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Improving Wind Turbine Efficiency Through Blade Design; Technological Innovation of Rideshare Electric Scooters as a Response to Increased Regulation

Craig Wendelken
The development and use of renewable energy will become one of humanity's most significant challenges in the imminent future. As a result, the effort to utilize green energy has penetrated and continued to integrate into almost every technological sphere. The loosely coupled technical research report and science, technology, and society (STS) research paper focus on two distinct instances regarding the production and utilization of green energy. The technical research report explores the potential to innovate...

Relationship between role conflict and satisfaction and performance of intercollegiate student-athletes

Thomas Andrew Perrin
The primary purpose of this research investigation was to assess the relationship between the degree of role conflict experienced by intercollegiate student-athletes and student-athlete satisfaction and performance. This study also examined the relationship between role conflict and demographic characteristics and role importance. Subjects for the investigation were student athletes enrolled at an NCAA Division I public university located in the southeastern United States. All 510 varsity student-athletes within the athletic department made up the population...

Indoor Place Recognition for Situation Awareness Using Deep Learning Models and 3D Point Cloud Computation

Amir Ashrafi
With the increasing number of sensing devices in smart buildings for temperature, humidity, air quality, etc. acquiring information with regards to the state of the building and the location where a user is present has become very important recently in multiple domains including design, construction, facility management, and emergency response. This concept has been defined as Situation Awareness (SA) which can be obtained and improved by visualizing the information properly. The very first step to...

An Examination of Teacher Questioning and Student Responses Within the Context of an Integrated STEM Project

Christopher Dittrick
As teachers incorporate more science and engineering practices into their science instruction, it is important for teachers to support students as they engage with these practices. Talking science is one way for students to engage in authentic science practices as part of classroom instruction. However, students are often newcomers to engaging in science talk with teachers or with fellow students. One solution to this unfamiliarity with science talk is for teachers to model science talk...

Writers' Communities and Retreats of the Soviet Era in Russian Literature

Sarah McEleney
This dissertation examines the role of Soviet-era writers’ communities and official retreats in the history of 20th century Russian literature. While writers’ and artists’ colonies have an important place in Western cultural history, their Soviet counterparts are remarkable with regard to the ideological dissonance and multiple styles of literary creation that were a part of the history of these spaces. The major Soviet literary organization, The Soviet Writers’ Union, and its allied organization, the Litfond,...

The Population of Exoplanets as Sculpted by their Host Stars

Robert Wilson
Over the last decade, exoplanet studies have experienced a revolution. This boom is in part due to large-scale photometric surveys such as the Kepler mission, which to date has discovered nearly 5000 credible exoplanet candidates. This vast dataset has stimulated exoplanet science to advance beyond the stage of discovery and characterization of single systems, to population studies of exoplanets within our Solar neighborhood. Evolving in a similar timeframe over the last decade are large-scale spectroscopic...

Rheological and Thermal Characterization of 3D Printable Lightweight Cementitious Composites with Fly Ash Cenoshperes

Yang Yang
The thermally poor design of residential and commercial buildings considerably increases heating and cooling demands which lead to an increase in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Recent advances in cement-based composites offer improved thermal properties and lower embodied energy and emission using functional fillers and supplemental cementitious materials. 3D printing of cement-based composites also allows structural members to be produced in complex shapes that are not possible to achieve with traditional methods. In 3D printed...


Aycan Katitas
My dissertation examines how politicians' incentives for political survival and the distributive consequences of economic integration incite protectionist sentiments. The causes of protectionism have been the subject of intense debate in political economy literature. Current studies organize in two major camps. On the one hand, scholars investigating the effect of regional economic shocks emphasize the economic roots of this backlash. They argue that the negative distributive consequences of foreign economic flows galvanize right-wing politics and...

Dense seasonal sampling of an orchard population uncovers population turnover, adaptive tracking, and structure in multiple Drosophila species

Alyssa Bangerter
Organisms require genetic variation in order to evolve, and balancing selection is one way by which genetic variation is maintained in genomes. Adaptation to temporally varying selection is a mechanism of balancing selection that is not well characterized in natural populations. In my dissertation, I utilize the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, which adapts to seasonally varying selection, to better understand balancing selection through adaptation to temporally varying selection. In Chapter 1, I utilize frequent sampling...

