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Protecting Pilots: Designing a Variable Cervical Neck Brace to Mitigate Ejection Injuries; Female Jet Pilot Inclusivity and the Engineer's Bridge

Brian Gilday
Fighter jet pilots are susceptible to potentially catastrophic cervical spine injuries during ejection from the cockpit of a plane, yet the lack of an adjustable safety device and the restrictive anthropometric standards which fighter pilot candidates must meet in order to get an opportunity to fly indicate that little work is being done to improve the safety or diversity of the community. The technical research report addresses the high incidence of acute cervical spine trauma...

Network Provisioning Encryption: Securing Digital Money; Controversies of a Cashless Society

Ali Ibrahim
Mobile payment options are becoming more widely available at businesses and more widely adapted by consumers each year. The use of physical cash has decreased dramatically as consumers tend to favor the convenience of paying digitally. Eventually people might stop using physical money altogether and, as a result, central banks might stop printing paper money and minting coins. Although we are still in the early stages, those who are responsible for creating these mobile payment...

Wearable Technology: Developing a Skin-Like Temperature Sensor; The Effectiveness of Apple CarPlay on Driver Safety

Emily Gresnick
It is nearly impossible to go a day without seeing a car. Cars enable us to get to a multitude of destinations every single day including work, restaurants, and home. Without them the world would look very different. Vehicles and the technology within them are changing every single day, the car you bought five years ago will not compare to a new car purchased today. With most drivers and government officials being concerned about safety,...

Capital One Software Development Summer Internship 2021; Rise of Agile Development and its Effects on Software and the Software Development Process

Trent Ballard
Software is integral in the world today as it controls most of the sociotechnical systems we use. Behind every of software product is a software development methodology that was the backbone to create it. Adoption of software development methodologies (SDM) has been growing in importance, helping project team to structure, plan and control the development of IT Processes, Products and Services. My research was centered around many research articles about the specifics of software methodologies,...

Development of a Reliable Drive System for Medical Ultrasound Imaging; Teaching and Evaluating Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare to Promote Patient and Physician Well-being

Sarah Ames
Epidural injections are a commonly performed medical procedure often used in treatment of chronic pain, pre- and post-operative pain management, and regional anesthesia. These injections are either performed unguided, where the physician will insert the needle by hand, relying on previous experience, or guided via CT scans and fluoroscopy which are both expensive and expose the patient to radiation. The goal of my capstone project is to aid in the development of Rivanna Medical's upcoming...

Developing a Dynamic Control Algorithm to Improve Ventilation Efficiency in a University Conference Room; Flint and Silicon: Can Smart City Technology Spark Change in Drinking Water Governance

Alden Summerville
Considering heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems consume about 30% of United States commercial building energy use and humans spend around 90% of their time indoors, improving HVAC efficiency has potential for significant energy reductions and improved indoor air quality (IAQ). By leveraging a sensor network that tracks IAQ, our team developed a dynamic HVAC control algorithm that models room conditions and occupancy to optimize energy usage and occupant comfort, health, and productivity. The...

Received Transfer Management: Improving the Recipient Experience for Dropbox Transfer; Cloud on the Horizon: Rise of Cloud and its Effect on the Novice Developer

Raghav Khator
From interacting with people on the other side of the globe through social media to accessing information about nearly anything on Google, the digital era has brought a new time of increased accessibility. Cloud computing and cloud applications such as Dropbox and Amazon Web Services (AWS) account for a large part of the digital era’s growth. This portfolio consists of two papers. First, a technical paper details an internship project for the Dropbox Transfer service,...

Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis Of Pelvic And Abdominal Veins Using Computed Tomography, Venography, And Duplex Ultrasound Imaging; Health Concerns for People Who Depend on Food Assistance

Katherine Byrd
My technical work and my STS research are primarily connected through exploring the possibility of interventions that can be made to improve health outcomes. My technical project focuses on modeling iliac veins in the leg to predict whether a patient is at higher risk of forming another occlusion after stenting based on the parameters of maximum blood velocity, maximum pressure, and wall shear force. My STS research is focused on analyzing whether food assistance programs...

