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Exploring the Effects of a Social Communication Intervention On the Interactive Play of Young At-Risk Children

Christopher B. Denning
The purpose of this study was to provide a retrospective analysis of data collected during a series of single subject design studies of a social communication intervention targeting skills such as initiations, responses, turn-takes, and name use (StantonChapman, Denning, & Jamison, 2008; Stanton-Chapman, Denning, & Jamison, in review; Stanton-Chapman, Jamison, & Denning, 2008). The present study investigated the children‟s interactive play exhibited throughout a 10-minute period of free-play during a social communication intervention that consisted...

Between the Wires: The Janowska Camp and the Holocaust in Lviv

Waitman Beorn
This project focuses on the Janowska concentration camp which operated in Lviv from 1941-1944. Janowska distinguished itself from other Nazi concentration sites in several ways. First, it simultaneously performed three tasks: the concentration and use of slave labor, the transport of Jews to the extermination centers, and the local killing of Jews from Lviv on an unprecedented scale. Second, it was urban, located in the city of Lviv. Third, it formed the hub of a...

Gentrification in Charlottesville

Catherine Griesedieck, Alex Hassler & Rita Cliffton
This paper builds upon the study by the University of Virginia on affordable housing and gentrification in Charlottesville from 2000-2010 by focusing on the changes that have occurred from 2010-2016. The study uses GIS analysis on Census Tracts to understand the changes in racial populations and income distributions across neighborhoods in Charlottesville with particular focus on traditionally African American neighborhoods- 10th and Page, Fifeville, Ridge Street, and Rose Hill. We find that there have been...

Advancing Reproducibility in Environmental Modeling: Integration of Open Repositories, Process Containerizations, and Seamless Workflows

Young Don Choi
There is growing acknowledgment and awareness of the reproducibility challenge facing computational environmental modeling. To overcome this challenge, data sharing using open, online repositories that meet the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) guiding principles is recognized as a minimum standard to reproduce computational research. Even with these data sharing guidelines and well-documented workflows, it remains challenging to reproduce computational models due to complexities like inconsistent computational environments or difficulties in dealing with large datasets...

A partial study of \"The early South-English legendary, or Lives of saints\"; MS. Laud, 108, in the Bodleian Library

Edwin Lake Setzler
A study of the grammar and the dialect (vowel changes) of the "Early south-English Legendary", and gives a general idea of peculiarities of the manuscript.The paper is based on a study of every word in a selected passage of ~500 lines of the Manuscript covering the stories "St. Mathew", "St. Leger", "St. Fey", "Endlevene Þousand of Virgines, and eight line of "St. Katerine".

Brass rank and gold rings : class, race, gender, and kinship within the Army community

Margaret Cecchine Harrell
Under traditional United States military system, officers were married men whose wives were expected to perform considerable unpaid labor, while enlisted men were assumed to be young unmarried men. To the extent that enlisted men, even the more senior enlisted personnel, were married, their wives and families were not generally acknowledged or supported by the Army; and they were separated from the officers' families by a considerable barrier of social class. In contrast, officers' wives...

A Comparative Analysis of RTOs’ Integration of Wind Energy + Transmission: ERCOT and MISO

Brian Hnat
Wind energy generation has grown considerably in the United States over the past few decades but has faced several challenges integrating into the electricity grid. While a number of states have implemented renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and other policies as a means to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the need for transmission infrastructure to accommodate new generation has not received adequate policy and market incentives. Transmission is critical for deep penetration of renewable energy and...

Analysis and Recommendations for Phosphorus Management in P-limited and P-abundant Watersheds

Anthony Malabad
This work was completed as part of the Spring 2020 Global Sustainability Capstone course under the direction of Professor Phoebe Crisman. Professor Deborah Lawrence served as advisor on the project. This paper is the result of a semester of research on soil phosphorus and provides the case for an integrated, multi-faceted approach to phosphorus management. It culminates in recommendations for phosphorus management in two watersheds, one that is phosphorus-limited and one that is phosphorus-abundant. Justification...

