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Some Conversation Starters Concerning the Problem of Online-Only Music for Libraries

Brandon Butler
In this white paper, I discuss some of the copyright-related problems libraries face as they attempt to collect digital music, as well as possible solutions. The paper was prepared as part of an IMLS-funded project led by John Vallier and Judy Tsou at the University of Washington. Their final report for the grant is: Tsou, Judy and John Vallier. "Ether Today, Gone Tomorrow: 21st Century Sound Recording Collection in Crisis." Notes, vol. 72 no. 3,...

Replication data for: Quantities with Prices (RFF Working Paper 18-08)

Dallas Burtraw, Charles Holt, Karen Palmer, Anthony Paul & William Shobe
Data is in multiple tabs in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. Reference fields allow linking of the observations across sheets. [Works well in a relational database.] Code for analysis presented in the paper is in the accompanying R code file (R markdown format).

Cell Type-Selective Regulation of Food Intake and Novelty Driven Investigatory Behavior by Neurons of the Mouse Medial Prefrontal Cortex

Brandon Newmyer
The prefrontal cortex controls food reward seeking and ingestion, playing important roles in directing attention, regulating motivation toward reward pursuit, and assigning reward salience and value. The cell types that mediate these behavioral functions, however, are not well described. We report here that optogenetic activation of vasoactive intestinal peptide–expressing (VIP-expressing) interneurons in both the infralimbic (IL) and prelimbic (PL) divisions of the medial prefrontal cortex in mice is sufficient to reduce acute, binge-like intake of...

Regulation and Function of the Nuclear Transport Factor KPNA7

Luke Oostdyk
Genetic material in eukaryotic cells is isolated inside the double membrane of the nucleus. To facilitate the myriad processes which occur within, cells need a mechanism to transport important nuclear proteins through the semipermeable pore complexes of the nuclear membrane. While multiple transport pathways exist, the best characterized relies on a short amino acid sequence termed a nuclear localization signal (NLS). These signals are diverse but typically consist of one or two clusters of basic...

Replication data for: Price and quantity collars for stabilizing emission allowance prices: Laboratory experiments on the EU ETS market stability reserve

Charles Holt & William Shobe
Data from a set of experimental sessions. The data is stored in a series of separate "sheets" in a Microsoft Excel worksheet. The R code for the data analysis presented in the resulting paper is included in a separate file in R markdown format.

3D Still Life - apple with bite - photogrammetry

Will Rourk
one of a series of 3d datasets on still life objects; bitten apple; 3d still life

Development of Novel Image Analysis and Modeling Tools to Examine Mechanisms of Muscle Damage in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Emily Miller
DMD is a devastating X-linked recessive musculoskeletal disorder that effects 1 in 3500 boys. DMD is caused by the lack of a functional dystrophin protein, a structural protein that mechanically links muscle fibers to the extracellular material. Without dystrophin, muscle fibers are more susceptible to contraction induced damage.Therefore, everyday movements such as walking, talking, and breathing result in cycles of muscle degeneration and regeneration, ultimately leaving affected individuals wheelchair users by their early teens, and...

Assessing the Potential of Tropospheric Oxidants to Interfere with Insect Host Location, Mate Location, and Foraging Choice

Brynn Cook
Insects can use long distance olfactory cues, like floral scents or sex pheromones, as ‘scent-pathways’ that can lead them to either floral hosts or mate-ready conspecifics. These plumes or comprised of blends of different chemical compounds, and can be used to identify as well as locate a specific floral host or mate. However, tropospheric oxidants, including the pollutant ozone, could react with the chemical compounds that make up these olfactory cues, potentially causing compositional changes...

Saint Venant's Torsion by the Finite-Volume Method

Heze Chen
Torsion introduces additional shearing in the structural element’s cross section, which may potentially produce failure in structures or damage their serviceability. Thus, the torsional deformation mode, characterized by the twisting of a structural element about its axis, plays an important role in structural engineering design. In this thesis, a new approach to Saint Venant’s torsion problems has been developed for the first time based on the finite-volume method. The approach employs the displacement formulation expressed...

