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Storage of Numeric Data in ADAMS

Russell Haddleton
This paper presents a scheme for the representation and storage of numeric data. The implemention of this scheme within the ADAMS Database System solves the major problem of maintaining numeric data in a bitwise ordered form, while providing the additional benefits of simplicity, expandability, portability, and compactness. 1. The Problem There are many commonly employed formats for representing numeric data. The C language provides seperate types for the representation of integer and real data, and...

A Relational Interface to an Object Based System or Translating SQL to ADAMS

Thomas Cleary
The evolution of database technology has resulted in the widespread use of three major database models. These three most popular models are: the hierarchical model, the network model and the relational model. The existence of numerous databases and database applications has given rise to a strong desire for the ability to use the data and applications created using one database model by other database systems. The project that this report documents demonstrates that a relational...

Secretory vesicles deliver Cdc42p to sites of polarized growth in S. cerevisiae

Keith Kozminski & Shubha Dighe
he activation and localization of the Rho-family GTPase Cdc42p at one pole of a cell is necessary for maintaining an axis of polarized growth in many animal and fungal cells. How the asymmetric distribution of this key regulator of polarized morphogenesis is maintained is not fully understood, though divergent models have emerged from a congruence of multiple studies, including one that posits a role for polarized secretion. Here we show with S. cerevisiae that Cdc42p...

Corporate Environmental Performance and Shareholder Value

Mark White
The role corporations should play in achieving social objectives is a topic with a lengthy history of debate. Significant recent interest has focused on the impact corporate activities have upon the natural world and the environment. This paper examines the link between corporate environmental responsibility--measured by environmental reputation indices--and shareholder wealth. Investors in a portfolio of firms enjoying above-average reputations for corporate environmental responsibility earn risk-adjusted returns significantly greater than either the overall market or...

Requirements for Multicast in a Technical Workstation Environment

Bert Dempsey & Alfred Weaver

Basic Data Concepts in ADAMS

JL Pfaltz, SH Son, JC French, PK Baron, DJ Kirks & R Orlandic
Every database implementation is eventually grounded in a number of primitive concepts which are fundamental to understanding the system. ADAMS is based on five primitive concepts: attribute, co-domain, element, map, and set, which are developed in this preliminary design report. We then show that more traditional database constructs, such as relations, networks, and/or arrays, can be expressed in terms of these primitives. Note: Abstract extracted from PDF text

#Alt-Academy 01: Alternative Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars

Bethany Nowviskie
A 2014 e-book compilation of the 24 essays published by 32 authors in the 2011 release of the open-access website #Alt-Academy, an edited collection on the subject of academic careers beyond the traditional professoriate.

Book Traces @ UVA

Kristin Jensen, Kara McClurken, Andrew Stauffer, Jennifer Roper, Ivey Glendon & Christine Ruotolo
Book Traces @ UVA is a large-scale project to find and record historical readers’ interventions in the circulating collections of the University of Virginia Library, focusing on volumes published before 1923. Based on the ongoing Book Traces initiative (http://booktraces.org), this project aimed to develop a protocol for the discovery and cataloguing of uniquely-modified volumes in the stacks, while also gathering data regarding the nature and distribution of such modifications. Many titles in our nineteenth-century circulating...

Data Management Assessment and Planning Tools

Andrew Sallans & Sherry Lake
It has become increasingly accepted that important digital data must be retained and shared in order to preserve and promote knowledge, advance research in and across all disciplines of scholarly endeavor, and maximize the return on investment of public funds. To meet this challenge, colleges and universities are adding data services to existing infrastructures by drawing on the expertise of information professionals who are already involved in the acquisition, management and preservation of data in...

Automating The Detection of Reusable Parts in Existing Software

M Dunn & J Knight
We present a model based on an expert - system approach for the scavenging of reusable components from existing software systems. We also describe a toolset called Code Miner that implements part of the model, The toolset uses Prolog as its inference engine. Code Miner is designed to assist the programmer in finding reusable components in existing software written in C. To investigate the feasibility of the approach we conducted an empirical study of the...

The Partitioned Parallel Processing Spaces (PCubeS) Type Architecture

Muhammad N. Yanhaona & Andrew Grimshaw

Sound Methods and Effective Tools for Engineering Modeling and Analysis

David Coppit & Kevin Sullivan
Modeling is indispensable in engineering. Safe, effective modeling methods require languages having clearly specified and validated semantics, and low-cost, feature rich, easy-to-use software tools. Today we lack cost effective means to develop such methods, with serious consequences for engineering. We present and evaluate an approach combining two techniques: formal methods to aid in language design and validation; and package oriented programming for effective tools at low cost. We have evaluated the approach in an end-to-end...

Red State, Blue State: Demographic Change and Presidential Politics in Virginia

Dustin Cable & Michele Claibourn
Virginia is one of the most closely watched battleground states in the upcoming presidential election, with the commonwealth’s 13 electoral votes figuring prominently in the strategies of both the Republicans and Democrats. Until Barack Obama’s upset victory in Virginia four years ago, the commonwealth had not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1964. Some political analysts believe demographic trends have finally, and perhaps permanently, tilted Virginia from a “red” state to a “blue” state....

Investigation of the influence of heating sources on dust temperatures for use in complex molecule formation models

Jacob Promisel
In the growing field of astrochemistry, a main goal is to better understand the abundances and formation processes of atoms and molecules in outer space. A particular focus is on the formation of complex molecules which may eventually provide more information on the evolution of life in the universe. The interstellar medium (ISM) is an outer-space lab for chemistry to occur. Many computational models have been developed to simulate the chemistry that occurs in ISM...