Developing Preliminary Point-of-Care-Ultrasound Competency Guidelines for Internal Medicine at the UVA Hospital; A Case Study on the Optimal Method of Implementing Point-of-Care Ultrasound in Developing Countries

Andrew Porter
The portability, versatility, and affordability of Point-of-Care Ultrasound offers a promising alternative to the stethoscope for diagnosis. Many hospitals have yet to transition away from the stethoscope due to a lack of knowledge as to the benefits of the device. This technical project seeks to address the lack of knowledge and establish a protocol for efficient and seamless implementation of Point-of-Care Ultrasound into hospital practices. By creating a protocol for implementation, a replicable strategy can...

Engineering Route Planning Algorithms in Polar Coordinates; Delivery Apps' Convenient and Destructive Business Models

Brian Nguyen
Introduction Route planning algorithms serve as a building block to help transportation networks including cars, buses, and trains get from one point to another. These algorithms have gone through rapid development, resulting in advancements that have led to increased safety, reduced transportation expenses, and overall better planning for businesses. Using route planning algorithms, third-party delivery companies continue to grow by generating large amounts of revenue from advertising ordering low-cost food. To increase usage, these delivery...

Engineers in Action: Eswatini Suspended Bridge; The Failings of Online Learning for Elementary Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kathryn Wagner
Access to a good education is essential for children around the world. A successful early education allows children to gain both the knowledge and skills that they will need to contribute to society later in life. However, a good education is something that is not always readily available for every child. The two projects found in this portfolio build off of the idea that every child needs to be able to receive a quality education....

Design of a novel ex vivo murine brain slice model for analysis of pericyte morphology in diabetes; Life or Death: A Sociotechnical Analysis of the Factors that Influence the Cost of Insulin

Stephen Muzyka
Sociotechnical Synthesis Introduction Diabetes is one of the world’s most prevalent and dangerous diseases that often comes with long-term complications that negatively impact the quality of life of those afflicted and even death if not treated properly. A greater understanding of the physiology at a cellular level in the disease state of diabetes can offer illumination on development of long-term complications. The technical project is focused upon improved understanding of endothelial cell and pericyte interactions...

IT Learning Management System: A Digital Test-Taking System to Improve Conceptual IT Knowledge; The Geopolitics of Sociotechnical Systems: America's Digital Colonialism and China's Isolated Internet

Anthony Sun
Modern human society has been transformed by digital technologies as they continue to become more integrated into daily life. The computing power of these technologies provide opportunities for software developers to create more efficient solutions to the problems of end users. Database systems are able to easily store large amounts of user statistics, which can then be used to help end users track progress and inform effective decision-making on how best to solve their problems....

Design of a Novel Head Fixation Device for Focused Ultrasound Applications; The Use of Empathic Engineering in Medicine and Health

Rithika Kormath Anand
Biomedical engineering and medical innovation have significantly improved the health of the world in many ways. However, dehumanization and ignorance of the needs and experiences of the stakeholders involved in and impacted by these technologies can cause inadequate solutions to existing problems. Current biotechnologies seek to improve the health and medical experiences of people, such as offering new treatments, supporting our bodies, and improving medical procedures, like surgeries. Modern technologies, such as radiosurgery, has significantly...

Relationship between timers and student performance on online exams; Effects edited post have on self-perception

Oluwatobi Solarin
The activities we engage in our everyday lives affect us in ways we have not begun to understand. This STS paper explores the consequences posting manipulated photos has on our psyche. I chose this topic because, with the increased presence of social media in our lives, it is important to understand the ways we are stimulated when posting altered photos and the effects it has on our stream of consciousness. In a world where we...

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics: Aerial Firefighting Design Competition; Can Planes Go Green?: Using the Multi-Level Perspective to Determine the Commercial Aviation Industry’s Progress Towards Sustainability

Jackson Wray
"When it comes to wildfire trends, the last five years in California have really been something else. It's really been hard to watch. it's pretty rare to see such large, dramatic step changes as what we've seen in California in the last five to 10 years. We've broken every record, and we've broken them several times. Largest, most destructive, deadliest—all of these have now been set and, I think, set again." — Daniel Swain, Institute...

