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A Study of Equilibrium Abundances of Select Elements in Extrasolar Giant Planet Atmospheres

Jordan Baker
Because exoplanets are extremely far away from Earth, very few of them can actually be studied directly; one of the most common methods of studying them is using absorption or emission spectra generated by compounds in a planet’s atmosphere interacting with light from its star. The spectrum from each species is unique enough to be used as a “fingerprint” that can identify whatever is releasing the spectrum, and therefore determine which species are present in...

Why We Should Kerr About the Dark Secrets of Relativistic Accretion Disks in Athena++

Eric Rohr
Monte Carlo numerical solutions to the radiation transfer equation in curved spacetime require both sampling of radiation-matter interactions and calculation of the null geodesics for photon trajectories. Our code, written in C++ using the Athena++ grid framework, integrates geodesics in general spacetimes, with a particular focus on Kerr metric of spinning black holes. Since our main intent is studying accretion disks around supermassive black holes, we include free-free absorption and emission along with polarized or...

Merger Shocks and the Origin of the Large X-ray vs. SZ Discrepancy in Abell 611

Henry Blalock
We have proposed the first useful XMM observation of the CLASH cluster Abell 611. We have imaged the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effect using MUSTANG (9" res) and Bolocam (1’ res). The high-resolution MUSTANG SZ image shows an excess south of the cluster center that is likely to be a merger shock. The MUSTANG+Bolocam image was used to derive the cluster pressure profile, which is 3x greater than that from the Chandra X-ray data. This is the...

Characterization of Branched Chain Aminotransferase 1 in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Napoleon Butler
Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is a tumor characterized by rapid onset and a high propensity for metastasis. Treatment options are limited, having remained largely unchanged over the past few decades, and are quickly overcome by drug resistance. These factors are major contributors to the poor prognosis and unusually high mortality, which underscore an urgent need to identify novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets in order to improve the detection and treatment of SCLC. Thus, the...

Novel Phases and Dynamic Signatures of Kondo Lattice Model

Jing Luo
The Kondo lattice model is one of the most fundamental models that have received tremendous theoretical interest. It describes strongly correlated systems with interaction between itinerant electrons and local magnetic moments. This interaction plays an important role in heavy fermion materials, where local magnetic moments interact with 4f or 5f electrons which behaves as if they are effectively much heavier than themselves. In this thesis, we present a few numerical studies on the Kondo lattice...

Imperial Imaginations: Constructing Japanese History and Memory in the Age of Empire

Andrew Mills
In the wake of the Meiji Restoration of 1868, Japan dramatically changed from a feudal society into a modern nation-state. Japan, however, did not complete the nation-building process until well after the end of the Meiji Era (1868-1912). Instead, Japanese officials in the Taisho and Showa Eras (1912-1916 and 1917-1945, respectively) continued to build on and repurpose Japanese and Western systems, practices, and ideologies, in an attempt to construct a Japanese collective identity and memory....

Conscience: An essay in moral epistemology

Andrew Garland
Conscience used to be a common topic in moral philosophy, but it has retreated into limited domains over the last 150 years or so. Nevertheless, a "folk" conception of conscience persists in ordinary moral discourse and in non-philosophical scholarship. On this view, conscience produces appearances of right and wrong by means of a distinctive kind of experience. Beliefs based on conscience are more like beliefs based on perception than on deliberation. This perceptual model explains...

Design of Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft System; Comparing Current Drone Regulations with Public Concerns

Derrick Devairakkam
Rapid technological developments in autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and an evolving legislation may soon open the way for their large-scale implementation in the future. My technical research topic is set up so that it explores the technical developments and limitations of UAVs through the design of a drone and its ground systems. The STS research topic dwells more on the legislation side concerning drones. We found relatively early into our technical research that drones...

Sequential Pattern Mining: Big Data Analysis in Mobile Gaming; Ethics of Facebook: Analyzing the Social Network and Global Leader

Selwyn Hector Jr.
My technical capstone is a data science project that attempts to make sense of a huge repository of activity data for players in a multiplayer mobile online game. The company that developed the mobile game was not able to analyze the data so my professors and I were then brought in to break down the data programmatically and develop models from it. My professors focused primarily on statistical analysis and I focused on data science...

