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User Experience Design to Synchronize Government Acquisition Strategy and Schedule; The Social Construction of Technology and Robotic Process Automation

Daniel Xu
New technologies are constantly being discovered and adopted. This reality underlies technical work as well as the STS research. The technical work was a direct reflection of the technology adoption process as it sought to ease the introduction of new technologies into the government contracting domain by creating more intuitive user interface designs. The STS research explored the underlying mechanics of the adoption process by investigating the necessary requirements for the successful introduction of novel...

Optimizing Healthcare Decision Making Following ACL-Reconstruction

Stephan Bodkin
Reinjury rates are high among individuals following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). To improve outcomes following ACLR, functional assessments are administered to identify deficits prior to the patient’s return to activity (RTA). Through the Lower Extremity Assessment Protocol (LEAP) program, these assessments are administered at 4- and 6-months following surgery. This battery of assessments consists of patient reported outcomes, quadriceps and hamstring strength and symmetry, and single leg hopping performance and symmetry. Manuscript I used...

The Role of Software in Providing Funding for After-School Programs ; Afterschool Activities and Early Child Development

Jack Durning
Though afterschool activities promote the healthy development of young children, funding for such programs is scarce. An online platform can help schools find the funding they need. The research team replaced an online survey that a nonprofit used to manage funds for after-school activities. We developed an application-handling platform on which users can submit applications; the owner can then collect and organize the data to optimize allocation of funds. The system meets all client requirements,...

CECIL, 1U Amateur Radio CubeSat; The Right Rocket for the Job: Small Launch Providers Target Small Satellites

Gabriel Norris
How can we efficiently and reliably put scientific and communications equipment into orbit? The proliferation of man-made satellites in Earth’s orbit, originating in the Space Race, has dramatically improved global communications and scientific investigation. Recent technological innovations in smallsats have led to the greatest increase in satellite launch rates since the mid-20th century, with extensive implications. What is the most reliable and economic satellite design that enables communication between the global amateur radio community? To...

The Role of Play and Adult Guidance in Children's Spatial Development

Sierra Eisen
When children play with toys like blocks and puzzles, they engage in spatial reasoning—mentally considering objects in space and their relations to each other and their environment. Spatial play is associated with improvement in spatial skills (Verdine, Golinkoff, Hirsh-Pasek, & Newcombe, 2014), which are a valuable contributor to success in STEM fields (Stieff & Uttal, 2015; Wai et al., 2009). However, it is unclear whether spatial play causes improvement in spatial skills. Past research on...

User Experience Design to Synchronize Government Acquisition Strategy and Schedule; “There’s Me in There, You Just Have to Look Harder”: The Presentation of Self and Gender Norms on Instagram

Shannon McGrath
Most American adults today own a smartphone, with almost half agreeing that their smartphone is something they couldn’t live without. Smartphones have become such an integral part of society due to the connectivity and efficiency they provide in the personal and professional lives of Americans. Many individuals use smartphones in their personal lives to connect with others via social media platforms such as Instagram, allowing them to share their lives with others and also explore...

Staunton Makerspace Communication and Classes Management Systems; Smartphone and Internet Usage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Damon Cestaro
The STS report of this paper seeks to answer the question of what common factors enabled technology services meant for the African market to succeed, and what factors caused them to fail. The technical report details the creation of a project for the Staunton Makerspace.

Leonardo Bot Vinci: Orthographic Projection Robot; Rethinking the SAT: The Role of Standardized Testing in College Admissions

Emily Flynn
My technical topic and STS topic are unrelated. While my technical topic, a drawing machine, does have social implications, those are not connected to college admissions, and especially not standardized testing.

Wheel Surfer: A Device to Recharge Batteries from Mechanical Motion; The Thirty Meter Telescope and Mauna Kea

Dylan Ishikawa
My technical capstone focused on creating a device that could charge a battery from mechanical work. My STS thesis focused on the conflict between Native Hawaiian activists and astronomers over the Thirty Meter Telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea. Professor Gorman, my STS professor, said there was no need for the STS thesis to be related to my technical capstone. Given this, I chose to write my thesis about the TMT, which is an...