Unsteady Aerodynamics and Mechanics of Force Generation in Insect Free Flight

Ayodeji Bode-Oke
Engineers are interested in designing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for surveillance, environmental monitoring, assessment, and package delivery, etc. However, as the sizes of these vehicles become smaller, conventional fixed-wing and rotorcraft designs do not scale down well regarding aerodynamics and performance of components needed for propulsion. In the last two decades, bio-inspired flapping flight has offered an approach to bypass the challenges associated with the scalability of rotorcraft. Since the small dimensions and low flight...

Graphene-Enabled, High-Performance Composites for Energy Storage and Energy Saving

Yunya Zhang
Booming populations and the emphasis on sustainability have put enormous pressure on energy storage and energy saving, which make us to rethink the exploitation of clean energy resources and the improvement of energy usage efficiency. Graphene is expected to hold the key to high-performance energy storage devices and novel, energy-saving materials. As a single layer of carbon atoms, the strong sp2 bonds and the free-standing π bonds render graphene unique and incredible mechanical, electronic, and...

Space Syntax Analysis and the Domestic Architecture of the Roman West

Sean Tennant
In the first century AD, following a period of expansion and conquest that stretched the bounds of its territory to the edges of the known world, the Roman Empire had grown to encompass the frontiers of the Roman northwest, a region which would come to be known as three separate provinces: Gaul, Germania, and the island of Britannia. These areas, at the edge of the Roman world, contained their own populations, replete with distinct cultures,...

The Effect of the Inter-Layer Time Interval on Selective Laser Melted Inconel 718

Bryan Koscielny
The field of metal additive manufacturing (AM) has expanded in the past 10 years with several methods categorized as either fusion-based or solid-state. One of the dominant fusion-based AM methods, termed selective laser melting (SLM), is a powder-bed process that is a current topic of many studies focusing on the process parameters and how they affect the overall build quality. For this research, the alloy of specific interest is Inconel 718 (IN718). This nickel-based superalloy...

Ion/ion Reactions in Primary Structure Interrogation of Intact Proteins by Mass Spectrometry

Elizabeth Duselis
This dissertation describes method development for intact protein characterization by mass spectrometry with ion/ion reactions. In this first project, novel methodology of sequential ion/ion reactions, electron transfer dissociation (ETD) followed by ion/ion proton transfer, is used on intact hemoglobin subunits in clinical samples to identify single amino acid substitutions. In this study, 22 variants were definitively identified, including a previously unreported hemoglobin variant now known as Hemoglobin Charlottesville. In the second portion of the dissertation,...

Gas Dynamics Near and Far: Observational MHD of Interstellar Molecular Clouds and X-Ray Ablation of Asteroids for the Earth's Defense

Patrick King
Gas dynamics serves as a one of the foundational physical theories of astrophysics. In this dissertation, I will present my work on two different projects that touch on this subject. In the first part, I will present my work concerning observational magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) in molecular clouds (MCs), those regions of the dense interstellar medium that form stars. MCs are lightly ionized and at large scales obey nearly ideal magnetohydrodynamics. Magnetic structure inherited from large scales...

Secondary Analysis of the National Elder Mistreatment Study: Exploration of Prevalence, Risk, and Protective Factors within American Indian and Alaska Native Populations

Jolie Crowder
Limited research on elder abuse among American Indians and Alaska Natives suggests higher rates of abuse. However, no research has used a nationally representative sample to measure elder abuse prevalence among both American Indian and Alaska Native men and women. Using data from the National Elder Mistreatment Survey (NEMS), comparisons were made between American Indians and Alaska Natives, Black, and White respondents. Descriptive statistics were calculated within each of the three racial groups. Comparison between...

