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Metabolic Monitoring of Pediatric Patients Prescribed Second-Generation Antipsychotic Medication: A Quality Improvement Project

Julie Roebuck
Background: The prevalence of psychotropic medication prescription use in youth has increased over the past several years (Olfson, et. al, 2015; Patten, et. al, 2012; Pathak, et. al, 2010). National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that between 2005 and 2010, approximately 6% of adolescents within the United States (U.S.) reported using psychotropic medication within the past month with 1% reporting use of antipsychotic medication (CDC,...

RNA Polymerase I Inhibition in Ovarian Cancer

John Cornelison
Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cancer killer of women and little progress has been made in achieving better outcomes. A primary reason for its lethality is acquired chemotherapy resistance. We sought to model chemoresistance in patient derived xenografts (PDX) in mice that are treated with standard of care (SOC) chemotherapy. After transcriptomic profiling of treated PDX we identified the ribosome biogenesis system as upregulated in tumors surviving treatment. Our primary hypothesis is that chemoresistant...

A Technical Analysis of Issues Plaguing the Data and Information Technology Systems of Political Campaigns in the United States; Autonomous Vehicles: An STS Perspective into the Development, Production, and Deployment of Autonomous Vehicles in the United States

Liem Budzien
For my STS research project and technical research project, I chose to investigate two different topics. As I conducted my technical project research primarily during the Fall 2020 semester, I chose to pursue a separate topic of interest for my STS project, which I began during the Spring 2020 semester. While the STS research project investigated the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles within society, the technical research project analyzed the current state of information...

Integration of New Active Learning Algorithms to Plaster: A Framework for Heterogeneous Metadata Normalization Methods; Analyzing Ethical and Social Responsibility for the Present and Future of Smart Building Technology

David Yoon
Discusses the implementations of various active learning algorithms into Plaster, a framework for heterogeneous metadata normalization methods. Additionally, this portfolio analyzes the ethical and social environment for the present and future of smart building technology.

Exploring MANETS to Provide Connected Transportation Services at Crosswalks; How Does Appification Influence Sociopolitical Progress

Jacob Rodal
My technical work and my STS research are related through their shared interest in mobile application technology. My technical project describes the implementation of a mobile application that provides connected transportation services at crosswalks, which could greatly increase the safety and efficiency of surface transportation. My STS research explores how the biasing of modern product design towards app-based solutions affects sociopolitical progress. Mobile technology is ubiquitous and software engineering is both costly and time consuming....

IoT Sensor System for Forest Fire Detection; Implementation of a Free College System in the United States

Shreejan Gupta
In the past decade we have witnessed numerous large-scale phishing attacks across the globe causing massive disruptions. A few notable phishing scams are as follows: Sony Pictures (2014), Google and Facebook (2013-2015), The Ukrainian Power Grid Attack (2015), Ubiquiti Networks (2015), and Upsher-Smith Laboratories (2016). For each of the attacks listed above, the damages ranged from 50 million to more than 100 millions dollars (Daly, 2017). As an Information Security Operations Intern at the University,...

Enrichment and identification of phosphorylated and glycosylated MHC-I peptides from clinical tumor samples and murine models

Mohammad Ovais Azizzanjani
Despite extensive research, cancer is the second cause of death globally and in the USA. In the past decade, the immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapies with antibodies that target T cell checkpoint protein have revolutionized cancer treatment. However, the ICB is not selective and tumor responses vary, suggesting the importance of identifying cancer neoantigens to develop targeted immunotherapies. Previous studies in the Hunt lab revealed that a deregulated cell signaling in cancer results in the...

Several topics on the Navier-Stokes problem

Liaosha Xu
Whether a 3D incompressible flow can spontaneously form a singularity, i.e. the global-in-time existence of the classical solution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equation, is still an open problem. This thesis provides several possible ways to explore regularity or criticality of the equation, with the notions of spatial intermittency and sparseness at scales as well as the harmonic analysis techniques regarding pointwise multipliers, singular integral operators, heat and Stokes semigroups in oscillation function spaces.


Lia Macera
The uses of industrial hemp are broken down into three sections of the plant; fibers, flowers, and seeds. The fibers are used to make paper and plastic products, textiles, and construction materials, the floral products contain pharmaceutically active ingredients, and the seeds are used in skin care, culinary oil, and human consumption. Growth of cannabis in a hydroponic system allows for greater control of the growing environment allowing for a faster and easier troubleshooting for...

