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Cape Cod: Thoreau's handling of the sublime and the picturesque

Emory Virgil Maiden

Joseph Warton, a pioneer in romanticism; a biographical and critical study

Vergilia Pendleton Sadler

The foundation and early history of the medical school of the University of Virginia (to 1840)

Elise Anderson Rodgers

Geographic factors in the evolution of Gordonsville

Carolyn Della Price

Tragic elements in the major plays of Arthur Miller

Gilbert Dean Goodsell
The aim of this thesis is to determine the types and extent of tragic elements present in the major plays of Arthur Miller. An examination will be made of each of his three major works, and tragic elements which are believed to be present will be pointed out. In order to present this study, first of all it is necessary to set forth a brief general discussion of the, elements considered necessary to tragic drama....

\"Under indictment\": Tom Rosser and the New South

William Griffith Thomas
This work analyzes the South after Reconstruction.

Extracurricular participation and favorable academic outcomes : a correlational study comparing the relationship for students with and without educational disabilities

Jeffrey A. Reiser
This study examines the predictive value of school-based extracurricular activity participation for academic engagement, attendance, attitude towards school, school connectedness, and educational aspirations, with particular emphasis on this relationship for students with educational disabilities. The results indicated extracurricular involvement as associated with a significant percentage of the variance and as significantly improving the strength of prediction for all 5 outcome variables beyond the predictive strength of socioeconomic status. Results suggest increased extracurricular involvement predicts more...

Comparing the single-word intelligibility of two speech synthesizers for small computers

Paula Sue Cochran
Previous research on the intelligibility of synthesized speech has placed emphasis on the segmental intelligibility (rather than word or sentence intelligibility) of expensive ana sophisticated synthesis systems. There is a need for more information about the intelligibility of low-tomocterately priced speech synthesizers because they are the most likely to be widely purchased for clinical and educational use. The purpose of tne present study was to compare the word intelligibility of two such synthesizers for small...

It's the Principle at Stake: Rhetoric and Compromise in International Bargaining

Abigail Post
How does government rhetoric affect international bargaining? While governments often turn to principle-based arguments during foreign policy interactions, existing rationalist theories of International Relations dismiss such moral language as inconsequential rhetoric with no real impact on either state behavior or dispute outcomes. Contrary to the theoretical consensus, I show that principled language is not mere cheap talk but has measurable effects on international bargaining. In this dissertation, I provide evidence that when countries rely on...

Tools and the Extended Body Representation: Blurred Boundaries between the Models for Perception and Action

Veronica Weser
The embodiment of tools and rubber hands is believed to involve the modification of 2 separate body representations. Tools are embodied motorically in the body schema following tool use, while rubber hands are embodied perceptually in the body image during the rubber hand illusion (RHI). The embodiment of tools is based in action and requires tool use, while the embodiment of rubber hands is based in perception and requires identification with the rubber hand. Although...

Extended Adherence to Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy in Breast Cancer Survivors: Ritualization of Adherence

Elizabeth Croson
Background: Hormone-receptor positive breast cancer survivors traditionally were prescribed adjuvant endocrine therapy (AET) for five years at the completion of definitive therapies. The duration of treatment continues to be explored with recommendations indicating that eight to ten years may be more effective in the prevention of breast cancer recurrence. Non-adherence rates are as high as 50% disruption or discontinuation before the recommendation of the provider. With extended durations of treatment, non-adherence rates will continue to...

Global Migrations in Cuban and Cuban American Literature: What is Carried, What is Lost, and What is Left Behind

Lauren Reynolds
This dissertation examines the effects and consequences of migration in literature written by Cuban and Cuban American women. It considers the migrant’s adaptation to her new community and what she gains, preserves, and loses during this process. More specifically, it explores spectral representations of cultural inheritance, hybrid spiritual practices, and the representation of historically marginalized voices. The first chapter seeks to understand how four writers draw upon spectral presences to discuss Cuban identity in exile...

Cathodic Control of Intergranular Corrosion in Sensitized AA5083 -H131

Piyush Khullar
Al-Mg 5XXX alloys are widely used for marine applications due to their low cost, high strength-to-weight ratio and good weldability. However, alloys containing more than 3 wt% Mg, when exposed to standard service temperatures associated with marine service for extended periods of time, can become sensitized and susceptible to localized corrosion; particularly intergranular corrosion (IGC). Many studies have investigated this IGC phenomenon in AA5XXX and attribute it to precipitation of a more anodic β-phase (Al3Mg2)...

Tota mulier ex utero: An Empathetic Reading of Contemporary French Abortion Narratives

Holly Runde
This dissertation analyzes various forms of fiction, life-writing, and film that put into words the historically “unspeakable” experience of abortion, taking abortion from the margins of culture, and refusing to allow the stories of women to be relegated to the abject realm of silence. Focusing on empathetic readings of these diverse narratives, my work argues for the importance of art, literature, and film as a means of imparting speak-ability and cultural coherence to a feminine...

Examining Lumbopelvic-Hip Complex Function in Patients using Ultrasound Imaging

Lauren Mangum
The lumbopelvic-hip complex is comprised of a variety of muscles, including: both larger, global movers, and smaller, local stabilizers. One of the frequently studied local stabilizers is the transverse abdominis (TrA), which has documented dysfunction in the non-specific low back pain (NSLBP) population. The TrA has also been used as a representative of core function in many of these studies by providing muscle thickness changes and activation. Ultrasound imaging (USI) is commonly used to provide...