A Multi-Case Study of Supporting Adolescent Newcomers' Literacy Development

Jean Pfautz
The research suggests that students reading develops in phases (Ehri, 1999; 2005; Spear-Swerling, 2013) and that specific component literacy skills are essential for reading development (Storch & Whitehurst, 2002). In a report to the National Literacy Panel, August and Shanahan (2006) cite evidence that EL’s literacy development in English follows the same general path as that of their monolingual peers. Transfer of specific literacy skills across languages has been documented with elementary students (Baker, Stoolmiller,...

Presidential Federalism: Executive Power, Administrative Decentralization, and the Transformation of America's Compound Republic

Nicholas Jacobs
This dissertation is about one source of the American presidency’s vast power: its ability to pursue policy and political objectives within state and local governing institutions. Within the last five years, a number of legal scholars have triumphed the arrival of “executive-centered” federalism in the United States. Through a detailed historical study of the 20th Century presidency, I show that there is a deep history of presidential involvement in state and local politics. Tracing the...

Territory, Sovereignty, and Empire/State in China Proper, Inner Asia, and Taiwan, 907-1949

Chih-Jung Huang
This dissertation aims to enrich our understandings of some, historical and current, Chinese and neighboring East and Inner Asian states/empires by discussing the related facts and issues (e.g., their formation, governance, territory, ethnic attribute, diplomacy, continuity, extinction, and succession) from the perspectives of the applicable traditional East Asian and modern European international laws. Surprisingly (to some at least), there had long existed Chinese-originated international norms that not only defined the territorial limits of Chinese empires...

Contactless Displacement Measurement for Vision-Based Structural Health Monitoring Using Optical Flow

Savannah Washlesky
Inspection and assessment are necessary steps to maintain and ensure the safety and capacity of critical infrastructure systems such as bridges and other civil structures. Traditional sensors, including accelerometers, strain gauges, and string potentiometers, can be difficult to place in remote, offshore, and complex environments where the structure is very tall or hard to reach. Vision-based systems offer an innovative approach for structural health monitoring because they do not require contact with the target structure....

An Examination of the Structures, Functions, and Perceived Effectiveness of School Leadership Teams in Underperforming High Schools

Bryan VanGronigen
Whether by choice or necessity, many of today’s educational leaders have implemented ways to share leadership and management responsibilities with staff members. One approach is to create a school leadership team (SLT), an organizational structure composed of a group of staff members who aid the principal. Despite the popularity of SLTs, few studies have investigated them, especially as a potential lever for building schools’ capacities for leadership and for continuous improvement. This study employed a...

Finding Agency through Art: A Digital Portfolio

Priyanka Shetty
This digital portfolio comprises documents and media that represent the culmination of three years of graduate study at the University of Virginia Department of Drama. The portfolio and supplemental materials showcase a direct application of the author’s learning in the classroom to onstage performances, teaching, and building agency through the creation of original work as she transitions into the professional world.

Mechanisms of IL-33-mediated protection during C. difficile colitis

Alyse Frisbee
Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) incidence has tripled over the past 15 years and is attributed to the emergence of hypervirulent strains. While it is clear that C. difficile toxins cause damaging colonic inflammation, the host immune mechanisms protecting from tissue damage require further investigation. Through a transcriptomics array, we identify IL-33 as an immune target upregulated in response to hypervirulent C. difficile infection. We demonstrate that IL-33 prevents C. difficile-associated mortality and epithelial disruption independently...

One for Whites, One for Blacks: Public Parks and Desegregation in Charlottesville, Virginia

Margaret Echols
This thesis explores the history of public recreation in Charlottesville, Virginia, beginning in the early twentieth century. In 1926, Charlottesville’s preeminent philanthropist, Paul Goodloe McIntire, donated two parks to the city of Charlottesville—one for whites, and one for blacks—and ushered in an era of public recreation in the city. Despite Supreme Court cases that mandated racially restrictive covenants unenforceable in 1948, and separate but equal facilities unconstitutional in 1954, Charlottesville’s parks would remain segregated into...

\"Feminist Pedagogy in the Trump Era\"

Eva Hoenigess

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