Flood Monitoring and Mitigation Strategies for Flood-Prone Urban Areas; Rising Flood Levels and Affordable Housing: An Analysis of Mitigation Strategies using Actor Network Theory

Kruti Shah
My thesis portfolio revolves around how cities are adapting to increased flooding due to climate change. My technical report suggests a methodology for cities that are looking to learn more about how flooding is distributed locally. Currently, cities largely rely on residents to report local flooding. This removes objectivity and creates a burden on citizens to know exactly who to call when reporting their problem. In addition, any existing flood mapping resources used, like ArcGIS,...

Capstone/Technical Report; STS Research Paper

Monica Wuhrer
The spaceflight industry is rapidly advancing in many ways; space exploration programs, rockets, human landers, space stations, and satellites are being built by both private and governmental organizations world-wide. Within my Capstone Design, we are designing a small satellite and payload to be built and launched within the next few years. This will give students hands-on experience with spaceflight, and make use of commercially available supplies. Designing, building, and launching a student-made satellite gives hands-on...

The Smithinator: Recumbent Vehicle Design and Entry for the 2020 ASME Human- Powered Vehicle Challenge; Evaluating Charlottesville’s Plans for an Eco-Friendlier Transportation System

Sandesh Banskota
This portfolio dives into the issue of sustainable transportation. The technical paper describes my human powered vehicle (HPV) capstone team’s project to identify and build an exceptional HPV to help accelerate the adoption of such eco-friendly vehicles for human transportation purposes. The STS paper explores what is being done in Charlottesville to move towards a greener transportation network. The technical portion describes a holistic project where my team identified the need for human powered vehicles,...

The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Project; The Public Perception of Aspartame

Jack Craddock
For my technical topic, I helped to design a solar powered fan. The goal of this project was to provide low income area with cheap cooling options that can be implemented without any connection to a power grid. The project features an implementation which allows for simultaneous charging and cooling capabilities which should allow for continuous cooling coverage. For my STS topic, I have researched various claims about aspartame made by various internet articles, fact...

Predicting Comment Popularity within Online Communities Using Multiclass Classification; Unification of Sub-communities within Geographic Communities

Cory Kim
Inter-community and intra-community dynamics have long been loosely understood. Various attempts, by both technical and sociological fields of study, have been developed in hopes of understanding such community dynamics. Community structure has been understood, where society often follows predictable structural trends over time. However, interactions between partitions and subgroups within and between communities have proven to be much more difficult to understand. Studying evolutionary community dynamics is a difficult task, often being limited to the...

CCA - Academic Tracker; The Struggle to Find Educational Technology's Place in the Classroom

Christian Kinzer
Throughout history, technology has played a key role in facilitating education. As we have entered the digital age, a wealth of online resources has been developed for administrators, teachers, and students to increase a capacity of learning. My technical team was approached by the director of a small school to create a personalized system for them to track and analyze standardized testing scores for their students over time. In parallel, my STS research examines and...

Medella; Targeted Information (and Misinformation) in Political Advertising

David Mehani
In the age of social media and other free to use online networks, data collection and targeted advertising have become increasingly pressing issues. As the number of users of these sites continues to grow, so does the concern over their practices of data collection. While this has been great for revenue and connecting people to products they may want, this technology has also been exploited for the distribution of potentially misleading political information. After the...

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Sports Analytics in a University Setting; Creating a Framework for Target-Setting Problems of Univariate Data

Benjamin Metzger
My technical project was centered around the proposal for an establishment of a Sports Analytics Center for UVa athletics. As of 2019, sports analytics has grown to be a $780 million industry. Many organizations and institutions contribute to the field through research in exercise science, optimization of in-game decision making, sports marketing, business performance, and sports compliance fields. We proposed an open, interdisciplinary approach to sports analytics within institutes of higher education to work across...