Measuring Airport Similarity to Create a Towering Decision Aid; Electric Vehicles’ Engines and their Impact on the Global Warming

Sragdhara Khakurel
My thesis portfolio focuses around transportation, though in very different ways. My technical report focuses on airplane transportation- more specifically it focuses on air traffic control towers (ATCT) at airports. These towers tell planes when to take off and land, and are essential to the safety and efficiency of the airport. When an airport has an ATCT, the surrounding town’s economy also improves due to the increase in traffic at the airport. There are 500...

Modeling Biological Rhythms to Predict Mental and Physical Readiness ; The Utilization of Technology and Telehealth to treat Mental Illnesses

Dillon McGowan
The STS Thesis final paper examines how technology and telehealth can be utilized in the treatment of mental illnesses. It begins by addressing the high prevalence of mental health illnesses throughout the world and understanding how mental health illnesses are viewed in our society. This includes discussing the stigma associated with mental health and mental health treatments, as well as citing the relatively recent efforts to increase mental health awareness. Through pop culture and other...

Reliable Analytics for Disease Indicators: Leveraging Smart Devices to Predict Health; An Actor Network Theory Approach to the Improvement of Health Care in Rural America

Charles Moens
Rural Americans’ health is notably worse than their urban counterparts, largely due to structural and economic limitations that previously could not be circumvented. However, with the advent of advanced mobile sensing technology, rural Americans can be notified of potential health concerns simply by having a smartphone on their person. By essentially circumventing inadequate and understaffed health care facilities, I posit that disease prediction technology can effectively bridge the gap between urban and rural health care...

Measuring Airport Similarity to Create a Towering Decision Aid; Big Data and its Implications for Privacy

Michael Quinn
The topic I chose to write about for my STS Research paper is on Big Data and the threats it poses to basic human privacy rights. In particular, the paper describes the nature of Big Data, the technologies and innovations associated with it, the issues that have resulted from corporate collection and manipulation of data, and various government responses to these issues. The ethical nature of this technology is also analyzed with regard to how...

Predicting Motor Vehicle Accidents using Machine Learning Techniques; Privacy Issues with Unwarranted Data Collection from Web and Mobile Applications

Akanksha Alok
A motor vehicle accident can occur in a matter of a few seconds. However, noticing abnormalities in the speed, acceleration or location of the vehicle can alert authorities of the accident before it has even occurred, and injured victims can receive medical assistance as soon as possible without going unnoticed for long periods of time. My technical research project focused on creating a novel approach using different Machine Learning techniques to detect impending vehicle accidents,...

Measuring Airport Similarity to Create a Towering Decision Aid; The Rise of Flight Shaming in Europe: How Peer Pressure is Reshaping Transportation

Chris Marshall
Airports are an important part of our modern infrastructure. They are crucial to transportation and our economy alike. Because of this their functions must be constantly updated and used in a responsible way. My STS analysis focused on how we as a society need to become more responsible fliers if we wish to reduce the impact aviation has on the environment. It specifically looks into how social movements like “flight shaming” could be more effective...

Social Networks and Archival Context OpenRefine Plugin; How Can We Prepare for the Future of Artificial Intelligence?

John Perez
The links between my STS research and my technical project include technology, data, and the interaction between humans and information via a computer. However, my two projects approach these broad topics in vastly different ways. My STS research revolves around dispelling the misinformed fear of artificial intelligence in society as a result of portrayal in fictional media and how we as a society should prepare to optimize such a powerful and complex technology. My technical...

Automating DOM-based Cross Site Scripting Protections on Chromium and Chromium-based browsers; Investigating barriers to pipelining food assistance to America’s food insecure via web platforms

Dale Wilson
Billions of individuals, ranging from your everyday consumer to captains of industry and country presidents, interface with the world wide web via an internet browser every day. Both my STS and technical research topics concern the security of end-users who interact with web applications through a web browser. My technical report investigates a compatible, easy-to-implement defense for engineers who wish to develop and defend their web applications from DOMXSS attacks, a nefarious attack that can...

