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Examining Metabolism in Seagrass Meadows: Trends in Respiration and Non-Dissolved Gas Ebullition

Ieva Juska
Seagrass meadows provide many valuable ecosystem services, including carbon sequestration and storage of ‘blue carbon’. Enhancing carbon cycling through seagrass restoration can thus act as a nature-based solution for climate change, as these ecosystems naturally remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through their high rates of productivity. Estimated metabolic values such as Gross Primary Productivity (GPP), Respiration (R), and Net Ecosystem Metabolism (NEM) are used in quantifying in situ carbon sequestration in seagrass meadows and...

Compton Polarimetry for Neutral Weak Form Factor Measurements in 208Pb and 48Ca

Allison Zec
Atomic nuclei contain a number of protons and neutrons. Most heavy nuclei contain more neutrons than protons in order to remain stable. The nuclear proton distribution can be measured via elastic scattering of charged particles, but the neutron distribution remains poorly constrained. Nuclear structure theory also predicts a "neutron skin" ΔRnp where the mean radii of neutrons in the nucleus exceeds that of protons. Two experiments were run in 2019 and 2020 to measure the...

Identification of MHC-Associated Peptides and Phosphopeptides Presented in Various Diseased Cells by Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Xi Peng
Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II molecules are involved in the presentation of antigens to T cells, which can initiate an immune response upon recognition of abnormal peptide sequences and modifications. Specifically, phosphopeptides resulting from aberrantly increased protein phosphorylation in cancer are proposed as potential cancer-specific targets for developing novel immunotherapeutic treatments. However, it remains as a challenge to accurately identify these peptide sequences and to localize modification sites due to factors including...

Geospatial data for natural channel centerlines across the continental US

Yuan Li
This dataset includes geospatial data for natural channel centerlines recovered from the dataset of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program Project 24-26 (Lagasse, P. F., Zevenbergen, L. W., Spitz, W. J., & Thorne, C. R. (2004). Methodology for predicting channel migration. Washington, DC: Transportation Research Board. https://doi.org/10.17226/23352).

Surveillance and Vendor Data Panel, University of Virginia Library

Brandon Butler, Timothy Morton, Ellen Ramsey, Robin Ruggaber & Judith Thomas
The University of Virginia Library presented this Surveillance and Vendor Data Panel discussion via Zoom on November 8, 2021. Shoshana Zuboff, professor emerita at Harvard Business School, warns that the conveniences of on demand digital information have made us blind and deaf to the ways high-tech giants exploit our personal data for their own ends. In her book, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism,” Zuboff picks up on her argument that surveillance capitalism, a term she...

The tax system of North Carolina

Oscar Arthur Kirkman
Foreward: Printed material in any quantity on taxation in North Carolina has never been collected. Very little information other than Public Documents is available. North Carolina today is attracting attention throughout the world. There have been many developments which come only from the manipulation of great resources by a great people. The purpose of this thesis is an effort to get into the subject of taxation in North Carolina and to analyze the methods being...

The Melismos: The Child as Sacrifice in Byzantine Art

Barbara Sweeney Mustain
This paper is a history of the Melismos. It is a documentation of the appearance, dispersal, modification and decline of that visual form, It is, above all, a search for the meaning of the Melismos. It follows the fascinating history of the idea of the child sacrifice, seeking to reveal the special circumstances which led to the appearance of that idea as a work of art, and it attempts to document the subtle shifts in...

Jane Austen: the determining influences of her life on her works

Julia Ellen duVal
A study of the reflections of Jane Austen's life in her novels.

A partial study of \"The early South-English legendary, or Lives of saints\"; MS. Laud, 108, in the Bodleian Library

Edwin Lake Setzler
A study of the grammar and the dialect (vowel changes) of the "Early south-English Legendary", and gives a general idea of peculiarities of the manuscript.The paper is based on a study of every word in a selected passage of ~500 lines of the Manuscript covering the stories "St. Mathew", "St. Leger", "St. Fey", "Endlevene Þousand of Virgines, and eight line of "St. Katerine".

Brass rank and gold rings : class, race, gender, and kinship within the Army community

Margaret Cecchine Harrell
Under traditional United States military system, officers were married men whose wives were expected to perform considerable unpaid labor, while enlisted men were assumed to be young unmarried men. To the extent that enlisted men, even the more senior enlisted personnel, were married, their wives and families were not generally acknowledged or supported by the Army; and they were separated from the officers' families by a considerable barrier of social class. In contrast, officers' wives...

Leveraging Proteomic Strategies to Analyze Post-Translational Modifications and Membrane Proteins

Maria Panepinto
This dissertation details three projects that apply tandem mass spectrometry to analyze purified proteins. There are three strategies that can be used to approach proteomic analysis: intact, limited digestion, and traditional digestion. All three of these projects are unified in that at least two of these strategies was required to achieve their goal. This dissertation demonstrates that these approaches are much more powerful and provide more information in combination than they do alone. The first...

All Y'All: Queering Southernness in Recent US Fiction

Heidi Siegrist
“All y’all” is redundant, but it describes a greater inclusiveness than “y’all” might accommodate. The South has long been considered the nation’s “queer” region; and yet it has also been considered a space inhospitable to queer life. Even so, popular interest in “the South” has long centered on ideas of otherness and backwardness; affective states of alienation and loss; and failure to adapt to, or refusal to participate in, the mainstream—the same preoccupations of major...

Place-Based Racial History to Inform Just Design

Bethany Gordon
Enhanced designs of the built environment are particularly urgent for frontline communities, who experience the “first and worst” of climate change. A climate adaptation approach that prioritizes need-based distributive justice, the allocation of resources to meet the basic conditions necessary for continued community existence, may empower frontline communities in the resource allocation process. Need-based distributive justice is often viewed as a supplement to other universal principles of distributive justice, such as merit — the allocation...

