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Smart Shoe-Insole; The Global Chip Shortage: An Analysis of Semiconductor Supply

Eric Csehoski
Modern electronics demand a steady supply of semiconducting “chips,” which are designed to carry out processes for a variety of applications. The “Smart Sole,” a Bluetooth enabled shoe sole designed in the technical research project, utilizes these chips to enable a user to view a real time pressure map of their shoe sole, and store the data for later visualization. Semiconductors are essential for this project, which gives proof of concept for a technology that...

Design of a Sensor-Enabled Testing Device for the TrueClot® Tourniquet Application Trainer; Relationships Between Emergency Medical Services and Marginalized Communities: Disparities Across High- and Low-Income Areas in the United States

Molly Luckinbill
The need for effective and efficient emergency medical care is ever-present as mass-injury events such as school shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing remain prevalent. Society needs to be able to rely on emergency medical services (EMS) to be competent and responsive. Therefore, this portfolio explores two different facets of EMS: the training and the response. The technical research topic covers the training aspect; the final product is a device that examines the effectiveness of...

Cybersecurity in National Defense: Understanding Adversarial Capabilities; Classified Information and Ethical Obligations

Jonathan Wiler
Information is a crucial tool, and it is a tool whose exchange today is managed in large quantities online. Information exchanges hands in many different ways on the internet, and as more devices connect to the web with more information to offer, it is important to expect that information will be protected, private, and safe. The technical research report examines how nation states adversarial to the United States attempt to breach this protection of information...

Safe and Sustainable Fleet Management with Data Analytics and Reinforcement Training; Understanding the Diffusion of Electric Vehicles

Caroline Fuccella
The transportation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change around the globe. Efforts to make transportation more sustainable tends to go in two directions: technology-based and human-based. Human-based efforts are those that require people to make conscious decisions and actions in regards to eco-friendly transportation. The technical report discusses an example of this: the implementation of a mindful driving program for a university fleet that teaches about how to operate...

Design of a novel ex vivo murine brain slice model for analysis of pericyte morphology in diabetes; An Autoethnographic Perspective on Type 1 Diabetes Burnout

Garrett Johannsen
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a persistent and complex medical problem that poses many unique challenges to millions of people in the United States. Of these challenges, two of the most pressing are the somewhat abstract emotional toll that blood glucose management takes on a diabetic and the much more concrete physical repercussions that arise as a result of inconsistent personal care. Awareness of the diabetic experience and the resiliency that diabetes management requires needs...

Quantum Computing and Machine Learning for Efficiency of Maritime Container Port Operations; Consequences of Techno-Determinist Narratives of Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

Sidney Jennings
Recent global supply chain disruptions have harmed the wellbeing and economic integrity of America by slowing the import of silicon wafers, produce, and pharmaceuticals. In response, this technical project examines the applications of quantum computing and reinforcement learning to improving operational resiliency of maritime ports. Additionally, the proposed methods aim to reduce carbon emissions by reducing unnecessary container ship idling in berth. The coupled research paper uses practices of the Science, Technology, and Society (STS)...

Tagging of Words in a Phrase using Word Embeddings; Superblocks in Barcelona: Creating a Pedestrian-Friendly Environment

Darsh Patel
The technical report details the usage of modern machine learning techniques to make a model more efficient. Work was carried out through a summer internship with Envestnet, from June 2021 to August 2021. Natural language processing techniques were used to optimize a model that used an older, slower, and inefficient method to tag words in a phrase. Envestnet wanted to look into natural language processing to see if any benefits in training speed/efficiency were possible....

Human-in-the-Loop Training to Enhance Object Detection Models; Regulating Facial Recognition: A Balance of Privacy and Security

Justin Becker
The relationship between the STS Research paper and the computer science capstone project is image recognition. The capstone project discusses using machine learning and machine learning techniques to better train a model to detect and classify ships from satellite imagery. While the STS research paper discusses the ethics and problems facing facial recognition, which is another form of image recognition, like that used in detecting ships. With both of these papers an understanding of how...

