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Emergency mothers : the women of Charlottesville confront massive resistance

Andrew Benjamin Lewis
The paper examines the role and impact of the women of the PCES.

Robert Gilmor, Jr. (1774-1848) : Baltimore collector and American art patron

Lance Lee Humphries
Robert Gilmor, Jr. (1774-1848) of Baltimore, Maryland was of one the most significant art collectors and patrons in the United States before 1850. Based on archival research, Volume I explores a number of issues regarding Gilmor as collector. Volume II provides a detailed catalogue of the nearly 400 paintings in his collection, numerous miniatures, drawings, prints, sculptures, and antiquities. A merchant, Gilmor matured in an international environment of great wealth, including art collectors and patrons....

Managing white supremacy : politics and culture in Virginia, 1919-1939

John Douglas Smith
Throughout the 1920s, white elites in Virginia found it increasingly difficult to manage white supremacy. For decades, state-level political leaders, business executives, and newspaper editors had advocated a paternalistic vision of race relations. They supported segregation and disfranchisement laws in the name of order and stability, but also pledged to protect the commonwealth's black citizens from the excesses of the white masses. During the twenties, however, faced with internal contradictions inherent in the commonwealth's social...

Congress, business, and the postwar labor movement : rethinking the McClellan Committee, its origins, and its consequences

Jean-Claude André
The aim of this Thesis is to contextualize the McClellan Committee. It is based on the premise that labor has experienced a postwar decline, and it argues that the McClellan Committee was both a product of labor's weakened postwar state, and a catalyst in perpetuating that weakened state. Specifically, it claims that the McClellan hearings led to the passage of the anathematic Landrum-Griffin Act and the development of a negative public image for organized labor....

Fighting traffic : the dawn of the motor age in the American city

Peter Daniel Norton
By 1930 American cities were committed to accommodating motor vehicles. Yet just ten years earlier, most experts and city people agreed that motorists would have to conform to the city as they found it. The change was only in part an evolutionary adaptation to the growing use of automobiles. Those interested in a future for cars in cities did not believe it would come unassisted. They fought for it. The obstacles were formidable. The leading...

'If They Could Change the World' : Children,Childhood, and African-American Civil Rights Politics

Rebecca Lyn de Schweinitz
This dissertation examines the role of young people in the civil rights movement and the ways that changing ideas about childhood have influenced the place of blacks in American society and the struggle for racial equality. Chapter 1 explores how ideas about childhood helped legitimize American slavery, influenced the movements to defend and eradicate it, and limited Reconstruction efforts. Chapter 2 examines how race leaders used ideas about childhood to prove the respectability of the...

The Story of the Virginia Central Railroad, 1850-1860

Elizabeth Dabney Coleman
A study of the antebellum Virginia railroads.

If Not for the Ladies: Ladies' Memorial Associations and the Making of the Lost Cause

Caroline Elizabeth Janney-Lucas
"If Not for the Ladies" restores white women's place in the historical narrative by exploring their role as the creators and purveyors of Confederate tradition in the post Civil War South. Through a study of the Ladies' Memorial Associations of Virginia from 1861-1914, it examines how and why middle- and upper-class southern white women came to shape the public rituals of Confederate memory, Reconstruction, and reconciliation. Members of LMAs not only helped to create and...

The Proslavery Argument in the Early Republic, 1790-1830

Larry Robert Morrison
According to the standard view of Southern history, there was a strong antislavery tradition in the South until the 1830's when the militant abolitionist attacks upon not only slavery but also slaveholders forced Southerners into a defense of their peculiar institution. This view over­ looks, however, the strong proslavery tradition that also existed in the South from 1790 to 1830. This study is an attempt to re-examine this period and consider the proslavery arguments that...

\"Notorious in the Neighborhood\": Interracial Sex and Interracial Families in Early National and Antebellum Virginia

Joshua D. Rothman
Laws and social disapprobation in Virginia before the Civil War militated against sex across the color line, yet interracial sex abounded in plantation, town. and urban communities throughout the state. This dissertation studies that interracial sex. in early national and antebellum Virginia. It examines diverse kinds of interracial sexual relationships by reconstructing some of the social and economic networks of local communities. It explores how legal and judicial authorities in the state capital resolved cases...

Maternity and Child Welfare Reform in North India, 1900-1947

Hillary Jean Bracken
During the first half of the twentieth century, north India served as an important site in a growing global debate about government efforts to reduce infant mortality. This is a political and social history of these discussions, from the first decades of the twentieth century to the eve of Indian independence in 1947. This dissertation charts how political and professional interest came to shape the design and mechanisms of maternity and child welfare policy and...

From empire to isolation : internationalism and isolationism in American thought

Christopher McKnight Nichols
From Empire to Isolation: Internationalism and Isolationism in American Thought explains the origins of modern American isolationism and examines its genesis in relationship with internationalism and domestic reform from the 1890s through the 1920s. This dissertation takes a new approach to isolationism by examining it as an intellectual and cultural phenomenon. Based on archival research and interdisciplinary synthesis, From Empire to Isolation focuses on eight eminent activists, thinkers, and politicians - and their wider intellectual...

The Politicians of Women's Liberation: Bella Abzug and Feminism in Congress

Rachel Laura Pierce
A study of Congresswoman Bella Abzug's political career in the early 1970s.

