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OER at UVA Explainer Video

Hanni Nabahe
These slides were used to create a 2-min explainer video (see https://vimeo.com/468954965) that illustrates what makes Open Educational Resources so ideal, the rewards of engaging in open pedagogical practices, and a few discipline-specific examples. Adapt it and share it!

What is Libra: 2020 Open Access Week

Sherry Lake
Recorded talk on "What is Libra? UVa's Scholarly Institutional Repository" created for 2020 Open Access Week. Slides with notes are included Libra is a set of repositories that provides open access to publicly available content such as journal articles, monographs, conference proceedings, presentations, posters, reports, pre-prints. It also contains data and other products of research. AND Libra is the online source for UVA's Theses and dissertations. Libra, as the institutional repository for UVa, is the...

What's the Big Deal? Global Trends and Movements Shaping Higher Ed

Brandon Butler
For the last two decades, research institutions have been buying research the same way consumers have been buying television: in big bundles. And like big cable packages, these bundles have become bloated with content nobody wants, and their prices have exploded at rates only a monopolist could love. Come learn why the global research community is increasingly serious about cutting the cord, and how open access is both the foundation for this move, and the...

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