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New Frontiers in American Documentary Film

Nicole Jan Huffman
Despite economic hardships, there was a tremendous impulse in the Depression Era to document actual events and people. One of the new genres of "documentary expression" that emerged during these years was documentary film. Using the camera, artists could capture a worker's revolt, a farmer and his family trying to survive on the overworked land, fighting in the Spanish Civil War, and the impact of the machine on man and the land. No other apparatus...

A Viscoelastic Model for High Strain Rate Loading of the Human Calvarium

Sourabh Boruah
Brain injury resulting from exposure to blast continues to be a significant problem in the military community. In order to understand the response of the human brain under various high-rate mechanical insults to the head, the way in which the load is transmitted through the skull must be accurately characterized. The bones of the human calvarium comprise a sandwich structure with two dense layers of cortical bone separated by porous cancellous bone. Although the high...

Detection of steady state in discrete event dynamic systems : an analysis of heuristics

Mary Alice McClarnon
The choice of initial conditions is a fundamental issue in the experimental analysis of non-terminating, stochastic, discrete-event dynamic systems (DEDS). Because output observations are sequentially correlated, cumulative performance estimators are biased when initial observations are not representative of steady-state operation. A poor choice of initial conditions, at best, requires a larger sample of steady-state operations so as to dilute the initialization bias. At worst, the bias goes undetected, and the result is that insufficient data...

The education of the medieval squire

Thomas Cussons Fletcher
Describes the training and education of a typical aspirant to knighthood of the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century. Uses Chaucer's references to squires in the 'Tales' as well as additional material from the contemporary romances and prose works.

Research in Japanese Optical Character Recognition

Trent A. Duewer
The purpose of this project was to explore and learn better ways to do Japanese Optical Character Recognition (OCR). I researched Japanese OCR by writing a simple program that can recognize some Japanese characters. OCR is scanning in a written document and converting the pictures of characters inside the document into text. OCR is a laborsaving device because it eliminates the need to type a written document into the computer. The program developed in this...

Electronic Submission of Undergraduate Theses: A Case Study for the Implementation of a University-Wide Program for the Electronic Submission and On-line Archiving of Theses and Dissertations

Mariahna Moore
The popularity of electronic publishing and electronic libraries rises as the number of people on the World Wide Web increases exponentially every year. Many students are not suitably prepared for on-line world that faces them in their careers ahead. Additionally, the results of hours of time, energy, and research are seemingly lost as theses and dissertations sit on library shelves unavailable to outside students and research communities. Increasingly, discussions of electronic theses and dissertations and...

The MatchMaker DataBase (MMDB): Bringing Businesses and Consultants Together

Roy E. Stephan
In today's technical industries, there is a serious lack of skilled workers. Many companies are resorting to hiring unskilled workers and teaching them the technologies they need to do their jobs. For large or deadline intensive projects, companies rely on consultants. The major problem with this system is that companies cannot find consultants with the skills they need in a timely or efficient fashion. The MatchMaker program is a web-based business tool for putting companies...

An introduction and translation of Vinitadeva's explanation of the first ten verses of (Vasubandhu's) commentary on his \"Twenty Stanzas\" with appended glossary of technical terms Gregory Alexander Hillis.

Gregory Alexander Hillis
In this thesis I argue that Vasubandhu categorically rejects the position that objects exist external to the mind. To support this interpretation, I engage in a close reading of Vasubandhu's Twenty Stanzas (Vimśatikā , nyi shu pa), his autocommentary (vimśatikā-vrtti, nyi shu pa'i 'grel pa), and Vinītadeva's sub-commentary (prakarana- Vimśaka-tīkā-, rab tu byed pa nyi shu pa' i 'grel bshad). I endeavor to show how unambiguous statements in Vasubandhu's root text and autocommentary refuting the...

The Relationship among Housing Instability, Race/Ethnicity, Depressive Symptoms, and Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence among Mothers

Patty Wilson
Background: Mothers who experience ongoing intimate partner violence (IPV) with limited finances, unemployment, and housing instability (HI) may find themselves trapped in situations where they stay in abusive relationships or return to their abuser, increasing their exposure to IPV. The racial disparities in rates of IPV, depressive symptoms, and HI between Black women and White women is alarming. Little is known of the influence that race/ethnicity has on the relationship between HI, depressive symptoms, and...