Incurable Defects: Physical Disability and the Philadelphia Outdoor Relief System, 1790-1840

Nicole Schroeder
"Incurable Defects" offers a reading of 19th century American welfare debates using a disability studies lens. Providing data analysis on welfare pensioners in the city of Philadelphia throughout the 1820s, this paper rewrites disabled individuals into the history of the city. I argue that disabled individuals shaped the emerging medico-welfare system alongside influences from citizen taxpayers, doctors, and government officials. I offer a complicated narrative that helps to trace the history of ableism in American...

The Two Herberts: Philosophy, Religion, and Poetry in the Works of George and Edward Herbert

Paul Gleason
In this dissertation, I compare the poetry, philosophy, and religious views of George and Edward Herbert. George Herbert’s posthumously published volume of poetry, The Temple (1633), met with rapturous approval, lauded by Church of England stalwarts and Puritans alike. On the other hand, few were as reviled as Edward Herbert. In his metaphysical treatise De Veritate (1624) and his encyclopedia of religion De Religione Gentilium (1663), he inveighed against the authority of priests and argued...

Characterizing Rotations in Thermally-Driven Winds Above a Valley Floor Using Observations From the 21 August 2017 Solar Eclipse and a Climatological Record

Ross Palomaki
Thermally-driven winds in complex terrain are characterized by a diurnal cycle with upvalley winds during the day, downvalley winds at night, and transitional periods around sunrise and sunset. These winds are important for air pollution dispersion in valleys, and can also affect weather patterns on a regional scale. However, the winds are not always resolved in weather and climate models, and poor parameterization schemes result in inaccurate weather forecasting over mountainous regions. Observations of thermally-driven...

Development of Portable Sample-In-Answer-Out Microfluidic Systems for On-Site Analyte Detection

Shannon Krauss
Microfluidic devices used in the field, whether for clinical or forensic applications, offer many advantages for translating conventional instrumentation to a portable, field-deployable platform. The scaled-down size of these devices offer advantages for rapid analysis, low cost substrates and instrumentation, low reagent and sample consumption, automated sample processing, and simple operating procedures. A core requirement of field technology is that the analysis technique can be performed independently of a centralized facility. To address this requirement,...

The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Financial Performance: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Manhang Li
As China continues to increase its influence at the global stage, its firms have been acknowledging the greater importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices. The Chinese government plays a crucial role in integrating CSR domestically. This paper explores the relationship between Chinese firms’ CSR activities on its financial performances. After analyzing a complete dataset of Chinese listed companies, the results suggest that there is indeed an impact of CSR activities on company sales performance....

Structural and functional studies of the Hfq family of ancient bacterial RNA-binding proteins

Kimberly Stanek
The bacterial host factor Hfq is an RNA-binding protein that facilitates the interaction of mRNAs with small regulatory RNAs (sRNAs) Hfq self-assembles as hexameric toroid and functions by simultaneously binding U-rich regions of sRNA on one face and A-rich regions of mRNA on the other face. More recently a third site on the lateral rim of Hfq has been implicated in binding RNA, though little is known about the molecular details of RNA-binding at this...

Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions to Storm Wave Impacts in the Virginia Coast Reserve

Amy Ferguson
Sea level rise, increased storminess, and human population growth amplify coastal erosion problems, pressuring landowners to implement shoreline protection measures. Growing concern over the negative impacts of traditional shoreline protection methods has increased interest in nature-based solutions, called “living shorelines.” The goal of this study was to develop a better understanding of the characteristics that contribute to the vulnerability of salt marshes fringing Virginia’s coastal bays and to recommend appropriate shoreline stabilization techniques. Using GIS...

Myelination and Synaptogenesis in Olfactory System White Matter Tracts

Lindsay Collins
The olfactory forebrain is interconnected through two large white matter tracts: the lateral olfactory tract (LOT) transfers information from the olfactory bulb to the ipsilateral olfactory cortex while the anterior commissure (AC) interconnects the left and right olfactory cortices. Chapter 2 provides a developmental characterization of myelination and oligodendrocyte maturation within these two tracts. Results demonstrate that the LOT develops significantly earlier than the AC, exhibits key structural differences in axonal composition and myelination, and...

Evaluating possible reinforcement in campanula americana: response to postzygotic isolation by increasing selfing

Hanqin Wu
Allopatry leads to postzygotic isolation through the accumulation of genetic incompatibilities between different lineages. Consequently, when lineages come into secondary contact, the fitness of hybrids between lineages will be reduced. Then a process called reinforcement may occur, where selection to avoid hybridization leads to the evolution of greater prezygotic isolation between lineages. Selfing is reported as a mechanism of prezygotic isolation between sympatric sister species that contributes to reinforcement, but whether selfing also is involved...

Breakdown of GABAergic Control in Thalamocortical Epilepsies

Peter Klein
Absence epilepsy, characterized by brief seizures that spread throughout the brain, results from abnormal rhythmic activity between networks of thalamic and cortical neurons. Inhibitory GABAergic signaling among neurons of the reticular thalamic (RT) nucleus is proposed to form a critical choke point that normally prevents the generation of seizures. Neurons need to maintain low intracellular Cl- concentrations ([Cl-]i) to enable inhibitory neuronal responses to GABAA receptor-mediated signaling. The Cl- transporter KCC2 and extracellular impermeant anions...

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