Conserving the Country in Postwar America: Federal Conservation Policy from Eisenhower to Nixon

Laura Richardson Kolar
This dissertation examines the significance and changing dimensions of federal conservation policy in America after World War II. It focuses on one component of federal conservation policy: how programs developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture between 1955 and 1972 advanced new dimensions of conservation ideology and contributed to shaping and implementing broader goals of political reform. In the 1950s and 60s, leaders adapted older conservation agendas to meet the needs of postwar America, in...

The Spanish Faction and the Exercise of Political Power in Jacobean England, 1612-1618

Kenneth Morgan Peoples
In any government, regardless of its form, factional and interpersonal rivalries and jealousies play a large role in the political process. This fact was even truer in the early seventeenth century, when the European attitude toward government, more medieval than modern, held the person of the monarch to be the embodiment of the state. As a result, the system tended to be personally rather than institutionally oriented. These observations were true of James I and...

National Party Organizations and Party Brands in American Politics

Boris Heersink
Political scientists have traditionally dismissed the Democratic and Republican National committees as ‘service providers’ – organizations that provide assistance to candidates in the form of campaign funding and expertise but otherwise lack political power. In this dissertation, I argue that this perspective has missed a crucial role national committees play in American politics, namely that national party organizations publicize their party’s policy positions and, in doing so, attempt to create national party brands. These brands...

The Rise of the Elderly Women: Controversy, Hierarchy, and Matriliny in Yap (Wa'ab), Federated States of Micronesia

Yu-Chien Huang
My dissertation describes the intricate interplay among land, leadership, and matriliny on the Pacific island of Yap (Wa’ab), in Micronesia, as the background needed for understanding perplexing local responses to a proposed resort development. Since 2011, a Chinese business consortium headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, has presented a plan to build the resort on a large tract made up of adjacent land parcels owned by several Yapese households and communities, which were asked to formalize title...

Rapid Systems for Detection of Pathogen and Human Nucleic Acids via Microfluidic Amplification

Jacquelyn DuVall
Nucleic acid amplification serves an important role in many applications, including, but not limited to: clinical diagnostics, biomedical analyses, and forensics. Traditional amplification, either via polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or isothermal methods, is time-consuming and dependent upon expensive instrumentation and equipment. Microfluidics has emerged as a powerful tool to address these limitations, and extensive research has been focused on the application of micro total analysis systems (μTAS) to nucleic acid amplification. This dissertation presents two...

Essays on Consumer Credit Markets and Debtor Protections

Nathaniel Pattison
This thesis studies the costs, benefits, and welfare impact of laws that protect debtors when they default. The first chapter evaluates the welfare impact of one of the main debtor protections in the United States: asset exemptions. Asset exemptions shield debtors’ assets from seizure by unsecured creditors, and so provide insurance that increases consumption when debtors default. This default insurance is financed by higher interest rates when debtors repay. I derive a sufficient statistic formula...

Service-Learning Judicial Sanctions: New Vehicles to Promote Student Development in Undergraduate Education

Alyson Wynn Kienle
In recent decades, service-learning has emerged as a powerful teaching tool in academic settings within colleges and universities. The benefits of service-learning may be similarly abundant when this pedagogy is implemented as a judicial sanction. Judicial affairs professionals in a few colleges and universities have added service-learning judicial sanctions to the range of sanctions they assign to adjudicated students. However, neither the frequency of this practice, nor data concerning the effects of these sanctions, have...

It's All About How you Frame It: A Sensemaking Perspective on the Instructional Coach Role

Jillian McGraw
In an effort to improve students outcomes in U.S. schools, many educational policies have turned their attention to professional learning for teachers. Many of these policies have introduced support for coaching initiatives. Coaching is broadly defined as a form of job-embedded professional development aimed at helping teachers improve the quality of their instruction. Initial evidence suggests coaching may support teacher learning and transfer of knowledge to classroom practice. However, there is no standardized approach to...


William Rourk
Fralin 3d ; This item is one in a series of 4 collection items from the Fralin Museum that were 3D scanned and 3D printed for the Spring 2017 Exhibit "Collect, Care, Conserve, Curate: The Life of the Art Object"

Development of a Novel Micro Biosensor for Monitoring Glutamate Release in the Brain

Yash Maniar
L-glutamate is a prevalent excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system with important roles in a variety of normal neuronal function and also neurological and neurodegenerative diseases (Meldrum, 2000; Hamdan and Zain, 2014; Salazar et al., 2016). While many methods have been employed to detect glutamate levels in the brain, amperometric measurement with a glutamate oxidase-based biosensor offers numerous advantages including high spatial resolution and real-time measurement (Lee et al., 2007; Batra et al., 2016)....

The Office of the Provincial Governor under the Roman Republic and Empire (to AD 235): Conception and Tradition

Fred Kilday Drogula
This dissertation examines the institution of the Roman governor, that single individual who served as the essential link between Rome and the myriad different tribes, cities, and nations that lived under Roman dominion. The Roman imperial governorship was not a creation of the Early Empire, but rather was a direct descendent of its Republican predecessor, and therefore is examined herein for its adherence to, and deviation from, this traditional heritage. This study argues that the...

Fuel Pyrolysis at Atmospheric and Elevated Pressure Conditions in Micro-Flow Tube Reactor

Ujuma Shrestha
Improved efficiency and reduced emissions are essential elements of more sustainable propulsion systems. In addition to providing energy, the fuel in propulsion systems can be also used as coolant for critical engine components. Both the choice of fuel and understanding the fuel pyrolysis and oxidation behavior is critical for design of future propulsion systems. Specifically, well validated chemical kinetic models are needed in designing such systems. A fundamental approach in developing detailed chemical kinetic models...

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