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Emergency Collecting Tabletop exercise

Kara McClurken & Tom Clareson
This tabletop exercise is designed to help cultural institutions assess their readiness and prepare for collecting in times of crisis. This exercise debuted at the Promoting Preservation Interest Group Meeting, Preservation and Reformatting Section, Association of Library and Technical Services, American Library Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, June 24, 2018.

APTrust DuraSpace Wiki

Scott Turnbull & Christian Dahlhausen
This archive represents the complete copy of the first Academic Preservation Trust wiki from 2014. The content covers initial implementation details of the APTrust Repository on April 2013. It also covers meeting minutes amongst other notes. It comprises one of the earliest documented work of the APTrust repository. The WARC file of the entire wiki was crawled on May 15th 2018 6pm. InternetArchive's Brozzler tool was used to create the crawl. https://github.com/internetarchive/brozzler In addition to...

APTrust Member-Wiki

Christian Dahlhausen, Robert German, Bradley Daigle & Kelly Cobb
This archive contains a webcrawl of the APtrust member-wiki that was first published on Thu Mar 24 2016 08:58:52 GMT-0400 (EDT). It provided documentation and working group content until Aug 31, 2017. The member-wiki was replaced by a new version after that date. Content was largely migrated to https://wiki.apturst.org and restructured with an updated information architecture. This item includes two files: - A web crawl that was created on May 9th 6:36pm by using InternetArchives...

APTrust Operations Wiki

Christian Dahlhausen, Andrew Diamond & Scott Turnbull
This wiki was primarily used for internal technical documentation that wasn't for public consumption like server or application configuration. For overall technical documentation and architecture see the publicly available APTrust Wiki. Sensitive information is not relevant anymore since the system has been updated and access credentials changed. This item includes one files: - A web crawl that was created on Sept 29th 2018 by using InternetArchives Brozzler (https://github.com/internetarchive/brozzler)

Academic Preservation Trust Succession Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
This policy applies to all tangible assets owned or managed by the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust), should any exist. It also applies to digital content owned and/or collected by Depositors but technically managed by AP Trust in its preservation storage environments. Succession protocols differ for these two types of assets. This Policy establishes a plan for orderly dissolution of the organization and for disposition of assets and of deposited digital content, should those steps ever...

Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
Academic Preservation Trust Core Preservation Service Policy policy sets out the current preservation-service components offered by the Academic Preservation Trust [APTrust] in its core, high-assurance preservation service. The policy applies to all content that members deposit into the APTrust environment via the tools and ingest policies set down in our basic operating principles. This policy is guided by the APTrust ​Mission Statement​. This policy outlines the core preservation activities that each depositor can expect to...

Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy, Version 1.0

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
The Academic Preservation Trust Collection Development Policy applies to all digital content and associated metadata deposited in the APTrust for long-term preservation. This policy does not address decisions on subject matter and content format chosen for deposit, which are solely determined by depositing members. This Policy establishes guidelines about the nature of digital content that may be placed in the APTrust repository.

Visualizing the Holocaust in Eastern Europe Project

Waitman Beorn
Visualizing the Holocaust in Eastern Europe is truly a collaborative endeavor that includes scholars, institutions, centers, and undergraduate students. Without the dedication of these collaborators' time, expertise, and resources, none of what we are attempting would be possible. ​ Learn more about the project at the website below.

Academic Preservation Trust Financial Sustainability and Business Principles and Practices

Bradley Daigle & Robert German
This document outlines the strategic, financial, and Service Principles for the Academic Preservation Trust (APTrust). It includes links to our budget reports, services and fees list, and succession policy. Finally, it discusses the financial practices and procedures for the consortium.

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