Automated Glial Image Analysis and Bioinformatics

Tiffany Ly
The interaction between the central nervous system (CNS) and immune system is crucial in maintaining homeostasis. Scientists have recently realized the extreme significance of the role of CNS immune cells after injury, in aging, and in neurodegenerative disease. Morphological changes of microglia cells, which are immune cells in the brain, can reveal the state of the CNS. However, manual quantification of these complex morphologies is tedious, error-prone, and potentially biased. The primary objective of this...

Music, Memory, Power: Being Jamaican Maroon in the Past, Present, and Future

Tracey Stewart
During the First Maroon War which began in roughly 1655, Jamaican Maroons engaged the British in a campaign of guerrilla warfare that lasted more than eighty years. This war culminated in the signing of two peace treaties between the Maroons and the British. Today, both treaties are at the center of present-day debates over cultural ownership, ethnic distinction, sovereignty, and national belonging. This study reveals how Jamaican Maroon music, performance practice, and cultural icons are...

Black History Month Jeopardy at a PWI: a how-to

Katrina Spencer
Many small towns in predominantly white spaces offer rather few opportunities to celebrate the cultural life and contributions of underrepresented groups in society. Libraries may have the capacity to practice anti-racist methodologies and forge strong bonds with underrepresented groups by supporting and hosting culturally affirming programming. Black History Month Jeopardy was a success every February in Middlebury, Vermont for three years where Librarian Katrina Spencer arranged for contestants to be rewarded for their knowledge about...

Two-photon absorption lineshapes in the transit-time limit

Kevin Lehmann
A weak excitation, transit-time resolution limited analytic lineshape is derived for a Doppler Broadening Free, degenerate two-photon transition from a standing wave with a TEM00 transverse profile. This approximation is appropriate when the collisional mean free path is much larger than the transverse width of the TEM00 beam. It is considerably simpler than the two-photon absorption lineshape previously published, C. Borde, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences Serie B 282, 341-344...

What is the (social) structure? An exploration

Taro Matsuno
This project seeks to use digitized deed records as the material to construct a social graph of Locust Grove’s real estate market in order to understand the social and power structures underlying the neighborhood’s development. This quick start guide can help researchers use the platform, Graph Commons, to analyze the connections between property buyers and sellers. This was created as a part of the course, ARH8604 - Field Methods I, taught in Spring 2021 by...

Evaluation - Towards a Community Learning Network to Advance Economic Mobility

Stephanie Shipp, Joel Thurston & Cassandra Dorius
Through the pilot project – Towards a National Community Learning Network – we demonstrate that the Cooperative Extension System (CES) can be used to infuse data insights into local communities and accelerate the advancement of economic mobility across three states (Virginia, Iowa, and Oregon) through use of the Community Learning through Data Driven Discovery process. The project encompassed three bodies of work, including: (1) developing a rural community-based research culture to promote economic mobility; (2)...

UVA School of Data Science Open Access Guidelines and Recommendations

Philip Bourne, Brandon Butler, Lane Rasberry, Daniel Mietchen, Timothy Clark, Nada Basit, Aidong Zhang, Brian Wright, John Van Horn, Jonathan Kropko & Claudia Scholz
On February 3, 2021 the School of Data Science's Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) officially passed the Open Access Guidelines and Recommendations. The University of Virginia School of Data Science is guided by goals to further discovery through open, collaborative, and responsible data science research. These guidelines and recommendations are adhered to by all faculty members in their research.

Machine Learning & Search Modeling; Analyzing the Environmental and Societal Effects of Bitcoin

Noor Drissi
Introduction My technical work and explorative STS research are not immediately connected at this point within society. However, as these topics become more widespread in society the connection between the two will be robust. My technical work involves the use of machine learning artificial intelligence to model search queries. My STS research details the environmental and social impacts of Bitcoin. Although these two topics are not currently related as society progresses a bridge will be...

