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Comparison of Automated Vehicle Struck-from-Behind Crash Rates with National Rates Using Naturalistic Data

Noah Goodall
Automated vehicle developers in California are required to submit records of crashes and distances traveled in autonomous mode for all vehicles in their fleets. Several studies have investigated this database to compare automated vehicle crash rates with national rates. Although automated vehicles are struck from behind in 73% of their autonomous mode crashes, this is the first study to compare automated vehicle struck-from-behind crash rates to national rates using equivalent crash definitions. Rear-end collisions have...

On the way to the community-owned infrastructures: Code contributions

Ilkay Holt & Ellen Ramsey
Community ownership over infrastructure is about who controls and maintains the building blocks of the environment for the given technology. Blog post looking into it in terms of Advancing Hyku’s approach to stated project deliverables.

Sensitive Health Data and Privacy

Jason Ludwig & Dalton George
A tech company contracts Luminia, a healthcare information firm, to design an employee wellness program. The President of Luminia recommends that the company implement a secure messaging platform to protect employee's private health information (PHI). The company's vice president, however, thinks that the platform is too expensive and that the extra protection is unnecessary.

Dartmouth Professional Ethics Program for First Year Graduate Students

This webpage describes an institution-wide program of training in the basics of professional ethics for first year graduate students at Dartmouth.

Recommended Resources

Recommended readings and resources for theInstructor's Guide to Prepare Research Group Leaders as RCR Mentors.

Inez Austin - Inquiry Finds Illegal Surveillance of Workers in Nuclear Plants

An article from The New York Times about Inez Austin from August 1, 1991

Developers of \"Killer Robot\" Worked Under Enormous Stress

Richard G. Epstein
"The Sentinel-Observer learned today that Randy Samuels and others who worked on the "killer robot" project at Silicon Techtronics Inc. were under tremendous pressure to finish the robot software by January 1 of this year. According to an informed source, top level management warned killer robot project staff that "heads would roll" if the January 1 deadline was not met."

Education and Training in the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: A Guide for Developing Institutional Programs

Link to the National Academies Report,Education and Training in the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals: A Guide for Developing Institutional Programs

April 8th, 1994 Reuter Article about the LaMacchia Indictment

A Boston Globe article about the indictment of LaMacchia and the rather murky interpretations of law brought forward when trying to regulate the internet.

City of L'Acide Remediation Case

Daniel A. Vallero
This case includes handouts for 4 teams, each with hidden agendas, to be used in class discussion. It is also accompanied by a companion presentation on "The Environmental Implications of Biotechnology." The case concerns the City of L'Acide that has contracted with an engineering firm to remediate a 3 hectare hazardous waste site from an old firing range.

Public and Community Engagement Subject Aid

Kelly Laas & Raie Ostman
A short guide to some key resources and readings on the topic of public and community engagement in research and practice.

Big Data Subject Aid

Rachelle Hollander
A short guide to some key resources and readings on the topic of the ethics of big data use.

Resources from Lockheed Martin Corporation

The following video resourcesare made available on Lockheed Martin Corporation's website for use by academic institutions for educational purposes. All other entities interested in using these videos must request permission from Lockheed Martin's Corporate Ethics Office.

Defendant's Motion to Dismiss United States vs. D. LaMacchia

Defendant's motion to dismiss the indictment for failure to state an offense and on constitutional grounds.

The Patient Wants to Withdraw

Caroline Whitbeck
A scenario meant to stimulate discussion about the ethical issues that arise when a patient wishes to withdraw from a clinical study and the researcher disputes the patient's competency.

Who is Where on the Author List? -- Graduate Students

Scenario discussing the proper listing of student authors.

The Very Interested Reviewer

Caroline Whitbeck
A scenario meant to stimulate discussion about the moral situations that arise when a scientist gets an idea from an article he/she referees for a journal.

Whose Lab Is It?

This case discussed the ethical and moral issues intertwined in the relationship between students and their mentors.

Conflict and Sustainability

Robert J. Muscat
This paper draws attention to an important aspect that has not gotten sufficient examination: How the substance of engineering programs and projects -- location, design, and effects on potential winners and losers -- can worsen, or ameliorate, hostilities in conflicted societies. In these situations, it is important that the engineers involved have the knowledge and tools needed for developing peace-building solutions.

Hope Creek plant staying closed:

This article from The News Journal describes difficulties faced by Hope Creek Nuclear power plant after concerns were raised by Dr. Kymn Harvin.

Best Practices for Publishing Your Research: Overlapping Publications

Christina N. Bennett & Marsha Lakes Matyas
An instructor's guide, slide deck, and video looking at issues of overlapping publications and research publication ethics.

Best Practices for Publishing Your Research: Data Management and Integrity

Christina N. Bennett & Marsha Lakes Matyas
An instructor's guide, slide deck, and video on data management and integrity in research publication.

Sustainable Cities and Interdisciplinary International Education

The NAE's Center for Engineering Ethics and Society (CEES) has participated in an NSF Partnership in International Research and Education (PIRE) grant led by Anu Ramaswami (University of Minnesota) that focuses on "Developing Low-Carbon Cities in the USA, China & India through Inter-Disciplinary Integration Across Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Social Sciences & Public Health."

Chapter 2: Laboratory Practices

Marshall Thomsen
Chapter 2 of "An Instructor's Guide to Ethical issues in Physics."

Chapter 6: Underrepresented Groups in Physics

Marshall Thomsen
Chapter 6 of "An Instructor's Guide for Ethical Issues in Physics."

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