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Integration Challenges & Rewards: Heterogeneous Solutions with Fedora4 at the Core

Ellen Ramsey & Robin Ruggaber
A single solution for managing every type of content is increasingly anachronistic in today’s scholarly research environment, but a collection of unrelated silo-ed containers quickly becomes unwieldy and unsustainable. The questions is, can one modern repository foundation support a wider array of content management options? At the University of Virginia Library, we are taking a modular approach to containing and contextualizing repository contents. We want to leverage a variety of externally hosted or developed solutions...

The Use Of Message-Driven Workflows On The Service Bus Pattern for Indexing Fedora Repositories

Adam Soroka
Paper discusses workflows for indexing Fedora Repositories.

Canaries in the Text Mine: Fair Use Rights and Text+Data Mining with Licensed Content

Brandon Butler
Slides from a webcast on the scope and availability of fair use for text and data mining on licensed content.

LibraOpen Talking Points

Ellen Ramsey
This brief presentation introduces LibraOpen, a robust scholarly repository that puts UVA research center stage. LibraOpen, the newest part of UVA’s Libra Scholarly Repository service at http://libra.virginia.edu, opens up a world of options for propagating scholarship and research born at UVA. What’s new? - LibraOpen accepts an ever-growing range of scholarly output, - creates an immediate, persistent, worldwide-discoverable URL for scholarly work, - and allows scholars to easily and definitively claim and connect their scholarship...

Bigger on the Inside: Integrating Research Data Services in Campus-Wide Networks

Michele Claibourn
The diffusion of data- and computationally-intensive approaches to an ever-widening range of disciplines poses opportunities and challenges to universities and the research partners and services within. In response, university libraries have been rapidly building and expanding research data services and expertise to meet emerging needs and support new forms of scholarship. An oft-stated goal of such efforts is to become more centrally integrated into larger networks -- within the library, within the home institution, and...

ORCID Registration and Reporting in Sufia 7.4

Ellen Ramsey, Sherry Lake, Nestor Walker & David Goldstein
This presentation contains slides presented at SamveraConnect 2017 meeting, held at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL November 8, 2017. The first screen capture demonstrates the user experience of a UVA researcher opting to create or connect an ORCiD ID (author disambiguation identifier) to work deposited to LibraOpen. Subsequent screens show the experience for a researcher who has opted to grant permission for ORCID to display the ORCID iD in LibraOpen, and to UVA/Libra to report...

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