Computational Modeling of High Temperature Gas-Grain Chemistry in Interstellar Medium (ISM)

Sean Schulte
Abstract: We present a modified version of the Nautilus three-phase model in which high temperature gas-grain processes have been considered. 316 reactions have been added and 18 new species for a total of 11,800 reactions and 734 species. The modifications were necessary to account for the new gas-grain processes added where chemistry is dominated by species bound in chemisorption sites. A new thermal dissociation process was added which is believed to be the dominant dissociation...

History of Antibiotic Adaptation Influences Evolutionary Dynamics During Subsequent Treatment in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Phillip Yen
Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly serious global health problem that threatens the effective prevention and treatment of infections caused by bacterial pathogens. While there has been renewed effort in discovering new antibiotic compounds to combat these resistant bacterial pathogens, an equally important endeavor is studying how bacteria evolve to become resistant to the antibiotics that are currently available and commonly used. Having a clearer fundamental understanding of the adaptation process will allow for the development...

Magnetic Multilayer Structures for Spin Torque Nano Oscillator

Linqiang Luo
The Spin-Torque Nano-Oscillators (STNOs) have been attracting tremendous attention as an innovative nano-scale microwave signal generator for modern electronics systems. The key features include large range of frequency tunability, nanoscale size and compatibility with standard silicon technology. This work explored different magnetic multilayers both from the material perspective and the device aspect with an ultimate goal to lower the critical current density of spin torque switching and to create coherent spin torque oscillation with output...

Show More/Show Less: Extended Voice, Technology, and Presence

Kristina Warren
"Extended voice" is a vocal-electronic practice integrating compositional and performative, especially improvisational, methodologies. In extended voice, the same single practitioner does both vocal and technological work. This document is structured in three parts: (1) technical discussion of my hardware, software, and vocal work; (2) analysis of works by seven other extended voice practitioners (Antye Greie-Ripatti (AGF), Marie Guilleray, Stine Janvin Motland, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Andrea Pensado, Ami Yoshida, and Pamela Z); (3) and critical...

Post-Colonial Institutions in Central America

Andrew Fogarty
Why do otherwise very similar states develop different institutions? I investigate the determinants of state institutions using process tracing in five Central American states to uncover the causal mechanisms operating during post-colonial state building. I demonstrate that elite conflict drives the origins and persistence of institutions. Elite conflict has a differential impact on the information transmitted to rulers regarding the extent of their political power and forms preferences over institutions. This research uses processing tracing...

Encountering the Human Automaton: Ethics and Alterity in Twentieth-Century American Literature

Scott Raymond Selisker
"Encountering the Human Automaton" explores how the automaton has been a central feature of literary and cultural representations of alterity across the American twentieth century, spanning depictions of U.S. imperialism, domestic race relations, Cold War ideology, and contemporary terrorism. I show how developments in psychology, industrial management, and media technologies enabled a new paradigm for imagining others as automatic, will-less, and therefore subhuman beings. My project identifies a divide, however, between propagandistic reductions of others...

The passionate pursuit of beauty : the literary career of Judith Gautier (1845-1917)

Barbara Jessome-Nance
Judith Gautier's career as a poet, dramatist, novelist, translator and critic spanned more than fifty years. A scholar who spoke and wrote Chinese, she became a distinguished Orientalist and the first female member of the Academie Goncourt. Unfortunately, posterity has not confirmed the success and acclaim she enjoyed as a writer during her lifetime. The reasons for this success and subsequent decline are not difficult to explain. In an age of colonial expansion, the exotic...

Conflicts of Interest : Friendship and Love in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature

Robert Eugene Stretter
This dissertation explores the conflict for priority between two ideals of human affection - virtuous male friendship and passionate heterosexual love - as a means of better understanding two versions of a single archetypical story of male rivalry: Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Knight’s Tale, and William Shakespeare and John Fletcher’s The Two Noble Kinsmen. Chaucer and his successors treat the conflict between love and friendship in very different ways. In The Knight’s Tale, Chaucer’s primary concern...

Catherine of Siena and the use of images in the creation of a saint, 1347-1461

Emily Ann Moerer
Saint Catherine of Siena (1347-80) was one of the most famous visionaries of the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. As a Dominican tertiary, she was part of the greater movement of lay piety that transformed devotional practices beginning in the thirteenth century. One of the practices that the laity helped to foster was image veneration, and the dissertation begins with an exploration of Saint Catherine's use of visual images in her own spirituality. Evidence...

Quantal response equilibria for models of price competition

Gladys Cristina Lopez Acevedo
There is a growing body of data from game theory and industrial organization experiments that reveals systematic deviations from Nash equilibrium behavior. In this thesis, the perfectly rational decision-making embodied in Nash equilibrium is generalized to allow for endogenously determined decision errors. Firms choose among strategies based on their expected payoffs, but make decision errors based on a probabilistic or quantal choice model. Such errors may either be due to mistakes or to unobserved random...

Writing back and forth : postcolonial diaspora and its antinomies

Bed Prasad Giri
This study uses selected works of South Asian diasporic fiction to question certain idealizations that persist in the theories of postcolonial diaspora. It explores a problematic dimension of postcolonial criticism and theory with a view to suggesting an alternative reading of transnational, diasporic and global cultures. Drawing on the work of a diverse set of critics in postcolonial and minority cultural studies, it specifically argues for an antinomial view of diasporic literature, caught between conflicting...

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