From Genotype to Phenotype: Molecular and Functional Characterization of the Disease-associated ID3 SNP rs11574

Christopher Henderson
The inhibitor of differentiation 3 (ID3) gene functions as a dominant negative regulator of a broadly expressed subgroup of basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors known as E-proteins. ID3 regulates gene expression by binding to these E-proteins and preventing the formation of transcriptionally-active promoter complexes. Recently, a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) associated with cardiovascular disease was found in the coding region of ID3 at rs11574. Mutation of rs11574 from the major allele (C) to the minor allele...

The Main Electrode System of the Nab Experiment and the Analysis of the Performance in the Measurement of the Fierz Term b

Huangxing Li
The Nab collaboration will study free neutron beta decay at the Spallation Neutron Source at Oak Ridge National Lab. A neutron decays into a proton, an electron and an anti-neutrino in this process, where the energy of the outgoing protons and electrons are collected to determine (1) the electron-antineutrino correlation co-efficient a to the precision of Δa/a <= 0.001 and (2) the Fierz interference term b to the precision of Δb <= 0.003. From the...

Biophysical and Statistical Modeling for Predicting the Progression and Regression of Cardiac Growth

Derek Bivona
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and affects roughly one third of the adult population. In particular, approximately one million Americans suffer from myocardial infarctions (MI) each year; as a result, they may experience maladaptive cardiac growth and remodeling that leads to heart failure (HF). In fact, around six million Americans currently suffer from HF. Many of these patients also experience electrical conduction delays that cause ventricular dyssynchrony and...

Self-Powered Sensor System Design in Dynamic Low Harvesting Environments

Luis Lopez Ruiz
The internet of things (IoT) covers a wide umbrella of applications that range from smart environments, transportation, to even healthcare. However, challenges in interoperability, security and privacy, resilience, and reliability need to be overcome for the full realization of the IoT. To improve reliability, energy harvesting and self-powered operation are promising alternatives to sustainably and efficiently power remote sensing devices by harnessing energy from ambient energy sources while ensuring continuous operation. Although successful demonstrations of...

From Bottles to Models: Addressing the Gaps in Cleft Palate Research

Thanh Tran
Cleft palate (CP) is one of the most common birth defects that affects approximately 1 in 700 newborns worldwide. CP occurs when the tissues that make up the soft and hard palates fail to fuse together. Prior to cleft repair surgery at around one year of age, infants with CP cannot generate any suction and have to rely on the use of specialized feeding systems due to the lack of separation between the oral and...

Ultra-Low Power Multi-Modal Sensor Interface Circuits and Systems for Personalized Physiological Monitoring

Peng Wang
Personal healthcare devices are developing towards multi-parameter physiological tracking for a more comprehensive assessment of users’ health conditions. Based on two critical physiological signals, Photoplethysmography (PPG) and Electrocardiography (ECG), various vital parameters, such as heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), and blood pressure, are derivable. The emerging energy harvesting technologies can potentially enable self-sustainable, free-of-interruption healthcare devices that track users’ health parameters continuously. However, the available power density (∼20μW/cm2) from the ambient environment does not...

Diacylglycerol Kinase α is a Pharmacologically Targetable Immune Regulator with a Newly Identified Role in Macrophage Activation

Laryssa Manigat
The diacylglycerol kinases (DGKs) are a family of lipid kinases whose primary function is the conversion of diacylglycerol (DAG) to phosphatidic acid (PA). There has been mounting evidence indicating that DGK enzymes are implicated in other physiologic processes, ranging from immune cell regulation to cancer progression. DGKα in particular is a known promoter of T-cell anergy, and has been demonstrated as a promising therapeutic target in multiple cancers including glioblastoma (GBM) and melanoma. Prior to...

Designing Spatiotemporally Tunable Viscoelastic Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels to Study Cell Mechanobiology During Fibrosis

Erica Hui
The ECM is highly dynamic and is constantly regulated through cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. ECM dysregulation can trigger various signaling cascades and promote deviant cell behaviors and disease progression. Fibrosis is a heterogeneous pathological scarring outcome of many diseases that is characterized by progressive matrix stiffening and decreasing viscoelasticity. Treatments have been largely unsuccessful due to a lack of suitable test systems for probing molecular mechanisms involved in fibrogenesis. Additionally, most hydrogel models fail to...

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