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The effects of a growth mindset intervention on the beliefs about intelligence, effort beliefs, achievement goal orientations, and academic self-efficacy of LD students with reading difficulties

Mary Caufield Baldridge
The overall purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a "growth mindset" intervention on the beliefs about intelligence, effort beliefs, achievement goals, and academic self-efficacy of learning disabled (LD) students with reading difficulties. The treatment group consisted of 12 high school LD students with reading difficulties. This was a mixed methods study examining pretest and post test survey responses utilizing descriptive statistics and analyzing qualitative data: class discussions, student interviews, journal responses,...

A Revolution (Dis)Placed: Environment and the Creation of Cultural Identity in Fernández, Yáñez, Castellanos, and Poniatowska

Stephanie Gates
Mexican history and culture are particularly illuminating when considering the question of environment and the significance a society places on it. This dissertation analyzes four works from post-revolutionary Mexico that span from the years 1943-1969, by examining how the space in each work interacts with characters to create meaning. Through it, a sense of identity—cultural and historical—emerges which is heavily dependent on environmental space. The works studied in each chapter are: Emilio Fernández’s 1943 film,...

A Dynamic Model of Multiproduct Firms: Advertising and Product Menu Choice in the Ready-to-Eat Cereal Industry

Jason Price Hulbert
A common assumption in the industrial organization literature is that of exogenous product menus. While this assumption is adequate for short run models of firm behavior, long run analysis of competition requires a model that explains the evolution of the menus upon which the short run competition is based. This dissertation provides such a model. The objective of this dynamic model of multiproduct oligopoly is to understand how firms compete through menu selection in the...

An Examination of How Selected Colleges and Universities Promote Student Academic Integrity

David K. Bush
The purpose of this study was to examine how member colleges and universities of the Center for Academic Integrity promote student academic integrity. A modified version of Kibler's (1994) academic integrity survey was sent to the primary contact of the 188 institutions located in the 50 states and District of Columbia. The 53-item survey gathered data on institutional characteristics and seven areas of intervention: promotion of academic integrity, communication strategies, honor code, training strategies, faculty...

Choice in Washington: the Politics of Liberalized Abortion

Robert Gerald Morrison
This thesis is a study of Washington's statewide referendum on liberalization of abortion held in November of 1970. Indeed, the voters of Washington were the first people to whom so many fundamental political and philosophical questions were put in the form of one decisional act. Thucydides has Pericles tell us that future ages would marvel at the heights which Athenian civilization had attained and at the political institutions and public spiritedness by which the state...

The Influence of Temporal Group Identities on Goal-Pursuit

David Reinhard
In this paper, I examine the psychological and motivational consequences of highlighting connections between past and present generations of an in-group. I hypothesize that connecting the present generation to its collective past causes people to feel connected to something greater than themselves, intensifies motivation to invest in the group, and increases the desire to leave a legacy. I integrate previously unconnected literatures that examine temporal group identities and offer a framework for interpreting their psychological...

Chronic Kidney Disease: Early Education Intervention

Judy Kauffman
Background: Chronic kidney disease is a public health problem worldwide. Awareness of chronic kidney disease among patients is low. Providing early education will empower the patient with tools, resources, and knowledge to self-manage the disease. Purpose: The aim of this study was to determine if providing early self-management education will improve the awareness of chronic kidney disease and increase knowledge regarding the disease process in the primary care setting. Design: A quasi-experimental study was conducted...

Monitoring and Evaluating a Bioretention Filter Enhanced with Zero-Valent Iron and Biochar

Ryan Mahon
Stormwater has become an increasing point of concern in water pollution. Non-point source pollution caused by runoff is one of the largest polluters to waterways, such as the Chesapeake Bay. The EPA and DEQ have created Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the Bay watershed to protect it from high pollutant levels. To comply with state and local TMDLs, increased runoff treatment is necessary. An existing bioretention system in Charlottesville, Virginia, was enhanced with zero-valent...

A Dichotomy of Inner and Outer Worlds in Kate Chopin's the Awakening

Kathleen Louise Taylor
No abstract available.

Beyond the tender years : a longitudinal study of parents' relationships with adolescents in nondivorced, divorced, and remarried families

Evelyn Ann Hollier
This study examines the impact of nonnormative and normative life changes on parenting behavior. It focuses on the impact of divorce, remarriage, and stepparenthood on parents' relationships with children who are themselves negotiating the transition into adolescence. Two hundred and two white middle class families participated, including nondivorced families, stabilized mother-headed divorced families, and families with a newly remarried custodial mother and a residential stepfather. Remarried families were interviewed 4 months, 16 months and 26...

The Exploration of Mechanisms Linking Adolescent Attachment Organization and Friendship Competence

Maryfrances Ruth Porter
Data from a final sample of 147, racially/ethnically and socio-economically diverse, target teens (77 female), and their closest, same-gendered friend, were collected over three annual waves of data collection. The current project included two studies designed to address specific gaps in the literature on links between parenting and peer outcomes for adolescents. Possible cognitive-emotional mechanisms that may mediate links between qualities of parent-adolescent relationships (as measured by interview assessed attachment organization) and friendship competencies during...

