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Educational Interventions for Primary Care Providers to Promote a Trauma-Informed Care Approach in a Student Health Setting

Kathryn Gallanosa
Background: Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma are associated with health-risk behaviors, leading to chronic illnesses and disease in adulthood. ACEs and trauma are widespread in the general population, with around 60% reporting at least one ACE. College students with increased exposure to ACEs exhibit higher levels of mental health symptoms and illnesses and engage in increased health-risk behaviors. As such, primary care clinicians treating college students to be educated in trauma-informed care (TIC) practices...

Boron Dye-Polymer Materials for Oxygen Sensing and Imaging

Meng Zhuang
Bioimaging based on luminescence has brought revolutionary advancement in studying biology and biomedicine. The family of difluoroboron beta-diketones (BF2bdks) dye polymeric materials has been widely used as imaging and sensing reagents. These materials possess unique dual-emissive properties, that is, fluorescence (F) and oxygen sensitive room temperature phosphorescence (RTP), making them ideal for ratiometric oxygen sensing where the fluorescence serves as an internal standard and the phosphorescence is the oxygen sensor. The properties including emission, lifetime,...

Suicide Bombing, Civilian Oppression...and a Green New Deal? New Environmental Focus from Islamic Militant Groups in Afghanistan

Jenna Wilkey
This work was completed as part of a Spring 2020 capstone class for the Global Environments and Sustainability interdisciplinary major, advised by Professor Willis Jenkins and Professor Phoebe Crisman. Recently released goals of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and other Islamic militant groups pertaining to environmental protection contradict a trend of human rights violations perpetrated by these organizations. The paper analyzes the possible motives behind the environmental rhetoric such as the current environmental state Afghanistan, interpretations...

High Resolution Satellite Imaging of Nitrogen Dioxide from Low Earth Orbit; An Extraterrestrial Voyage: Can Climate Change Really be the Cause?

Max Diamond
Climate change is one of the largest problems facing humanity today. Many solutions exist at the so-called “ground level”, including regulation of carbon emissions or switching to greener energy production methods. As an aerospace engineer, I seek to look for solutions to problems from above, rather than on the ground. Instead of applying a broad stroke to all companies, imploring them to simply “reduce carbon emission”, it would be more useful if certain high-emission areas...

Figures of Death: Hybridity and Violence in la Santa Muerte

Jessica Marroquí­n
Over the last twenty years, la Santa Muerte, or Holy Death, has been identified in the public imaginary as a violent folk saint associated with the drug trade and the underbelly of evil. This identity interpretation of la Santa Muerte has been promoted through representations in popular culture and media. Rethinking la Santa Muerte through literary manifestations paints a panoramic picture of her history in print and image. This dissertation examines la Santa Muerte and...

Exploring the Role of the Gut-Brain Axis in Infant Brain and Behavioral Development

Caroline Kelsey
Background: Research is beginning to accumulate suggesting that the gut microbiome may play an important role in early postnatal brain and behavioral development. Incorporating information regarding the gut microbiome into psychobiological research thus promises to shed new light on how individual differences in brain and cognitive development emerge. Here, we examined the link between gut microbiome diversity, functional brain network connectivity, and behavioral temperament in newborn infants. Method: Newborn infants were recruited from a local...

The Impact of Drought and Airborne Pollutants on Pediatric Asthma in Imperial County, California, United States

Aubrey Doede
Background: The Imperial Valley region of Southeastern California has become one of the most productive agricultural regions in the state and has the highest rates of childhood asthma in California. The pediatric population is at a unique and increased risk of immediate and long-term negative health effects of asthma from air pollution. 2012-16 marked the worst drought in California, USA, in over a century. Imperial County’s landlocked Salton Sea is almost entirely dependent on agricultural...

Modification and Application of Antibodies and Their Fragments for Immunostaining in Live Lymphatic Tissue Slices

Andrew Kinman
The research presented in this thesis focuses on 3 major themes: 1.) the in-house modification of antibodies, 2.) the validation/testing of antibodies after modification, and 3.) the use of modified antibodies as an immunostaining reagent in live lymphatic tissue slices. For most research labs, the development of novel antibody-dependent methods or antibody-based research tools are often limited by the lack availability of commercial recombinant antibodies, which are best suited to efficiently generate fragments, bispecific, or...

