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Fundamental Characteristics of Wi-Fi and Wireless Local Area Network Re-identification for Transportation

Noah Goodall
Many transportation agencies use re-identification technologies to identify vehicles at multiple points along the roadway as a way to measure travel times and congestion. Examples of these technologies include license plate readers, toll tag transponders, and media access control (MAC) address scanners for Bluetooth devices. Recent advancements have allowed for the detection of unique MAC addresses from Wi‑Fi and wireless local area network enabled devices. This study represents one of the first attempts to measure...

Microscopic Estimation of Freeway Vehicle Positions from the Behaviors of Connected Vehicles

Noah Goodall, Brian Smith & B. Brian Park
The modern passenger vehicle is an incredibly sophisticated machine, with computer monitoring and control of most of its functions, including speed, acceleration, heading, and GPS-enabled position. Vehicles are beginning to communicate these data wirelessly to other vehicles and to roadside equipment. These communicating “probe” vehicles will drastically impact the way traffic is managed, allowing for more responsive traffic signals, more comprehensive traffic information, and more accurate travel time prediction. Research suggests that to begin experiencing...

Probability of Secondary Crash Occurrence on Freeways with the Use of Private-Sector Speed Data

Noah Goodall
A percentage of crashes on freeways are suspected to be caused in part by congestion or distraction from earlier incidents. Identification and prevention of these secondary crashes are major goals of transportation agencies, yet the characteristics of secondary crashes—in particular the probability of their occurrence—are poorly understood. Many secondary crashes occur when a vehicle encounters nonrecurring congestion, yet previous efforts to identify incident queues and their secondary crashes have relied either on deterministic queuing theory...

Treaty of peace, friendship, commerce, and navigation between the Argentine Confederation and the Republic of Paraguay

Elsa Nylund
Argentina and Paraguay had interesting relations before this treaty was written. In 1776, the Spanish king Carlos III created the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, a Spanish empire which included both of these countries and made its capital Buenos Aires. In 1782, Spain created municipalities, Paraguay being one of them. Paraguay only had one city called Asuncion and did not have much say. After the 1810 May Revolution in Buenos Aires, the first...

Traffic Signal Control with Connected Vehicles

Noah Goodall, Brian Smith & B. Brian Park
The operation of traffic signals is currently limited by the data available from traditional point sensors. Point detectors, often in-ground inductive loop sensors, can provide only limited vehicle information at a fixed location. The most advanced adaptive control strategies are often not implemented in the field due to their operational complexity and high-resolution detection requirements. However, a new initiative known as connected vehicles would allow for the wireless transmission of vehicles’ positions, headings, and speeds...

Virginia Coast Reserve LTER Field Guide to Benthic Macrofauna

Sophia Rosenberg
This field guide serves as supplementary material to my senior thesis, conducted at the Virginia Coast Reserve during the period July 2019-October 2019. This guide contains pictures and morphological descriptions of all species collected in the study.

Car-following Characteristics of Adaptive Cruise Control from Empirical Data

Noah Goodall & Chien-Lun Lan
Computer-driven vehicles are expected to have profound impacts on transportation modeling, yet many transportation agencies rely on car-following models based on human drivers who have different sensory and control capabilities than computers. Car-following models will need to be updated to reflect automation of the driving task. This paper investigates characteristics of a commercially available adaptive cruise control system driven in real traffic. Four attributes were measured directly: standstill distance, startup time, unimpeded acceleration profile, and...

Microscopic Estimation of Arterial Vehicle Positions in a Low Penetration Rate Connected Vehicle Environment

Noah Goodall, B. Brian Park & Brian Smith
Wireless communication among vehicles and roadside infrastructure, known as connected vehicles, is expected to provide higher-resolution real-time vehicle data, which will allow more efficient traffic monitoring and control. Adoption of connected vehicle technology among the vehicle fleet may be gradual or limited, with many drivers unable or unwilling to participate. Additionally, many connected vehicle mobility applications requiring individual vehicle location data need a minimum of 20-30% of roadway vehicles participating to experience benefits. In an...

