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Re-Escrituras del Cuento de Hadas En la Literatura Hispánica Contemporánea: Rosario Ferré, Carmen Martín Gaite, Luisa Valenzuela y Eliseo Diego

Rosa Mirna Sánchez Ferreiras
Re-writings of Fairy Tales in Contemporary Hispanic Literature: Rosario Ferré, Carmen Martín Gaite, Luisa Valenzuela and Eliseo Diego This dissertation studies contemporary re-writings of fairy tales by selected authors from Latin America and Spain. It addresses the complexity of the project of rewriting through a discussion of the various definitions of the fairy tale and a consideration of the most important theories on re-writings, such as those of parody by Linda Hutcheon, hypertextuality by Gérard...

I remember Being Nice: Self-Enhancement Memory Bias in Adults and Children

Shaina Rowell
Adults tend to remember themselves in a positive way. For example, they are more likely to remember their past good deeds rather than their bad deeds, which may help them to maintain good mental health and high self-esteem. In contrast, adults tend to have a negativity bias in memory for other people’s actions, remembering more of their bad deeds than their good ones. This is also adaptive in that it may help them avoid harmful...

Holy Ground: The Sacramental Landscape of Berry's Port William

John Collier
Holy Ground: The Sacramental Landscape of Berry's Port William argues that the world Berry imagines is, when understood in theological terms, thoroughly sacramental. The town of Port William, Kentucky, that center point for Berry's fiction, is a locale where grace arrives via the land, the community and her ordinary (though unexpected) priestly characters. This argument emerges from a close reading of Berry's fiction and is bolstered by demonstrating Berry's indebtedness to the Greek Orthodox translator...

The Faces of Chairman Mao: A Sociology of Reputation

Licheng Qian
Chairman Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People’s Republic of China, has been dead for over 40 years, but his soul has never rested in peace. He is remembered, for various reasons, as god, hero, villain, or commodity. What factors affect the construction of Chairman Mao’s reputation in different social and historical contexts? What do these different images and reputations mean to people? And how do people use and transform Mao’s reputations based on...

A Crisis of Conscience: The Poèmes Juifs of André Spire

Hannah Jennifer Wolf
A history and criticism of the Jewish poet André Spire's Poemes juifs.

The Cyclic Process in César Franck's Violin Sonata in a Major

Rachel Margaret Tsuchitani
César Franck's Violin Sonata in A Major.

Indigenous society, the political economy, and colonial education in Patna District : a history of social change from 1811 to 1951 in Gangetic North India

James Ray Hagen
This is an unusually comprehensive study which aims at examining a specific but generalized historical problem, within a holistic and interdisciplinary analysis of one locale (Patna District, Bihar Province/State) between 1811 and 1951. The historical problem is the consensual assumption that British colonial education played a largely positive role in India during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as it was considered constituting the intro¬ duction of "modern education" to the subcontinent. To reassess this assumption,...

Land use, settlement patterns, and black and white responses to the Low Country plantation landscape, 1775-1825

Lindsey Dene Gertz
This study uses fifty historic plantation plats by John Diamond and Joseph Purcell, two prominent eighteenth-century Charleston surveyors, to examine the plantation landscape of the South Carolina Low Country. This sample of plats illustrates the collective space shared by blacks and whites and thus represents a significant body of historical evidence that has heretofore been unexamined. Chapter One examines the plats as material culture for the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Not only did plats...

New graduates' values and the effect of a nurse transition program on neophyte staff nurses' clinical competency, role adjustment, job satisfaction, length of stay, and turnover

Lillian Jane Currie
Persistent fluctuations in the supply of new graduate nurses into the labor force, concomitant with an ever increasing demand for experienced nurses in a variety of settings, has prompted hospital nursing administrators to increase their departments’ attention on promoting staff nurse retention and reducing turnover. Specifically, in an attempt to address the causes and consequences of new graduates’ experience of “reality shock” during their first year of employment, many institutions have implemented transition programs to...

Effects of balance training on postural control, gait, and function in those with chronic ankle instability

Patrick Owen McKeon
Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in the physically active population. Recurrent ankle sprains and the consequent feeling of the ankle "giving way" is known as chronic ankle instability (CAI). There have been several contributing factors associated with CAI including altered postural control and gait mechanics. Balance training has been purported to improve functional outcomes in those with CAI, however there is limited evidence regarding the mechanisms of improvement. The purposes of...

The dream is freedom : Pauli Murray's theology of American democracy

Sarah April Azaransky
This dissertation introduces Pauli Murray (1910-1985) as a democratic theorist who employs a theological idiom to make her most trenchant and persuasive critiques about the possibility of racial justice in America. As a leading activist in the civil rights and feminist movements, as well as being a trailblazing lawyer, professor and priest, Murray is a rare example of someone trained in the so-called language of rights and in the language of religion; this bilingualism equips...

The genesis and design of Michelangelo's Campidoglio

James Gill Cooper
This dissertation focuses on the Campidoglio, the largest and most influential secular architectural design of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564). Despite the as built complex's coherence and importance in the history o f architecture and urbanism, it does not follow Michelangelo's intentions. Little was built before Michelangelo's death and succeeding architects did not entirely understand or respect his designs. Shortly after his death, the French artist Etienne Duperac recorded what was claimed to be Michelangelo's final design...

Villa : the local and global in suburban Beijing

Theeng Theeng Kok
Suburban villas are a new form of architecture sprouting up rapidly in and around Beijing. The villas in these suburban developments differ markedly from the type of housing typically found in the city, even those villas that claim inspiration from Chinese historical architecture. If not for their distance from the center of the city, they would look visually out of place in terms of the forms and designs of the individual houses and the layouts...