App Development Using Dart and the Flutter SDK; Impact of Anonymity and Partial Anonymity on Social Interaction

Michael Yates
Every social media application has a specific feel and vibe to the content posted by its users, referred to as its app culture. A developer’s application design decisions have a direct influence on this app culture. If not taken into consideration, an app can unintentionally facilitate negative relationships between users, or ultimately not carry out its intended function. The technical thesis involved the development of a social media app in which users anonymously post texts,...

Ghostly Encounters: Transnational Gothic and the Twenty-First Century Global Novel

Dipsikha Thakur
This dissertation conceptualizes the analytic of the transnational gothic and locates it in the twenty-first century global novel. The novels that this dissertation explores can be broadly categorized as global anglophone with two exceptions. The anglophone texts examined in this dissertation are White is For Witching (2009) by Helen Oyeyemi, Shalimar the Clown (2005) by Salman Rushdie, The Collaborator (2012) by Mirza Waheed, and World War Z (2006) by Max Brooks. The two translated texts...


Christian Jung
Introduction The goal of these two projects includes developing a secured, distributed data infrastructure allowing data owners to share data effortlessly and securely, while concurrently allowing data users to access data on-demand. The data infrastructure is to underpin disaster response and decision support applications. The new focus on flood forecasting and alert is recommended by our collaborator in Vietnam. The collaborating team in Vietnam has expertise and experience in urban flood modeling; and they also...

Informative missingness in recommender system

Haiyun Jin
Recommender systems have been extensively adopted in a variety of areas such as electronic commerce, social media platforms, and content generators for individualized prediction and recommendation. Data sparsity is one of the main challenges in this topic as usually only a very limited number of user-item interactions are observed, resulting in a large proportion of missing data. Since users' ratings to items may depend on underlying user-specific preferences or item-specific characteristics, the missing data pattern...

How Wearable Sensing Can Be Used to Monitor Patient Recovery Following ACL Reconstruction; Impact of the Public's Perspective of Wearable Sensor Data

Jane Romness
Technology has provided solutions to medical challenges that have altered the medical field and all of humankind, yet there are infinitely more applications that have yet to be explored. The capstone specifically delves into the potential success wearable sensors can provide to help mitigate the reinjury of Anterior Cruciate Ligaments following reconstruction. Patients that have experienced Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstructive surgery are currently six times more likely to experience a retear which are the result...

The Design of a Desalination Plant in the Bay of Bengal; A Nod To Climate Change: Increasing Public Awareness of the Anthropogenic Threats to Marine Life in the Great Barrier Reef

Stephanie Gernentz
The importance of the human ecological footprint and potential solutions to environmental changes has become a high priority in the last few decades. This portfolio discusses the analysis and results for two research papers which align under the central theme of ocean based environmental issues. Human induced pollution in Chennai, India has contributed to the inability to safely access nearby freshwater sources, leaving the city in frequent water scarcity. A team of four peers designed...

SpellCheck: An Educational Device to Improve Children’s Spelling; FDA Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Software

Noah Beamon
This portfolio consists of two projects. A technical report and a Science Technology and Society (STS) research paper. The technical report contains the design, development, and demonstration of a children’s spelling device to understand how game-based learning impacts children’s ability to learn how to spell English words. The STS research paper employs actor network theory (ANT) to address the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory framework of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in...

Disordered by Design: Democratic Capitalism and the Warfare State, 1954-1961

Justin Winokur
This thesis studies the U.S. ballistic missile program from 1954 to 1961 in order to analyze the emerging political economy of America's warfare state. It argues that American officials created a democratic capitalist warfare state by choosing to build a permanent defense establishment that was decentralized, privatized, normalized, and democratized. This organization emerged from structures baked into America's pre-Cold War political economy, as well as decisions designed to embrace traditional American ideals in the ideological...

Analyzing Search and Recommendation Systems; The Rise of Content Creators and Online Media Platforms

Andrew Wang
Today, almost everyone in society uses the internet for their entertainment and commerce. The internet has become a vital part of our lives, changing human behavior and causing societal shifts in ways that have not been fully studied. Understanding how online applications impact the way we view ourselves and interact with others will be crucial to building online products and services. Awareness of current trends will play a major role in the future of online...