ChoreoNova Ticketing System; E-Commerce and the Entertainment Industry

Vivian Pham
E-Commerce has been a growing influence in the retail market as it continues to adopt more innovations that cater to society’s interest in digitization. It has also made its way into the entertainment industry as a way to create and disperse content to consumers. My STS and technical projects both focused on e-Commerce and entertainment working hand-in-hand. My technical project produced a ticketing system that a contemporary dance company will be using to sell tickets...

TrackCorona - Coronavirus Tracker and Live Map; Ethics of Monetization of Personal Data

James Yun
During the first half of 2020, humanity faced an unusually large onslaught of problems. In addition to the usual political, technical, and social problems expected of a modern society, we are in the midst of the deadliest pathogen in over a century. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has caused over a quarter-million deaths around the world, resulting in the disruption of governments, economies, and ways of life. For my technical capstone, I had originally planned on...

Early Transition Metal Metallocenes for the Electrochemical Reduction of Carbon Monoxide

Tie Ling
The electroreduction of carbon monoxide (COR) to highly reduced carbon products is an attractive method to supplement thermal Fischer-Tropsch processes, which have poor selectivity and significant infrastructural requirements. Importantly, when coupled to the electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2R), COR is a promising method to transform the greenhouse gas CO2 to value-added products using electricity generated from sustainable energy sources. To this point, no molecular electrocatalyst capable of efficiently realizing COR under ambient conditions has...

Imperial Diplomacy in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Mouley Ismaël’s Marriage Proposal for a Daughter of Louis XIV

Mary Elizabeth Allen
This research project centers around a marriage proposal. In 1699, Mouley Ismaël, the King of Morocco, ostensibly requested to marry a daughter of the French King Louis XIV. The gesture, coming from a Muslim, an African, a Sultan of “dark complexion,” asking for the daughter of the “Most Christian King,” was deemed by the French court utterly laughable. My study offers readers an analysis of this diplomatic event, and the literature it inspired, along with...

SmartBell; Coke and Obesity in the United States

Xiaochuan Ding
How can the incidence of overweight in United States be reduced? How can we provide immediate and critical performance feedback to weightlifters? The capstone team created a small device, the Smartbell, capable of collecting and displaying weightlifting statistics to evaluate the lifter’s stance and physical performance when it is attached to a barbell. By designing and manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB), soldering integrated circuits and circuit elements onto the PCB, writing the software logic...

Water Bottle Cooling Station; “Amateur Athletics”: Exploring the Rights of Student-Athletes in America

Micah Harris
What justifies a transition to a new system? Changing longstanding systems can be a risky departure from the tested and familiar, but such change is sometimes necessary. How does one remotely cool water in a bottle without ice? Though ice can quickly cool liquids, it is not always available. The research team sought to fabricate a remote water bottle cooling station, to let users chill a beverage anywhere, which may limit water waste. We used...

Characterizing the Prevalence and Mitigating Possible Risks of Wastewater Borne Antibiotic Resistance ; Sanitation and Sanitary Products: Threats to Wastewater Systems

Dorian Nguyen
How are public wastewater systems managing new hazards? Rising volumes of foreign material, such as pharmaceuticals and wet wipes, pose public health risks. How do we characterize the prevalence and mitigate possible risks of wastewater-borne antibiotic resistance? Carbapenems, known as antibiotics of “last resort,” treat multidrug-resistant bacterial infections. Because carbapenems in wastewater can promote antibiotic resistance, tracking and mitigating carbapenem resistance is a public health necessity. An assessment of conventional wastewater treatment methods indicates that...

Modeling Biological Rhythms to Predict Mental and Physical Readiness; The Desire for Success: How American Students are Striving to Increase Their Productivity

Leah Palombi
How can productivity be improved? Productivity can contribute to personal success, but many struggle to be as productive as they desire. Technology can enhance productivity, but it also can also introduce distractions. Rhythm-aware technology can improve users’ awareness of personal rhythms, which in turn can improve productivity. The circadian rhythm, a 24-hour physiological cycle, influences human productivity. We hypothesized that a system that helps users align their biological cycles with their daily lives would improve...

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