Reimagining the Galapagos Islands Through a Socio-Ecological Lens: A Historical Analysis and Modern Contextualization of the “Pristine Nature” Myth

Virginia Brooks
This paper was completed to satisfy the requirements of the Global Environments and Sustainability Capstone research paper for the University of Virginia. The paper was completed under the advisement of Program Director and Professor Phoebe Crisman. The Galapagos Islands are represented as an oasis for biodiversity unbothered by human threats. Advertisements of the islands depict spotless beaches, otherworldly terrain, and unique species coexisting all devoid of human settlement. The reality is far from this representation....

Affecting Sustainable Changes in the Individual Through Landscape Architecture: A Case Study of the University of Virginia

Annie Manville
In the long trek towards creating a sustainable society, universities play one of the most significant roles. They serve as laboratories for defining what it means to be a sustainable institution, and as educators and moral influencers of the next generation of informed citizens. Sustainability initiatives at many universities still focus mainly on technical and economic fixes, with some minor focus on equity and social dynamics. The inner world and consciousness of the individual, as...

Thesis Prospectus: Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Economy and Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region (Technical Report), Determining Domestic Political Influences within the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic (STS Research Paper)

Zach Dedas
The goal of my technical research project is to shed light on how varying governmental actions aiming for virus containment across the globe have sustained an adverse impact on economic performance and a positive impact on the environment in the form of pollution reduction. Through this research, our team hopes to indicate a relationship between the environment and economy and tendencies held by government leaders with respect to the environment and the economy. With this...

Democracy’s Divisive Position in Environmental Political Theory: A Comparative Analysis of Denmark, China, and the USA

Hunter Hess
The need to lower emissions to prevent catastrophic climate change is clear, but the political path to achieve such a future is unclear. The emerging field of environmental political theory is divided on the best form of governance to successfully mitigate the climate crisis. Liberal democracies around the world are dealing with climate change with various levels of success, while authoritarian regimes are providing a potential alternative path. This paper utilizes three environmental political frameworks...

Modeling Neighborhood Change to Mitigate Gentrification: A Case Study of Fairfax County, Virginia

Teja Pristavec, Brandon Kramer, Joshua Goldstein, Michelle Gregory & Sallie Keller
Gentrification describes the transformation of working-class or vacant areas into middle-class residential or commercial zones through an influx of affluent persons and businesses displacing long-term, vulnerable populations. Local governments often lack resources to detect gentrification emergence and mitigate its negative impacts. We demonstrate how studying gentrification at granular geographies using publicly available data can provide actionable insights to stakeholders seeking to preserve neighborhood diversity and protect at-risk residents. We examine neighborhood change in Fairfax County,...

Making it Personal: The Ways in Which We Communicate Sustainability, and How to Target the Individual Using Effective Language

Katherine McPherson
This paper will provide a detailed review of tactics that should be employed in sustainability communication with the final goal of targeting individual behavior change. Three major areas of communication are to be examined: 1) using an individual’s cultural identity as an access point to sustainability education on a values-based level, 2) navigating scientific language and the social role one must fill to understand it, and 3) the advantages of a narrative-based approach in sustainability...

A Theology of Moral Agency in Capitalism Today

Christina McRorie
This dissertation is a work within the fields of Christian political theology and social ethics. Its overarching aim is to propose a theological description of, and to a certain extent also critical response to, the ambiguous conditions for moral agency that capitalism today presents. The first part of this dissertation builds toward this by diagnosing and addressing an obstacle confronting this project of moral description. It argues that both theological scholarship and public discourse demonstrate...

Design and Implementation of a Limited Resource PI Auto-tuning Program for First-Order plus Dead Time Systems

Frank Hiemstra
One key challenges in the process control industry is designing controllers to maintain process stability. The most common controller used in this industry is the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller. This form of control involves the tuning of gain coefficients. Much has been done in the study of PID controllers. Traditionally, these gain coefficients have been tuned manually. Manual tuning of these coefficients is time consuming and can lead to poor performance. Therefore, systematic tuning methods were...

Do Teacher Perceptions of School Working Contexts Contribute to the Quality of Teacher-Student Interactions in the Classroom?

Carol Paxton
The purpose of this study was to: (a) examine the underlying factor structure for collective teacher efficacy, (b) describe individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy, as well as correlation patterns with classroom observation scores, and (c) analyze the strength of association between the collective efficacy perceptions of 392 fourth- and fifth-grade teachers and their scored observed interactions with students in the classroom. This study is the first to examine individual teacher perceptions of collective efficacy...