Teacher Evaluation Policy in Portugal: An Implementation Study

Ana Paula dos Reis Curado
The purpose of this dissertation was to study the implementation process of Portuguese policy of teacher evaluation. To achieve this purpose, the collective bargaining process leading to the formulation of the teacher evaluation policy was investigated, and three case studies, based on three secondary schools with different organizational characteristics, were developed. The conceptual framework guiding the study's design and findings was derived from organization theory. The literature review covered the areas of teacher evaluation, teacher...

The Syncretism of Tradition: Reappraising Cultural Mixture in Christianity

Ross Kane
This dissertation probes use of the term syncretism in Christian theology, with an eye toward constructing a pneumatology for an increasingly global and plural church. First, I show that present-day usage of syncretism demonstrates latent colonial legacies in the academy that continue to inhibit appreciation of new theological insights emerging beyond the West. Engaging history of religions and anthropological literature on syncretism as well as Kathryn Tanner’s work on culture, I reframe syncretism to highlight...

The Place of the Veda in the Thought of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: A Historical and Textual Analysis

Thomas Arthur Egenes
Maharish~Mahesh Yogi has derived both the experiential and philosophical components of Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi's principle contribution to the Vedic tradition is that the Veda exists in consciousness, what he calls "the unified field whispering to itself." Those who know consciousness, know the Veda; according to Maharishi, the unfoldment of consciousness is the central theme of the Vedic literature.

Star Formation and Nuclear Activity in Local Starburst Galaxies: A Near-Infrared Perspective

Henry Borish
Near-Infrared spectroscopy provides a useful probe for viewing embedded nuclear activity in intrinsically dusty sources such as Luminous Infrared Galaxies (LIRGs). In addition, near-infrared spectroscopy is an essential tool for examining the late time evolution of type IIn supernovae as their ejected material cools through temperatures of a few thousand Kelvins. In this dissertation, I present observations and analysis of two distinct star-formation driven extragalactic phenomena: a luminous type IIn supernova and the nuclear activity...

Growing Children Out of Doors: California's Open-Air Schools and Children's Health, 1907-1917

Camille Shamble
This dissertation, the first detailed study of American open-air schools, examines the relationship between landscape architecture and building design, considering how these innovative educational facilities simultaneously reflected and shaped Progressive-Era reforms related to children’s health and welfare—as well as more problematic American discourses surrounding nationalism and racism. This project focuses on the peak of the movement in California, from 1907-1917, in which single-story modern school structures with integrated gardens and permeable pavilion classrooms transformed the...

Experimental and Modeling Study of Thermoelectric Materials for High Figure of Merit

Long Chen
Half-Heusler alloys RNiSn (R=Hf, Zr, Ti) were made by arc melting under argon atmosphere followed by the consolidation using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technique. The thermoelectric properties were measured from room temperature up to 1170 K. The temperature dependences of thermoelectric properties and structures were investigated. A frequency-dependent differential effective medium (DEM) model was developed to evaluate the lattice thermal conductivity. This model was also applied to calculate the thermal conductivity of nanostructured Si and...

The Relationship of School Poverty and Suspension Rates: Finding Ways to Reduce Suspension Through Prevention Programming and School Bonding

Erica Shirley
What is the relationship between school poverty and school suspension rates and to what extent do prevention programming and school bonding lower the suspension risk for students in high poverty schools? The present study examined the association between school level poverty and suspension rates in addition to investigating whether prevention programming and school bonding factors moderate the relationship between school-level poverty and suspension rates using a sample of 289 public high schools from the Virginia...

Prescriptive literature and courtship ritual in the upper South, 1800-1855

Elizabeth Ann Fritschle
The paper uses examples of young women's experiences during 1800-1855 in the Upper South to analyze courtship rituals.

Limbs on the levee : steamboat explosions and the origins of federal public welfare regulation, 1817-1852

John Kennedy Brown
The paper examines the failures of the American steamboats and government regulations of the industry from 1817 to 1852.

The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party through August, 1964

Anne Cooke Romaine
The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, formally constituted in April, 1964, was formed as a political organization by disfranchised black Mississippians. The roots of the MFDP are contained in the organizing efforts and philosophy of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) which began voter registration activity in Mississippi in 1961. The first objective of the MFDP was recognition by the National Democratic Party. The MFDP members felt that recognition, as the official Democratic Party in Mississippi,...

\"Love makes memory eternal\" : the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia 1897-1930

Nancy Angelyn Parrott
The paper focuses on the role of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Louis I. Jaffe : a southern liberal's critique of lynching

James Patrick, Jr. Dvorak
This essay will examine Jaffe's analysis of lynching-particularly his perception of its causes and potential cures-- and determine how that analysis was shaped by his racial liberalism.

The polity and the party system : Conneticut and New Hampshire, 1840-1876

Lex Renda
The dissertation analyzes the relationship between electoral movement and legislative policymaking in Connecticut and New Hampshire between 1840 and 1876. There are several sophisticated treatments of party strategies, voting behavior, an d specific areas of policy development in American history, yet there has been little examination of their interrelationship, particularly on the state level. Even less has been done to demonstrate the ways in which federal and state level policy issues interacted and affected party...

Rape, law, and society in the progressive era

Lydia Jane Ellen Reid
This paper is a beginning exploration into the history of rape in early twentieth century America. The topic is difficult to research and interpret since rape only becomes apparent when the perpetrator is brought to trial. As a result, the most accessible information concerning this crime exists within legal periodicals, statute books, and appellate court records. This essay focuses on two aspects of this history--legal reform discourse and the legal system's treatment of the crime....

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