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Responsible Engineering Across Cultures

Rockwell Clancy
Due to the increasingly international nature of engineering, what is considered appropriate varies. This leads to the importance of research that identifies educational interventions with the greatest effects on ethical reasoning and moral intuitions, as well as whether these effects differ among cultural and national groups.

Text Recycling in Scientific Research Writing

Cary Moskovitz
This short presentation introduces the Text Recycling Project, which aims to investigate researchers' reuse of materials from their own prior work in new documents.

Miscataloging the Archive

Carmen Lamas
This 30 minute lecture discusses research in Latinx literature, and how conventional library practices in description may not fully represent the characters and themes found therein.

Creating a Value Literate Culture in Science

Scott Tanona & Jonathan Herington
This short video discusses a project that created a "values in science" fellowship program, based on the notion that RCR training is less effective when separated from "good science."

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