Rubidium Ionic Core Polarization and Non-Adiabatic Correction Using RF and Microwave Spectroscopy of Rydberg States

Seth Berl
A precision measurement of the rubidium ionic core polarizability has been realized at The University of Virginia. Development and implementation of a rubidium Rydberg state spectroscopy apparatus, an appropriate model for interpreting spectroscopic results, analysis, and conclusions are documented and presented herein. Due to experiment design, the spectroscopy measurements in this dissertation feature a greater precision and higher fidelity due to less pronounced systematic effects when compared to previous experiments. Furthermore, the implementation of a...

Carleson Embeddings into Weighted Outer Measure Spaces

Mark Lewers
Recent progress in harmonic analysis in obtaining Lp norm inequalities for modulation invariant operators has been in part due to the formalization of time-frequency analysis methods under an outer measure framework developed in \cite{dt2015}. The framework codifies the underlying nature of such an analysis and shifts the difficulty in proofs to obtaining Lp norm estimates on projection operators mapping from a classic Lp space into an outer measure Lp space; such maps are referred to...

The Effect of a Mindfulness-Based Intervention on Occupational Stress Among In-patient Adult Oncology Nurses

Meghan Hill
Background: Continuous exposure to oncology patients who are dying and have complex care needs is associated with occupational stress in oncology nurses. Mindfulness-based interventions are recommended for the prevention and management of stress. Objective: The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the short-term effects of a condensed mindfulness-based intervention on occupational stress among inpatient adult oncology nurses. Methods: A convenience sample of oncology nurses were recruited from a central Virginia academic medical center’s...

Protecting Our (White) Daughters: Immigration, Benevolent Sexism and Racial Resentment

Rachel Smilan-Goldstein
In recent advocacy for restrictive immigration policies, conservative U.S. politicians have advanced a narrative of Latinx male criminality, with White women most commonly serving as victims. This particular anti-immigrant discourse links benevolent sexism with racial resentment and ethnocentrism to emphasize a need to protect White women from Latinx male immigrants. Calls to protect White women from imperilment by racially other men have a long history in Western political culture. Past research on immigration and public...

Bronze Borne: The Functional Context of the Hoplite's Panoply During the Greek Archaic Period

Henry Lanphier
By examining the design choices of the Greek hoplite panoply and testing its mechanical properties, it becomes possible to identify how the armor system differed in function from the other options available in the Archaic and Classical Periods. The findings of tests conducted with physical reconstructions and computer models indicate that the armor enjoyed a critical advantage in withstanding and delivering levels of compressive force that would easily kill an unarmored human. These tests further...

Advancing Hyku: Monthly Website Capture

Ellen Ramsey, Brian Hole & Rachel Kotarski
Monthly snapshots of public/shared project spaces of the Advancing Hyku Arcadia project via Webrecorder, To view captured versions of the website go to: Web archive browsing advanced client (WABAC) https://wab.ac/ and load the WARC file from this record. For the current Advancing Hyku website go to: https://advancinghyku.io/

Leveraging Focused Ultrasound to Potentiate Immunotherapy for Primary and Disseminated Solid Cancers

Natasha Sheybani
Immunotherapy has demonstrated unparalleled clinical outcomes across an array of solid tumor types. However, a significant fraction of patients is unable to realize this benefit due to lack of spontaneous anti-tumor immunity. Poor T cell infiltration and persistence, alongside mechanisms of immune suppression within the tumor microenvironment (TME), severely limit the accessibility of most immunotherapies to a broad patient population. This limitation perpetuates the demand for therapeutic platforms that boost the immunogenicity of tumors while...

Jefferson Lab High Precision Proton Radius Measurement Experiment: PRad

Xinzhan Bai
Proton is not a point-like particle; it has a finite size and an internal structure. The proton charge radius is usually measured through two different methods: using spectroscopy of hydrogen atoms, or through electron-proton (e − p) elastic scattering at low momentum transfer. In 2010, Phol et al [1] published a new measurement for proton charge radius obtained using the spectroscopy method from muonic hydrogen atoms. An ordinary hydrogen (H) atom is a bound state...

Evaluating the Feasibility of Selected Thermochemical Conversion Pathway as Energy-Producing Negative Emissions Technologies

Fangwei Cheng
Negative emissions technologies remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere. Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage that combines biomass conversion and CO2 capture and storage is a negative emissions technology that has been intensively studied to meet climate goals, but existing literature has mostly focused on combustion to produce bio-electricity. This dissertation evaluates the feasibility of thermochemical conversion technologies (hydrothermal treatment, pyrolysis, and gasification) of selected biomass as energy-producing negative emissions technologies. A combination of...

