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Designing a Lock and Home Security System to Prevent Porch Package Theft; How Engineers Should Design IoT Devices for Security

Derek Martin
For our technical project, my capstone team designed and created an electronic locking system that connects to the Internet to allow for password management. Although not the focus of the project, we have put careful effort into making the device secure and resistant to cyberattacks. My research paper was very closely related as I investigated how to design IoT devices, similar to my capstone project, to be more secure. The technical portion of my thesis...

Improving Cervical Insufficiency Diagnostics: Designing a Device to Measure Uterine Cervical Stiffness; Conceptualizing and Communicating Women’s Pain

Emily Boland
Medical knowledge is largely based on men’s bodies and was “discovered” by male-identifying researchers. Men are treated as the norm in the medical system, and women the aberration. In fact, for thousands of years, nearly all women’s illnesses were attributed to the uterus. The term hysteria, removed from clinics for less than 50 years ago, directly translates to wandering uterus. Over time, as public opinion shifted responsibility from the uterus to the brain, hysteria took...

Design of a Prioritization Methodology for Equitable Infrastructure Planning; Social Factors that Influence Walkability

Ayman Ibrahim
Charlottesville City Schools, like many school districts around the country, is interested in expanding the number of children with safe routes to walk to school in response to bus driver shortages. However, there is currently not much walking infrastructure that allows elementary students to do so, and the city would like a way to prioritize infrastructure projects that meet current needs.

CubeSats and Enhancing STEM Education

Amy Lee
My technical project and STS research paper addressed the importance of using CubeSats in the classroom setting for research and enhancing STEM education experiences. CubeSats currently serve as a platform for students of all educational levels to launch payloads into space at a low cost. Currently, there are various organizations that support the launch of student CubeSat projects on pre-planned missions. For instance, the CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI) is a program in which students submit...

Instruction of Security in Web Development; Control of Education: Opposition to Critical Race Theory in the United States

Helina Solomon
Education is expanding all around the world and instruction mannerisms greatly influence a learner’s development in cognition. Many subjects in classroom education involve inherited assumptions from deep-rooted precedents of long ago. However, as society evolves, teaching techniques and material must actively respond to change in order to best serve students. Thus, it is essential that educators are consistently instructing contemporary ways of learning to better equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome...

SurePace Walker: A powered walker for children with cerebral palsy; Disability Design, The Engineer's Dream: Cyborgs and How We Fail Them.

Gabrielle Fuller
Cerebral palsy is the general term for a group of disorders that affect muscle tone and posture (CDC, 2020). To help, people with cerebral palsy often use walkers to assist in improving posture and movement. However, the added burden of the walker can also impede the ability of the user to continue walking. As such, an algorithm-controlled, powered, posterior walker was developed, specifically for children with cerebral palsy by a local research and development company,...

Computational Models of the Cardiomyocyte Cell Cycle and Regulation by the DREAM Complex; Presenting the Body Mass Index Through a Data Feminism Lens

Catherine Zhao
Approximately every 39 seconds an American will experience a heart attack or myocardial infarction (MI). Cardiomyocytes are the cells responsible for contracting the myocardium and generating cardiac output. After MI, there is a progressive death of cardiomyocytes without a counteracting force of sufficient renewal. A pressing issue in the field of cardiology is to identify strategies that enhance adult cardiomyocyte renewal. Therefore, therapeutic strategies that can target cardiac regeneration are considered the holy grail for...

A Prototype Peer to Peer Contact Sharing Mobile Application; The Paradox of Digital Trust

James Foster
It has become a painful task to move data and files between two devices if they are not of the same make and model. Technologies such as AirDrop streamline this task on iOS devices, but do not work cross-platform. Other applications that address this problem use a client-server architecture that forces all data to pass through an intermediary server hosted online before reaching their destination. In this paper, the development details of a prototype peer...

Implementing Video Sending for Facebook iOS; Mitigating Teen Harm from Facebook Data and Advertisement Targeting

Emerson Berlik
Instagram, Facebook’s platform with the most teen engagement, gets approximately 22 million teens logging on each day in the US. Teens have certain habits, such as consumerism and impulsiveness, which make them more vulnerable and likely to be subjected to advertising than adults. 97.9% of all of Facebook’s revenue, largely coming from Instagram, was from advertisements as of 2020. Much of this revenue can be attributed to Facebook’s advanced targeting algorithm, which allows advertisers to...

