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The human rights committee : a regime analysis

Alan Mitchell Parra
The UN Human Rights Committee was established in 1976 upon entry into force of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on 23 March 1976. Since that time the Committee has earned a reputation as the preeminent international, treaty-monitoring body. Composed of eighteen individuals serving in their individual capacity, the HRC has played an essential role in the transformation of the UN-centered regime from a promotional to an implementation regime. Through its consideration of...

Exploring the relationship between perceived coaching styles and sport-confidence among college student-athletes

Henry Lee Harris
Based on Chelladurai and Carron's (1978) multidimensional model of sport leadership, this study examined the relationship between perceived coaching behaviors and athlete self-confidence among college studentathletes. Two hundred and twenty-three athletes, representing seven team sports from a large northeastern university served as subjects. The athletes assessed their coach's leadership style and behaviors using the Leadership Scale for Sports (Chelladurai & Saleh, 1980), and their confidence using the Trait Sport-Confidence Inventory (Vealey, 1986). The five leader...

Shadows of dominion : white men and power in slavery, war, and the New South

Alfonso John Mooney, IV
This dissertation is a group biography that traces the lives of four white male slaveholders from Virginia who fought in the Confederacy and their tumultuous personal relationships with fantasies, ambitions, and realities of power through the nineteenth-century South. It assesses how their conceptions of and designs for gaining economic, political, and social power ground against a postwar world in which such forms of power, no longer anchored by slavery and Civil War command, seemed fleeting...

Developmental needs and student engagement in an alternative high school

Jeffrey N Jones
Developmental Needs and Student Engagement in An Alternative High School America's public high schools provide instructional and developmental support for the country's emerging adolescents. But for some students, this support falls short of fulfilling their educational and social needs, leading to academic failure and school disengagement. While there has been much interest in the dropout phenomenon, much less attention has been given to programs designed to prevent school dropout. This twopart research focuses on how...

\"Essays on Pricing Dynamics: Evidence from the Brewing Industry and from Amazon Marketplace\"

Yanchi Yu
This dissertation studies pricing dynamics using evidence from the US brewing industry and from the Amazon marketplace. In the first chapter, I analyze the relationship between market structure and inter-temporal price discounts in the U.S. brewing industry. Most studies assume that consumers face constant product prices within a month or a quarter. However, consumers can respond to price discounts and strategically adjust their shopping behavior. Firms exploit consumers' responses to temporary price discounts to inter-temporally...

The Louisville Water Works Pumping Station Number One

Margaret Wheeler Hilliard

Race after the Master Race : Germans and African Americans, 1945-1949

Timothy Louis Schroer
My dissertation examines the encounter between African Americans and Germans after 1945 and how that contact informed the reworking of the meaning of "race." By the end of World War II, the idea that Germans belonged to a superior Master Race had been discredited. Germans exchanged an Aryan racial identity for membership in the "white" race. German whiteness became meaningful through encounters with African Americans in the occupying army, surfacing in connection with the problem...

Greek and Roman Coins of Tel Dor: A Study of Material Culture and Cultural Identity

Rosa Maria Motta
Greek and Roman Coins ofTel Dor: A Study of Material Culture and Cultural Identity by Rosa Maria Motta Doctor of Philosophy in Classical Art and Archaeology University of Virginia Professor Tyler Jo Smith, Chair 11 The story ofthe city and the people ofthe ancient Phoenician harbor town ofDor can be assembled from a variety ofprimary sources - historical, archaeological and art historical. Each primary source offers its own perspective. When, however, we attempt to understand...

An ultracentrifugal analysis of human serum lipoproteins

Henry Marshall Dixon

A National Study of Institutional Policy Adoption for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members

Jill Jones
The following dissertation will be the first in fifteen years to provide descriptive information to the U.S. post-secondary community about the prevalence of policies available to non-tenure-track faculty members at traditional four-year institutions. Moreover, this research identified and experimented with best-practices in surveying higher education administrators, namely provosts and vice provosts. Utilizing the three manuscript dissertation option, these three manuscripts were intentionally designed as three related and interconnected studies that build on one another. Manuscript...

A Bridge to Settlement: an African Ethnic Church in Central Virginia

Cheryl Leow
This paper seeks to explain the connection between an African ethnic church and the settlement of immigrants in Central Virginia by understanding how the African Ethnic Church contributes not only to the religious wellbeing of its congregation, but also to the material adjustment of its attendees and their psychological adjustment to the United States given the cultural familiarities provided within the church. Rather than focusing only on the physical results of the African Ethnic Church’s...

Civic Visions: The Panorama and Popular Amusement in American Art and Society, 1845-1870

Christopher Oliver
Though now often overlooked, moving panoramas were one of the most viewed forms of American visual art in the middle of the nineteenth century. Whether it was across the Atlantic, down the Mississippi, or into the Arctic Circle, moving panorama exhibitions relied on the effect of virtual travel to engage the viewer in what was typically a two-hour performance, intent on edifying its participants. When viewed as a collection of static images the painted panorama...

Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic material clearance by microglia after CNS injury

Geoffrey Norris
Phagocytosis of synaptic material by microglia is critical for CNS development. Less well understood is this microglial function in the injured adult brain. Assay of microglial phagocytosis is challenging, because peripheral myeloid cells engraft the site of injury, which could obscure interpretation of microglial roles. This thesis shows how neurodegenerative debris is cleared by microglia and offers a model for studying its mechanisms and physiological roles. I have focused on the role of neuronal activity...

Ways to Consider Driverless Vehicles in Virginia Long Range Travel Demand Models

Di Kang
Regional travel demand models are an institutionalized element of the transportation planning process, requiring a multiyear investment from collaborating agencies that rely on model outputs to assist with project prioritization and community visioning. The purpose of this research is to identify ways in which Virginia might (1) alter existing travel demand models in order to consider the impacts of driverless vehicles and (2) use such models to inform questions of interest to regional planners. Because...

The \"Communist Question\" Cases Reconsidered

Daniel Auten
This paper focuses on the American Bar Association's (ABA) and state bar associations’ responses to communism in the 1950’s and beyond. In particular, it re-examines the actions the bar took against communist ideology in the era of “McCarthyism.” The dominant historical narrative is that the ABA and state bar associations were merely swept up in the national hysteria of McCarthyism, and this explains the actions the bar took against communists in this period. However, the...

Seagrass as a Coastal Filter: Investigating the Role of Seagrass Meadows in Mediating Nitrogen Cycling in Shallow Coastal Lagoons

Lillian Aoki
Seagrass meadows are highly productive ecosystems that are widely distributed in coastal waters throughout the world. In shallow coastal lagoons, seagrass meadows provide an important ecosystem function by acting as a nitrogen filter. Nitrogen (N) that enters the lagoon is temporarily retained in seagrass biomass and is removed from the system through burial and denitrification in sediments. This filter function contributes to the health of seagrass ecosystems by reducing nitrogen in the water column, slowing...

Simulated Data Sets for the Megamaser Cosmology Project

Jiwon Han
The Megamaser Cosmology Project (MCP) is an NRAO Key Science Project to measure the Hubble Constant, $H_0$, by determining geometric distances to circumnuclear 22 GHz $\text{H}_2\text{O}$ megamasers in galaxies well into the Hubble flow. Two independent measurements from VLBI mapping and single-dish spectral monitoring are fitted to a 3 dimensional thin disk model to determine the distance to the megamaser host galaxy. This thesis contributes to the MCP by simulating VLBI data sets through which...

Westover, William Byrd's mansion reconsidered

Mark R. Wenger

An evaluation of the differential reporting, treatment completion and personality traits in male batterers

Sonia Latchmei Naraine
The present investigation used a sample of 60 male batterers and their female partners. Men were undergoing court mandated treatment for partner assault. The extent and nature of physical aggression in these relationships was assessed using male and female reports of verbal and physical abuse. It was found that men and women are better able to agree on the frequency of verbally and physically aggressive behaviors that women commit. When examining verbally and physically aggressive...

An analysis of parameters related to the directional instability of rear caster wheelchairs

Timothy J. Collins
A five degree of freedom dynamic model which uses a quasi-static approximation for lateral load transfer effects has been developed as a means of investigating the inherent directional instability associated with rear caster wheelchairs. Using a treadmill and test cart, the dependence of lateral wheelchair tire cornering force on variables such as forward speed, inflation pressure, camber angle, slip angle, and vertical load have been experimentally determined. A model has been developed which predicts wheelchair...

Role of Information in System Justifying Attitudes

Anup Gampa
Wealth inequality in the US is at unprecedented levels and yet we don’t see the kind of resistance to it that one might expect, especially from the oppressed. System Justification Theory (SJT) argues that people are motivated to justify the systems one belongs to—even if the systems are unjust. In fact, SJT postulates that one would become more defensive of the system when inequality in the system is highlighted. I propose, instead, that one’s uncritical...

Studies in the development of royal authority in Argead Macedonia

William Steven Greenwalt
This dissertation examines the elements which defined Argead kingship from the mid-seventh until the late fourth centuries B.C. It begins by reviewing the Argead king list where it is argued that the official reckoning of the dynasty's past was exploited in order to secure the throne against rivals, including those who were Argeads. Chapter Two analyzes the principles of Argead succession and concludes that the current theories on the subject are unsatisfactory in face of...

A comparison of a stimulus prompt and a response prompt with four fading procedures to teach sight words to the moderately and severely retarded

Diane Marie Browder
A comparison was made between a stimulus prompt (picture) and a response prompt (verbal model) to teach functional sight words to 80 institutionalized retarded adults. The four prompting/fading procedures were: 1. Graphic Picture Fading (reducing the brightness and clarity of a picture prompt), 2. Delay Picture Fading (delaying the picture prompt by a few seconds), 3. Delay Word Fading (delaying the verbal model), and 4. Volume Word Fading (reducing the volume of the verbal model)....

The painting of Lorser Feitelson

Diane Moran
THE PAINTING OF LORSER FEITELSON DIANE DEGASIS MORAN This dissertation is a study of the oeuvre of the Los Angeles painter Lorser Feitelson (1898-1978). The paintings are considered in terms of the cultural context, their developmental relationship to the oeuvre as a whole, their formal qualities, their significance in the history of modern art, and the artist'? intentions. In addition, Feitelson's crucial role as champion of modern art in Southern California from the late twenties...

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