the 1970s provides the key to understanding why the Cold War ended. During this decade, industrial states on both sides of the Cold War divide endured a series of shocks to their economic and financial structures. The Western capitalist states adapted to the new economic landscape; the socialist bloc states did not. While the end of the U.S.-Soviet geopolitical and ideological struggle...

Fast and Scalable Joint Estimators for Learning Sparse Gaussian Graphical Models from Heterogeneous Data with Additional Knowledge

Beilun Wang
Understanding and quantifying variable graphs from heterogeneous samples is a fundamental and urgent analysis task thanks to the data explosion in many scientific domains. Such variable graphs can significantly improve network-driven studies like understanding genetic or neural pathways or providing valuable tools for the discovery of therapeutic targets or diagnostic markers. One typical approach is to jointly estimate K different but related conditional dependency graphs through a multi-task formulation of the sparse Gaussian Graphical Model...

Fractionalization and Interaction in Topological Superconductors and Insulators

Sharmistha Sahoo
We present a study of novel topological order in three dimensional (3+1D) topological superconductors and fractional topological insulators. Such topological order occurs when the surface is gapped due to the presence of many-body interactions that respect the time-reversal symmetry. 3+1D time reversal symmetric topological superconductors are characterized by gapless (massless) Majorana fermions on its surface. They are robust against any time reversal symmetric single-body perturbation weaker than the bulk energy gap. We mimic this gapless...

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