Lake, Wind, and Fire: Design of a Large Firefighting Air Tanker; The Fire Fighting Foam Fight: The Controversy over Toxic Fire Retardants

LeeYung Chang
Wildfire acreage, specifically in the southwestern United States, has seen significant increases in the past decade. In addressing this issue, firefighting departments often deploy Large Air Tankers (LATs) and Very Large Air Tankers (VLATs), which are specialized transport aircraft designed to fly to a set destination and release a load of fire retardant, typically used to redirect or slow the spread of fire. The vast majority of firefighting aircraft, especially in the LAT/VLAT category, are...

Carbon-Neutral Production of Methanol Via Direct Air Carbon Capture; Investigation of Social Barriers to Carbon Capture Via Actor Network Theory

Rebecca Brown
With the increase in global temperatures brought on by alarmingly high rates of carbon dioxide emissions, many argue that the world needs to transition to net-zero emissions with capabilities to create negative emissions as well to reach climate change goals from the Paris Climate Agreement. To address this, the technical project seeks to design a theoretical chemical plant to facilitate a carbon-neutral process to produce methanol using carbon dioxide removed from the ambient atmosphere via...

Differentiating Acute Otitis Media (AOM) from Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) Using Autofluorescence of NADPH in Neutrophils

Abigail Boitnott
Physicians visually differentiate between otitis media types (AOM and OME) using an otoscope. Type of otoscope, eyesight of the physician, temperament of the patient, and severity of the fluid buildup make these diagnoses unreliable about 27% of the time. About 2.2 million cases of AOM occur annually among children, amounting to a direct cost of $4 billion per year due to the unnecessary removal of adenoids or tonsils, over-prescription of antibiotics, and loss of hearing....

Hope this won’t take too Delong: Smart Pet Feeding Station

Landon Rhodes
The Smart Pet Feeding Station is a device that automates the semi-daily process of feeding and watering pets. The device dispenses controlled amounts of dry pet food and water into separate food and water bowls during user specified feeding and watering times. The device also gives pets access to a constant water supply by maintaining a fixed water level within the water bowl. To accomplish these tasks, the system uses a weight sensor and two...

Cryptocurrency Mining Strategies; Data Collection: Why is it Seen as a Problem?

Maximilian Dawkins
Technical Topic – Cryptocurrency Mining Strategies Cryptocurrency has grown into a large market, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin holding over 30,000 USD in the past year. With the increasing value of cryptocurrencies, mining is becoming a target of exploitation. Many dishonest mining strategies and their implications are explored in “Cryptocurrency Mining Strategies”, a compilation of several research papers on different cryptocurrency mining strategies. When miners use more profitable strategies, other miners will tend to form cooperative...

Software Engineering with Machine Learning: Productizing an NLU-based Model; Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Applications: Algocracy and its Threat to the Rule of Law

David Xue
With the rapid innovation in Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), while some ML and AI applications have received lots of public attention, some other fields, such as the legal field and the field of governance, while lesser-known, have also been affected by such innovations. The corresponding technical project is an example of such developments in ML application in the legal field. The project is a legal technology project in which a machine learning...

Conceptual Design Report of a Firefighting Very-Large-Air Tanker “Material Girl”; Negative Implications of the Production of Aircraft on Society

Lama Khraibani
Aerial firefighting aircraft have become an essential part of the world today; they help on-ground firefighting crews battle worsening wildfires in a safer, and more efficient manner. The goal for these aircraft are to efficiently battle fires, complete full missions, be easy to maintain, and be as sustainable as possible. There is a multitude of possible aircraft that can be utilized for this exact use; they could be small, military-style, with capabilities to maneuver into...