Innovation to the Future of Cyberwarfare; Government Response and Role in the Social Construction of Cybertechnologies

Huy Huynh
My research addresses the problem of growing cyberattacks and lack of cybersecurity in the United States. In order to solve this issue, I worked with Two Six Technologies and helped work on Project IKE, a tool for visualizing cyberspace. Attacks and defenses can be mapped out digitally through this software and artificial intelligence can be used to advise the users on how to go about a cyberattack. Since cyberattacks can attack anyone at any scale...

Streets for People; Urban Green Space and Green Gentrification: The New York City High Line

Katherine Settle
"Adaptive reuse" is the repurposing of existing space for a new use. In transportation and planning, this happens frequently on many different scales - from turning a parking spot into a dining area to turning a defunct rail line into a public park. My project studies the technical and social aspects of such reuse. In a world where public space and green space are in such high demand and low supply, it is important to...

Gameboys and Gadget Girls: Separate Spaces, Parallel Play

Megan Ellis
Even though women play video games in nearly equal numbers to men, play a variety of games ranging from ‘hardcore’ AAA games to ‘casual’ mobile games, and dedicate a significant amount of time to play, many women are still unwilling to identify as ‘gamers’ and claim membership within the larger gaming community. Gendered marketing practices in the industry may play a role by impacting the consumption preferences of women, which in turn impacts the way...

Bruised But Not Broken: Exploring Levels of Education Violence in Higher Education

Christopher Mathis
Scholars in higher education often placate the idea of race and racism. Harper (2012) notes that when scholars in the field dealt with racial disparities in higher education in several contexts, they overwhelmingly attributed such difference to all other factors except racism. Put simply, scholars in the field often overlook how and when race and racism appear in higher education. Thus, a growing number of scholars in higher education (Chesler, Lewis, & Crawfoot, 2005; Harper,...

Moving Lines: Position, Power, and Identity Black Nurses in Virginia, 1950s-1980s

Victoria Tucker
This work examines the important but largely unchronicled moment at the intersection of American and nursing history: the experiences and contributions of Black nurses in Virginia during the transition from segregation to desegregation. It explores the educational, professional, and personal lives of Black nurses within entrenched racialized legislation and the geographically based socio-cultural norms of Virginia between the 1950s and 1980s. This history is sensitive to race, place, gender, and politics. Expanding the intellectual boundaries...

Defining the Role of Gig Employment in the Post-Pandemic World of Work and the Curated Data Enterprise

Joseph Salvo, Stephanie Shipp & Stephanie Zhang
Definitive estimates of gig employment, also known as alternative employment arrangements, vary widely depending on the definitions and sources used. Estimates range from a low of 15 million to a high of 55 million workers. As these estimates demonstrate, refining the definition of gig employment is challenging. Definitions include some mix of individuals who are paid by a temporary help agency or contract company or are on-call workers or independent contractors. The BLS CPS Contingent...

Re-Imagining the Academic-Athletic Divide: A Case Study of a Prestigious Institution with Big-Time Athletics

Molly Harry
Scholarship indicates that there is a historic, uneasy and worsening marriage between higher education and intercollegiate athletics (Clotfelter, 2019; Vanover & DeBowes, 2013; Gurney et al., 2017). This dissertation used the lens of path dependence theory, or an institution’s inability to “shake free of history” (Misra, 2020, p. 291), to examine this growing tension at one academically renowned institution with a big-time athletics program. Through 25 semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders at the intersection of...

Boron-Based Conjugated Materials: Structural Analysis, Photophysical Properties, and Redox Chemistry

Kelsie Wentz
Artificial lighting serves as a fundamental necessity to the daily lives of the global population, and consumes around 20% of universal energy production. Although significant progress has been made to the design, fabrication, and synthesis of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) since their first discovery in the 1990s, the efficiency and quality of these light sources has yet to reach a limit. As an advancement to inorganic LEDs, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) produce thinner...

Quantitative Analysis of Challenging Chemical Mixtures by Rotational Spectroscopy

Martin Holdren
Rotational spectroscopy has long been used for the study of small molecule chemical structure and has only recently found its way into the field of analytical chemistry for larger and more complex molecules. The development of the Fabry-Pérot cavity Fourier transform microwave spectrometer with a pulsed molecular beam source [1] allowed for the study of larger molecules and weakly bound clusters of molecules; however, this instrument required stepping through a frequency space over large lengths...

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