Ethics Training: Cultivating an Ethical Engineer Identity

Elaine Englehardt, Michael Pritchard, Kingsley Reeves, Grisselle Centeno, Michelle Hughes-Miller & Susan LeFrancois
There is limited research regarding the impact of current engineering ethics programs on the development of engineers. Indeed, most of the literature on this topic does not discuss ethics insofar as it functions as a part of how engineers regard their identify as engineers. Our 4-year NSF funded project directly addresses this oversight by assessing the impact of integrating engineering ethics education with student internships. This is being conducted jointly at Florida Polytechnic University (FPU)...

What Aspects of Organizational Culture Can Promote Ethics in Engineering Practice? Insights from the Health Products Industry

Dayoung Kim & Justin Hess
Previous research findings suggest organizational culture plays a significant role in engineers’ learning of ethics. Therefore, this study explores how the organizational culture contributes to engineers’ learning of ethics with following research questions: 1) What elements of organizational culture promote ethics in the health products industry? 2) What industry and company characteristics contribute to the companies’ current organizational culture for ethics? Full video link below.

Resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to nutritional immunity protein-mediated zinc limitation during epithelial infection

Jocelyn Ray
Neisseria gonorrhoeae (Gc) is an obligate human pathogen that infects mucosal epithelia to cause the common sexually-transmitted infection (STI) gonorrhea, and antimicrobial-resistant Gc is an urgent public health threat. Gonorrhea has the potential to cause serious sequelae when untreated, especially in women, who may be asymptomatic and unaware that they are infected. The initial site of infection of the female reproductive tract is usually the cervix. In order to establish infection, Gc must attach to...

The role of Notch signaling in regulating neural stem cell quiescence and termination during development

Chhavi Sood
Multipotent cells called neural stem cells (NSCs) proliferate to produce a functional adult neural circuitry and maintain tissue homeostasis during development and in adulthood. NSCs can divide either symmetrically to increase stem cell numbers or asymmetrically to produce different types of progenies. During development, most NSCs terminate their proliferation and neurogenesis becomes restricted and in the adult tissue, NSCs are maintained in a state of quiescence in neurogenic niches. The NSC proliferation versus quiescence decisions...

Method for Thoracic Injury Risk Function Development for Human Body Models

Shubham Kulkarni
Introduction: In recent years, finite element human body models (FE-HBMs or HBMs) have been developed as an evaluation tool for restraint system and safety assessment in virtual simulations. However, for HBMs to be truly useful as a tool, standardized methods need to be developed for translating the outputs from HBM simulations into predicted risk of injury. An important body region of interest for such standardization is the thorax. Although the thorax was one of the...

The effects of multiple mating and patterns of sperm precedence in Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae)

Akke Veenstra Hulburt
A study of reproduction in Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae).

The fishes of Spruce Run, Sinking, and Little Stony Creeks of the New River system, and Craig and Johns Creeks of the James River system

George W. Burton
In preparing this survey it has been my aim to present a taxonomical survey of the fish fauna of five streams in the Mountain Lake, Virginia, region. To identify and describe the species and subspecies which constitute the population of the different streams; to provide keys for the identification of the families, genera, and species, where possible, for the fishes of this region; to illustrate by use of maps, the general distribution of each species...

The MOD 2 Homology of Infinite Loop Spaces

Jason Bryce McCarty
A study of infinite loop spaces in mathematics.

Facilities Management Recycling Web Application; An Analysis to How the Cybersecurity Has Been Shaped by Humans

Jane Weng
For my senior technical capstone project, I joined two others (my colleagues, Dwij Gandhi and Shivani Surti) in building a website for the University of Virginia’s Facilities Management(FM) Department. It’s purpose is to allow FM to to gather and store data regarding their day to day operations, allowing them to generate the reports and manage logistics on the fly. We were tasked with building an information system from the ground up with tiered privileges and...

Signature Replication Machine/Is SAAS The Future? A Case Study Of SHOPIFY’S Business Model And Social Construction

Zichao Hu
This portfolio contains two major pieces of work completed throughout the school year of 2021-2022. The first piece is a technical report about a capstone project that develops a signature replication machine by a group of three fourth-year computer engineering major students. The second piece is an STS research paper that investigates a popular state-of-the-art model called software-as-a-service (SaaS) by performing a case study on Shopify Inc. In the capstone project, a key motivation is...

Data Pipeline for Digitizing Perioperative Flowsheets for Low-Middle Income Countries; The Sociotechnical Effects of Social Media, Telecommunication Technology, and the Egyptian Revolution

Mariam Guirguis
Modern day technological advancements have transitioned the world to allow for an increase in quality of life. From allowing distant family members to video-call, to performing surgery using precise robots, technological advancements have shaped the current society for the better. This portfolio documents the methodology and results of two independent research processes that are united under the common theme of advancing society through mobile applications. More specifically, the technical research topic focuses on improving the...

Electromechanical Bioreactor for Volumetric Muscle Loss Treatment; Reassessing the Use of Race Based Correction Factors in Clinical Calculations

Benedict Albergo
Precision medicine (PM) is a clinical methodology which applies patient genomic and proteomic information to develop targeted treatment strategies for diseases. Recently, PM practices have been continuously integrated into treatment methods given they improve patient outcomes by decreasing return rates of disease/injury and reduce the time, cost and failure of clinical trials. The technical thesis applies the principles of PM to a tissue engineering approach to stimulate skeletal muscle constructs while the STS thesis explores...

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