Wearable Technology: Developing a Skin-Like Temperature Sensor; Wearable Devices and Trust in Healthcare Providers

Sean Donley
Wearable devices in healthcare sit close to or on the skin and are able to record valuable medical data about patients and present a promising future for telehealth. This data can then be analyzed to understand patient health, understand chronic conditions, and overall improve patient health. The biggest advantage of wearable devices is their ability to collect data and allow healthcare professionals to analyze it remotely. This has fantastic benefits for those who don’t have...

Dynamic Order Generation for Automated Testing; How Autonomous Vehicles Will Impact Social Perception of Vehicle Safety

Qasim Ali
Automation technologies can increase efficiency in many different fields, saving people time that can be spent on more important tasks. These technologies can also automate processes that are dangerous to humans, saving lives. For a multinational conglomerate e-commerce business which for the purposes of this project will be referred to as Company X, this means creating new tools to automate repetitive tasks in order to save the time of engineers. Company X offers online shopping...

A Music Education Social Network; Technology and the Music Industry

Emily Buckley
My sociotechnical project examines the impact of the progression of music technology on music. I analyze the network of human and non-human elements contributing to music's role in society. Music, technology, artists, and the audience all interact in a complex network that comprises music's role in our culture. Music technology introduces new digital sounds for artists to experiment with, creating music that more accurately portrays intended meaning and conveys emotion. Some may argue that digitally-produced...

Geospatial Tracking: Development of Alert Software for Real-time Aerial and Maritime Tracking System; Impacts of Ridesharing in Urban Society

Kayla Lewis
My technical project focuses on the design and development of an alert application for a geospatial tracking system. The purpose of this project was to provide an efficient way to detect certain events of interest in a geospatial system where a large amount of location data is being streamed and displayed in real-time. This application was created using the programming language Scala and was designed to interact with an instance of Apache Kafka and a...

Designing a Novel Double-Barreled Syringe Device for Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injections; Improved Performance and Advancement of Player Safety in the National Football League

Michael Burns
Since the beginning of athletic competition, injury has closely accompanied. As sports and exercise have gained popularity, the prevalence of injuries has continued to rise. The approach to injury has been a twofold combination of mitigation and treatment measures. This thesis project approaches both avenues. The technical project focused on treatment by seeking development of a new medical device for use in ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal injections. These injections are commonly given in sports medicine cases where...

Unsafe Streets: Are Automated Vehicles the Solution?

Matthew Deaton
Anyone who grew up watching the Jetsons was in disbelief when they saw all of the technology that George Jetson had at his fingertips. One of the inventions that caught the eye of many was the video communicators that were used throughout the series. No one thought that in their lifetime would technology superior to theirs would exist. Then came video calls, and on phones the size of pocketbook. Another technological marvel is taking place,...

Sugaway: Using Synthetic Biology to Treat Diabetes

Promotto Islam
Diabetes mellitus consists of a group of metabolic diseases which all share a common characteristic of inducing elevated blood glucose levels. This increase is often due to a dysregulation (type I diabetes) or dysfunction (type II diabetes) of native insulin, and current statistics suggest approximately 34.2 million individuals in the United States are affected by diabetes. The current standard for treatment is the self-administration of insulin, but this has become difficult for many diabetic patients...

Device for Automated Selection and Placement of Cell Clusters Within Biofabricated Tissue Constructs, Race and Income: The Inequality of Organ Transplantation

Garrett Mcquain
Addressing Barriers in Organ Transplantation Each year, over 6,000 Americans die while waiting for an organ transplant. The largest single cause of these deaths is a lack of available organs; however, inequalities in our healthcare system are also a contributing factor. Both my technical and STS projects focus on making organ transplants more accessible and effective. For my technical project, my team and I built a cell selection and placement device, designed to be adapted...

The Implications of the Lack of Translation Services on the Globalization of Biomedical Research;Understanding and Predicting Temperature Distribution of Hospital Sink Tailpiece Heaters

Alisa Houghton
This portfolio contains two projects, a technical project on creating a computational model of heat distribution to aid in the redesigning of hospital tailpiece heaters and a sociotechnical paper investigating how the lack of accessible translation services impacts the globalization of biomedical research. The idea for the sociotechnical paper was birthed during my experience of finding background information for the technical project. I constantly ran into articles with promising, relevant information in abstracts written in...

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