Electrical Engineering Practicum: A Method for Improving Restaurant Beverage Refill Rates Using an Intelligent Coaster System; Swarm Robotics: Nature-Inspired Design and Error-Detection in Autonomous Behavior

Taylor Kramer
My thesis portfolio, through both the technical paper and the STS research paper, puts a focus on intelligent systems within electrical and computer engineering. The technical report introduces the “Smart Coaster” as an electronic addition to a restaurant’s server-to-patron interactions. My team’s main goal was to provide a device which boosts drink refill rates and increases customer satisfaction. We accomplish this through a drink coaster which senses a cup’s liquid level and automatically communicates refill...

Rogue Knights: Characterization in Malory's 'A Noble Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake'

Stephen Hoyle
This thesis examines Thomas Malory's originality of characterization in his Arthurian work Le Morte Darthur, with special attention to "A Noble Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lake." It focuses on Lancelot's interactions with "rogue knights" who abuse their power and prey on the weak. This thesis argues that Malory's changes to these episodes, when compared to the versions presented in his Vulgate sources, present Lancelot as a more suitable exemplar of the chivalric ideal that...

Quantum Symmetric Pairs and Quantum Supergroups at Roots of 1

Thomas Sale
A quantum group, as conceived by Drinfeld and Jimbo, is the quantization of an enveloping algebra via the quantum parameter v. In analogue with the theory of algebraic groups in prime characteristic, Lusztig laid the foundations of a theory of quantum groups when v has been specialized to a root of 1. Among his fundamental results and constructions are a quantum Frobenius homomorphism, a Steinberg tensor product theorem and the small quantum group. In this...

Improving Urodynamic Prediction of Non-Neurogenic Underactive Detrusor in Adult Male Patients

Dana Garnand
Introduction: Non-neurogenic detrusor underactivity (DU) is a common diagnosis in patients. Symptoms of DU may include urinary frequency, urinary urgency, weak stream, straining to void, urinary incontinence, infrequent urination, decreased voiding sensation, increased post-void residual volume, and chronic urinary retention. Background: Urinary symptoms are not specific to DU, and may be associated with a myriad of other diagnoses. DU has been poorly defined in the literature with lack of evidence-based outcomes. The literature review identifies...

Assessing temperate forest growth and climate sensitivity in response to a long-term whole-watershed acidification experiment

Jacob Malcomb
Datasets include tree growth, soil chemistry, climate, streamflow, and forest inventory data from Watersheds 3 and 7 at the Fernow Experimental Forest, West Virginia. N and S deposition data, collected by the National Atmospheric Deposition Program in Parsons, WV (Site WV18) is also included.

Impact of a Primary Care Navigation Training for Promotoras de Salud

Gabriela Paniagua-Stolz
Background: Promotoras de Salud are especially effective at providing navigational services for ethnic minorities. However, the literature indicates gaps in standardized training methods, curriculum, and evaluation tools of Promotoras in navigation training (Hou & Roberson, 2015; Scott et al., 2018). Methods: Seven Promotoras de Salud were recruited through snowball sampling to participate in a patient navigation training, and were given resource mapping binders with detailed clinic profiles. The project was a one group pretest/post-test design...

\"Drug binding to mammalian serum albumins\"

Mateusz Czub
Serum albumin (SA) is the most abundant protein in mammalian blood plasma. SA is primarily responsible for the transport of drugs, hormones, fatty acids, metals, and various other metabolites in the blood. More than 900 FDA-approved drugs are known to bind to plasma proteins, mainly albumin, but prior to this study complexes of SA with only 29 FDA-approved drugs have been structurally characterized. In this thesis, I present several structures of human serum albumin (complexes...

\"She's Not Gonna Judge You for What You're Saying\": Understanding Factors Associated with Disclosure Between Black Youth and Non-parental Familial Adults

Ariana Rivens
The act of self-disclosure to another person is an important tool that helps one build relationships and solicit emotional support when distressed. During adolescence, Black youth contend with normative changes and increased exposure to risk. Fortunately, Black youth also have access to naturally occurring resources such as close relationships with non-parental adults in their families (Hurd & Zimmerman, 2010). Prior research has suggested that adolescent disclosure to peers and parents can be adaptive, but less...

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