A Retrospective Evaluation of Traffic Forecasting Accuracy: Lessons Learned from Virginia

Salwa Anam
Understanding the accuracy of techniques for forecasting traffic volumes for a future year, such as extrapolation of previous years traffic volumes, use of regional travel demand models, and use of local trip generation rates, can aid analysts in considering the range of transportation investments for a given location. To determine this accuracy, forecasts from 39 Virginia studies (published from 1967-2010) were compared to observed volumes for the forecast year. The comparison enabled the identification of...

Carbon assimilation by riverine mangroves in the Florida Everglades

Jordan Barr
This dissertation addressed the central hypothesis that Florida Everglades' mangroves are among the most productive of all biomes, in terms of their capacity to assimilate atmospheric carbon dioxide. The hypothesis was evaluated using both a foliage-level gas exchange system and tower-based observing systems operating at the ecosystem-dimension during January through August 2004. Leaf-level controls on gas and energy exchange were investigated for black and red mangrove foliage along the water's edge and inside the canopy...

Capturing the Role of Temperature and Entropy in Crystal Polymorphs Through Molecular Simulations

Eric Dybeck
The presence of multiple stable crystal structures in solid organic materials can limit their commercial viability when two or more observable polymorphs exhibit markedly different physical properties. Unintended restructuring events have hindered pharmaceutical solid form development in numerous therapeutic candidates and have led to costly market recalls. Conversely, intentional synthesis of a metastable form has led to significantly more favorable performance in numerous materials. Current computational methods for predicting polymorphic behavior evaluate candidate crystal structures...

Understanding the Chromatographic Processing of Recombinant Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Using Ceramic Hydroxypatite

Yiran Wang
Virus like particles (VLPs) are novel biopharmaceutical products that have become widely used for vaccines, gene therapy and immunotherapy. The purification of VLPs poses several unique challenges including the handling of their large molecular size and the removal of nucleic acid contaminants. Ceramic hydroxyapatite (CHT), a mixed-mode chromatography adsorbent, has shown promise in purifying VLPs from nucleic acid due to its multimodal adsorption mechanism. This work has two principal objectives. The first is to investigate...

The Use of Impedance Spectroscopy in Characterizing Low Voltage Electrowetting-on-dielectric

Xiaoyu Hu
Being able to control fluid shape and flow using an external electric field alone without any mechanical parts, electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) has drawn a lot of attention from researchers which leads to the the invention of many interesting applications. In the laboratory, EWOD characterization is generally conducted using direct optical observation of the droplet. While being a straight-forward method, optical techniques are laborious, slow, subject to optical distortions, and impractical in devices where the electrowetted droplet...

Multicarrier OFDM with Application to Adaptive Spectrum Utilization: A Design Study

Marc Severo
As the demand for wireless spectrum exceeds regulatory allocation, there is a need to look at new ways to manage and utilize unused spectrum. One method is to use smart, or cognitive radios that are able to sense and utilize unused spectrum. As the bandwidth requirements for these adaptive radios increase, there is a need to aggregate the data over non-contiguous channels over a wide bandwidth. This requirement of both being adaptive and flexible proposes...

The Undiscovered Thurman: The Early Howard Thurman and Religious Liberalism Unfinished Business of Race Relations

Larry Perry
The Undiscovered Thurman: the Early Howard Thurman and the Religious Left’s Unfinished Business of Race Relations (1899 to 1949) is an intellectual and political biography of the early Howard Thurman. While it is a biography of Thurman, it is just as much a biography of the numerous zeitgeists, circumstances, and institutions that produced him. This detailed account of the early Thurman and the world around him points one towards a more politically radical and philosophically...