Exploring Normative Trends of Positive Youth Development: An Examination of Adolescent Social and Emotional Skills

Katherine Ross
This dissertation presents three empirical studies that explore social and emotional development in adolescence through the framework put forth by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL). The first study confirmed the five-factor structure of the CASEL model and showed the model’s predictive validity for important outcomes for youth such as grades, school engagement, depressive symptoms, delinquency, and risky behaviors. This study suggested that the CASEL model is appropriate and useful for studying...

The Village, The State, and Amerindian Shamanic Thought: Becoming Makushi in the Hinterland of Guyana

Lucas Carneiro de Carvalho
This dissertation presents a comparison between the cultural representations of Coastlanders and Amerindians in Guyana. This is done by contrasting Makushi practices and understandings of sociality, politics, violence, and the power to kill with non-Amerindian practices and understandings. The dissertation presents a series of episodes to illustrate the differences and similarities between these two systems. In these episodes, themes such as group identity, leadership, politics, kinship, development, shamanism, and death and violence are presented and...

Optimal 6D Object Pose Estimation with Commodity Depth Sensors

Michael Landau
Accurate 6D object pose estimation, as well as other model-based shape matching objectives such as object detection, classification, and shape inspection, is prominent and necessary in a large number of domains and applications. This includes household and robotics applications to automate various tasks, where input depth measurements are aligned to a corresponding model of the object, such as a CAD that is composed of several interconnected parts, depending on the model's level of detail and...

Understanding Phonon Interactions with Defects in Functional Oxide Materials

Brian Donovan
Understanding of nano-scale thermal transport has enabled significant advances in a wide variety of fields including microelectronics, alternative energy, optics, and many more. Utilized in many of these applications are a class of materials known as functional oxides. These materials are oxygen compounds with specific functional properties of interest (e.g., dielectrics, piezoelectrics, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics). Often it is the defects in these materials that enable functionality. In this dissertation, I aim to identify the role that...

Relational Aggression and Cyberbullying: Associations with Context and Mental Health Outcomes

Hillary Morin
This dissertation presents a line of research exploring the psychosocial and behavioral correlates of victims of peer aggression. This dissertation is written according to the requirements described in the Curry School of Education Ph.D. Dissertation Manual: Manuscript Style Dissertation Guidelines. The manuscript-style dissertation calls for the doctoral candidate to be the principle author on three research manuscripts and submit an introduction (linking document) that describes the conceptual and theoretical linkages among the three manuscripts. I...

A Judge With No Courtroom: Law, Ethics and the Rabbinic Idea of Lifnim Mi-Shurat Ha-Din

Deborah Barer
This study offers a new paradigm for understanding the enigmatic Hebrew phrase 'lifnim mi-shurat ha-din', which lies at the center of ongoing debates over the relationship between Jewish ethics and Jewish law. Contemporary scholars largely understand lifnim mi-shurat ha-din as indicating one of two types of morally praiseworthy action: cases in which a person ethically exceeds his or her legal duty, or cases in which a person forgoes a special right or privilege under the...

Critiquing the Enlightenment: Beethoven's Music in Early Romanticism.

Peter D'Elia
This dissertation begins by showing how the common framing of Beethoven’s music in terms of Classicism and Romanticism is bound up with twentieth-century binary politics. It goes on to argue that these categories have a limited historical basis and have also restricted our aesthetic appreciation of much of his music. It then suggests that the more historically-grounded category of Early Romanticism makes some of the often-ignored genres of Beethoven’s output comprehensible and appreciable. The bulk...

Thermal and Radiation Processing of Porous Extraterrestrial Water Ice

Emily Mitchell
This dissertation is an experimental study of the factors responsible for the state of water ice in extraterrestrial environments, and the changes induced in these ices due to pervasive space phenomena such as thermal processing and UV and energetic particle irradiation. The properties of frozen water are strongly dependent on the astronomical environment that harbors the ice. Ice morphology, phase, and chemical composition continually evolve due to processes such as thermal cycling, exposure to exospheric...

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