TERRAFORMING IN THE EASTERN FOREST: Spatial Practices for and against Planetary Regeneration

Kevan Klosterwill
Geoengineering has been put forward as a necessary and inevitable response to climate change; however, many critics have argued that this proposal for planetary action is merely an extension of the same logics of modernity and capitalism that have produced the climate crisis in the first place. This dissertation identifies an alternative approach to climate manipulation, dubbed planetary gardening — encompassing practices such as regenerative agriculture, permaculture, afforestation and other acts of multispecies care with...

Perceived Trust of United States Politicians through Prosody

Michael Clemens
Trust is an essential aspect of interpersonal communication, whereby individuals make instinctive trustworthiness judgments to determine how best to interact with other involved parties. The voice is unique to every individual due to the physiology of both the vocal tract and resonance throughout the rest of the body. When listening to a stranger's voice, humans have developed an innate ability to infer the speaker's trustworthiness. This thesis investigates how individuals determine this perceived trust based...

Field Testing and Simulating Servo-Aero-Gravoelastically Scaled Rotors for Extreme-Scale Wind Turbines

Meghan Kaminski
Wind energy continues to grow as a valuable source of renewable energy due to the reduction in the levelized cost of energy over time. To achieve this growth, wind turbine sizes are growing beyond those predicted by conventional rotor designs. The increased turbine size allows for higher tower heights, accessing higher atmospheric wind speeds, and larger rotor diameters, allowing for more power capture. Such turbines are considered extreme-scale turbines (greater than 10 MW rated power)...

Exploring Word Representations on Time Expression Recognition

Sanxing Chen, Guoxin Wang & ‪Börje Karlsson‬
Time expression extraction has attracted longstanding interest over time, due to its great importance in many downstream tasks of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR). Although current approaches, either rule-based or learning-based, can achieve impressive performance in major datasets, they usually rely heavily on handcrafted rules or task-specific pre-tagging features. Recent advances in pretrained word representations motivate us to explore semisupervised approaches for this task. We first show that simple neural architectures built...

Biodiversity of oyster reef benthic macrofauna at the Virginia Coast Reserve

Sophia Rosenberg
Within coastal lagoon ecosystems, oyster reefs create structurally-complex intertidal and subtidal habitats that influences the survival, growth, and reproduction of a diverse assemblage of organisms. Species assemblages within these environments may be mediated by a combination of abiotic and biotic factors across spatial scales. Local abiotic factors such as water salinity, and proximity to aquatic vegetation and ocean inlets can determine the type of species present due to species’ tolerances and life history traits. Biotic...

Linkages Between Community Mental Health Services, Homelessness, and Inmates and Probationers With Severe Mental Illness: an Evidence-based Assessment; Normalized Deviance and Social Construction of Scientific and Technical Fraud

Sean Domnick
Analyzing connections between cultures and organizations is vital to understanding complex systems. In criminal justice systems, individuals interact with organizations various goals, from health treatment to punishment to rehabilitation. In the technical research project, the team worked with several Charlottesville area criminal justice organizations to construct a complete data set that combined information from each source. The team used this data set to analyze the movement of individuals between different organizations and provide insights to...


Awndre Gamache
NK cells play a critical role in controlling MCMV infection. We have shown that MHC class I Dk is absolutely required for murine host protection to MCMV infection and MHC class I Dk-dependent MCMV resistance is reliant upon NK cells marked by the MHC class I Dk inhibitory receptor, Ly49G2. Ly49G2 binds MHC class I Dk and educates NK cells on self-MHC class I which causes them to exhibit enhance sensitivity to activation receptor stimulation....

Online Adaptive Personalization of Supervised Learning Models in Mobile Health Treatment Systems

Jonathan Hughes
There is often significant heterogeneity present in the context of systems engineering problems. This heterogeneity can limit the effectiveness of policies and models that are designed to operate at a coarse, population level when the actual point of intervention is at the level of the specific and varying subgroups or individuals constituting the population. Thus, methods of model personalization may be required to achieve desired outcomes. In this dissertation, we propose a means of rapid,...

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