Experiential Learning Through an Internship at Capital One; AI and Law Enforcement: The Effects of Predictive Policing

David Dimmett
The two projects in this portfolio are a technical report on a software engineering internship and an STS research paper on predictive policing. For many engineering students, industry work is just as important as learning in the classroom. There is a strong relationship between how well courses prepare students for work and how that work reinforces academics. Since this relationship exists in computer science (CS), it is useful to evaluate how effective the UVA CS...

A Computational Model Driven Design of a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Targeting Klebsiella pneumoniae; The Causes and Implications of the Overuse of Antibiotics in Healthcare

Mary Dickenson
In recent years, strains of infectious bacteria have evolved to become increasingly more resistant to the drugs commonly used to treat them, culminating in around 3 million drug-resistant infections in the United States each year. By far the most common cause of these infections is the bacterial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae. With the vast majority of K. pneumoniae clinical strains now demonstrating a wide range of resistance to antibiotics, almost all available medications have been rendered...

Towards Semantic Search in Building Metadata: A System Exploration; The Impact of Cognitive Bias and Algorithmic Formalism in Enabling the Creation of Discriminatory AI Technologies

Aishwarya Gavili
Data and data-related decisions drive the modern world. Whether it be artificial intelligence, predictive big data analytics, or search engine optimization, data driven technology encapsulates modern technology. However, it is important to recognize the vital role humans play in molding the constraints and implications of such technology. After constant interaction between humans and algorithms, algorithms are molded in a way to best fulfill the needs of a human entity. This thesis portfolio consists of a...

Design of a Prioritization Methodology for Equitable Infrastructure Planning; Examining the Ethical, Practical, and Societal Implications of Data Monetization

Steven Pham
The Internet is ingrained in almost every aspect of living. It influences what we see, hear, and believe. It goes without saying that the Internet, when used inappropriately, interferes with an individual’s free will. In the eyes of tech companies, their economic incentives far outweigh an individual’s rights to privacy. That being said, the development of internet applications must prioritize ethics. Tech giants will appeal to the mass with persuasive advertisements to justify actions that...

Developing a Multimodal Entertainment Tool with Intuitive Navigation, Hands-Free Control, and Avatar Features to Increase User Interactivity; Facial Recognition Software and the Politics of Design in Sociotechnical Systems

Grace Ko
The growth of different technologies in recent years has raised questions about the extent of bias in data and the systems that surround it. Due to the long history of racism and oppression in America, there is a large amount of historical bias that exists in data collection methods and existing data files. Additionally, there are few common technologies that have been adapted for a wide range of users, including those who have disabilities or...

Bias in Machine Learning and Diversity; Fooling Question Answering Deep Learning Models with TextAttack

Srujan Joshi
With the rise of Machine Learning solutions in the past decade, a major problem that has arisen is that of bias in these solutions. Most often bias in ML models stems from bias in training data and it reveals itself in the form of inequitable predictions. One of the technical solutions to bias is Adversarial Machine Learning. This is a methodology which involves “attacking” (making modifications to) the input data in order to “fool” the...

Intelligent Decision-Making: Reinforcement Learning Applications in the Defense Environment; Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Human Superiority

Joseph Banks
While interning at Heron Systems, I began thinking about the far-reaching implications of artificial intelligence replacing skilled human labor and the potential death of human superiority. Low-skilled routine jobs have been getting automated for a long time, but with the advent of machine learning models that achieve superhuman skill levels on complex tasks, the reality of all types of jobs being automated looms. My internship (technical project) was on creating models and the infrastructure needed...

Autonomous Platooning Golf Cart for Short Distance Campus Travel; Autonomous Vehicles and The Social Construction of Safe Roads

Zachary Kim
In recent years, autonomous vehicle (AV) research and development has progressed exponentially as the industry continues to grow. The proposed benefits AV’s can provide has generated excitement about the future of transportation. However, with any new innovative technology both technical and social conversations arise, and issues are identified as the innovation finds its place in the existing world. The following technical and STS theses discuss the development of autonomous vehicles, and the paths to which...

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