Teacher Evaluation, Instructional Practice and Student Achievement: Evidence from the District of Columbia Public Schools and the Measures of Effective Teaching Project

Melinda Adnot
In recent years, many states and districts have introduced new teacher evaluation policies aimed at improving the overall performance of the teacher workforce. While one goal of these systems is to provide an overall measure of teacher performance that can be used for accountability purposes, another, perhaps more important goal, is to use the individualized feedback on specific aspects of instruction to help teachers improve. However, we know little about teachers’ ability to respond to...

Automated algorithm for measurement of spontaneous adenosine transients in large electrochemical data sets

Ryan Borman
Spontaneous adenosine release events have been discovered in the brain that last only a few seconds. The identification of these adenosine events from fast-scan cyclic voltammetry data has been performed manually and is difficult due to the random nature of adenosine release. In this study, we develop an algorithm that automatically identifies and characterizes adenosine transient features, including event time, concentration, and duration. Automating the data analysis reduces analysis time from 10-18 hours to about...

Phagocytic Communication During Apoptotic Cell Clearance and Inflammation

Claudia Han
Clearance of apoptotic cells is essential for tissue homeostasis, development and inflammation resolution; it is carried out by professional phagocytes, such as macrophages, and non-professional phagocytes, such as epithelial cells. In most tissues, such as the lung and the brain, professional and non-professional phagocytes reside in close proximity, but it is not known how they co-regulate the cell clearance process. This thesis research has revealed that macrophages redirect the phagocytosis of epithelial cells and this...

Do Happy Events Love Company? Cultural Variations in Sharing Positive Events with Others

Hyewon Choi
This study examined cultural differences in the act of sharing positive events with others, called capitalization attempts. The first three studies tested whether the frequency of capitalization attempts differs between cultures using various methods: Self-reports (Study 1), children’s storybooks (Study 2), and Facebook (Study 3). With the exception of Study 2, we found that East Asians are less likely to share their positive events with others than European Americans. Study 4 further examined the antecedents...

Critiquing the Enlightenment: Beethoven's Music in Early Romanticism.

Peter D'Elia
This dissertation begins by showing how the common framing of Beethoven’s music in terms of Classicism and Romanticism is bound up with twentieth-century binary politics. It goes on to argue that these categories have a limited historical basis and have also restricted our aesthetic appreciation of much of his music. It then suggests that the more historically-grounded category of Early Romanticism makes some of the often-ignored genres of Beethoven’s output comprehensible and appreciable. The bulk...

So What if Poe Was Here? Identifying and Evaluating Virginia's Literary Landmarks

Emily Ann Kane
The Commonwealth of Virginia, through the Historical Highway Markers program or the Virginia Landmarks Register, lists among its landmarks approximately 33 sites crediting their significance to some kind of writing, from important state and national documents to noteworthy creative fiction and poetry, journalistic endeavors or publications of biographical or instructional subject matters. These two vehicles for commemoration are part of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, which states its mission as being “to foster, encourage,...

Shrines of American Microculture: Halls of Fame and Nostalgia Tourism

Charles Francis Holmgren
The Hall of Fame and Museum hopes to induct robots from the deeply scientific, such as Dante II (the walking robot that explored the inside of a volcano) and NASA's Sojourner (which explored Mars in 1997), to the fictive, like Star Wars' R2D2 and Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. With a distinguished panel of judges, including legendary futurist and author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke, the Robot Hall of Fame hopes to...

Modernist Oasis: Rise, Fall, and Rebirth in Palm Springs

James Vernon Baker
California in the 1920’s symbolized an era of possibility and new direction for the American imagination. The fledgling film industry was establishing an outpost in the arid Southern California hills, and new arrivals came daily to remake their fortunes. In the desert 120 miles to the east, new visions of architecture, design, and modes of living were being expressed in a natural oasis at the foot of the San Jacinto mountains. Over the next four...

Do Teacher Perceptions of School Working Contexts Contribute to the Quality of Teacher-Student Interactions in the Classroom?

Carol Paxton
The purpose of this study was to: (a) examine the underlying factor structure for collective teacher efficacy, (b) describe individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy, as well as correlation patterns with classroom observation scores, and (c) analyze the strength of association between the collective efficacy perceptions of 392 fourth- and fifth-grade teachers and their scored observed interactions with students in the classroom. This study is the first to examine individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy...

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