A Decision Processes Account of the Differences in the Eyewitness Confidence-Accuracy Relationship between Strong and Weak Face Recognizers under Suboptimal Exposure and Delay Conditions

Jessica Gettleman
When pristine testing conditions are used, an eyewitness’s high-confidence identification from a lineup can be a reliable predictor of their identification accuracy (Wixted & Wells, 2017). Further, Grabman, Dobolyi, Berelovich, and Dodson (2019) found that high-confidence identifications are more predictive of accuracy for individuals with stronger than weaker face recognition ability. We extend this research by investigating why strong face recognizers make more informative confidence judgments and fewer high-confidence errors through the framework of two...

Utilizing Physical Proxy Objects for Precise Manipulations of Objects in Augmented Reality; Exploring the Political Potential of AR/XR Interfaces

Jami Park
My technical work and STS research focused on understanding the future of extended reality (XR) interfaces. XR’s goal is to blend the physical world with digital information via a combination of hardware and software. XR encompasses virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR’s goal is to give users the illusion of being in a fully digital world, while AR’s goal is to show users digital information overlaid onto the physical world. My technical work...

Nanofabrication of Carbon Electrodes for Neurotransmitter Detection

Qun Cao
Fast scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) with carbon-fiber microelectrodes has been used as a standard method for real-time detection of neurotransmitters in vivo. Although current carbon fiber electrodes can monitor dopamine as well as some other neurotransmitters, nanofabrication enables new approaches to fabricate functionalized carbon electrodes, including growth of carbon nanomaterials, photolithography, and 3D printing. This dissertation aims to utilize nanofabrication approaches to develop carbon micro/nano electrode sensors, study their electrochemical behaviors related to the surface...

Palladium/Zeolites as Model Catalysts for Cold Start Passive NOx Adsorption

Yuntao Gu
Reducing NOx emissions is challenging during engine or aftertreatment system warm up due to the low exhaust temperatures and thus limited reaction kinetics. NOx emitted during this period is often referred to as cold start NOx emissions and represents one of the main obstacles in emissions regulations compliance. Passive NOx adsorbers (PNA) have been proposed to help address cold start NOx emissions via low temperature NOx trapping and subsequent thermal release, such that NOx generated...

Mechanisms Controlling Hydraulic Conductivity and Service Life of Bentonite-Polymer Composite Geosynthetic Clay Liners Permeated with Aggressive Solutions

Sarah Gustitus-Graham
Bentonite-polymer composite geosynthetic clay liners (BPC-GCLs) are used to line containment systems such as landfills, leach pads, and impoundments with aggressive leachates that adversely affect conventional sodium bentonite GCLs. BPC-GCLs were permeated with aggressive leachates to understand the mechanisms controlling hydraulic conductivity in BPC-GCLs under various conditions. Empirical results were compared to computational models to develop methods for predicting hydraulic conductivity and service life. Polymer elution in BPC-GCLs resulted in preferential flow paths and dramatic...

First-Principles Calculations on the Mechanical and Thermal Properties of HfSiO4

Zhidong Ding
Hafnium orthosilicate (HfSiO4: hafnon) has been proposed as an environmental barrier coating (EBC) material to protect silicon and silicon-based ceramic materials at high temperatures and as a candidate dielectric material in microelectronic devices. It can naturally form at the interface between silicon dioxide (SiO2) and hafnia (HfO2). When used as an EBC, its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) should match that of the protecting layer (e.g. silicon and SiC composites). The EBCs with low thermal...

Watershed Moments in a Suburbanizing County: Environmentalism, Exclusion, and Land Use in Albemarle County, Virginia, 1960-1980

Andrew Knuppel
The last major reorganization of Albemarle County, Virginia’s zoning ordinance was adopted on December 10, 1980, substantially downzoning Albemarle’s rural areas. As of 2020, this zoning regime and the growth management policy it implements remain largely the same. This paper explores influences on the development of Albemarle County’s land use and growth management policies between 1960 and 1980 through the lenses of land use and planning policy, environmentalism, and the civil rights movement. The case...

Automated Volumetric Skull Segmentation Utilizing Ultra Short Echo Time Magnetic Resonance Imaging for MRgFUS

Samarth Singh
Transcranial Magnetic Resonance guided Focused Ultrasound (tcMRgFUS) is a noninvasive treatment method which involves deposition of sonic energy using ultrasonic beams in the neurocranium region to achieve thermal effects (e.g. tissue ablation, hyperthermia), mechanical effects(e.g. blood-brain barrier permeabilization,clot dissolution, tissue homogenization), and physiological effects (e.g. neuromodulation). The skull, made out of predominantly cancellous and cortical bones, presents itself as an acoustic barrier to this ultrasonic energy. The skull absorbs ultrasound to an extent, heating up...