Characteristics of counselors that advocate for clients

Matthew John Paylo
The counseling profession has failed to provide counselors with a clearly defined understanding of advocacy and the behaviors, knowledge, and skill expectations needed to become advocates (Toporek & Reza, 2001). This lack of understanding of advocacy and the components necessary for implementation has lead to its continued underutilization in counseling practice (D'Andrea & Daniels, 1999).This study was constructed to address these concerns and considerations. Potential participants were solicited from the membership of the national organization,...

\"Angkored\" in the past : Vann Molyvann's modern Khmer architecture

Claire McCarty Ashbrook
The modern architecture designed by Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann during the brief 17 years (1953 to 1970) of Cambodian independence reflects a climatic approach to design that fully acknowledges both the benefits of local tradition and global modernity. The passive systems Vann Molyvann incorporated in his modern designs drew strength not only from Western notions of modern architecture, but also, more distinctly, from the infrastructural systems of the Khmer Empire. The spatial and infrastructural design...

Resource subsidies to arthropod food webs at a pond-forest boundary

Johanna Marie Kraus
Resources that move across ecosystem boundaries have been shown to subsidize recipient consumers and have complex consequences for recipient food webs. Emergence of aquatic insects onto land and accidental input of terrestrial arthropods into water are two important pathways by which protein-rich resources move between freshwater and terrestrial habitats. In this dissertation, I used field observations, conceptual modeling, field experiments and stable isotopes to understand the role of arthropod prey moving between a pond and...

Effect of media on female adolescents' satisfaction with their body image

Cynthia Cardosi
The present study investigated the effect of media on female adolescents' satisfaction with their body image. Female adolescents were recruited at twoyear, four-year, and career colleges in the Piedmont area of Virginia. The sample consisted of 108 college women who were 18 to 21 years of age. The average participant was 19 years old (M = 19.63) and overweight according to the Body Mass Index (M = 25.52). Three measures assessed female adolescents' perceptions of...

The life and political career of J. Hoge Tyler, Governor of Virginia, 1898-1902

Thomas E Gay
Today, outside the boundaries of Radford, Virginia, J. Hoge Tyler has been lost to history. His name is just another in a long list of Virginia governors. Since he was not a controversial figure, recognition of the man and knowledge of his accomplishments died with his generation. Tyler, therefore, becomes historically significant only as a prototype of his generation; and it is in light of this importance that this study has been undertaken. From an...

The Harrowing of hell in the english mystery cycles; perspectives on the Corpus Christi drama

Karl Tamburr
The Creed attests that Christ "descended into Hell," and from this assertion exegetes found numerous passages in the Bible to substantiate the doctrine of the Descent into or Harrowing of Hell. Typologically, the Harrowing is connected to both the Exodus and Judgment and is important in the liturgy and rites of the medieval Church, especially baptism, conversion, individual purgation of sin, and exorcism. Its connection to Judgment implies a kind of penitential mode of devotion...

John C. Underwood; a carpetbagger reconsidered, 1860-1873

Crandall A Shifflett
The purpose of this essay is to examine the life of John C. Underwood from 1860 to 1873. Initially, research for the essay began as a seminar paper. To research and objectively narrate the last thirteen years of a man's life seemed like a reasonably simple task at the time. However, it soon became apparent that Underwood was no ordinary man and, consequently, the responses he evoked were seldom mild in nature. Those who knew...

Capital and culture in Japan

Mary Carter McConnell
Modern capital markets by their nature operate in an international system which requires the differences in each nation's capital instruments to be made equivalent and comparable by quantification. Yet the basic capital structure of Japanese industry is different from that of American industry. Though it is composed of financial instruments of debt and equity that are translatable into western equivalents - stocks, bonds, short term loans, government loans, etc. the corporate relationships that result are...

El discurso femenino de Juana Manuela Corriti

Magda Teresa Vergara
Juana Manuela Gorriti, well recognized for her narrative in Latin America during the nineteenth century, has remained virtually unknown in the twentieth century. Feminist literary criticism has allowed for the rescue of works, such as Gorriti's, that have fallen into obscurity. This dissertation examines the contribution of Gorriti's life and works to Latin American literature. The first chapter, "Juana Manuela Gorriti: Vida y obra", is biographical and provides an overview of her works. Special attention...

Faith of our mothers : women's religious utterance in nineteenth-century Britain

Julie Ann Melnyk
Feminist scholars have often cast religion as patriarchal villain in the drama of women's emancipation, but the role of religion in nineteenth century women's lives was much more complex and ambiguous than such treatments admit: religion, a two edged sword, justified women's subservience, even as it affirmed the meaningfulness of their lives and provided them unique opportunities for public work. This dissertation analyzes nineteenth-century women's religious novels, poetry, and magazines to demonstrate how and to...

Valerius Flaccus and the poetics of imitation

Thomas Lee Wright
This study examines several aspects of the imitatio of Valerius Flaccus in the composition of his Argonautica. Valerius, writing during the time of the Flavians, employs traditional scenes and characters from the epics of Vergil and Homer and grafts them to his model, Apollonius' Argonautica. The result is a more heroic account of the Argonautic saga and one that is steeped in traditional epic themes to suit the tastes of a literary age. The first...

El papel de la iglesia y religión en El matadero y la visión ideológica de Esteban Echeverría

Daniel Marco Paolicchi

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