Effect of Signal Control on Bimodal Travel Time Distributions

Noah Goodall
Vehicles traveling along interrupted flow facilities often exhibit travel times with bimodal distributions. The characteristics of these distributions have been studied extensively in the literature, yet the effect of signal control on bimodality have received little attention. Most researchers theorize that the slower group experiences signal delay while the faster group does not. We investigate the effect of signal control on bimodal distributions, specifically the difference between average travel times of two groups of vehicles....

Ethical Decision Making in Automated Vehicles During Unavoidable Crashes

Noah Goodall
Automated vehicles have received much attention recently, particularly the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Urban Challenge vehicles, Google’s self-driving cars, and various others from auto manufacturers. These vehicles have the potential to reduce crashes and improve roadway efficiency significantly by automating the responsibilities of the driver. Still, automated vehicles are expected to crash occasionally, even when all sensors, vehicle control components, and algorithms function perfectly. If a human driver is unable to take control in...

Driving More Green Open Access: Advancing Hyku Project

Brian Hole
This poster was presented at the Library Publishing Forum, online May 6, 2020. It is part of a two-year award in the amount of $1,000,000 from Arcadia—a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin—in support of the “Advancing Hyku: Open Source Institutional Repository Platform Development” project. Through this project, the University of Virginia and its partner institutions—Ubiquity Press and the British Library—are supporting the growth of open access through institutional repositories. Working with...

Duke of Digitalia: A Digital Collecting Quest

Kara McClurken & Elizabeth Mitchell
When disasters or crises hits communities, libraries are called upon to collect the stories and social media content that document the tragedy. Tabletop exercises are one means by which cultural institutions can assess their readiness to respond to such challenges. This tabletop exercise is designed to help cultural institutions assess their readiness and prepare for collecting in times of crisis. This exercise debuted at The Collective's 2020 conference (which had a Dungeons and Dragons' Roll...

Challenges for the Remote Operation of Vehicles

Noah Goodall
No existing automated vehicle can operate in all conditions and environments. In order to allow unmanned operation of automated vehicles in all conditions, many developers have the capability for human drivers to operate the vehicle from a remote location using wireless technology. This practice, referred to as remote operation or teleoperation, is prevalent among industry, yet has received little attention in the legal and transportation literature. This poster describes research on the legal environment for...


Brandon Butler & David Hansen
The Court’s decision in this case could affect far more than the reuse of software interfaces. The transformative use jurisprudence that has evolved in the quarter century since Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc., 510 U.S. 569 (1994), has enabled a wide range of technology-dependent uses, ranging from search engines to user-generated content. This new understanding of fair use is particularly critical to research, education, and librarianship in the Twenty-First Century. If the Court takes up...

Shared repositories: Building a multi-tenancy repository service at the British Library

Sara Gould, Rachael Kotarski & Ellen Ramsey
Poster presented at Open Repositories 2020 Virtual Poster Session The British Library launched a Shared Research Repository infrastructure for 6 partner heritage organisations with active research bases, classed as Independent Research Organisations. To meet expectations of Open Access and data sharing, we put expertise into building a multi-tenant research repository, developed by Ubiquity Press, shared across IRO partners. Pathways to long-term preservation and community codebase contributions are ongoing priorities. The University of Virginia and Ubiquity...

Advancing Hyku: Monthly Website Capture

Ellen Ramsey, Brian Hole & Rachel Kotarski
Monthly snapshots of public/shared project spaces of the Advancing Hyku Arcadia project via Webrecorder, To view captured versions of the website go to: Web archive browsing advanced client (WABAC) https://wab.ac/ and load the WARC file from this record. For the current Advancing Hyku website go to: https://advancinghyku.io/

For the 1,000th Time: Who Will Own (and Mine) the Scholarly Record?

Brandon Butler & Ellen Ramsey
Discusses the possible impact of Elsevier's purchase of SSRN.

Scarce Medical Resource Allocation Survey

Deborah Hellman & Kate Nicholson
Medical Rationing Protocols for times of crisis by state and principle.

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