Fundamental Characteristics of Wi-Fi and Wireless Local Area Network Re-identification for Transportation

Noah Goodall
Many transportation agencies use re-identification technologies to identify vehicles at multiple points along the roadway as a way to measure travel times and congestion. Examples of these technologies include license plate readers, toll tag transponders, and media access control (MAC) address scanners for Bluetooth devices. Recent advancements have allowed for the detection of unique MAC addresses from Wi‑Fi and wireless local area network enabled devices. This study represents one of the first attempts to measure...

Microscopic Estimation of Freeway Vehicle Positions from the Behaviors of Connected Vehicles

Noah Goodall, Brian Smith & B. Brian Park
The modern passenger vehicle is an incredibly sophisticated machine, with computer monitoring and control of most of its functions, including speed, acceleration, heading, and GPS-enabled position. Vehicles are beginning to communicate these data wirelessly to other vehicles and to roadside equipment. These communicating “probe” vehicles will drastically impact the way traffic is managed, allowing for more responsive traffic signals, more comprehensive traffic information, and more accurate travel time prediction. Research suggests that to begin experiencing...

An Adaptive Fuzzy Modeling of Bottom-Up And Top-Down Visual Attention Using Eye Tracking

Smriti Sridhar
Bottom-up and top-down are the two fundamental mechanisms of visual information processing, through which humans can efficiently direct visual attention to task-relevant information under noisy visual environments, and thus, spare mental workload. Healthcare providers routinely perform a wide array of visual tasks for retrieval, creation, and exchange of patient information in the form of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). In clinical practice, EHR interfaces originally designed to support such tasks often interfere with clinical workflows, which...

Deep Reinforcement Learning on Optimal Trade Execution Problems

Siyu Lin
Algorithmic trading involves the use of computer programs, algorithms and advanced mathematical models to make trading decisions and transactions in the financial market. It has become prevalent in major financial markets since late 1990s. Optimal trading execution is one of the most crucial problems in the realm of algorithmic trading, as the profitability of many trading strategies depends on the effectiveness of the trade execution. Optimal trade execution problem concerns about how to best trade...

A Formal Approach to Adversarial Machine Learning

Saeed Mahloujifar
With the ever increasing applications of machine learning algorithms many new challenges, beyond accuracy, have been raised. Among them, and one of the most important ones, is robustness against adversarial attacks. The persistent impact of these attacks on the security of otherwise successful machine learning algorithms begs a fundamental investigation. This dissertation aims at building a foundation to systematically investigate robustness of machine learning algorithms in the presence of different adversaries. Two special cases of...

Essays on Road Infrastructure, Market Integration, and Development

Hundanol Kebede
In the first chapter of this dissertation, I estimate the welfare gains from rural roads in Ethiopia. I develop a Ricardian trade model to explain how rural roads affect welfare in agricultural villages. The model captures two contrasting effects of rural roads on welfare. On one hand, decreases in trade costs lead to reallocation of village farmland to its comparative advantage crops and enable farmers to obtain higher prices for these crops. On the other...

\"It Made Me Closer to the People in My Group\": Group-level Processes Related to Deepening Relationships Among Adolescents in a Social Intervention

Alison Nagel
This mixed-methods study examined a group-based, social-emotional learning intervention for adolescents to identify group-level processes associated with positive relational outcomes and how these processes functioned in different settings. The Connection Project (TCP) was implemented with matched control groups in two settings: eight intervention groups from a small private school in Charlottesville, Virginia, and 40 intervention groups from public schools in St. Louis, Missouri. Pre- and post-intervention data were collected from all participants, including a sociometric...

Genealogy in Early Greek Philosophy

Joseph Zehner
This dissertation examines the influence of genealogical thinking on early Greek philosophy and their historical context. The first chapter focuses on the genealogies of Homer, Hecataeus of Miletus, and Pherecydes of Athens to demonstrate the pervasiveness of genealogical thought in the Archaic period, its malleability for different purposes, and its agonistic qualities. The second chapter examines Chaos in Hesiod's "Theogony," showing how the proem emphasizes the absolute priority of Chaos and detailing the lasting influence...

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